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The Secret To Making Great Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads!

The Secret To Making Great Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads!

So I get asked all the time, “Traci, what makes a great Facebook or Instagram ad?” My name again, is Traci Reuter. I’m the CEO of Divine Social. And I get asked this question all the time, because we’ve run millions of dollars of Facebook and Instagram ads, because that’s all we do is Facebook ads and Instagram ads! So what makes a great ad? So this is really it’s simple. And it’s a little bit of an art, right? So the key to a great ad is it’s not your product. You might be thinking, What do you mean it’s not my product? That’s what I’m trying to advertise? Of course, it’s going to be what my product? Well, it’s not. So what about your product, it’s not about the features and benefits of your product. It’s none of that stuff. It’s not about you. A great Facebook ad is not about you and your credibility and all the amazing things that you’ve done. And sometimes, you know, we get it gets really easy for us to start bragging about all the stuff that we’ve done. Heck, I did that at the beginning of this video, when I say we run million dollars of ads, there I go breaking all the rules, right? It is good, it is good to put in some credibility. But the majority of what you’re doing has got to be about your prospect. Alright, so a great ad is when you can help that person get in to what it is that you’re writing or talking about. Okay, so imagine for a minute that you start writing ads that are about your prospect that get them in the game, they start to see themselves using your product or hiring you for your services. They see themselves going from where they are point A to point B, or from point A to point z, wherever that outcome is that they’re trying to get to. They can actually see themselves getting there. Can you imagine what that would be like for your business, if you could suddenly create advertising that helped your prospects get right into that story that you’re writing, right that’s an example right there of helping you to come in here to come into what I’m saying and become a participant in the story. That’s what makes a great and it’s when you can help your prospect get into the story as if it’s about them. You see people, they don’t care about how much you know, right? They care about the fact that you care and that you understand, right? And so I understand as a business owner, you have something amazing to put out into the world. But the problem is sometimes is you’re so busy running your business, you can’t become an expert in some of these other things. And so you maybe you rush to get an ad up or you try something because somebody maybe at the local chamber told you this is working or someone that Ambassador mindset Facebook ads are working great, but because you don’t have the time and energy and expertise to get that stuff done, you’re putting out mediocre ads. And that’s what we’re trying to help you. That’s what I’m trying to help you with today is so that you can start to put out great ads and great content. So here is your takeaway for today. I want you to think about what is it that you What problem do you solve? What a transformation can you offer and start creating content, start creating advertising videos, whatever, however you want to do it, whether it’s spoken word, it’s something like a podcast or some kind of an audio file or It’s doing a video like this here on YouTube, or a video for Instagram or Facebook, wherever it might be, and start pulling your prospect in to the picture. Okay, just imagine for a second, but that would be like for your business, if all of a sudden, you had hundreds and thousands of raving fans who had put themselves into the story that you’re writing, they could see their outcome, and they started to knock down your door to do business with you. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? So start focusing on your prospect. Stop focusing on yourself and all the reasons why you’re great. I’m sure you are great, you wouldn’t be in business, you wouldn’t have taken the effort and the risk to do what you’re doing if you weren’t amazing. And so I just want to encourage you, you’ve got so much good to put out in the world. Stop talking about yourself and start talking about your prospects. Start talking about how you can help them start talking about how you can make their life better and solve their problem and your ad and your content and everything that you produce is going to be so much better so I want to make sure that when you do this and you get great results come back leave a comment make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel because we put videos like this out every single time. Day and it can be you never know. But it all is going to pertain to having more successful ads, more successful traffic that converts and getting the right people and having your business grow because you’re amazing and what you do matters and we want to help you get that message out in front of as many people as possible in the most effective way possible. So my name is Traci Reuter, CEO and founder of Divine Social and we’ll see you next time.

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