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The story of startup. Episode 1: Introduction. Youtube advertising.

The story of startup. Episode 1: Introduction. Youtube advertising.

Hello! My name is Roman Vartanov and this
video is going to be the first one in the startup story series. The idea of
creating a startup came to me about a year ago and during that year I have
done tremendous amount of work I spent time trying to pick up the right name for
the project I spent a lot of time searching for developers and I found really nice ones and throughout this work I was desperately trying to find
some startup guidance a step-by-step manual somewhere on Youtube which would teach me how to create a startup, but all I found were some general pieces of advice and
retrospective stories about someone’s already made success or failure so I
decided to create this very channel which is dedicated to a startup destiny of which is unknown yet. so I don’t want to hide the fact that this channel is a promotional
tool because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, what I do want to
do is to get as much feedback from you as possible and provide conditions for
building strong friendship and partnership with you because if I succeed the result is going
to be the result of our common endeavor and in case of the positive outcome the success will truly be our common success. I sincerely hope that you will find such form of cooperation useful And as for me I’ll do my best to keep you interested I
understand that this video itself is not quite informative and I apologize for that, but that’s just an
introduction that I needed to make in order to stress that this is not a story
of a made start up. This is a promotional tool for a future startup which according to
statistics is way more likely to fail than to succeed. But nevertheless I honestly
believe that the idea of Atlasfera is truly revolutionary. And that together with your help with your
feedback we have great chances of making it! the next video is
dedicated to the idea itself and I hope you’ll enjoy it Take care!

5 thoughts on “The story of startup. Episode 1: Introduction. Youtube advertising.

  1. Stay focused and don't let up on your goals! The only reason people fail is because they gave up on the desire to insist on success. Keep it up!

  2. I am interested. I like your approach and honesty, let me know if you need any film based production and I'll be glad to help out. I think that even if this is a unique approach that goes against the odds, you have a pretty decent chance of working it out with the right motivation.

  3. I find that if you are willing to do mentions of other YouTubers in your videos they will do the same mine is a gaming channel though so might be different for you

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