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The Top 10 Small Business Advertising Ideas Part 2

The Top 10 Small Business Advertising Ideas Part 2

Here’s part 2 of the top ten small business
advertising ideas for winning customers and building your business. These are the most important tools you’ll
need for building your customer base and generating the income you want. From this list of the best small business
advertising ideas, not every one will be right for you. But it’s still worthwhile to understand
how they all fit together. The list includes:
~ Directories ~ Newspapers
~ Magazines ~ Direct Marketing
~ Business Cards ~ Networking and Partnering
~ Vehicle Advertising ~ Cable TV
~ Internet, and ~ Trade Shows In the previous video I went over the first
five. In this part of the best small business advertising
ideas I’ll explain the last five tools for getting customers to buy your product or service. Number six in our list of the best small business
advertising ideas is Networking. Now this can be important for many businesses
– through local Chambers of Commerce, service organizations like Rotary, and trade organizations
for specific industries. Among our small business marketing ideas,
Networking can be valuable not just in helping you get customers, but also, in uncovering
possible partners who could help you with marketing or other aspects of your business. Many people do not consider the power of partnering,
but everything from sharing advertising costs to putting on events to sharing office or
retail space and rent in some location or trade show can be important to boosting your
marketing results while keeping your costs low. Networking through his trade association Holiday
Inns founder Kemmons Wilson was able to find Wallace Johnson who helped him turn his group
of hotels into an international mega-success. So networking can be valuable in many ways. Number seven of this top ten small business
advertising ideas is Vehicle Advertising. With creativity there are many ways to use
vehicles to let people know about your business. From roving bicycle billboards to Sedona California’s
Pink Jeep Tours to this guy’s outrageous truck to Oscar Meyer’s Weinermobiles to
the Goodyear Blimp, clever use of Vehicle Advertising could be a low cost way to let
loads of people know about your business. One of the small business marketing ideas
many people do not consider is number eight, Cable TV Advertising, and it can cost much
less than many people realize. On certain channels, particularly during odd
hours, you could pay as little as $50 for a one-minute commercial to air. You’ll still need to have someone create
the actual commercial for you. But most stations have contacts who could
help you with this. Many businesses experiment by advertising
on these off-hour time-slots and then expand to better shows and better time slots as their
business grows. Of course, a list of the most important small
business advertising ideas would not be complete without mentioning the Internet. The Internet can certainly be an important
advertising medium for most businesses. And regardless of the business you’re in,
be clear on the role you want your website to take. Will your website be just an interactive brochure
where your clients can come and learn about your product or company? Or, do you want it to capture email addresses
of your visitors, so you can continue to interact with them and hopefully, sell them something
in the future? Or, do you want to do ecommerce, where you
actually sell stuff on your website? Be clear up front on what you want to accomplish,
and make sure your website achieves that objective. If you capture or otherwise acquire email
addresses of people who are interested in your product or service, your emails can be
important tools to convert visitors to buyers. And if you try your hand at Facebook and other
social media marketing, make sure you are converting those fans to actual buyers. Too many marketers spend a fortune in time
and money getting loads of fans, but have no actual customers to show for it. Lastly in our list of small business advertising
ideas is, trade shows. These can be a terrific source of customers,
but also, of sales reps, distributors and retailers who are interested in selling your
products and services. So those are the top ten small business advertising
ideas for growing your business. Although you probably won’t use all these
ideas, buried in this list are several tools that will help you turn your growing business
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