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The Tragic Story Of The Girl Who Plays Kate On This Is Us

The Tragic Story Of The Girl Who Plays Kate On This Is Us

Chrissy Metz has gained worldwide fame since
starring in This Is Us as Kate Pearson, a 30-something struggling with her body image. Since the series’ debut in 2016, the character
has been a fan-favorite that many viewers have found incredibly relatable. “Here I am a 37 year old woman and you still
make me feel like a stupid, fat little kid.” But to achieve her on-screen success, the
actress had to suffer through a string of real-life tragedies. From family drama and heartbreaking issues
related to her weight, to a failed marriage and financial strain, Metz has gone through
a lot over the years. But it’s all made her into the stunningly
inspirational woman she is today. Here’s her real life story. An absent father When Metz was just 8 years old, her father,
Mark, reportedly left her and her mother, according to the Daily Mail. In January 2018, Metz revealed to People that
she touches on her relationship with her father, in her memoir, This Is Me. She said, “There is a chapter about our lack of relationship
and trying to establish one. But [I realized] that you can only hope that
people will want to have a relationship with you.” She told Today that she’s not currently in
touch with her father, saying, “I would love to have a relationship him. He’s really a great guy, but just because
he’s my father doesn’t mean I have to have a relationship with him.” “You tried.” An abusive stepfather After Metz’s parents split, her mother eventually
married Crayton Hodge, a man Metz called “Trigger.” While Trigger was reportedly loving to his
biological children, he kept Metz at a distance, allegedly criticizing her weight at every
turn. Metz wrote in her memoir, “My body seemed to offend him, but he couldn’t
help but stare, especially when I was eating.” Metz — who grew up poor — attributed her
eating habits to her family’s previous lack of food. She explained, “We had lived with a lack of food for so long
that when it was there, I felt like I had to eat it before it disappeared. […] Food was my only happiness.” Unfortunately, Trigger’s alleged behavior
went beyond hurtful stares. In her book, Metz claimed he physically harmed
her, writing, “[Trigger] never punched my face. Just my body, the thing that offended him
so much. He shoved me, slapped me, punched my arm. He would hit me if he thought I looked at
him wrong. I remember being on the kitchen floor after
he knocked me over, and I was begging to know what I did. He just shoved me hard with his foot.” According to Metz, Trigger was emotionally
abusive, as well, claiming that when she was 14 years old, he started making her weigh
herself in front of him. She wrote, “He’d get the scale from the bathroom and
clang it hard on the kitchen floor. ‘Well, get on the damn thing!’ Trigger would yell. ‘This is what you need to know.'” Her failed marriage Before she gained celebrity status on This
Is Us, Metz endured a tough divorce. She married British screenwriter Martyn Eaden,
but, according to Radar Online, after five years of marriage, the couple called it quits
in 2013. “Just because we got married, doesn’t mean
that we had to be miserable, trying to fix it, if it just wasn’t. Either you grow together, or you grow apart.” Eaden reportedly filed for divorce in November
2014, citing “irreconcilable differences,” but Metz allegedly didn’t respond to the court
filing. Instead, the actress is said to have ignored
the filing altogether. It was then that Eaden asked the court to
declare that his divorce was uncontested — and in December 2015, the split became official. “I know what I want, now and there’s no reason
to settle for anything less.” Broke before the big bucks Metz revealed to Glamour in 2017 that she
was broke before she snagged the gig on This Is Us. Despite having booked a recurring role as
Ima “Barbara” Wiggles in American Horror Story’s fourth season, she couldn’t find much work
in Hollywood. She said, “I kept auditioning, with no savings and no
money, credit card debt gaining interest. I went on unemployment. I bought ramen noodles at dollar stores.” Recalling her financial situation before This
Is Us, Metz told Jimmy Fallon, “You had 81 cents in your bank account?” “81 cents when I booked the show.” Since raking in some serious cash with her
acting career, Metz has since paid back all her debts. Losing her close friend While Metz has famously coped with the loss
of her TV father on the small screen, the actress also grieved the passing of a loved
one in real life. During an appearance on E!’s Hollywood Medium
with Tyler Henry, Metz revealed that the life of one of her friends had been cut short,
and was under investigation. “It’s basically a feeling of it’s not fair
that my life’s taken from me, when it is.” “That’s exactly right” According to Henry, Metz will find peace after
the loss of her friend. He said, “When he came through, there was this feeling
of understanding […] And I think justice will be served. I think there will be closure to this.” Learning to love herself Despite the hardships, Metz has been able
to move on with her life, and look toward to the future. She told People, “I’ve found a lot of freedom in speaking my
truth. […] I think the past two years of my life
have been so well-received because [the way I play Kate Pearson] and the way that I try
to live my life is through vulnerability.” Metz is also happy to be able to portray a
woman of her size on the small screen, telling Glamour, “It seems so silly that it’s taken this long,
but people are finally getting to see themselves through these beautiful projects.” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “The Tragic Story Of The Girl Who Plays Kate On This Is Us

  1. The first words of this video is her name, “Chrissy Metz”. So not sure why the title had to be “the girl”..? When you clearly knew her name. Idk seems a bit rude.

  2. Oh wow, so she's had to go through a lot of hardships, just like many humans. She got divorced, just like many humans. She's had issues with eating disorders, weight, and self-image, just like many (humans) women. But even with all that, she now seems to have reached a place where she has started to value herself more. On top of all that, she has a starring job on one of the most popular TV shows and is willing to be in the spotlight despite what so many people might say about her weight. HOW TRAGIC. Please change the title of this video, you should be embarrassed.

  3. That's why half Americans grew up to be fat cry baby's, calling this a tragic story ,I hated her in the show ,now in real life 2

  4. She is a very gorgeous woman that is extremely talented, weight doesn't make a person, she's got a beautiful heart of gold, I understand growing up with abuse I also went through it in relationships, and fyi people it doesn't matter if you're famous or not several of us have been through hell and back, she's a very strong and courageous for telling her story

  5. ohhh i get it she’s famous for making fat people feel better about being unhealthy as fuck. Great. This is what we need.

  6. I wish she would get her health in order…her heart is working triple overtime every time she’s moves….Hope she gets her priorities in order health over wealth….too talented to be taking this huge risk!

  7. It's AWFUL what she went thru … but speaking honestly … my life has been EASILY 100x WORSE … the stuff she's gone thru PALE IN COMPARISON to the things I've gone thru – not just in severity – but also IN NUMBER … I did a ROUGH COUNT of my horrible life events – and I STOPPED AT 50 bcuz my brain got tired of picking thru my "memory files" 😂 … and I'M ONLY 53 years old … my life has LITERALLY BEEN ONE STRANGE AND HORRIBLE EVENT AFTER ANOTHER – I EVEN OFTEN HAVE "CRAP OVER-LAP" … and sometimes even TRIPLE OVER-LAP … my life is so horrible that when I WAS HIT BY A VAN WALKING across a MAJOR INTERSECTION – on my GREEN LIGHT 😂 … and I found out that "SOMEONE UNTOUCHABLE" WAS DRIVING THE VAN … I phoned my girlfriends to tell them that I just got back home from the hospital after being pasted by a Van DOING 60 kms per hour – MY GIRLFRIENDS ALL DIED LAUGHING AND SAID "Oh E … THIS STUFF ONLY HAPPENS TO YOU…!!!" … I have gotten SO USED TO MAJOR CRAP happening to me that on June 20th when OUT OF THE BLUE I got a phone call from "Cancer Care" … I BURST OUT LAUGHING 😂 and before she could say anything more – I said "OH GOOD – IS SOMEONE FINALLY GOING TO TELL ME I HAVE LEUKEMIA…?!?" … the poor girl went stone cold silent and then slowly stuttered out "yo … you … you mean NO ONES TOLD YOU YET…?!?" … 😂 … it's NOT USUALLY a Receptionist who tells a patient they have cancer 😂 … poor girl…!!! And those are just 2 OF MY 100+ MAJOR LIFE EVENTS … don't get me started on when I was sent for Acupuncture for my injuries from the drunk driver (DIFFERENT ACCIDENT) … and the Chinese Doctor ACCIDENTALLY LIT THE BED ON FIRE … AND LEFT ME ALONE WITH 200+ ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLES IN MY NAKED BODY 😱😵 AND 12+ GLASS BALLS SUCKED TO MY BACK AND BUTT … and my first thought when I FELT AND THEN SAW THE FOOT HIGH FLAMES LEAPING OFF THE COTTON SHEETS was "well … clearly stop – drop – and roll DOES NOT APPLY HERE…!!!" … 😂😂😂 … and I could go on and on … but my main point is that when "difficult life events" are labelled as BEING SO HORRIBLE AND ALMOST DISABLING – at least emotionally in her case – THEN THAT IS EXACTLY HOW PEOPLE WILL PERCEIVE THEM – AND THEN REACT AS SUCH … GIVING SOME ESSENTIALLY MINOR (in the grand scheme of things) LIFE EVENTS WAY TOO MUCH POWER OVER THEM AND THEIR OVER LIVES … which has resulted in a Society FILLED WITH FRAGILE SNOWFLAKES who melt the second their feelings get hurt or things don't go their way … all of this "OH HOW HORRIBLE" attitude flooding our Society has ONLY RESULTED IN WEAK AND FRAGILE PEOPLE – mentally – emotionally – spiritually – and physically … and IT MAKES ME SO SAD … when horrible things happen to me – I think "ok – that sucks…" AND THEN I DEAL WITH IT … AND THEN PROMPTLY HIT THE "NEXT BUTTON" AND MOVE ON – MAKING SURE I DON'T GIVE THAT EVENT OR SITUATION ANY MORE VICTORY OVER MY LIFE – IN ANY WAY…!!! And YES – I HAVE BEEN HOMELESS – a FEW times – and MANY TIMES I didn't even have $0.89 cents to my name and DIDN'T KNOW where my next meal was coming from … and those times WERE A SNAP compared to MANY of my other life events – so IN MY EYES … SHE HAS HAD AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING LIFE…!!!

  8. Chrissy is truly inspirational but in all honesty she needs to loose weight , her health will be affected eventually. I'm not say she must be skinny or have a gym body but atleast if she could get to the healthy full figured look. Her stepfather is an idiot and I'm glad she is famous because now he can watch her success from far and I'm sure his biological kids are not as successful as her.

  9. I do not understand why she cannot have bypass surgery or get coaching to lose weight. It is so unhealthy to be her size. Glad that she has come to terms with the issue. Still….do not understand why she does not choose medical intervention.

  10. Shes awesome. I Love her character so much. I also have weight and self confidence issues. Shes beautiful in my opnion

  11. I love her personality, her acting, her cheek bones, her eyes… Beautiful person!

    But I think a lot of people had a difficult and abusive childhood in one way or another… When a celebrity had to go through it too it's always a much bigger thing. But it's good that people who aren't famous can see that they're not alone with their hard lives and that everything can still turn out to be good.

    I hope that she will lose some weight while she's still young – not because of the looks – just because it's really unhealthy and I want her to live a long and healthy life.
    No matter what some people here might say now: No, that kind of massive overweight can't (!) be healthy anymore.
    (Just like underweight isn't healthy as well!!!)

  12. So, now that she has all the money that she need ,should be easier to lose weight and be healthy.she is a beautiful human being but her body …

  13. The title sucks and is offensive as hell. Chrissy is NOT girl! She is full grown up woman and has a name she is not the character she plays!

  14. She is beautiful and nobody should be judged by their outward appearance or weight,you never know what someone is dealing with privately and its important to love yourself! That being said…her weight is unhealthy and dangerous. It's not an insult or about looks,but being this overweight shouldn't be seen as acceptable from a medical standpoint

  15. Beautiful no matter what weight and 4 her to loose it I only care for her health. She needs to be around a very long time. Fuck that asshole btw! I'd love to hit him with that weight but beyond violence shes got the last laugh! God bless her!!!

  16. It sad what she went through .size doesn’t matter it’s the heart of the person that matters my sister struggled with her Weight she most beautiful and driven person I know.i struggle with too it’s all right to be plump be at healthy fat and or even Pettit I’ve been both

  17. She has a beautiful face.
    Her step father was a jerk. Where was her mother when her step father was being a jerk ? Horrible
    thing for a child to thru. If I were her mom, would kick him to the curb ! My kids come first !

  18. You should change the title to "…the Woman Who Plays Kate…"
    Or better yet "…the Actress…"
    She's grown, she's no "girl." It's kind of disrespectful.

  19. Painful & odd, Hitler-type punishments from my dad for me being overweight. SO MUCH pain….for the last 30 years, doctors, etc., have told me to write a book. Perhaps I will.

  20. This video makes me cry, I had no idea. As a personal trainer I wish I could partner with her to take back her power and her health. Wishing you blessing and a beautiful future Chrissy.

  21. She is a wonderful women and even though she might have a few pounds more then others she is amazing and she really inspired me to love my self the way I am and obviously I don’t understand why there is good and bad fat or skinny. Every humain is perfect the ways she/he is . I am not the skinniest girl in the world but I love my self believe in you the outside of you doesn’t matter is it’s the inside of you That I love !!! ❤️❤️❤️💜❤️💜💜💜💜❤️💜💜

  22. I don't get why this now wealthy actress doesn't even try to lose weight. She has access to all possible resources for personal trainers, specialized diets, healthy food, and support of every kind. She's not a child anymore and should take responsibility for her own health, rather than whining about her past. I thought she was supposed to lose weight to stay on This Is Us, yet she's just as enormous as ever. I'm chubby too, but I lost a lot of weight and work on being healthy. And I don't have ANY of the kind of money or time she has, so there is really no excuse for being as gigantic as she is. None.

  23. Totally disgusting, we could end world hunger by harvesting the back fat from all you liberal landwhales. Fat ain't fabulous.

  24. Sounds like an attention seeking professional victim to me. Famous due to the degenerative culture we live in today where lying, weak willed losers are idolised.

  25. When is someone going to do a back story on Nickie swift sense she is one of the '' Best '' ha ha she is B.s artists mostly misguided info she shares .. she ever did one on me … I would block it and have it pulled down … Nickie Swift = Fake News Source

  26. Chrissy's mother should have put an abrupt end to the step father's body shaming…especially at that tender age. No wonder she has issues

  27. Wtf I thought this was gonna be about one of the two girls who play younger Kate. Why didn’t you just write her name.

  28. She is very talented and pretty. I disliked her book. She spends chapters on her sexcapades. Metz drop the Christian act as your book on the universe as your God is frequently depicted. I still like your talent but definitely not your TRUTH.

  29. I can relate-my own mother was more concerned about pleasing a man then her own children. Men were always first-not her children! So sad that women think they need a man in their life-no matter the cost, including the trauma of their children’s innocents and life-

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