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The Secret To Creating Facebook Ads That Convert And Give You A High Relevance Score

The Secret To Creating Facebook Ads That Convert And Give You A High Relevance Score

Is welcome Today’s video Make sure you Visit Podcast for Marketers dot-Com For more Information Over there i have a Really Kick-Ass Course on how you? can Make At Least a Few Grand a Month on Simple reoccurring revenue Right and That’s Called Freedom Funnels and Make sure that you like This video and subscribe to my Channel Man I’m Put out videos Every day So you don’t want To miss What i put up cuz i put out some pretty Kick-Ass content and Man i always want you guys to comment Below Man i love Absolutely Love All The comments you Guys Bring Let me know What you’re Thinking if you have any questions i’M always in the comments Section? I really love the community Let’s get into the video All Right Guys Today we’re gonna talk Very quickly about how to get more Relevant Facebook Ads well relevance score Right So i don’t know if you know this or not but you know when you put your ad out when you look at Your metrics There is a Relevant score and it’s anywhere Between one and ten okay and Whether or not your ad is resonating With Your audience Facebook Knows this They take a look at a Couple Things right so i’m Just to Kind of Loosely Put this Together first of All They look at The copy That’s in your ad They also look at The copy That’s in Your Landing page alright and Then They look at your audience And They look and see how engaged They are with that ad are they clicking on the ad are they clicking on the Read more if you’ve noticed you can All Kind of Like Clicks That You’re Like where all these Clicks Cuz They’re not Actually clicking on my link so when you’re looking at Your Your scores You’re Like well i’m not getting zero Clicks to my website but What all these Other Clicks that I’m seeing Like You’ll see? you Know Twenty other Clicks That Is People engaging With your ad you’re clicking the stop It They’re opening it They’re scrolling Through It They’re Saving It you know Shit like That right They’re also Saying Well i don’t want To see this anymore or things of That nature right so They’re Seen and you’re engaging and Then They’re Actually Commenting? Liking or Sharing The ad right That’s also engagement That They count okay so whether or not your audience and Facebook Finds us out Really Fast if They’re well if They’re Really Dealing With They’re really Liking and engaging With your ad Depends on whether you Get Crappy Pay traffic okay or whether you get the good stuff All Right Now What’s the difference we Crap ii traffic and the Good stuff Well What’s gonna Happen is you already Know that When you know you get an option on Facebook okay now You’re gonna bed and Say i want to pay 30 cents a Click to get People to go to my website Now What’s gonna Happen is iF you have a High Relevancy score? Facebook Is gonna Say all right we’re gonna Let You win that Auction Because you’re the most relevant and They’re gonna give You a Reward By Saying we’re gonna give You cheap ad cost Because we want our users Remember Facebook is Kind of Like Ticket Shop oh we talked about This right so Facebook Is like we want Our users to have a Good experience We want them to be getting the most Out of your Ads so Remember you know you Kind of gotta Play The Facebook i want to provide Relevancy and i want to provide value game Now Here’s the Good Thing about providing value Even though We All Just want to be direct Salesmen and we Want to you know We don’t want. To provide any value we don’t want To be shit Right but it’s Actually like i told you in the other video the other day It’s actually Pretty cool because you provide a Good experience for Facebook They’re happy and then Your your your prospect is Happy right So That’s a Win-Win Situation Because if Facebook is happy and the prospect is Happy That means That You’re teaching and you’re getting Money and you’re Happy right so Everybody’s happy in this value Situation But That’s not where we’re gonna go today is talking about value the other day i sent out an email and I said i posted it up in my Facebook group and i talked about When i was Younger how much i liked Wrestling okay and i talked about The Junkyard dog If you’re on my email list you Got This email Right Not to talked about the Power with vince McMahon and Storytelling okay Storytelling And We Call It Story Selling okay Just look At It Like That Story Selling Right it’s probably One of the biggest Things that you can do to engage your audience and You want to learn how to do this right and we’ll get into How you can do it in the moment okay so Just stick with me for a minute so When i talked about Having This $0.30 Ads Excuse me Good Ads the Crappy Stuff is Actually gonna be you know $1 to $2 a click and Shitty Traffic Facebook Is trying to encourage you in a negative way Just Say Hey listen we’re gonna give You some crappy traffic you Need to improve your experience our user Experience Here and They’re gonna give me the traffic because I’M more Relevant or they’re gonna give me shitty Crap we can Give You Better traffic Because you’re more Relevant Right They want it’s you gotta keep Facebook happy but again The Way It Works Is a Section Pretty cool because you get to keep Everybody happy i talked about that so now that we Know What the Relevancy score Is Okay and how it could Be Beneficial to us i’m gonna tell you how you can do it now This telling Stories Is Huge Okay being Able to tell a Good story and you want to know what it’s called it’s called The hero’s Journey okay Now Hero’s Journey Is There’s a Dude his name is Joseph campbell he talks about It there’s a Link in the description Below to a book that you can buy Because Now There’s a Few People That have This and talk about it the first person that i learned about Story Selling Was from Dakin Smith okay he actually did It before andre chaperone did it and diggins Have talked about Story sewing and The hero’s Journey and he actually did a Class of like a Two hour long Class With Michael hague okay and Michael hague is the same person That Writes For Will smith Now will smith used Michael Heggs Hero’s Journey for Hitch okay and Then They’ve Been writing Movies together ever since Right ever Since Then Now Michael Haig has Worked with damian smith and Andre Chaperon to Take Your to show you how to do this digitally right but it’s nigga smith isn’t really available anymore i believe Russell Brunson Has Kind of Copied it but he doesn’t tell It as Well as taking smith and Rj’s Chaperones products is like a Thousand bucks so The Best Way to do this is get Joseph Campbell’s Book i can’t do the Heroes i have it i have it a book? Bookmark Right If You Google It You’ll Run across the writers Journey and you can Kind of Get a Good look at how it’s Supposed To work now that What you have to remember is that a hero always Starts off you know Kind of Normal and a Regular guy right and Then Remember We Talked about That J curve right so He’s gonna Go through some trials and tribulations and Then he’s gonna overcome that That’s exactly What the hero’s Journey Looks like okay now i’m gonna give you a Very fast Way to tell stories on online and How i learned how to do it i Kind of studied Story Writing Myself Right and so I’m Just gonna give you a Very Very fast Simplified Way to tell stories okay and then we’re gonna move on to how this can Apply to your Facebook Ads So you’re gonna have a person or? a Thing or Just Your hero okay and It Could Be anything and i’ll Tell You Story about them in a moment right so it could be a person it could be a plant It could be an animal okay it could Be anything Whatever that is this is your hero right Here okay Your hero is going somewhere okay He’s going somewhere he’s trying to get somewhere or get something He’s trying to attain something a person or whatever and This IS gonna Start Sounding Familiar? but in between there something is stopping That person from getting Over here and we’re gonna use Money Right as The objective Here but It could be a ring like The lord of the rings Ring a Bell anyone okay so it could Be anything right it could be Whether right so anytime you see What remember That One movie that came out That It Was like it’S all Sharknado right That is another Story What’s stopping her the Sharks are stopping People from getting From One Place to another Right There’s Why i can’t think of It right now but There’s One Where there’s There’s Like This the day After Tomorrow i believe it’s called in it’s like at or it’s like The Weather Gets Really Bad and There’s tsunamis and all Kind of Shit Going on there’s Always Like a Volcano That Erupts and it’s between The person and Getting to Freedom or getting to Safety right so there’s Always something Here that Stops the hero’s Journey? And They have to overcome this problem? And fight Through It in order to get to what They want and this over here in the hero’s Journey is Freedom it’s Safety it’s the Girl and Romance Right There’s Always something in The Middle Here that Stops the hero right and so when you break it down Every Story Has a Beginning a Middle and an end okay now When you’re talking about a Story and i’m breaking This down for you really Quickly guys You’d Really Need to look Up the hero’s Journey and Get the gist of it but i kind of want to teach you How this can Work for you so you want. To have and in the in movies That’s Called The first act okay The Second act okay and Then The Third act Now They break This down way more Than this But This is the beginning and everything is happening and if you look at Movies Everything is Always Beautiful and Rosy and They introduce all The Characters Right Here right They introduce if you look at Comedies or whatever like Let’s Say For instance it’s Ice cube and Fridays They introduce Two Characters Who Ice cube is who he worked for What his family Looks like and What he does Every day and What he’s about and Also What he always Introduced the cute kid his Daughter and she means everything to him and You Know he’s all he’s taking His little girl to school and dropping her off and i love you right That’s the first act right The second act Always Think about the first the second act as Monkey Business okay this is where the hero’s Journey We have the problem Houston we have a Problem? okay this is where the monkey Business is So now the wife is Angry Because he was supposed to have Showed Up for a School’s Function and Now She’s Angry and She’s taking Him to court and She’s gonna Stop Him from seeing His child and he’s trying to get? – She’s There’s something in Between Him and This recital That he’s supposed to go to if he could Just make it to this Recital He’s Everything’s gonna be fine with Him and His Daughter and everything right so in the second act There’s Everything Is gonna Stop Him icecube from getting to the recital and Here’s where the comedy ensues Right This is where Kevin Hart Comes in and What’s His name – dude a Day or Whatever and Chris Rock Tour with the Chris wasn’t Chris Tucker Comes In and he’s smoking Weed and there’s all Kind of Comedy and Monkey Business going on Stopping Them from getting to whatever it is that he needs to get To so he can Have custody of His Daughter right and at The end of the day he finally Makes it past Whatever Was stopping Him and it’s Debo and Whoever Else Trying to stop Him and getting ported and all This Comedic Shit Over-The-Top Shit That happens in the Middle to get him finally He gets in there two minutes before the retirees idol starts his wife looks Over and the Daughter is happy and Everybody Shows Up and he gets to spend the time with his Daughter and Actually Him at His Wife’s make Up and they Get Remarried again and That’s the end right That’s What the hero’s Journey Very Guys i simplified this i’m serious Really Do Your research don’t Just go by what i’m talking about But That is basically the first act the second act and the Third act right and Every Story Has a Beginning a Middle and an end now How Does this Work your Study What the fuck how does This Work – Facebook Ads well You’ve Heard it before There is long Copy and there’s short Copy and Normally How your Facebook Ads Would Work is you would have a Photo Here right and then Right? Above right Below Here is a Headline and Then a Call to action and a Button right and then Here you have a Little spiel? Right Here your little Spiel okay your little spiel on What you want to say Here and this is your main Copy okay and Normally How this Work It Works is What People were doing before is Long Copy They Would write Here for a more Of a commitment so if you had a product on the other side of This ad That Either cost An insane amounts of Money Right or if it’s a Webinar and That Webinar at The end of That Webinar you’re gonna Be asking for you know five or six Hundred bucks You Need to write some long copy here to pre-sell okay You Need to write some long copy here to pre sell them before they get to your page So they can Understand What Type of commitment They’re gonna be making okay now Here’s the Thing this is we’re? Working With Long Copy versus short Copy comes in with short Copy if all you’re gonna do is Ask them to go grab a Pdf then You don’t really Read me to write such a long piece of Copy and That’s What we’re doing before But Shit has Changed Over at Facebook right and if You Just Go ahead and look at The statistics and i’ve done this Here recently i Posted Up some Stuff with some Really Long Copy right Where i had a bunch of Shit Up here and then i had a Photo Well i had a Higher Relevancy score i noticed right I’ve never had Relevancy Scores down in the Threes or the Fours or the fives or anything Like That? But Always getting a Ten Was something That Was Really Nice right so i started writing Stories and providing Tons of value in My Copy and i noticed that i started getting Higher Relevancy Scores and My cost per click went down Now so telling This story and if you look at all of The Guys that are out there Telling Stories look At Todd Brown’s ad look at Mike Dillard’s Ads Look At Even Russell Brunson Ads look at Annexing Galls Ads If You Just look at All of Our competitors That are Out there are People that are my competitors that are out There look At Their They have different Very long Copy right Everybody Has a Super Long Copy Now not Everybody Is using the hero’s Journey but i noticed That People That are are enjoying a Lot of comments in there and What Happens Is Let me show you how to add is built So once You’ve built to add for so long They’re gonna, have a Read more Right so you’re gonna see? The Ads gonna Be Broken down so They’re gonna have a Little Bit of Copy here and then You’re gonna have a Read more? okay and then You notice sometimes You’ll Just get it to click open But Then They’ll Have a Little Bit more Copy and they don’t Have Another Read more Well sometimes that Takes you to a Whole nother page and you can Read the entire Shit Right it’ll be some Long Ass Hero’s Journey That’s Really important Right That’s What You Really Need to understand is People engage with Stories They’re used to Watching these Ice Cube Films They’re used to watching Even Reality Shows Everybody’s Rooting for Somebody right and i wanted to tell you about this again how many Villains do You like okay There’s Villains Stories That People Love some People like the Villain We’ve had movies that You’ve Watched i’m sure you like i am Where you want the Villain to win and sometimes They do right And you’re like Yeah we Wanted a Villain Win Because They’ve intertwined the Villain with a Heartfelt Story Why the Way he is Are the Way he’s become a Villain Has Only Been Because of Way maybe Society Has treated Him or it wasn’t his fault and he’s Been Through Hard Knocks and he’s a Reluctant Villain He Really Doesn’t want to be a Villain Right and i can give You a Really quick story about That There Was a Recent Movie Called Baby Driver okay and It had Jamie Foxx and One of My favorite actors What is his name he Plays in the house of Cards What is that Guy’s name Yeah Kevin Spacey right so and it’s called Baby Driver and Kevin Spacey Is a Bad guy okay and he does bank Jobs okay and The Baby His name is baby and he’s a Driver he’s a Kid That’S driving and he did something a long time Ago that Was Really Bad too Kevin Spacey and he Ends up on him a bunch of favors so he’s Got It he’s a Reluctant Villain Cuz he’s got to drive on all these bank Jobs Because he owes but he’s Got one last Job to do Remember Here we go with something That’s coming Between Him and Freedom Right So he’s Got one last Job to do for the bad guy Which is Kevin spacey and he can Stop driving and Doing Bad Things Again and of Course There’s a Girl over here and interest so he’s trying to get the freedom and the Girl Right and in between there there’s Jamie Foxx’s That’s in there and a Couple Other Actors or whatever that are Bad Guys and Jamie Foxx is in the way getting in between Him and Freedom and the Girl right But he’s a Villain he’s a Bad guy in The end you feel for this guy because he doesn’t want to be a Bad guy right so Even though He’s a Villain You Still he’s made Up to be a hero right so it doesn’t Always have to be a Good guy It Just needs to be a Story Between There Was something Holding you Up so how do you apply This to your digital Marketing right Well you’ve had Different Things to get in between you and What you want Which is freedom Your Freedom Lifestyle Just Like me i want to have a Freedom lifestyle and there are Things That are getting in the way and How did you overcome That Right That’s a Part of Your hero’s Journey so learn how to tell stories Guys Statistics Tell Stories Sell Right So Just Remember that alright and It’s very important that you Get this Whole Story Selling Thing Right if you want To have recurring Revenue if You want People to resonate with you then don’t tell a bullshit Story Tell a Real Story of What you’ve Actually Been through and how What how that has Gotten you to be to make You the person you are today Right and It Could Be anything Like You know that can Have made you Who you are today and Why you do some of The things that you do tell Those Stories in your ad Copy Pre sell them before they get to your page once they get to your landing page They’re in a Better Place Facebook Is happy Again remember i did this Yesterday Facebook is happy your audience is Happy Which means that you’re gonna be happy right In the long Run right so Everybody’s happy at the end of the day coffee Bread

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