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Marketing is fascinating to me for many reasons, because putting out product doesn’t mean people will buy it. It’s always the strategy behind it that pushes the sales. For example, every single YouTuber makes merch at some point. But very few people stand out in the way they promote it. Teddy Fresh is a great example of good marketing, whereas, let’s say; Kavos is doing somewhat of a lack luster job at that department. I don’t mean to single you out Kavos, you seem like a nice guy. But you need to hire some marketing help, mah-man, ’cause your clothing line’s Instagram account is just… (ouch) It’s a universal fact that marketing is not about how much money you spend on, Facebook ads or how many billboards you buy, but it’s the creative strategy behind what you do with your budget. That dictates the amount of success you’re gonna have. When Mr Beast bought a bunch of billboards for PewDiePie, it wasn’t the billboard itself that made random people passing by subscribe to PewDiePie, It was the video of Mr Beast buying billboards that became a meme and got people talking talking about it, thus rallying everyone up to subscribe to PewDiePie It was genius, so marketing is all about creativity but marketing is also about crossovers, the Avengers was a revolutionary movie, because it brought together character’s on screen that you never expected to see interact with each other. When Teddy Fresh collabed with RIPNDIP it was beloved two brands coming together and they immediately sold out. When Post Malone sang with Aerosmith, people lost their minds, When Willfur starred alongside Bradley Cooper on the Oscar nominated film, a Goose is Born it was momentues achievement, (LOL) Okay, I may have made that last one up. But, still, We love to see unlikely things come together in creative collaberation, And it’s this type of creative crossover that offers HUGE marketing upside to anyone who seizes the opportunity, now the Super Bowl is notorious for having expensive advertising spots that are being watched by over a hundred million americans, and brands are fighting over these ad spots every year. Paying more than 5 million dollars for just 30-seconds of airtime. That’s alot of money, so there’s huge pressure to maximize the impact of those 30 seconds, not only in the eyes of live Super Bowl viewers But hopefully creating a memorable ad that reaches internet virality And this year’s Super Bowl ads did have some crossovers: Pepsi brought together Steve Carell And Lil’ John and Cardi B, Bud Light crossed over with Game of Thrones Doritos made a crossover with Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys, but there was one crossover that would’ve absolutely annihilated the internet One singular marketing opportunity that would’ve been talked about and memed all over social media overshadowing everyone of it’s competitors. All they had to do was crossover with PewDiePie, given how much anticipation there was for a rumor to PewDiePie’s Super Bowl ad which unfortunately Mr Beast wasn’t able to pull off. Imagine the impact if one the top tier brands that had the budget for it, would’ve come out with a 30-second ad that just starts off black. People are checking their screens, wondering if their signal went off, All of the sudden you hear, -clap- -clap- -intense music- -drinks g-fuel- -T-Series roars- And bam! He leaps into the air plunging his samurai sword into the heart of this red giant monster, who Vagually resembles T-series, because we dont want to G-FUEL to get sued. PewdiePie makes a superhero landing in the foreground, the giant monster hits the ground Big letters say, DRINK G-FUEL, SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE, DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES. BOOM The internet explodes, the ad goes viral, G-FUEL as a brand earns the respect of the entire internet community. T-series is defeated (yay) and everybody wins. (everybody but T-Series *hehe*) And if you want more ideas like that, G-FUEL, hit us up. Willfur and I are down to do bussiness. But in all realness it was such a wasted opportunity, never before has there been such buildup, so many people coming together in solidarity for one cause, and the first Brand that would’ve held their ear to the ground and noticed the subscribe to PewDiePie movement, would’ve made insane returns by citing with the meme community, there will never be an opportunity like this again. And its kinda sad because it just shows how little advertisers understand about internet culture. Perhaps one day we will taken seriously, perhaps one day. But in the meantime we’re gonna keep on trucking, we’re gonna keep subscribing to PewDiePie and we will prevail. Now in the last video I announced the giveaway on my Instagram, I said I would animate the death scene of three random people. And 25,000+ people commented on my Instagram post, and that was a lot. But the winners are, ryanaltounji, pgdoesstuff and pencilshavings13 Wilfur, take care of them. -cool music- -THANOSWILFURGOOSEMODE- -BAM- -CRUNCH- -BOOM- -SNAP- (bye bye) I’m gonna start doing a lot more of these little contests on my Instagram, so hop on over there and follow me. And that’s gonna be it for this video. I will see you again, very soon. (subscribe)

100 thoughts on “THE SUPERBOWL AD

  1. He said that the avengers is a crossover no one would expect, they were literally made as a team of heroes.
    Idc I still like andrei

  2. Whos Watching When T Series Has Over a 100 Mil

    Pls Dont Subscribe To Pewdiepie at 100 Mil Didnt He Say He Was Going To Delete The Channel So Dont Subscribe to pewdiepie yet until he changes his mind

  3. Andrei: We never got a Supebowl ad

    MrBeast: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT uploads Pewdiepie Ad at the Superbowl

  4. Wilfur : at last I have all the power of the infinity stones
    Also Wilfur : oh we have some company, I'll just punch them

  5. How the neck does a goose handle the power of the infinity gauntlet just fine but thanos himself could barely.

  6. This was called the pewdiepie super bowl ad we never got(or somthing close to that) and now its called the super bowl add

  7. While I think they would've made a lot of money, they might've received backlash from people who actually believe Vox's (and other new media) bullshit "news"

  8. Lol andrei thinks he knows everything about money and social media . But he still ain’t shit 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. There was 1 ad years ago where 1 dude slams the other in the face with a steak in slowmotion while some dumb music was playing and i still have no idea what ad was for.

  10. I don’t watch super bowl but if there was a god damm PewDiePie ad there I would have lost all my respect for Sweden and America

  11. Pewds is playing mine craft and scince mine craft has a big interest bar bigger then fortnite he could get more subs and pass t-series

  12. Hi Andrei! If you see this But anyway, I'm working on my first youtube channel and was wondering if you have any tips?

  13. Steve Carell? Do you mean THE STEVE CARELL? THE LEGENDARY….

    Micheal Scott (it was so weird too because I was watching The Office while watching this vid)

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