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The Top Product Ad Ideas & Trends for 2018

The Top Product Ad Ideas & Trends for 2018

♪ ♪ – There was the arcade time. The cathode ray tube. The age of 56 K. There was the bigger
and the wider. And then the
smaller and thinner. There’s been the Ctrl+Q. The Cmd+I. The Ctrl+Alt+Del. And the Shift-Alt-Ctrl-7. Enter the future of
desktop productivity with Quadro. – Life can be much simpler. Slack is simpler. Slack brings everything
you need for teamwork into one place. Conversations happen
in open channels. One for each project. Each department. – And let’s not even get into how
painful it is to go international. What do you want to focus
on building your product and solving for what
your customers need. Not on payments infrastructure. That’s why we built
Stripe Connect. ♪ ♪ – Well, let’s see. I approve and track
employee spending, keep my colleagues on
top of card benefits and keep my boss in
the loop on spending. American Express makes it
easier than it appears. – We built Intercom, so businesses
can connect with their customers just as they did before. Products and services
moved online. And as a result,
customer reach began to grow. Exponentially. ♪ ♪ – For support agents, it highlights conversations
that require attention. Enables work on multiple
tickets at the same time. And provides the tools and information
you need to solve an issue. Even if that stuff
doesn’t come from Zendesk. And when an issue requires input
from other people in your company, Zendesk makes it easy to
collaborate and work as a team. ♪ ♪ – Great sleep. We engineered every inch
of the Casper mattress to make it possible. A subtle bounce. Just the right sink. We even designed a unique foam that’s breathable for
all-night coolness. You can try it at home
for a hundred nights with free shipping
and free returns. ♪ ♪

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