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The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Canada is a nation
built on ideas. Ideas which created the
vibrant and inclusive society we have today. And make Canada
a window on the world. At the Social Sciences
and Humanities Research Council, we fund research
that supports great ideas. Research that looks
at where we have been, where we are going, and how we connect
along the way. At SSHRC, we believe
every generation must discover its own path forward. To challenge old ideas
and create new ones. That’s why we support
both established and emerging scholars in so many fields
that enrich our lives. Yet, how can we ensure
we advance knowledge for Canada future? By encouraging excellence
that embraces new technology, data and partnerships. By creating more opportunities through
collaborative initiatives. And by connecting research
with Canadians to help address the challenges
of today and tomorrow. Every year we award some
4,000 new grants, scholarships and fellowships using experts
who volunteer their time. Our funding opportunities are
offered through three programs. Talent, which develops the
next generation of researchers and leaders with key skills
across the country. Insight, which supports
research to advance knowledge about people, communities and
societies through partnerships and new approaches. And Connection,
which supports the exchange and mobilization of knowledge. Our legacy is a strong one. Supporting solutions
on how we can adapt to a changing environment, recognizing the important human
dimensions of innovation, advancing Indigenous research by
and with Indigenous peoples, and creating a more
just and prosperous society. Ultimately,
our goal is a simple one: support the
best research in humanities and the social sciences today. And ready the
next generation to create the inspired ideas of tomorrow.

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