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The Truth About Working At Golden Corral Revealed By Workers

The Truth About Working At Golden Corral Revealed By Workers

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes
at Golden Corral? We found out what it’s really like to work
there, from the best aspects of the job to the worst problems the chain and its employees
face. Working with such a large volume of food and
managing so many customers can take a toll on workers, but according to employees on
Glassdoor, Golden Corral doesn’t make up for it with generous benefits. Several employees said that they were never
given enough hours to qualify for benefits. Others pointed out that their location was
one of many of their private franchises, meaning that management can choose which benefits
to offer their workers. Unfortunately, it seems that often translates
to none, especially since they can schedule employees so that they just miss the hours
cut-off for receiving benefits. One employee summed it up this way: “There is no paid vacation, no time off, no
sick leave, no health benefits, none of that is supplied by Golden Corral. This could be because it was a franchise.” Managers working for a company owned-and-operated
store have better options. But, with only 38 restaurants operating outside
of the franchise model, and with those benefits only applying to management, that means it’s
likely most of the workers at Golden Corral don’t qualify for these benefits. “If I have no insurance, I am screwed!” If you want the best buffet experience, you’ve
got to make sure you go at the right time of day, and being an employee means you know
exactly when that is. One former employee of Golden Corral has shared
the details. According to this employee, the best times
to go to Golden Corral are 11 a.m., when the restaurant opens and the food is fresh, and
3:55 p.m., right before the price changes over from lunch to dinner. Why then? So, you pay the lunch price, but get to enjoy
the dinner items. The worst time to go is in between these rush
hours, at about 2:30 p.m. According to this worker, “[Mid-afternoon is] when the cheaper lunch
foods are left exposed and unattended while the hot cooks and grill cooks begin preparing
dinner.” And that leaves diners with food that’s less
fresh. He also said that this slow time is when the
servers tend to take their breaks, meaning tables go neglected and service is lacking. Another thing to avoid? Going to the Corral on a Monday, which is
usually slow, meaning food sits in the buffet trays for longer and not as many servers are
on the clock. Did you know that certain foods, like pork,
beef, sesame seeds, and spinach, can make you happier? It seems like with the mountains of food it
serves, that means Golden Corral would have the happiest, kindest customers around. Unfortunately, according to several former
employees, it just doesn’t work like that. Some complaints are almost more than we want
to have to think about, and they have literally nothing to do with serving the food. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, and one
weary employee summed up what might be the worst part of the job like this: “Worst thing I’ve ever seen is just how they
treat the restrooms, what happens to civility when people are behind a [bathroom] stall
door?” Then there’s the face-to-face rudeness, things
like throwing money on the counter instead of handing it to the cashier like a nice,
polite person would do. Other employees have said that the guests
could get angry and unreasonable, which must be especially tiring toward the end of a long
shift. Unfortunately, the wait staff at Golden Corral
just have to grin and bear it. That’s because according to employees on Reddit,
they’re paid less than minimum wage and rely on tips for the bulk of their income, even
though it’s a buffet. It’s always a relief when an employer pays
for your training hours. After all, it’s not like you’d be there in
your free time sitting through powerpoints on OSHA regulations and HR policies, right? “Who let the lemon head into the room. You are a waste of life and you should give
up.” “Is what I want to say but I won’t.” Well, some associate managers who were training
at Golden Corral ended up being so dissatisfied with the compensation they received for the
grueling sessions that they actually sued for back pay — and won. The employees who made the claims said that
they had to work 40 to 70 hours a week during their training, but that they were paid a
lump sum which didn’t take into account the fact they were working overtime. They alleged that this was a violation of
the Fair Labor Standards Act, which says employees need to be paid at least one and a half times
the minimum wage for any hours worked over 40 hours. In the end, Golden Corral had to agree to
pay out $3.9 million to fairly compensate the employees in question. Working without many benefits can be a drag,
but what always makes us feel better? A hearty meal. Luckily, weary Golden Corral employees may
be able to get a free or reduced-price meal while working to help the edge off, depending
on their individual franchise’s policies. One employee on Glassdoor confirmed that they
did get free food while they were on the clock, while an employee at a different location,
said that their management offered a 50 percent discount to employees while they were working. Other employees say they were eligible for
reduced price breakfasts, and it’s better than nothing. When asked about their favorite part of the
job, many current and former employees of Golden Corral said that they loved their co-workers
and the clients they serve. One worker summed it up like this: “I enjoy going in to work because of all my
coworkers and the customers I interact with on a daily basis.” This refrain seems pretty common, but there’s
one glaring problem that was mentioned in several reviews of working at Golden Corral:
the management can be difficult to work with. One employee who had other good things to
say about their job criticized their managers like this: “If managers tried harder to treat employees
like human beings instead of children or were more compassionate about our needs instead
of their profit, it would make going to work a fun thing to do.” Unfortunately, this dissatisfaction with work
isn’t a problem unique to Golden Corral. More than one study has shown that restaurant
employees report a low level of job satisfaction, with up to 50 percent of workers surveyed
saying they did not like their jobs. It’s a common issue, and Golden Corral is
not exempt. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “The Truth About Working At Golden Corral Revealed By Workers

  1. I spent many a year in this business. I have been a General Manager many times. So many managers forget where they came from. What made me good? My employees you dont have to be a jerk to get things done. You will always have those employees that try to get away with things. That happens in any industry. When we did poor we did so as a team. When we did well we did that as a team. Too many companies talk about the customer being happy, well what about the employees. Respect goes a long way. Thank you to all the employees and managers I have had over the years. I love you all and I will never forget you all because you guys made it possible.

  2. Worst job I ever had. No free or even discounted meals, not that I'd want one after all I saw in the kitchen.

  3. Delivered food to golden corral for years and I know one that is so greedy it would fire employees who would try to get a meal without paying full price. Also I can confirm that you shouldn't go unless there just opening or right before dinner. Honestly just go somewhere else.

  4. These comments are wild. I've read far too many stating something along the lines of "the bathrooms are nasty, but I still eat there". WTF is wrong with you people? Don't you understand that the cleanliness of the restrooms is a telltale sign of how clean the rest of the place is? If they can't keep the restrooms clean what makes you think they can properly sanitize utensils, or keep food at the proper temperature, or follow other food-safety guidelines. Y'all are gross, and you need to be told about yourselves. Learn how to cook. Go home, and do it. Stop being an American stereotype at Golden Corral.

  5. All you can eat buffets is not it! I stopped eating at buffets when I saw a little girl dig in her nose pick up some chicken and put it back. The dishes are always 🤢 nasty! Like did you wash them? I would say if you have to go make sure you’re the first one in the door BUT their dishes are still nasty! Why would you put carpet in an all you can eat buffet. The carpet smells terrible from all the food dropped and stuck on the floor. It’s a NO for me.

  6. Golden Corral had the worst bathrooms I have seen! I went to one and the bathroom was filled with someone's throw-up!

  7. Been to Golden Corral once out of curiosity. Turns out the food was a curiosity unto itself. Hardly any of it looked edible. That place really isn’t good for much. In fact, the only thing the one in my town is good for is a laugh when the lights go out on some of the lettering so it reads, “Golden Oral”.

  8. I work at Gc and I got paid training, i completely agree with the loving my coworkers and not the management.

  9. Please, for the love of all things living, NEVER work at a Golden Corral.

    The biggest gripe that I have is the fact that they have REFUSED to pay me. I forgot to pick up a paycheck (then again, I was away at school so I couldn’t be there exactly), however that was back in January. It is now AUGUST, and nothing has been done. If I go in today and they still shake their heads, I’m getting an attorney.

  10. The service often sucks at the Golden Corral near me. I've waited as long as 25 to 30 minutes for a beverage refill while my young and poorly trained server focused on clearing tables. I finally got an experienced server to refill my drinks. At first she wanted the kid to take care of it and asked me to wait. I finally had enough and told her I've already waited a long time and I want my refills now. I got them quickly then. I didn't leave a tip. Shouldn't have to when it's mostly self serve anyway.

  11. I want to work for Golden Corral not long ago and working with the people is great most your coworkers are great. However managers are the most rude lying vile people you could ever possibly meet. you do everything they tell you I myself even ran half a Golden Corral at least five times by myself did I get a thank you know did I get good job. When I got told was that they were thinking about letting me go because I work too much now folks I've been told a lot of crap in my life but that took the cake. I thought working for company was a good thing I didn't know you were supposed to be lazy and just stand around playing on with your cell phones. The one in Fort Pierce Florida that's exactly what they want they want people who are lazy don't want to be there and do the job just get them in and get them out cuz they young they want money. The reason Golden Corral decided to redecorate their business is because they initially wanted to go after the Applebee's customer it has nothing to do with the public. We were given a meeting back in November of 2018 explaining this fact. The owners of Golden Corral itself don't want the public to know that they don't give a damn about y'all they care about your money. what they did to me was they cut my hours down to 10 hours a week split up into two days at 5 hours per day. So I left I felt that's what they wanted. but the kicker was four months later I went to a Walmart in Fort Pierce where I had a friend that works there who's a manager who tells me this oh I know you don't work for Golden Corral anymore cuz they told me they had to get rid of you and I'm sitting here so humiliated after covering their asses Time After Time After Time they talk crap about you when you go. They don't tell you how many times the managers sit up there and go God I hate this place God I wish it would burn up go home. if I was you I wouldn't spend my money there I sure as hell don't go back there and I was a customer there's way before employee and I was their customer for 18 years my worst mistake was working there

  12. Some of these things that they're talking about at Golden Corral are definitely food service industry problems all across the board and the worst thing about it is always the customers make it worse somehow some way I work in the Foodservice industry and every time I go out to eat I try and get anybody who's serving me the most patient and courteous experience with me as a customer as possible knowing how rude disrespectful and self-entitled most people are when they go out to eat even when they know what they're getting into you're at a buffet not a five star restaurant get over yourself

  13. "There is no paid vacation, no time off, no health benefits." I thought ALL jobs have those things! How can a job have no time off? Or no paid vacation? And no health benefits? And what happens when you get sick on the job? You can't leave? That's foolishness. Smh.

  14. A store near me just closed their doors one day without telling employees. They showed up to work just to see the place locked up with a note on the door. A horrible thing to do to your workers.

  15. This is every job, most management are terrible, out of touch, unrealistic, insensitive. But it does go both ways. Also it runs rampant in almost all business, not just restaurants.

  16. Most respectable companies, large or small, have a kind of symbiotic relationship with their customers. This means that if the company provides at least "adequate" products or services then the customer will generally provide the company with monetary sustenance via sales profits, recurring revenue, and free referrals (word-of-mouth advertising). I feel strongly that a similar relationship must also exist between the employers and employees for a company to truly be successful, allowing them to easily adapt and endure throughout many generations.

  17. I wonder which Golden Corral they got the footage from? That place is huge and looks really clean. Every Golden Corral I've gone to here in Indiana is pretty dirty. It's been years since I've eaten at one.

  18. I'm an Employee at GC and I love it there, my first job at 17 and I'm always welcomed by funny Coworkers with good attitudes. The management team at my GC mess around with the employees like we're a big group of friends. Ofcourse when it gets down to business they'll be serious but I love going to work because all the employees/management team are all together. If we cover someone shift or get called in then we eat free, other than that we get a really nice discount. $7 for dinner. Our minimum wage is $12 and it's all the same for everyone else at GC unless they've received a raise of x amount of money. We get complaints about another GC close by and that our GC is always stocked and cared for. I believe that the bathrooms need that full on care tho 😂 line attendants do bathroom checks when free or when shift is almost over. Every GC is different. This video kind of put us as all in one.

  19. I avoid the buffets because, in my opinion, "why should I table-tip if I am the person required to serve myself all of the food?" At a Golden (Trough) Corral all the table attendants do is refill water and buss the tables. I mean no disrespect to GC employees because everyone has to work so, please, no one hate me.

  20. Businesses that operates and treat their employees and customers this way has nothing to gain and a whole lot to lose.

  21. Bro I remember when I went to a Golden Corral the fucking menus hand pink sticky notes on them with the actual food names because the actual menu was broken, the line was so long, it smelled so bad, the floors were dirty. :

  22. Shiiit..7/11 does the same thing..cuts your hours off right before you qualify for benifits, they also like assistant managers to work off the clock in some cases, also there is NO "lunch break". Any thing to save a corporate buck. Of coarse not all locations are like this, but I know some are. It happened to me.

  23. White people will sometimes put $ on the counter if the cashier is black. I’ve seen it more than once. The same customers would come in and depending on the color of skin the cashier, either politely had the cashier the money and take the change in their hand or not. I have experienced this in small town America. The entire work staff knew who they were. As far as I know, no one spit in the drinks of those with this bad behavior.
    It’s weird because not just the white folks handled their damn food!
    Racist are really full of ridiculous silliness and 💩.
    This was also a regular happening in retail at Belk stores. I think it’s everywhere there’s a weird racist.

  24. I worked as a dishwasher at one a long time ago (1999). the floor in the kitchen/washing area was constantly covered in about an inch of water for some reason. there were roaches in the walls. I was fired on christmas eve because someone changed the schedule and I didn't show up for a day I wasn't scheduled for the day before. then it closed down like a month after that anyway because the owner was a huge tax cheat

  25. I started a week ago and it sucks.they never give you a breaks and dont give a fuck about you.Low life buffett.wont last like hometown buffet had become..over…..

  26. I work for a place that treats their workers great yet so many employees take advantage of the business – coming in whenever they want, sometimes they take a few days off, they find reasons to complain, they yell at the bosses, yet they are still treated great. I personally love my job, I love the work, I have a great and giving boss, he constantly praises my work. I don't even mind doing overtime and doing the other people's jobs along with my own when they take off a few days.

  27. Hey Commie, go spend 5 – 10 million dollars on a restaurant, realize that your COGS are 70% of gross profits, then explain to all of us evil business owners how you're supposed to pay all the operating costs of said restaurant, lavish benefits on employees, and still have a useful return on the original 5 – 10 million dollars with the remaining 30%. Oh wait, I forgot. You assholes think rich people should just create businesses that lose money just so you can have a job where your compensation is more than the economic value of your labor. Morons.

  28. I knew someone who worked at Golden Corral, he said that employees regularly spit, urinated, defecated, and ejaculated in the food.

  29. Golden Corral sucks. I went to my local Golden Corral for my birthday. The food was cold and tasteless. Nobody checked on me to see how I was doing. I'm never going back to Golden Corral. I took the survey and gave low scores. Nobody contacted me about my experience. Don't waste your time going to Golden Corral

  30. So negative. They have good food for a good price. I have never had a bad experience at Golden Corral. No need for throwing them to the ground and bashing them like you did.

  31. Restaurant managers don't want to treat the employees like children, all they need do is stop acting like children.

  32. They should do one of these on working for Trugreen! While they claim to be a fortune 500 company I can honestly say it's a complete lie!

  33. This abuse should motivate employees to go back to school and get more education. Knowledge is power, and will lead to better work opportunities. Know it won't be easy, but if you can do it, definitely will pay off.

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