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The Real Kenny Powers From ‘Eastbound and Down’?

The Real Kenny Powers From ‘Eastbound and Down’?

when HBO premiered the show eastbound and down in 2009 viewers got hooked on the character Kenny Powers a lovably offensive bad-mouth pro baseball burnout and followed each step of his hilarious and painful self-inflicted fall from grace one of the masterminds behind the character is the show’s executive producer Will Ferrell who years before it premiered impersonated a guy named John Rocker on SNL I’m John Rocker Peter launches into a new millennium with a message of peace and love according to some this ball player John Rocker is the real Kenny Powers his reputation exploded after he made what many consider to be offensive and racist comments during an interview with Sports Illustrated but la presumed hatred for the people of New York the comments I made over six months ago ended many people I’m not the evil person that has been portrayed and when given the opportunity many people who actually know me have spoken out strongly on my behalf so we’re walking through the Hall of Fame event here in Cooperstown New York I’m hanging out with John Rocker he’s a total character surprisingly given his reputation which obviously precedes him people loved him here he has the longest lines for autographs it’s pretty hysterical you’re a Braves fan I am boy do you know a guy by the name of John rocker like do you know gotta rock we’re gonna pitch 100 miles now or even on a slow bomb I personally think he’s one of the best closers in business he’s one of the most interesting human beings on the planet Earth and he them racist oh here I go I said hi I moved from Manhattan down to Atlanta so I think he said about New York City it didn’t set well what’s he doing now anybody know remember what you were thinking about each time you ran out know that I want to shove it up somebody’s ass I’ll just I’m gonna you up did you watch it you fun and down everyone’s laps in three episodes you ever get people saying hey you’re the real Kenny Powers oh uh we were born in the same hospital in Statesboro Georgia you and Jenny McBride yeah Bullitt County Hospital some little things you know like timber see here in this hospital and I was I was 174 he’s 176 do you think that you inspired the character from will doing the skits on day four I think he’d probably two or three of them and uh yeah I would say probably so come on New York hey Lou cuz I know I’m a good man when the devil hates me I am John Rocker I’ll fight all of you you cesspool homo race traitors I’m gonna piss on you New York what do you think of those S&L it’s good fun your last my soul will was probably eight nine years ago it part and we said there had a me and him a buddy of mine Molly Shane’s there had a drink and we we we shot show about the skids holes funny how do you feel about the comparison when watching the show it’s fun no it’s fun yeah well loose loosely cuz they make it funny your life seems pretty funny ya know stay kick a can bacon be humorous I just got done filming that TV show survivor yeah yeah like two months and I just I can’t get myself back in gear so I’m just like work or screw up and play golf evidently go again yeah so we’re at a charity ball tournament pigeon walkers playing in wrong it’s not exactly on his egging so I’m starting to get a little frustrated ass I mean near enough that stinks like call my chiropractor now tell him to be ready for me he’ll be there at 3:00 you’re not me too short too damn short guess I’m touching idiot little green wanna tell you I’m hell out of the woods on the fairway I’ll suck the woods you run for your money at stake I’m no good that’s what happened you can’t you can’t pick sucks there you go cutting team up coming brother look a glue the difference in see how clear that one is y’all that one is that’s a good ring that depth that’s my nipple stuff right here the world John invited us to a night out in Cooperstown he’s clearly still a big hit with baseball fans everywhere Raiders big guys amen go Dawgs sickle now the last time I had inappropriate sex with a stripper and in in New Orleans I used a baseball soccer condom done you’re getting the attention controversial comments portrays me and neighbor life my opinion a lot of me negative energy as it sells which in my opinion is from analog this 24:55 year you know why so adamantly just stuff to it lack of light she lived with me for a year ahead see some Chelsea who live in Chelsea New York the New York City she live with me you know after hearing all the stuff that was said about it about determines he made about New York and all that kind of stuff you know everybody had their opinion but for me as a player I met a whole bunch of different other people you know playing 17 years in the big leagues and I didn’t pay that stop kissing VIN and I don’t know but when I first met him he was a baseball guy he was a good guy he was he does everything that all of us do no John got drafted right out of high school he was a young talented player with lots of potential you’re a little gnarly kid your confidence and self-doubt and lack of confidence were saying this is something you struggle with every day am I good enough one day on top of the world you pitched a great game the next day you have the bed you’re like I’m I’m gonna be selling used cars or pumping gas you know before the summer’s out let me is as a constant mental battle back and forth back and forth at age 22 John was playing a minor league game in Puerto Rico when he got a shot to prove himself well I something I knew what I was down there for they were down there to see okay I was down there basically sink or swim kind of of you know the Chinese teach their kids how to swim like heave him in the pool and say good luck son Oh get in get in town don’t pitch the first two or three days I want to kind of get accommodated in whatever else and so the third game we had just gotten for the home team so we just got in their team out and pitch coach comes down says Pudge Rodriguez is hitting is hitting fourth if we get to him you got pies of a first-ballot hall-of-famer by this point in time he had been the big leagues maybe six years it won like six Gold Gloves I think one of the batting title already it was a four five-time all-star he’s stud but at the time I was 22 years old I never faced a big league hitter and I’m like really my first is the five-time all-star batting champion already this is gonna be my first holy I’m heaving now I’m even getting ready loose and I think the next guy got out who the knows and I just kind of turn around my managers walking out the field and this his left hand and like me thinking about I just called you wide open it wasn’t it was time to find out if ten years a bust of my ass was if you know I was gonna make a player then what happened I plug plugs out on a one two slider down in yeah for exotic coach I just I just place my first big league hitter and then it struck him out on four pitches that’s where it came from and just just kind of stuck it I’m like out like that mentality that’s pretty good maybe I’ll keep that so I would it feel like to strike him out oh it was awesome like I’m not gonna still second in my mind I can still see the pitch right now john was pulled up to the big leagues at the young age of 24 clearly a rising star the octave Merlin but not probably the first day I was on a big league field and looking up at the immune assistance of Cathedral around you’re like holy me and just thinking they can’t ever take this away from um you know I mean a decade of every single day I mean the tens of thousands of hours I can’t and that maybe maybe you don’t understand no ten years and my philosophy was if it was like a 13 14 year old kid I have to do something every day by playing the England’s every day you know whether it was working out stretching playing reading a book reading magazine watching gained something how to do something every single day and then it I would say maybe 365 day calendar year 345 days was doing something for baseball John and I are gonna go play some catch on a baseball field you gonna show me some moves mm-hmm she’s gonna play catch I’m gonna play chase the ball get my cardio into you’re gonna show me your slider I will you think I can pick it up no Bob said I was always having to overcome I’m not just common ultimately you show me your slider what are you doing here we’ll take the ball what stop it I don’t think it’ll be that tough wait can you yeah thanks yes let’s play some cash what was your favorite tight pitch um equally between my fastball miss ladder show up show my hip to you as long as I can all right you do the same thing of you can evil leg kick show that hip as long as you can’t ride that hip there you go ride it you know what’s the key to being a good closer uh consistency you’re not being the guy that can go in and strike out the saddle ten pitches one night and walk the house and eggs at the height of John’s career he didn’t interview with Sports Illustrated and it sent a shockwave through the sports world mostly due to controversial comments he made about New York City and the people that live there do you think that you kind of taking on that persona when you were a player contributed to you eventually leaving the big leagues um no the scars on my shoulder contributed to leaving the big leagues um they diagnosed the pinched nerve in my neck but not everything to fix it I just okay the shot in the shoulder was jacked the nerve was still there is still hurts him he is hurting right now it would take me 30 minutes of stretching and 15 minutes of throwing to get loosens from one inning and throw 86 miles an hour I’m like there’s some issues here we uncheck this out what’s trying to be an arthroscopic deal turned out to be a four and a half hour surgery um you’ve got five rotator cuff muscles to a mine or 85% torn my labrum was torn off the bone my capsule was stretched out by the inch and a half I had bones for all my chromium I’m not sure it was just destroyed mm-hmm and um I mean you couldn’t pitch like that and then once I got fixed I couldn’t pitch like that either no and if I couldn’t tell hunter miles on huh what are you good to anybody you’re talking earlier about that kind of mentality of am I good enough am I gonna be you know working at a gas station in a few months is my career gonna last do you think the media and fans that taunted you affected your performance I was leading the National League in saves when I got traded I think I was 23 of 24 season one once a year and they’re gonna add a ra you know somewhere in the low mid twos um you know went through several playoff series after that into this day 22 and a third playoff innings have never get overrun the playoffs um you know didn’t really start struggling until this the shoulder started I started going south so you know they the haters love to I guess in some way shape or form think that because of their hatred and their vitual and whatever else that they in some way shape or form in some part had something to do with did you know with my demise but you know check the stats it’s just not the case although John has a clear distinction he’s gotten over the years he’s still been willing to appear in the limelight since leaving the majors he recently appeared on the reality show Survivor getting kicked off when fellow contestants discovered his controversial past how do you respond to that though and I think that’s important cuz a lot of people do just read those articles right they don’t they don’t get the opportunity to meet you like we have but when people say you’re racist you’re a bigot how do you respond well guess you think I know whatever you like like what’s the reality of the situation I mean just walk away can you say you know I know I know I know who I am my friends know who I am I told you in Cooperstown there’s about six or seven people that actually care what you think about me and if those people were go me I’m good with me you know you can’t you can’t change the world overnight um you know I live my life I think I live my life pretty good I’ve got staunch Musil on some things and I think if you know if people just wanted to be you know so rudimentary so naive so sheepish um then they just want to read that that’s how article and just accept what Jeff Perlman has to say and ignore the fact that that mr. Perlman has done to me maybe not in the vein of racism or bigotry or whatever he’s done to me what he’s done to 30 other subjects that he’s written about and you know take it with a grain of salt and maybe a little more research into John Rocker and found he actually has to say not the cut and splice version that you know Jeff Perlman tries to portray despite John’s rejection of how he’s often portrayed he does have some practices that still raise eyebrows particularly his speak English campaign now I started that as it is encouraging immigrants who want to come over here and make a life over here the only way you can truly enjoy and experience everything America has to offer all the prosperity everything like that is to assimilate yourself some of yourself to the culture of the heritage yada-yada-yada something that I kept wondering is for a guy trying to counter a negative opinion of himself why would he do things that very obviously piss people off do you think that if you weren’t a controversial person that you would be getting called for Survivor and getting opportunities well I wanted to say controversial I think I’m controversial in certain people who you talk to um I think I’m polarizing you still may not agree with Somnath views and some politics and then speak English campaign and things like you may not agree with it um it is really maybe controversial he just makes me polarizing you don’t agree with it well there’s a lot of people to do I think everyone’s wondering what’s John Rocker doing right now I’m trying to help as many vets as I can get off the street get a warm meal in their stomach get a job get an education that’s what they want um and hopefully uh sure them back out in society as um you know meaningful productive members and get to get back on with their lives hi this is former Atlanta brave close with John Rocker I’m a cool ray Field home of the Gwinnett raised for this Sunday October 26 I’ll be hosting a charity softball game between myself a forum Atlanta brave teammates versus a team of military all sorts benefiting my charity state homeless veterans hope to see you here Sunday October 26 gates open at 12:30 John’s been accused of using PR stunts to bolster his image in the past so we decided to give him a fair shot and meet some of the veterans ourselves no Lolly’s guys out there in transition looking for work it may take him two months and may take him six months I got a place like him I’ll be back all time and that couple thousand dollars mother cool when I got out the service hey eighteen nothing holiday do you see all right you see you later if I want things to be better I gotta start with myself and how have John and save homeless veterans helped you do that well first money got me out too far just getting used to living in a park and being homeless it was almost normal – we’re almost like – hell was inside our title save homeless veterans yeah we do a lot more than that it’s roughly around 2600 homeless veterans we’ve aligned ourselves or partnered ourselves with VA and we’re out looking for homeless veterans to provide them with shelter to provide them with jobs with good counseling a lot of these soldiers are very down discouraged they’ve dealt with a lot of terrible things on the field so what we try to do is provide them a place to live we’d say John has a tender heart any poets gonna be angry that I’ve said that he believes that this will work if you follow the program you take the steps you take the time to invest yourself into yourself these programs are out there for people that are struggling that need help need assistance need to foundation need a base leave the Commission uni the the commodity the connection these programs like this one were we just you know the out there to help everyone that we’ve talked to who’s involved with Sam save homeless veterans has talked about how they would not be able to do what they’re doing without you so can you just explain a little bit about why you care so much about this cause for those kind of folks those martyrs those that you know through in my opinion know for their own trying to do the good thing if ended up in a really really bad place and it’s because society’s let’s just turn their back on them you know I felt nobody else that was doing this John really does seem genuine about this issue and when we spent time with these veterans they kept talking about how thankful they were for the work that John has done it’s easy to reduce his persona to the notorious statements he made as a young guy but perhaps there’s more to it than that like with many guys that had better careers of me and always use the name mark Wohlers more had a tremendous career you know he’d be had a better career than I did he I loved more to death a very bland very vanilla he’s not polarizing any one side of the others certainly not controversial you know he could start something like a save homeless veterans it would take him ten years to around got into just because simply because he just thought that does not have a name recognition to pick up the phone talk to survivor yeah I’ll do your show and next thing you know 13 million people view me on a weekly basis and you know out of those 13 million how many millions are gonna know about Salem was veteran a lot we were talking at the start of our conversation and you were describing what it was like to run out into the field and see the whole stadium and all the people there and you got kind of emotional like you got teary eyed yeah that’s all I wanted to know so when you when you when you you finally find something that that you know just just moves you that much and you just love it so much you know and then you know you’ll you’ll never be the Rehan this that’s the little kicker I’ll never see it again you

100 thoughts on “The Real Kenny Powers From ‘Eastbound and Down’?

  1. The Millenial reporter has no idea who he is or what he did. She just knows what she was told that he is a racist

  2. This dude seems like a straight up guy. He is who he is and doesn't hide it. I like it we need more ppl like him

  3. nothing wrong with suggesting that people speak english in america. If you moved to Spain and lived there for years, would you be mad if phone systems and schools were not in english?

  4. he ate her ass 24 different times while shooting this 3 day interview…that means he ate her ass 8 times a day each day.. wow

  5. 15:10 Lol he just agreed with her in the tone of disagreeing… Like, dude, "Polarizing" and "Controversial" are literally the same thing. Of course if you talk to some people they'll have a different view of you than if you talk to people in this other group which has a completely different impression. *That's* being controversial

  6. Turning a lesbian in to a straight woman ….. this is real kenny powers. No matter what your perspective is every bitch loves alpha.

  7. He thinks the same as millions of Americans plain and simple. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It only bothers the ones who want to always control the narrative.

  8. No one is gonna talk about dudes face when he says, " Ya know, they got a place they can piggyback off Tom, and make a couple thousand a month.." his whole FACE tried rolling back😂 That being said, I dont think the man approaches any facet of his life with any hate..

  9. "John has a tender heart, and he'll probably be mad that I said that."

    John clearly doesn't have a tender heart if he would be angry with someone paying him a compliment. This dude is still clearly an ass, but good for him for having a charity. He's not a TOTAL ass.

  10. The fact the first words out of his mouth is I want to shove it up someones ass..guarantee this dude secretly jerks off to gay porn

  11. Lmao what’s funny is how the media and many people think this guy is a racist, piece of shit but it looks like once everyone actually meets the man they actually like him.

    It’s almost like the media makes people seem like monsters when they really aren’t.

  12. Is everybody in comments from jr.high… u guys are the reason dumb fkn whores are famous for being dumb fkn whores..fkn retards

  13. says hes a racist..so did they just film the black guys cause he seems to know a lot for a "racist"..smh..even the interviewer was kinda digging him and she hardly ever smiles.ive seen her do goofy interviews and she barely smirks…yeah real bad guy.ha!..i.e.that show was awesome!

  14. So he says you should speak English in the US. And what is wrong about that? I am from Germany and I know we are not allowed to say anything about that because what we did 80 years ago. That is why we allow turkish people to live here in 3.generation and not speaking German at all. Pharmacies have at least 1 turkish guy to speak to their people. But if I talk about this being the wrong way I am called a racist. And I have turkish friends.
    He observes things and speaks it out. Other people say the same while having a beer but are to cowardly to say it out loud.
    I like him because he is a normal human being and not one of this new politically insane bigots

  15. I would propose that perhaps Kenny Powers is partly inspired by this guy; from Myrtle Beach. Dead comedian Jay Hickman. Was on HBO and David Letterman, but drank himself to death before he really made it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOsqfht2CAY

  16. I used to have his baseball card. Back then I thought I was a millionaire…. nowadays you can buy it for $10 😂 our parents lied to us about baseball cards

  17. He legit said he doesn't give a fuck what this left wing alt-chick/hipster thinks…"for a guy who is trying to counter a negative opinion of himself". Hmmmm either they don't listen (yes) or more likely, they don't care and wrote the thing before they even filmed. Typical left wing liberal media. What are is it called again? being morally right rather than being factually correct? the world is doomed.

  18. "..last time he had sex with a stripper he used a sock as a condom and then stuck it in her butt.. what a champ!

  19. Can you feel the sexual tension in the air right now? Woo I can feel it right down in my pluuums. All juicy and ready for pickin. Nice blue hueee to em. Gettin ready to take em to the farmer’s market.

  20. Speak English is supposed to piss people off? Bullshit. You can go to every country on earth and we're the only one that changes language per immigration culture. If you go to see the pyramids do you think everyone will cater to English? Fuck no. Not only would it make tourists pompous but cut the economy of tourism in a major way as far as international tour guides & organized tour companies

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