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The Smoothie Challenge! *GOOD vs. GROSS* Learn DIY Edible Real Gummy Food Sour Candy Drink How To

The Smoothie Challenge! *GOOD vs. GROSS* Learn DIY Edible Real Gummy Food Sour Candy Drink How To

(screaming) – [Both] Three, two, one. – No!
– Yeah! – Dude, I have to eat Spam. No, I have to make a Spam smoothie because you guys challenged us to do the Halloween smoothie challenge. One is a delicious item,
like a caramel apple and one is a terrible item, like Spam. – Bro, that smells so bad. – Oh, no. – I can’t, why? You ready, three. – Are we doing it at the same time? – Yeah.
– All right. – Two, one. (squealing) – I didn’t even get the apple. Bro, are you good? You can’t even get it out. Bro. – Yeet! (can clunking on the floor) – Bro, you dented our floor. (gagging) – And at the end of this, we’re gonna be blending up the weirdest
smoothies in the world and then, drinking them,
so stick around for that, but right now we are on to the next round. Let’s go. For the next ingredient,
Devan, you get to choose. Do you wanna keep them or switch them. – Ooh, I get to choose? I wanna switch them. – Switch them? – Yep.
– All right. So, yours has a spoon, which
means it’s either really good or really bad.
– Oh, no. – Here we go, are you ready? – I’ve got a bad feeling about this. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Yes!
– No! – I get to do pumpkin spice cupcakes. – Aw, Mayonnaise? – [Collins] Well, there’s your spoon. – That looks so good. (angelic music) – Bro, cupcakes. (kissing noises) – Can we switch? – You had your chance earlier and you had a good thing in front of you, but you messed it up. – I don’t even wanna smell it. The smell of mayonnaise
and Spam mixed together. I can’t even describe it. – You might wanna mix
it up a little bit, bro. – I wanna mix it up.
– The top has gotten crusty. (mayonnaise squishing) Ew, the sound! (squealing) Ready? – No. – All right, so you take your bite, I’m gonna chuck it up and I’m
gonna catch it in my mouth ‘cuz I’m coordinated. – Three, two, one. Oh, my gosh, is it that bad? (screaming and gagging) Ow! Ow! You gotta kinda first dangle. – You need to add a lot
to counter that Spam. – Yeah, for sure. I wanna take my smoothie
to the next level. Usually you would remove the
cupcake from its wrapping. – No. (laughing) – My bad. Bro, this is legit. They’re, like, sticking to the sides. (coughing) It’s like a wall of cupcakes. – I know. – Woo hoo! – Oh! All right, Collins, it is your turn. Do you wanna keep it or switch it? – I don’t wanna run into a trick. I only want the treat. I’m gonna keep it. – You’re gonna keep it, all right. – I have no idea if that
was the right decision. – All right. – [Both] Three, two, one. – No! Wait, what? Soy sauce? At first, I was like, Coca
Cola in a weird bottle. – Dude, this is literally almond milk pumpkin spice with
cinnamon, limited edition. The edition, it’s limited. – You know what, I’m just
gonna pretend it’s a nice Coca Cola cold beverage. – Yeah, that’s not gonna work. Ready, set, go. (coughing) – So salty! – Dude, mine’s delicious. – Bro! (coughing) – Okay, bro, you need. – No! How’s yours? – Dude, mine’s so good. Devan, your drink needs a liquid base. – No.
– You need a liquid base. – No, I’ll hope for a better liquid base. – Dude, look at just the color of it. It looks as good as it tastes, man. I mean, it tastes as good as it looks. It just tastes really good. Oh, yeah.
– That looks really full. – Oh, yeah. Yeet! My smoothie is actually starting
to look really delicious until I remember there’s
a big chunk of Spam in it, but right now, for the next ingredient, Devan, do you wanna keep it or switch it? – You know what, I had some
bad luck with switching it. – All right.
– So, I’m gonna switch it. – What? That makes no sense. – [Both] Three, two, one. – No! – [Collins] Dude, two onions. – Bro! – I get, like, a lovely, little pie. Oh, my gosh, man. I am loving this challenge. – Not happy about this. – All right, so I guess– How do I eat my– (spitting) I think I had some onion
residue on my hands. – I’ll probably cry. – Yeah, if Devan starts
crying at some point, guys, just know it’s been a very
emotional day for him. – No, it’s the onion. – It has nothing to do with the onion. – It’s the onion.
– Don’t hold it close to me, please.
– Don’t believe him. – [Collins] There we go,
there we go, there we go. I got it, I got it, I got it. Okay, here we go. – I don’t even wanna know. – Dude! It’s so good! – I’m sure it’s amazing. – Oh, my god. I will, with pleasure, man. Oh, wait, wait, wait. No, no, it’s too much (sputtering words) – Meanwhile, I have finally
finished peeling my onion. – Oh, dude. My eyes are gonna start watering. I can smell it. That’s so potent.
– Tell me about it. – I’ve got funky Spam breath and now, you’re gonna have onion breath. Oh, my gosh.
– Three. Like and apple. Two. This is not gonna taste like an apple. One.
– Wait, wait, wait. First, we have a five
second challenge for you. We wanna see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
notifications in five seconds. – Yep
– Are you ready. – [Both] Five, four, three two one, done – If you did that, leave a comment below, Keyper squad, right now. And Devan, it’s time to eat your onion. – All right, here we go. – Oh, my gosh. (onion crunching) Oh, my gosh! – All right, on to the other one. – Holy cow, you just did that, bro. Are you okay?
(screaming) – No. – Bro, yours looks so good. – That came in so loud out of nowhere, I was like what? – The fate is in your hands. – Okay.
– Will you get a bad one or a good one? – I’ll switch it, bro. – [Both] All right, here we go. Three, two, one. – Yeah! – No! I got New England clam chowder. – My first good one in a million years. – Wait, wait, wait. Are these, like, candy corn peeps? – [Devan] Are they? – [Collins] Whoa! – It’s got like it’s
dipped in white chocolate. Oh, my goodness. – And these ones here are
dipped in regular chocolate. – Hey, don’t touch it. It’s mine. Ew.
– Oh, no. – I’m so glad I didn’t get that. Oh, bro!
(shouting) Move it over there. I don’t wanna smell it.
– Okay. – Should I just eat mine now? – Yeah, let’s go for it.
– All right, cool. Ooh, oh, this looks so good! Mmm! – How is it? – So good! – Yo! Why is it so chunky? (bell chiming) – Bro, it’s chunky! It’s looking mad funky. You ready? – Oh, I’m so happy I’m not doing this. – I need a bigger spoonful too, ‘cuz it’s gotta go ham.
(buzzer) Clam.
(laughing) (rim shot sound effect) Okay, three, two, one. – Ooh! Oh, I feel so bad for you, but I’m so happy I didn’t
get it, at the same time. – All right, we’re gonna add.
– All right. – Oh! – I’m adding all of mine. – Ugh! Why? For the next ingredient, Devan, do you wanna keep ’em or switch ’em? I think you should switch it ‘cuz you’ve had amazing luck with that. – I’m actually gonna switch
it ‘cuz there’s no chance it’s gonna happen three times, right? – All right, something’s
green on your side. – Three, two.
– I’m so nervous. – One.
– Really? – No!
(Collins cheering) Three times! – I thought for sure there was no way you were gonna switch it ‘cuz every time you
switched it, it was bad. – What are the chances? – Wasabi peas! (laughing) I got fall flavored Skittles,
M&Ms, and, like, big M&Ms. Oh, my gosh. Blessed. Wasabi peas, those are gonna be terrible. – These are gonna be spicy, and terrible, and all of the above. (sniffing) Oh! – I’m gonna try all three of my flavors, and then, you can eat your wasabi peas. – All right. – Wasabi peas. (laughing) – Oh! – Oh, yeah! Candy corn M&Ms, bro. This is just, oh, my gosh, my lucky day. (muffled talking with mouth full) – [Devan] You know it’s good when you can’t understand Collins. – This is the best day I’ve ever had. The best wish ever. And, to complete the
trifecta of deliciousness, pumpkin pie M&Ms. (laughing) I mean, these are delicious, bro. Oh, my gosh. I missed all of them.
– You missed all of them. – Bro! Yeet! It fell out of my mouth. – That yeet went nowhere. – That yeet was not yeet-eee. Is my tongue weird? (laughing) – It looks very orange. It’s like a pumpkin tongue. – Yeah! – Here we go, the moment
that I’m not excited about. Three, two, one. – Wait, wait, wait, wait. First, we have a three second
like challenge, right now. Can you like this video in three seconds? Here we go, are you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one, done – All right, there we go. (peas crunching) – Oh! Oh! (screaming) Whoa! – Dude, I can smell the wasabi. It’s like singeing me, bro. – It’s all over my lips. Oh! Onto the next one. – Onto the next one? Are you good? – No! – Yeah, yeah, put some M&Ms, yeah. Open up your mouth, bro. I’ve got M&Ms right here. – Oh, the combination! – The combination’s bad? It’s like a weird food combination, right? (screaming) Bro, so far you have not been
doing good with switching it, but I have, so I’m gonna switch it. Every time we switch, it’s been fantastic. – Oh, no.
– Here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one. – No!
(Collins laughing) – What if I did this? What is it? – Oh, it’s cat food! No! I can already smell this. – And, we have no idea
what’s under what tray, so the fact that I’ve
gotten all the good ones, this is so funny! Dude, I even got sugar cookies. (laughing) Bro, get that away from my cookies. – It smells even worse than the last one and the one before that
and the one before that and the one before that. You look like you’re enjoying it so much. I just wanna experience
that just one time. Please? I just want some of these crumbs. – No!
– What? – Do not eat my crumbs. Eat your cat food – Oh, no.
– Dude, I can’t believe you’ve gotten all the bad ones. – Same, dude. Same. – [Collins] Dude, what
are those red chunks? – I don’t even wanna know. – Bro, the consistency of the
liquid is like mucus, bro. – Don’t even mention it.
– Like, I’m getting sick just looking at it. I can’t even look. That’s disgusting.
– Don’t even mention it. My stomach’s already queasy. Are you ready? – Yeah. – All right here we go.
– Yeah. – Three, two. One. (grunting) – Oh, my gosh. – So gross. It’s so gross.
– It’s so gross? Yo, guys, Devan is a trooper. Like you’ve don all the worst
things in this entire video. – I know, I can’t believe it and this smoothie is gonna
be the worst of it all. – I know. I’m gonna make a little cookie tower ‘cuz I have sugar
cookies and I get to make a cookie tower, now. – That’s great. Oh, it’s so gross. – So, Devan.
– Yeah? – The moment of truth, do you wanna keep it or switch it because we know what’s happened every time you’ve switched it, so
what do you wanna do? – There is no chance, no chance it’s gonna happen for, what is this, the fourth or fifth time? – I don’t know.
– I don’t know, I’m switching it.
– Switching it? All right.
– I’m doing it. I’m doing it. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Yes! – Yeet! – No, uh uh. You don’t get to do that, fam. – You gotta eat it.
– Dude, my smoothie does not need broccoli. – You gotta eat that. You go retrieve your yeet. – All right. – These are dark sea salt
caramel marshmallows. – That sounds delicious. – Carrots, I like carrots.
– Yeah. – Mmm. – Kids, eat your vegetables. – How is it? – I think I got used to all the sugar, so there’s definitely no sugar. I mean, hey, I like vegetables, so, yeah. I’m gonna need a healthy food after all the candy I’ve been eating. That’s for sure. – Oh! Yeah! No! There we go, it’s out. – Oh, my gosh. It’s got sea salt on it. – I love this. – [Collins] That looks so good. – I can’t wait. I’m so ready. Mmm. I want this moment to last forever. – That looks so delicious! – Well, it is, so, be jealous. – His eyes are closed it’s so good, man. He’s just enjoying it so much. (buzzer) – All right, here we go. Time to add it in. – Oh, that looks so good. – No!
(bell chiming) Get that out of there. Yeet. All right, Collins, it is your turn. Do you wanna keep it or switch it? – Bro, I’m feeling spontaneous. I’m gonna keep it. – Okay. – Okay. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Yeah!
– No! – This is awesome!
– You know what it is? Like, are you, like,
sneaking a peek before. – No, I promise. I literally have no
idea what’s under these. – What is going on? – And you got mustard. Yellow mustard. Oh, my gosh, bro. What do I have? I got apple pie and pumpkin pie. Dude. Oh, I have an idea! So, I’m gonna peel one apart and I’m gonna create a super Oreo. – A double decker. – [Collins] With two different flavors. – [Devan] Oh, that’s cool – I’ve got innovation in my finger tips. This is apple pie and pumpkin pie Oreo. Come on, you can’t eat all my Oreos. Come on. All right, here we go. Three, two, one. – How is it?
– Mmm! Bro!
– What? – Together they burst into
flavors all over again (explosion noises) – You’re really into
the bursting of flavors. – With pleasure. (giggling) – All right, it is my turn to have some mustard.
– Squirt it in your mouth, bro.
– I will, I will. I can’t believe it. Why? (mustard squirting) (laughing) – Bro, you got mustard
all over your shirt. That’s, like, never gonna come out. Ever. We are on to the next one, Devan. I am so sorry. Now, your shirt’s ruined,
your smoothie’s ruined, your day is gonna be ruined next. Let’s go. So far, Devan, you have had (coughing) Right now, Devan, the choice is yours. Do you wanna keep it or switch it? – You know what, I’ve
switched it every single time and something bad has happened. – Yep. – I’m going to keep it for the first time in
this entire challenge. – Are you sure? – No, I’m not ‘cuz this could be my downfall, but we’ll find out. Ready?
– All right. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Yeah!
– No! – Yes, yes, yes!
– No. – [Spongebob] One hour later. – Yeah! I learned from my mistakes and I got a good one. – [Collins] I got cat treats. – Yes! – These are treats for cats. – Yes! – What are they though? What are those? – [Devan] They’re pumpkin
spice marshmallows. I don’t know. – Are they delicious? – Oh, my gosh. It’s like a cloud. A cinnamon cloud. – Bro, you know cats, man. I don’t know where I was
going with that sentence. I was like, you know cats, man, and then, just stopped. It says these are not suitable for humans. All right, we got to
move on to the next one, can’t eat these, it says not suitable for humans. (bag crinkling) Dude, these are tiny! Look at these little things, man. They’re like little cereal things. – How is it? Bro, you gotta do more than that. Come on, come on. There you go. (screaming) (kibble crunching) – Oh! (muffled speech) – Okay. All right, bro, it is your turn. Do you wanna keep it or switch it? – See, man, I’m feeling saucy right now and right now, I’m gonna keep it. – You’re gonna keep it.
– Yes. – All right, here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Yeah, wait. – Yeah! What is that? – It’s cold brew, pure black. – [Collins] Coffee? – I guess. I’ve literally never seen this before. – I got pumpkin butter, bro. – I gotta, oh, man. Look at that. Smell that! – It kinda smells like baby food and reminds me of all those
times we’ve had baby food. – It’s called pumpkin butter, Devan. (sniffing)
Oh, my goodness. That is intense. – Oh, I can smell it from over here. – Woo! – I’ll go first and then, you go – All right.
– ‘Cuz I wanna see how hyper you get after the coffee. All right.
(chuckling) (dramatic sting) – Remind you of baby food? Yeah. Yes. The tides have turned. In a sneak attack. It was a little sneak attack. It was like, oh, this is a
great one, pumpkin butter, but no, fam. It’s like baby food is gross. (gagging) Oh, this is good. I need a liquid base for my smoothie, so I’m actually excited about this. – I literally just said that. – Dude, your drink needs a liquid base. – Oh.
– Yeah. – All right, here we go. Ready?
– Yeah. – Three, two, one. Hmm. – Is it good? – It actually tasted like water, at first. – Really? – And then, I just have an
aftertaste of coffee beans. – So, I’m gonna add my pumpkin butter. Oh! That’s too much! All right, Devan, so, I
guess you can use that as your liquid base. So, Devan’s gonna have,
like, a coffee version of a weird smoothie. So, Devan, you’ve now had a few good ones. You’ve been able to taste the glory, you had the treat, not the trick, so what do you wanna do right now? You wanna keep it or switch it? ‘Cuz I have a feeling, this
one is gonna be pretty intense. – Bro, I have no idea, but right now, I feel like
the caffeine kinda kicked in and I’m a little, little,
little bit hyper right now. I don’t even know which one I wanna go. I wanna keep it ‘cuz that’s been doing a good job for me, so I’m gonna keep it. – All right.
– So, here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Yeah! Yeah! – [Collins] Sriracha hot sauce. – Woo hoo! – I hope you never go to Starbucks ever. (laughing) – Geeze. Yeet! – Mmm! – Is it good? – Oh, my, bro, better than you can even– – Dude, I wanna.
– Uh uh! No.
– Yes, yes. – Nope. Uh uh. – No, I wanna try a little bit. Stop, okay! I should not challenge Devan while he’s crazy hyper off of coffee. – No! No.
– Yep. – Can’t do that. (giggling) – Bro, your teeth are all blue. – I know what’s going on. You cannot yeet this away from me. No, fam. Bro, is my tongue blue? Is it blue?
– Yeah, it’s blue. – All right, cool. – Stick your tongue out
and close your eyes. – No, I won’t. No, uh uh! – All right, here we go. Three, oh, no, two, one. – No, fam Squeeze it.
(Collins shouting) Squeeze it.
(Collins shouting) – Ow, ow, ow! It burns, it burns, it burns. Why would you do that? You got it in my face. Why would you do that? Ow! Dude! – Bro, I’m so sorry. – That was so close to my eye. – I thought it would just
go right in your mouth. You, like, moved it as I squeezed it. – My face is kinda,
like, on fire right now. – Hands away, I won’t do anything. – Thank you. – Bro, you’ve gotta put more on. That’s, like, nothing. – Ow, ow! Oh, Jesus! – Really, bro? – Okay, it burns, it burns. I would never do well on hot ones, bro ‘cuz I have a terrible
spice pain tolerance bro. So, this, right now, is the final round. The final ingredient to complete
our masterpiece smoothies. Both of them have kinda
gone off the deep end. Mine, definitely not
as much as Devan’s has. – Nope. – It’s my choice if I wanna
keep ’em or switch ’em. So far, switching them
has never been good, but I’m gonna switch them right now. – All right. – I’m switching. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Yeah! – [Collins] Pork rinds. – Standing ovation. Standing ovation. – No.
– Thank you so much, Collins. Your service to me has
been well recognized and received.
– What are? – Thank you. – Pickled in vinegar solution. – Oh, I can smell it. So, these are pumpkin spice soft caramels. Oh, yes. Mmm. Wow.
(gagging) – Oh, I’m not looking forward to this. This whole thing was going so good, and then, now it’s going,
oh, my gosh, so badly. What even is a pork rind? – I don’t know.
– What is it? I know it has something to do with pork, but what is a rind? You ready? – Yep. – Three, two. Oh, and by the way, this was suggested by the Instagram Keyper of the Week. So, shout out to you and if you want to be shouted out as the Instagram
Keyper of the Week, check the description down
below to find out how. All right. – What? – Bro, it’s like so salty. – As good or better than you expected? – Worse. – Worse. – So much worse. Oh, so bad. I don’t even wanna add this. – [Devan] You got the item. – Now I gotta add a
couple more pork rinds in. That’s it, that’s it, that’s it. – See, I would say I would feel bad, but I really don’t because
I’ve gotten so many bad ones. – And now, the moment
you’ve all been waiting for. Time to blend it and then, drink it. And guys, fun fact, we got better blenders because we keep breaking our other ones. So, these ones are supposed to be, like, some crazy, heavy-duty blenders. Well, hopefully they work
and hopefully they can blend up the madness
we put inside of here. – [Devan] Yeah, right? – I told you guys,
we’re not messing around with the blenders for
this smoothie challenge. All right, just flip a switch, I guess. – All right. No, that didn’t work. – Nothing.
– No, that didn’t work. (screaming) I hear the cucumber. Oh, man! – Let me smell.
– It smells so bad. (gagging) Why doesn’t the onion wanna go down? It’s not going down at all. Well, that was a fail. – Bro.
– Bro. – Watch how this thing goes. It goes, like, in a second. You ready?
– Yeah. – [Both] Three, two, one. (record scratching) – What the heck?
– What? Press it up.
– Oh, geeze! Whoa! – Dude, I hear all the dog treats. – It’s the Spam and the treats, man. The treats! (blender grinding) What the heck is in there? Maybe it’s, like, the
paper from the cupcakes. – Oh, that’s right. (screaming) Look at this, dude. – [Collins] You ready? I’m gonna pour a little bit in. (screaming) Oh, my gosh! – [Devan] Oh, marshmallow! – Marshmallow. (laughing) I think because of all the coffee, yours is way more liquid-y than mine is. – Yeah, mine’s like a cube. It’s like a cube of ice. – Mine looks like pudding. All right, bro, we’re about to drink this and if you want to be shouted
out in the next video, comment down below, what are some foods that we should put in a smoothie in the next smoothie challenge that we do? This is either gonna taste
delicious or disgusting. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Hmm. Hmm. (gagging) (screaming) – If you guys wanna see another video, click right over here and right now you have five
seconds to click right here. You ready? Five, four, three, two, one. Oh, that’s so bad! All right, love you, bye! (screaming)

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