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The Reason Your Instagram & Facebook Ads Don’t Work

The Reason Your Instagram & Facebook Ads Don’t Work

People complain that Facebook and
Instagram’s algorithm changed and they’re not getting as many likes. Let me tell
you why you’re getting less likes or getting hurt by the algorithm change cuz
your content’s not good enough. Because you joined engagement groups and you
each like each other shit you fuckin hacking piece of shit.
Know why the algorithms not showing your content as much? Because the people that
do see it, aren’t showing that they like it. Thus, it doesn’t want to show it to
other people. The algorithm is saving ourselves from ourselves. The algorithm
works it’s why it’s working. But here’s the problem with the algorithm. There’s
only so many pictures and videos and right now we’re just competing amongst
ourselves. I’m the alpha, I’m the biggest invested, it’s why I’m growing the
fastest. Others in here doing solid, decent or nothing at all. And that is a
direct correlation to your success and more importantly, your future success.

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