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the truth about success.

What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel,
the number one place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. In today’s video,
we’re going to be doing things a little bit differently. Now, if you are familiar with
my channel, you know that we often dive really deep in the strategies and tactics all around
social media, online marketing and entrepreneurship. However, a couple of weeks ago I did go over
on my Instagram and I asked you guys if you guys had any other questions for me regarding
a my own journey in entrepreneurship and now if you are new to my channel and this is the
very first time and the first video that you’ve ever seen from me. Hello, how are you? My
name is Vanessa and a year ago I started this youtube channel from scratch and fast forward
a whole year later, this youtube channel now has over a hundred thousand subscribers. Not
only this, I also started my coaching business last year as well and now my business is in
the multiple six figures. That’s why I really wanted to answer some
of your top questions because by the way, I got a lot of questions that I think are
gonna help you a lot and are topics that I generally have never talked about here on
my channel. So if you’re interested in diving deep with me, understanding my journey a little
bit more and also getting your top questions answered, then keep on watching. All right
guys, so I’ve got my phone ready. I have some of your top questions loaded up in here and
also some of my answers. Now I am going to be looking at my phone often just because
I did pre-write my answers. I want to make sure that this video is equally as valuable
as my other videos because I know what it feels like to be in the beginning stages of
your journey and having other people just tell you, believe in yourself. You’ve got this and still feeling really stuck.
So I want to make sure that I’m adding as much value as I can when I’m answering these
questions. So anyways, the first question that I got was actually a question that a
lot of people asked. So it was more than one person who submitted this question and that
is what were some of the key mindset shifts that you needed to make to support you on
your journey? And there were definitely three that I have identified that truly changed
the game for me and really helped me level up not just in my business but also in my
life. And the first one is thinking big. Now this is something that I’ve talked about a
lot, but I honestly used to be the type of person that would set really low standards
for myself and for other people. And the reason why I used to do this is because
I just didn’t want to be disappointed. And I think that if you are a type a person, you
might be the same as me. So make sure you call me below if you know what I’m talking
about. When you are someone who just sets the standard really low because you want to
avoid disappointment and failure. Now I realize that this mindset was not really doing me
any good. And it wasn’t until I started to really surround myself with other entrepreneurs.
I realize that anyone who is successful in life is not shooting their own goals down.
And if anything, they’ve got massive visions, they have a strong unwavering belief that
they can make it happen. And I really began to notice that that was something that I also
needed to emulate. And it really wasn’t until my interaction, one of my mentors and friends
Wilson leave, I talked about it in this video right here before, by the way, but basically
it was my first time meeting him and he asked me what my business goals were specifically
for my first year in business. And I said, well, I’ve got a goal of making
around 40 k to 65 K in my first year, 40 k because that’s the average of what most people
earn and 65 k because that’s what I earned in my corporate job. So if I can replace that
I would be extremely happy and deep down inside I honestly was so nervous that he was going
to laugh in my face that he was going to say to me that I wasn’t realistic and that these
goals were way too big, but instead he was like, what the heck? Your goals are literally
that small. I want you to make a hundred K in your first year. And my jaw just dropped.
Like I literally was like, are you crazy? Like how is that even possible? But what I
learned from talking to Wilson and him walking me through, the reason why he was pushing
me to do a a hundred k is because if you’re setting your goal to 40 king or 65 k, then
your actions are going to reflect a 40 to 65 cake goal. So if you’re telling yourself that you just
want to sign one client this year and guess what, you’re going to sign one client this
year and that’s all. That’s, that’s it. Your actions are only going to reflect your goal
of signing one client versus if you’re telling yourself, which is what I told myself that
I’m going to make a hundred k this year. I’m revving up my efforts, I’m taking 10 x action
to meet that goal. And because I knew that I wanted to make a hundred k now I showed
up even more. I hustled even more. I hopped on so many calls with people. I coached so
many people for free. I did all that. I needed to collect the necessary information in order
to have a hundred k launch in order to actually achieve this goal. I stayed up, you know,
really connecting with my audience. I didn’t miss out on youtube videos. I posted twice a week instead of one time
a week because I knew that I had a very ambitious goal of meeting a hundred k and guess what?
Within four months of me launching my business, I made $200,000 in sales on real. And it was
all because I thought big. So I’m telling you that if you are someone who was just like
me for a very long time setting very low goals because you want to avoid this appointment,
I’m telling you right now, you’re doing yourself a really big disservice. So really start thinking
big in your business but also thinking big in your life because I guarantee if you actually
work towards those big goals, you will show up even more and you will meet those goals
if you are committed and if you have extreme ownership to do so. Now moving onto the second
mindset shift that I had to make is asking myself what was the six, seven or eight figure
version of me do? And this was something like pretty much like
a mantra that I would always ask myself if I was facing a problem or if I felt stuck
or unmotivated in my business. And obviously when I wasn’t making six figures, I was asking
myself what with the six bigger version of me do, now that I’m making six figures, I
now ask myself, what would the seven figure version of me do? So on and so forth. Because
you know at every stage of growth it’s going to require a different version of you and
what got you here is not going to get you to where you want to be. So you want to keep
this in mind. But basically this mindset shift was really game changing for me because when
I felt really low vibe or if I was stressing about small things, I would really take a
step back and ask myself, what would the six figure version of me react to this? How would she react to this? What would she
think about this? What would she do? How would she solve this problem? And by asking me that
question, it really helped me to think higher level, to be a bigger person and to not really
sweat about the small stuff. For example, a six figure business owner is not looking
at all of their hey comments online and trying to reply to every single one of them. A six
figure business owner is not doing low-level things like trying to figure out what Hashtag
to use, what placements their emojis are. They’re not spending majority of their time
stressing about that. There are so many different things that six, seven, eight figure entrepreneurs
are not doing and that you are doing, which is why it’s keeping you stuck and not actually
making you into that six, seven, eight bigger version of yourself that you want to be. Because the moment that you start acting like
a six figure business owner, you then start becoming a six figure business owner just
based on your actions alone. It’s very similar to the first mindset shift that I made. The
fact that most entrepreneurs, they’re not shooting themselves short, they’re not thinking
low, they’re not setting low goals. There have big visions that they want to accomplish
and therefore their actions will reflect that. So that’s why making this mindset shift is
really important for me and I really, really recommend that you do it because there are
so many things that you just got to let go of. If you have an unhappy client that’s bashing
you online or something like that, really ask yourself, what would a six figure version
or what would a six figure CEO do about this? Would they stress about it and cry about it
and shut down their whole business because one person wasn’t happy? No, they would move forward. They would understand
what they did wrong and try to get better. Or if you are spending so much of your time
stressing about one mistake that you made in a newsletter is really a six figure CEO
stressing about that. No, they’re not. They’re moving on. They’re working on the strategy
of their business. So you really want to ask yourself, what would the six figure version
of yourself do now? The third mindset shift that I had to make that really helped me,
and this is actually something that I made recently and that is no one can do you better
than you. And the reason why this is now a really important thing that I always have
to keep in mind of is because when you start really growing fast in your business and you
become a thought leader in your space, it can get really scary because you start seeing
people replicating the things that you do or you see people being really inspired by
your work and you start to feel the competition and you start to feel like, oh my gosh, what
if I run out of ideas? What if someone does something better than
me and I just fade into the background? What if people my community find someone better?
And this is really common as you’re growing your business because you start to really
see like, oh my, like I’ve built something or at least that’s what I felt and I really
had to get over this because I’m in the business of service. I’m in the business to teach you
guys. I’m in the business of being a valuable thought leader that is sharing content to
help you guys because I wish a lot of the content that I post for free on youtube is
what existed for me a year ago and it wasn’t. And so because of that, because of the value
that I give, sometimes I feel like, oh my gosh, have I given too much? And I know that
this is something that my higher self would tell you guys that not to sweat about while
my lower self is also in the same boat. And so I have to tell myself that no one can
do me better than me. Even if there’s someone who literally rips off an entire video of
mine or takes an entire concept, they’ll never be able to deliver it the way that I do. They’ll
never be able to coach the way that I do. They’ll never be able to be me. And that’s
the same mindset shift that you need to make because even though I’m telling you guys that
this is something that I’ve experienced recently, it’s something that’s really common in people
who are just starting out as well. You’re going to think, oh my goodness, like someone
else has already done this before and therefore I don’t think I can do it. Yada, Yada, Yada.
But you have to remember that if you compare yourself to everyone else and you stop yourself
just because a concept was replicated or it was done before, then you’re really doing
a disservice to other people who might really align more with your personality, the way
that you deliver something, the way that you explained or the way that you teach. And not only this, I also had to tell myself
that creativity can not be stolen. Okay? So even if someone steals a video of mine or
even if someone takes my course and tries to replicate it or something like that, I
know that as long as I have my brain and my creativity, my own uniqueness, then I’m always
going to come out on top and all I have to do is stay in my own lane and create the things
that I want to create. So I really want to share this third mindset shift with you because
it’s something that I’ve had to implement really recently in the past maybe couple months
or so because it was starting to get to me. I was like, oh my gosh, like people are actually
listening to what I have to say and I’m starting to see a lot of the information everywhere. And I started my lower self, started to feel
stressed about it, but my higher self obviously is like Vanessa, like a six figure CEO is
not thinking about this. So really telling myself no one can do me better than me has
really helped me in just staying in my own lane and just continuing to create the things
that I want to create freely without being scared that someone’s going to, you know,
take my entire business and run away with it because it’s just not going to happen.
I’m here to stay. So anyways guys, those were the three mindset shifts that I definitely
made in my business. Now the next question that I got from you guys was how was it for
you in those first few weeks or months when no one was noticing you yet? Now I’m going
to tell you one thing that really got me by, and it’s actually from another coach. Her name is Amanda Francis. So Amanda Francis
is a multiple seven figure entrepreneur. And I remember being in a Facebook group and the
person in this Facebook group shared a screenshot that Amanda had posted in one of her old Facebook
groups or something like that. And this is the screenshot right where she disclosed her
earnings. And you’ll notice in her screenshot that she made very little money in the first
few years of her business. And it wasn’t until later on where she really started to see the
six and seven figures coming in. And I really use this as my motivation to keep going. And
not only this, all the entrepreneurs that I’ve ever admired, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Amy Porterfield,
James Wedmore, these are people who have been in business for a decade and they didn’t find
success until maybe the latter part of that decade. And I told myself that I’m in this
for the long run. I’m very fortunate. I’m very grateful that
within the first year I’ve already made six figures, but I could have easily, like most
people given up within the first four months when I heard nothing. And for me what really
kept me going was understanding that this whole business journey takes time. And if
I can’t survive my first year, then why am I doing this? Because there are so many other
people that I look up to that have really withstood the test of time. Amanda Francis,
Amy Porterfield’s, simulator, doozy, all these amazing female entrepreneurs have been in
the game for over 10 years and they didn’t give up, even though within their fifth year
they were probably also struggling. And so that does not give me a good excuse to literally
quit my business within the first year, let alone the first few months. So that’s what
really got me going. It was specifically this screenshot that I
literally saved on my phone, reminded myself every day that this shit takes time. And if
you do not have the patience to see it through, especially if you’re telling yourself that
starting your business is your dream and you’re going to give up on your dream within the
first month because you don’t hear back from clients or you don’t have any clients at all,
then that’s fucking bullshit. Right? So that’s something I really want to share with you
that truly helped me get through those times where I wasn’t making sales or when I wasn’t
making a lot of views on youtube or where the only people that were watching my videos
were my family and my friends. So I really hope that this helps because this truly, truly
is what helped me have stamina in my business and to really see things through. All right, so the next question that I thought
was really interesting was did you have anybody in your life try to discourage you? Yes. 100
times. Yes. I think at any stage of my life, like all stages of my life, whether it was
high school, university now or when I’m starting my business, there was always someone who
is doubting me and I’m someone who literally gets fueled by that. Like the more people
that doubt me, the more I want to show up and prove them wrong. The best form of revenge,
at least for me, is my success. The more successful that I can be, the more it is for me to actually
shut every single person down in my life. Who has ever fucking doubted me. And so when
I was starting my business journey, obviously there were a lot of people who were discouraging
and it didn’t have to be just verbally discouraging me, but you could tell by their demeanor. When I was sharing my ideas, sharing that
I wanted to start this youtube channel sharing, I quit my nine to five and I’m going all in
on creating this thing that I don’t even know what will be yet. You could tell like it was
like, hmm, okay, like good luck with that. Like all that stuff. So that was one form
of discouragement that I felt. But the biggest form of discouragement was one time I actually
got connected to this seven figure online entrepreneur and I hopped on a call with him
because a mutual friend of ours actually connected us together. And at the time I was just starting
at my business. Like I literally didn’t even have a business yet. It was just an idea.
It was a vision. And I, on this call he asked me, so what’s your vision for Your Business?
What are you planning to do? And I said, I want to be a coach. I want to
teach other people the things that I’ve learned and I also want to be a youtuber and start
this business online and have people find me through social media and in a way be a
pillar of inspiration for others who are afraid to quit their nine to fives and all of that
and really coaching people through that. Because I know from my experience of talking to other
people within my circle, there were a lot of people, specifically millennials that were
stuck in this nine to five grind and just seeing them struggle so much of figuring out
whether or not or what they should do with their lives. It was really painful for me
and I really wanted to help alleviate that problem. I told him my business idea or my
vision, not even academia, it was just a vision because on this call I thought that he would
at least just give me some sound advice or point me to the right direction. But he didn’t really give me advice at all.
And instead he wanted to give me some real talk and honest truth because he cares about
my wellbeing. And he said that I should’ve never quit my corporate job. That my vision
was a stupid idea, that it made no sense that I wanted to coach other people when I myself
barely know what I’m doing. And I agree with him that you should be coaching people on
the things that you know. But that’s exactly what I was trying to do. I was trying to literally
tell him that I just want to teach people the things that I’ve learned in my life and
try to help. That’s all I wanted to do with my business. And he literally made me cry.
He doesn’t know he did. But after I hung up, I bawled my freaking eyes out. And through
that experience, I had two options. I had option one which was cave into this
criticism to believe it as fat, believe it as my reality and just tell everyone, you
know what? This isn’t for me. It was a dumb idea. Let me just go back to corporate or
I could take the other option which was surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs that had a
similar mindset or similar business model as I did and I chose the latter and I’m really
glad that I did and think of it as dating. You know what I mean? Like if you are dating
a boyfriend who was horrible to you, does that mean that you’re going to stop dating
altogether? No. It means that you’re going to try and find other people who fit your
needs more and that’s exactly what I felt like in this situation. I was very tempted
to say, oh my gosh, this person shat on my business idea and therefore I’m never going
to talk to any entrepreneurs again. I’m going to hide my ideas to myself because
I want to avoid criticism and I want to protect my ideas or I’ll just quit altogether because
I believe what he says, but instead I found other people, other entrepreneurs who disagreed
with what he said, and that really helped me to validate my vision. They didn’t need
to give me the step by step, but that validation alone that I could do something that it was
okay was so liberating. And so my biggest advice to you, if you are starting out your
business and maybe you’re someone who found yourself in the same position that I did,
really surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through, who have the results
that you want. Because the online entrepreneur that I talked to didn’t even have the same
business model as I did. It was very obvious that he didn’t understand what I was doing
because he’s never done what I wanted to do. On the flip side, I saw so many other entrepreneurs
do what I wanted to do and therefore that gave me hope. And so now moving forward, I
only take advice from people that have the results that I want to have that have very
similar business model that I do because if I’m literally trying to get advice from every
single entrepreneur out there, regardless of the industry that they’re at, they’re not
going to be able to help me to the fullest extent. As you can see him getting really
passionate and another lesson is just because someone has a six, seven or eight figure business
doesn’t mean that they’re the best mentor for you. Just because I have a six figure
business doesn’t mean that I’m going to be the perfect fit for you as your mentor because
you and I might have very similar goals in terms of business models. You might be someone who doesn’t want to be
on social media in order to grow their business and that’s okay. You shouldn’t take advice
from me. Then you should take advice from someone else who has found a different way
to grow their business because there are so many different avenues to making money on
an offline. You just have to choose the path that fits best to you and listen to those
people who have had the results that you’ve had, who have followed that exact same path.
And that’s why for me, I follow people like Sunny Leenarduzzi. I follow people like Aaron
May, Henry, I follow people like Amy Porterfield. I follow people like Marie Forleo, these women
who literally have driven a lot of business under a lot of opportunities to themselves
because they post on social media because they’ve leveraged the power of content creation
regardless if it’s on blog form, video form, audio form or whatever. They’ve been able to build very strong tribes
and communities. And I wanted to do the same. And a year later I’ve done exactly that because
I only listen to the people who have literally gone before me and have achieved the things
that I’ve want because it shows to me that it’s possible and if it’s possible for them,
you damn right. Well believe that it’s possible for me. All right, so the next question that
you guys asked me that I thought was a really awesome question is what do you think you
got right that a lot of people get wrong? And I really love this question because I
definitely think that there are really key things that I’ve done that not a lot of people
can do. And that is having patience and having the ability to see the bigger picture, to
actually have perspective in business. I’m gonna give you a specific example actually. I’m going to give you two specific examples.
The first one is certain youtube. I’ve helped a lot of people start their youtube channels,
clients, friends, everything like that because people see my success on youtube and they
suddenly also want the same for them. And I love that Youtube has opened up so many
avenues for me and it’s helped me connect with you guys, but it doesn’t mean that it
was an overnight success. Now obviously this channel definitely grew really fast in just
that one year, but you also have to keep in mind that most people quit within the first
three months. And for me this channel for the first six months, for the half a year,
it wasn’t like what it is now. It was just a regular youtube channel of me. Slowly, very,
very slowly and building an audience. The problem is is that a lot of people when they’re
posting their first few videos, they’re expecting that it’s going to blow up right away, but
for me, I even to this day, I don’t stress about views because I know that once I put
a piece of content out there, it’s out there and it’s only a matter of time, whether it’s
today, whether it’s tomorrow, whether it’s five months from now, a whole year from now
where people are going to find me and having that perspective, being able to step outside
of myself and understand what I’m really trying to build here really, really helps and not
a lot of people understand that a lot of people are looking for the instant wins, instant
gratification, short term strategies instead of longterm strategies and that’s why they
quit very early. Now I’m going to give you a specific example
from one person I actually helped in terms of building his channel. When we were first
building his channel, his videos weren’t really gaining a lot of traction. However, six, seven
months later, his videos started to actually generate more views and not only this people
who wanted to buy from him half a year later. Think about that craziness. Another example
of people being impatient is taking shortcuts, feeling like they’re better, that they are
worth more specifically working with clients for free or doing free work. I noticed that
a lot of people get frustrated on this journey because they just want to make money super
fast without understanding that you are trying to build a business that is built to last
and therefore if you’re here for the long run, you need to do market research. You need
to strengthen your skills. You need to be humble and actually understand
that if you work with clients one on one, it’s gonna set you up for success. When you
end up launching a course, when you end up launching a membership, when you end up launching
anything. But the problem is is that a lot of people, they want to skip all of that and
they want to dive straight into the course creation. They want to dive straight into
the passive income direction. What in fact, if you’re here to really build a viable business,
you got to take it slow. And what I noticed is that people get frustrated with that and
they’re like, oh, I’m not getting results. This sucks. I’m giving up without realizing
like, wow, Rome was not built overnight. And if someone is promising you that you’re going
to make money right away, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t even have a lot of experience,
then I really question those strategies. And if they do work awesome, what are they
really longterm strategies that are going to generate you passive income, even more
passive income than you would if you just did a shortcut. Cause think about it, even
for me, when I launched Bossgram Academy, this was what I wanted to launch from the
get go, but I wasn’t ready yet. And therefore for a very long time I was working with people
for free, doing plenty of free coaching and market research calls in order to understand
who I’m really trying to help and whether or not I like what I’m doing and when I actually
mastered this element first and then I launched it and package all of my learnings in a program.
This is when it really made the huge difference for me. But if I didn’t do all of this, I
would not have gotten to this result. So that’s why you need to be able to step
outside of yourself and see the bigger picture and not be blindsided by the little small
things in your business and really ask yourself, what are you trying to build? Because overnight
success is not built in a day, in a month, in a year. Even for me, there’s so many other
things in my business that I want to do, but I’m humbling myself and I’m telling myself
I’m going to be here for the next 10 years and so I got to build this solid foundation.
And that’s why even in my approach to coaching, I do not take shortcuts. Some people like
it, some people don’t, and that’s okay with me, but I know what I’m teaching is here to
last for the long run because in my experience of working in corporations, I know that it’s
not something that takes overnight to do. And that’s why when you learn from me or when
you learn from someone who has a similar philosophy for me, you’re here to slow down, take a step
back and do the work. Even if that work doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere, it’s going
to contribute massively for the longterm of your business. And so that’s what’s really
important to me. And that’s what I feel a lot of people are missing. Because even if
you look at my journey, I’ve been following the same strategy since day one being on youtube.
It’s been a whole year and I have over 75 videos to date. I’ve been doing this for a
year, I wouldn’t say a very long time, because that’s going to really do a disservice to
the people who have been doing it for years and years and years. But I’m comparing it
to people that I know in my own circle, in my own network or people that I just see online
who give up after three months or four months. So really think about the longterm of your
business and have that ability to have perspective on things and have perspective on success.
That’s what I feel is truly missing from a lot of people who are trying to start their
businesses these days. And I feel like this video is getting really, really long. So I’m
just going to choose one more question to answer that I feel might really help you guys
when you guys are starting this business and the next question is how do you deal with
the disappointment that follows with videos or contents that you expected to do? Well,
so basically this person is asking, how do I deal with disappointment when something
that I post online doesn’t do as well as I thought, oh, this was a really great question
because there are a lot of videos that I post that don’t perform as well as my other videos. But what I learned through this journey and
through looking at my analytics and understanding who I’m trying to serve is that yes, I’ll
have videos that kill it and I have other videos that don’t do as well. However, the
watch time and watch duration on those videos do a lot better. That’s what I know. I’m truly
serving my audience, even if it’s a smaller and more niche audience. I know that because
the watch time is a lot higher, that what I’m saying is a lot more valuable and it’s
resonating. Now my channel, I do post a lot about Instagram and youtube and social media
because that’s what people outside of my channel outside of my community want. And that’s what
they initially find me for. However, I know many of you guys within my community, you
guys are sick of Instagram. You guys want to learn about how to build a business. You Guys wanna learn about this stuff. Now,
this video might not even perform as well as my other videos, but I know that for the
few people that are continuing to watch this, your life might be changed just by the things
that I’m saying because it’s hitting you home. And so what I learned is that audience does
not equal customer. You know, I could have 100,000 views on my videos and it could just
be people who are taking information and walking away versus I could have 50 views on a video
and maybe about 95% of these people will actually buy from me, will actually invest in my programs
because they care about what I have to say. And they wanted to stick until the very end
of that video. That’s how you build trust. That’s how you build a tribe. And so my biggest
advice to you guys, if you guys are posting content and you’re going the content marketing
route, the same way that I have is to not be so attached to external vanity metrics
like views and subscribers and really evaluate your success on the one on one conversations
that you’re having, the people who were actually buying from you, the people who are actually
sitting there loyal to you, loyal to your content, and watching the full thing. That’s how you determine whether or not you’ve
truly made an impact. So I really want to also drive that home to you guys because I
know that a lot of new content creators, you fall victim in vanity metrics and if something
isn’t performing, you’re not good. People hate your content, all of that. But really
ask yourself how many people have actually messaged you and thanked you for your help?
Even if it’s one person, it makes a huge difference. So please keep us in mind as you’re going
through your journey. Okay guys, so as you can see, I really scratched the surface in
all the questions that you gave me. I really thought that I would be able to answer more
questions, but I don’t want this video to be a whole hour long because my video editor
will be very upset with me, but literally like, or comment below if you want to part
two or if you want more videos where I’m answering questions like this in a very candid way because
I do see value in this, but I do want to continue with a few guys want me to, so make sure your
thumbs up in this video and commenting below if you want more of this. I had a very fun time answering some of the
top questions that you guys had for me and as always, guys, I really appreciate you.
Thank you so much for being a part of this a year long journey to many more years to
come. I appreciate you. I hope you guys have a great day, a great week and a great life
and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

100 thoughts on “the truth about success.

  1. Thanks to everyone who submitted a comment on Instagram!!! 🙏 I got so many that I might have to do a part 2! What questions would you want me to answer next time? And if you want to learn more about BOSSGRAM Academy you can check out alll the info here http://vanessalau.mykajabi.com/

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  6. I stayed until the end because what you were saying really resonated with me. Especially dreaming big and setting bigger goals. I am currently facing some challenges in my personal life and thanks to you I am now going to look at the big picture and try to act accordingly. Thank you so much for your honestly and winning personality. Love from Denmark.

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    Truth has a sound. I know I can hear it when it is presented. I heard it in the video. Well done.

    Yes, I would like to hear more.

    I know there is a line in which it is unwise to cross. This question may be a bridge too far particularly for a forum like the comments section of a Youtube video. You have a newfound wealth from what you are saying in this video. Congratulations and fantastic. For many, this can cause a self-obsession, an insatiable desire for more Etc. Do you have a philanthropic side, angle, aspect? Have you considered that you could be a steward for good? This question is not saying you should, but you do appear to have the willingness to share as a wonderful characteristic in the Vanessa Lau personality.

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  15. Wow you are passionate, and that shines through. Thanks for being so real and open about it all. How do you deal with people older than you that think you don’t know ish because you’re too young and now you are telling them what they should do. I’m 28 and currently dealing with this at my job. I find it sometimes difficult to tell people older than me that they are wrong or simply give them advice. I want to become better at dealing with this.

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    Anyhow, that’s what I see when I watch your videos and I’m not sure if it’s because my tv is 4K (forgot the refresh rate, but it’s quick) or if you’ve done something different in the last few days/weeks. It’s just something I’ve noticed and just had to ask. ❤️

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