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The Toy Master is in our House!

The Toy Master is in our House!

(pen scratching) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy. (paw scratching) (dog barks) – Why does Sandy keep going
in your closet and barking? – I have no idea. She’s been doing that all week long, and it’s super annoying. – I bet. (dog barks) – She’ll even go in there and start barking in the middle of the night. – Knock it off Sandy. – Hey girls, I just spoke
with my boss at the CTIA and we had a major breakthrough
with our Toy Master case. – No kidding, what’s going on? – Well, we have a reason to
believe that the Toy Master has been camped out in this
very city for about a week now. And we think some of our
intelligence agents have been able to uncover and decode the Toy
Master’s cellphone number. – No way, that’s pretty big isn’t it? – Sure is, chances are the Toy Master probably carries the
cellphone around with him and so if we can trace the
location of his cellphone, then we can probably pin-point the Toy Master’s exact location. – Wow, how do we do that? – Well, that’s our mission for today. (dog barks) Hush Sandy. – So what do we need to do? – Well we need to call this number, which we think belongs to the Toy Master, we need to keep him on the
phone for at least one minute. If we can do that, it should
give me just enough time to track his location using my computer. – Well, let’s save him and call then. – Well, it’s not that simple because we probably only really have one chance. – Really? – Yeah, if the Toy Master
realizes us on the line, he’ll probably hang up
because he’s smart and he’ll realize that we’re trying
to trace his phone number. – Is that why you brought
that voice changer with you? – Precisely, I’m going to
have you call the Toy Master but you’ll need to use
this to alter your voice when you’re on the phone with him. – Okay, but what shall I say? – I put a lot of thought into that, I think you should call him and tell him that his phone
number was randomly selected to be the winner of a giant toy prize. – Great idea, he’ll stay
on the line for that. – That’s what I’m thinking. – Alright, I should
just tell him all about the toys he’s winning
and that should keep him on the line for a minute. – Perfect, now we just need to figure out the right voice to use. – Congratulations! – Too much like a robot, try another one. – Congratulations! – No way, too squeaky. – Congratulations, you’re a winner! – That’s the one. – That’s it, perfect. Okay, let me get my computer set up and then we’ll get going. – Okay, I’m ready. – This is gonna be exciting. – Okay, I think I’m just about ready. Here’s the phone number Addy and you can go ahead and call. Everybody, quiet. Go ahead and dial Addy. (numbers dial melody) – Here goes nothing. – Okay, connected on my end. (phone rings) (dog barks) Sandy, you can’t bark now. – I didn’t know what to do so I hung up. – It’s okay, let me get Sandy downstairs and we’ll try this again. Sandy, what are you doing in here? You’re gonna ruin our mission. C’mon, c’mon, out this way. Okay, all is set, Addy go
ahead and try it again. (number dial melody) (phone rings) Have the voice changer ready. – What are you guys name,
little cutie patooties. – Shhhhh. – No one’s answering. – Okay, just give it a minute longer. – Guys, I think I hear something. – Like what? – Like a phone ringing. – Hang up Addy. (suspenseful music) – The ringing just stopped. – Does that mean the Toy
Master’s in our house? – I’m not sure, I don’t
know what that means. – It sounded like it may have
been coming from my closet. – Maybe that’s why Sandy’s
been barking at Maya’s closet for like a week. – I don’t know but I’m
gonna go investigate girls. You guys stay right here. – Be careful mommy. (clock ticks) (orchestral suspense music) – Okay, nobody’s in here,
but where is that phone? (orchestral suspense music) Where would a phone be hiding? (orchestral suspense music) – This is kind of scary Maya. – You’re scared? I’m the one who was sleeping all night with the Toy Master on
the other side of my wall. – Yeah, that is pretty scary. – Hey Addy, call that
number again real quickly. – Okay, just a second. (number dial melody) (phone rings) – There it is. (phone rings) where’s that coming from? Down here. (phone rings) That’s it. (phone rings) There’s definitely a cellphone on the other side of this door. – It’s still ringing, no one’s answering. – You can hang up now Addy. – Did you see or hear anything mommy? – I did, you know how you have that little crawl space door
inside your closet Maya? – Yeah. – The ringing is coming from in there. – That’s super creepy and now I know why
Sandy’s been acting weird. – But we’ve never opened
that door, have we? – No, we really haven’t
even had a reason to, I mean we have plenty of
storage in the basement and we have no need to
store anything in there. – Well, if the Toy Master’s phone is ringing from inside there, then the Toy Master has clearly
been inside our own house. That’s just beyond creepy. – But, if he’s not answering,
he must not be in there right? Maybe he’s gone but he just
left his phone in there. – That’s a possibility,
or he’s just choosing not to answer his phone
cause he wants us to hear it and open the door for some reason. – Wow, what do we do mom? – Well, we’re toy spies, we have to be brave when others aren’t. It’s time to investigate further. – You mean we’re going in? – Well, we need to gather
some supplies first, but yes I’m gonna go in. – Well, we’re in this with you mom. We wanted to be junior
toy spies after all. – Yeah, we knew it
wouldn’t always be easy. – Okay girls, we need to make sure we are prepared for whatever we could encounter. – What do we need? – Well I think first we’ll start
out with a motion detector, this can help us determine
if there’s any motion on the other side of the door
before we attempt to open it. – Good idea, if there isn’t any motion then we’ll know that the
Toy Master’s not in there. – That means he probably
just left his phone there. – Exactly, and I’m thinking
we should probably grab some of these night vision goggles. Since we haven’t been into
the crawl space before, I’m not sure what to expect
in terms of lighting. It could be pretty dark in there. – How do I look? – Like a spy for sure. And I’ll need this drill to
unscrew that door from the wall. – But if the door’s been
screwed to the wall, how’s the Toy Master
been getting in there? – You know, I really have no idea. Maybe there’s another entrance somewhere, I guess we have to find out. – Should we take that camera with us too? – Absolutely Maya, we wanna make sure we document whatever we find. – Well, what if the Toy
Master’s actually inside there? What do we do? – Well, If our motion
detector picks up motion indicating that he’s probably in there, I think we should call the
CTIA for reinforcements before we even open the door. – Good idea, I feel
much better about that. – Okay girls, are you ready for this? – As ready as we’ll ever be. – Alright, lets go then. Grab the flashlight too. (upbeat music) Alright, get this motion
detector all set up, aim it towards the crawl space door. That should do it. Alright Toy Master, if you’re
in there we’re gonna know now. (phone rings) Is the phone ringing again? (motion detector beeps) Alright, I’ve got five seconds
to get out of here now. (upbeat music) – Do you think we’ll really find and capture the Toy Master today Maya? – I don’t know, it’s a little
scary to think about it, right Addy? – Yeah, but at least we could be done. The Toy Master can go behind bars and life will go back to normal. – That’s true. – Hey girls, did you try
dialing that phone number again, the Toy Master’s phone number? – No, why? – Well, when I was setting
up the motion detector, I could hear it ringing again. – I wonder who else is
trying to ahold of him. – Maybe the TMA? – Well, hopefully we’ll know soon. I have the motion detector all set up and if we don’t hear it go off
in the next five minutes, I say we go in. I bet there’s some valuable information we can get inside there. – Okay, I’ll go set a five minute for us. – Perfect. – All perfect Maya. Now we have five. (motion detector sounds) Five minutes, oh my goodness
that’s the motion detector. That’s it! – Oh my goodness, oh my
goodness, what do we do? – Quick, grab the camera. C’mon, lets go. (motion detector sounds) Oh, Sandy. My goodness dog, you sure
know how to scare us. We thought you were the Toy Master. Alright, I’m gonna her downstairs, you girls keep an eye on that timer because we’re going in, in five minutes. C’mon Sandy, c’mon, c’mon. (upbeat music) Okay girls, it’s time to go. – [Addy and Maya] Lets do this. (drilling sound) – She’s almost got it Maya. (drilling sound) – Okay girls, I’m gonna open the door. – Okay. (upbeat music) – Give me the flashlight. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] There’s the
cellphone right there. Alright, I’m gonna grab the phone. – [Addy] Be careful – Can I have the camera too? Looks like it swerves around
here, I’m gonna take a peek. (slow rock music) Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Someone’s back there, there’s movement. I may have got it on camera. (explosion) What’s that noise? – I think it came in from the hallway. – Quick, go, go, go, quick, quick, quick. Quick, quick, quick, quick. – Look, the attic stairs are down. – Those definitely weren’t
down a few minutes ago. Okay, so the crawl space must
connect to the attic space and the Toy Master must have
come down and escaped this way. – That loud bang we heard must’ve been these stairs hitting the floor. – And look, the front door is
open, which means he’s gone. – He may be gone, but we have his phone. (phone rings) And I hear it ringing. – Quick, lets go girl, come on. (phone rings) Hello? – [Lucy’s Boss] Hello, is this agent Lucy? – Yes it is, who’s speaking? – [Lucy’s Boss] This is
your boss, from the CTIA. Why are you answering
the Toy Master’s phone? – Oh, you won’t believe this, but we believe the Toy Master has been hiding inside my house. The crawl space, the attic
space, his phone was in there. – [Lucy’s Boss] So, are
you telling me that the Toy Master’s phone was in your house? – Yeah, I know that sounds strange sir, but we’re just as surprised as you are. – [Lucy’s Boss] But you have
to apprehended the Toy Master? – Well, he just got away. – [Lucy’s Boss] Do you realize
how suspicious this sounds, agent Lucy? You are answering the Toy Master’s phone, which we have now traced to your house. But you have not captured him? – Yes sir, I understand that sir. However, if you allow me
the chance to explain, it’s really quite simple. – [Lucy’s Boss] Agent Lucy, or shall I call you the Toy Master? – No, of course not. You don’t really think that, do you? Boss? Hello? I think we might be in a
very bad position girls. – What do you mean? – Yeah, I know so. – The CTIA thinks I’m the Toy Master. (heavy orchestral music) This is our “All About Me” Tic Tac Toy book by Addy and Maya We have designed this Tic Tac Toy “All About Me” book to be an interactive book for you at home to learn about us, to learn about Addy and Maya and to fill out all sorts of fun information about you in the process So parents, if you are wondering where you can get our “All About Me” book you can go to Amazon to purchase this book.

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