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The Problem with Eugenia Cooney and YouTube Ads

The Problem with Eugenia Cooney and YouTube Ads

and I’ve made some videos about Eugenia
cooney lately but there’s a much bigger problem and it comes to YouTube ads and
marketing as a whole what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired
soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you’re new
to my channel my channel is all about mental health what I like to do is pull
different topics from the YouTube community they’re trying to teach you
how to improve your mental and emotional well-being but part of what I do too is
try to be an advocate for mental health and increase awareness and there’s some
messed-up stuff going on when it comes to marketing to people who have
different types of mental illnesses and just kind of advertising as a whole but
anyways you’re into improving your mental health make sure you subscribe
and bring that notification battle before I jump into that topic also I
just got the urge to send out an email blast this morning so if you are online
mental health motivation email list go check it out I made a video about
another video I made an email about embracing your struggle because
especially after I made that video about spill the other day a lot of people can
relate to what I was saying we’re like we wish we had it as easy as other
people but in this email I talked about how your struggle is actually a really
good thing and it pretty much makes you awesome and very resilient so anyways I
will link that email down below if you want to check it out and if you want to
sign up for the email list I just sent emails try to give it give your day a
little jumpstart in the right direction all right anyways so yeah what what’s
going on with this video what am i doing what am I talking about today so I made
a couple of videos about Eugenia Cooney and raising awareness and I was
getting I was getting some comments about the ads on my video and I’m like
okay like nobody comments about ads on my video like what are you talking about
asking and people were telling me that like some of these places that sell like
some of you know the flat tummy tees or those suckers are advertising on my
videos about Eugenia Cooney and that is mess
okay so let me talk to you guys for a minute let me talk to you all for a
minute okay just about how like YouTube ad works and how like the YouTube
algorithm works so when I make a video I touched on this a little bit before and
all of you creators out there take notes you put as much information in the title
description is tags so YouTube knows who to send your videos out to right so in
my videos if you look in the tags you know I have things like you know Eugenia
cootie eating disorders whatever just mental illness type stuff youtuber type
stuff well from the advertiser angle right they can target who they want to
market to and that is so sick and disgusting and twisted that it blows my
mind so this means this means that these companies that are promoting this like
weight loss flat tummy T or the suckers or whatever other products they are
specifically telling YouTube we want to target people who have eating disorders
we want to target people who like channels like Eugenia Cooney
think about that for a second that is messed up this is something I’ve wanted
to talk about for a long time so on Instagram the out of the way that
algorithm works is that you use hashtags right so hashtags that so people can
find what you’re talking about different categories well I have different saved
documents for different hashtag list that I’ve made some one for depression
someone from an anxiety someone for relationships some are motivational but
one of them that I have is for sobriety okay
sobriety is one of them so some of them some of them like I post about like hey
staying sober like you know here here’s some motivation to stay sober
there are alcohol and drug companies out there that are looking for posts that
use hashtags like sober and sobriety so they can market to drug addicts and
alcoholics like it’s and I’m the only one seeing a problem with this like what
is happening what type of person thinks it’s okay it to be like hey you know
I know you’re struggling with your alcoholism but let me tell you about
this tequila that I got over here like that’s nuts and this is something I’ve
had issue with for a long time even before I got into YouTube and Instagram
and stuff so as somebody in recovery like stays sober is difficult more
people are dying from addiction than pretty much any other preventable cause
of death out there right and there are bars out there for example who will give
you free drinks if you turn in one of your AAA coins but think about that like
I get it I get that it’s like kind of like quirky and a joke and stuff like
that boy can you imagine you imagine a guy or a woman who has destroyed their
family because of their alcoholism right their spouse is about to leave them
their kids won’t talk to them they’re about to lose their job whatever it is
they get sober they get sober for maybe two months maybe three months things are
starting to get better for them things are starting to look a little bit
brighter in their lives so one day they’re struggling right one day they
get a little stressed out and there’s a bar right down the street that will take
your coin and give you free drinks so the bar they think that’s a funny little
marketing campaign you don’t need to stay sober no big deal this person
relapses at that bar turns in their a a chip and now they lose their wife they
lose their kids they lose their job they lose everything that they’ve worked hard
for these last 90 days like is this making sense to you like this is just
one of those issues that you know we face as a society where a lot of these
places just see us as numbers and not as people that’s one of the reasons I try
to stay so connected to all of you in the comments section like I never want
to forget that each one of you is a human being each one of you has family
it’s one of us friends each one of you has children each one of you has a light
and this pursuit of happiness like we can’t just do stuff like this and I
wanted to make this video to increase awareness but the other topic that I
want to talk about is just marketing as a whole so I know both men and women
struggle with body image issues but this is a big problem with women in general
like so after really ignorant and silly but I’ve told
some other people about this but after I did some of my Eugenia Cooney videos and
I said I was reading all the comments I was totally ignorant to the fact the
eating disorders were such a huge problem like why are we not talking
about this I put a poll up on my community page just asking how many
people are in recovery from an eating disorder and how many people are
currently in the midst of an eating disorder there were thousands upon
thousands of votes and every vote means that somebody is either currently in the
midst of it or is recovering from it and that blew my mind I’m like oh my god and
so what is what is the reason for this so there’s I’m not going to do a whole
video right now about the cause of eating disorders but I do want to talk
about the problem of marketing right now okay so something that I’m always trying
to teach all of you is to check you check your value system right I talked
about these youtubers who need to check in with their values but there’s a lot
of them think like oh once I get this many subscribers I’ll be happy or you
might be like oh well take it this job then I’ll be happy once I get this
relationship then I’ll be happy once I get this amount of money then I’ll be
happy right well a lot of this also has to do with body image and something
that’s been kind of in the news recently I know Philip DeFranco talked about it
was that there are a bunch of celebrities endorsing these products
like flat tummy teas and these suckers and it’s all over Instagram it’s all
over Instagram so one of the best things that I ever heard that I’m gonna tell
all of you and I want you to remember this like write it down put it on your
mirror do something like just remember this in your brain the worst
advertisement ever would be one that told you that you were perfect the worst
advertisement ever would be one that said you’re fine just the way that you
are the worst advertisement ever would say you don’t need anything to make
people like you more right because then why would you buy it
advertisements are designed to make you feel bad about yourself that’s what they
do because if there’s nothing for you to
fix why would you buy anything okay like this is an issue and we need to be aware
of that so when you see all these like Instagram models or celeb
whoever it is telling you like oh use this product use this product you look
like me and then you could be happy like you guys do you know how many people
with the quote-unquote perfect body are freakin miserable I do understand that
like remember like well I made a video about body positivity like a while ago
before my channel started getting bigger like I you know always weight loss
journey and stuff like that but something I realize is that only losing
the weight not working on this is not gonna help it’s not gonna solve my
problems but it’s like they set you up with these false expectations – so this
is an insane this is an insane absolutist and I would do some research
before I recorded this video my name is Stephanie Soo aka MisMangoButt and today we are back with
another skinny mint gummies so this is the first one it’s supposed to make your
body burn fat this one is helped curb your appetite
you know when you want like the midnight – I have obviously been loving and been
using key that is Stephanie Soo aka MissMangoButt whatever mukbang youtuber where she sucks her
face on camera that’s a whole different thing that maybe I’ll talk about at some
other point anyways she is like a twig and she’s endorsing he’s like
weight-loss gummies like what what you guys okay alright so like remember how
earlier I was talking about how like in my email how embrace your struggle and
stuff like I always thought it wasn’t fair like I’ve been a bigger dude my
entire life but my best friend my best friend in the world who I grew up with
he is like five times more than I do and he has the body of a Greek god okay some
people were just blessed with amazing genetics and amazing metabolism so I
don’t like when somebody like Stephanie sue is like saying hey you can board
your face eat 10,000 calories a day and you can look like this no you cannot
okay you cannot and we need this is one of
the reasons why I promote people like learning about science and stuff because
you need to realize that that is a false expectation okay but the last thing I
want to touch on is this please read that email that I sent out because it
ties perfectly into this conversation that we’re having okay embrace your
struggle embrace your struggle okay go to the gym eat healthier meal plan do
all these things that I’m trying to do myself because at the end of the day you
will feel so much better about what you did
taking shortcuts does not give me that same sense of accomplishment and often
with any short clip in life there are drawbacks to it and when it comes to
these it’s the fact that they’re unhealthy for you okay when you’re
taking these weight loss T’s and all these other things or appetite
suppressants whatever it is okay so please remember that please remember
again the worst advertisements on earth would be ones that are trying to make
you feel good about yourself advertisements are designed to make you
feel terrible alright anyways I would love to hear from all of you down in the
comments below like have you seen advertisements pop up like for for
things that are supposed to be against something right like for example I’ll
throw this out there like earlier this year there was a big hubbub about LGBTQ
youtubers having anti LGBTQ ads on their videos like that’s messed up anyways
let’s have a conversation down below okay baby wait if you liked this video
please give it a thumbs up if you’re new make sure you subscribe and read that
notification bell because I make a ton of videos and if you stink you to
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click the top right there alright thanks so much for watching I’ll see you next

100 thoughts on “The Problem with Eugenia Cooney and YouTube Ads

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  2. Poor girl, you can tell she is malnourished even in her eyes. When I had a extreme hormonal nausea. I got so sick and barely ate from nausea and her eyes remind me of what mine looked like. I don’t think she’ll make it’s so sad. She has potential to be happy in life and is beautiful, but she’s going to end up in a casket if nothing changes.

  3. Are you going to bring back the picture frame with the video's main topic on it? I thought it always added a pleasant accent to the backgrounds of the videos.

  4. Thank you for your videos! As someone who recovered from anorexia and depression and who is currently recovering from BPD and anxiety, I can say that I love your approach. Realistic, honest, but kind and understanding.

  5. I appreciate the sentiment behind it but just a tip for that eating disorder pole. There are two options there, one is “I’m in recovery” and the other is “I’m currently dealing with an eating disorder.” If you want to get the actual scope of how widespread eating disorders are then you should include a an option for people who don’t struggle with eating disorders because in its current state that pole is pretty biased and honestly kind of pointless. Love your videos but just though I’d point this out.

  6. My friends are such bad advertisement…they always tell me I'm perfect rolls eyes 😂❤️ We should all realize how many people have an unhealthy relationship with food. It's so important, yet it's not talked about enough. Btw, Chris my dude, you look so good in this video, your skin is glowing and your good vibes are showing (even more). Is it because you're hitting that gym?

    I have a family who eats A LOT and I don't eat that much anymore, because I realized that I don't need that much and my whole family's like "you're eating so little" and I'm thinking this is why my whole family is overweight and why I'm losing weight. They don't even understand how unhealthy they are. They don't even see how big their plates are and I didn't see that either when I ate as much. You just think it's a normal amount of food.

  7. I had that issue with ads. Cult-like organizations trying to recruit people through propaganda. Someone in my audience pointed it out, and YouTube got on it right away. I was impressed they did something.

  8. I feel like a lot of people don't realise that not all eating disorders are about body image and losing weight either. I'm an emotional eater, I turn to food for comfort, and I binge eat when I'm miserable. That's disordered eating too. I've done it ever since I was a kid and I suspect it has something to do with childhood trauma. Maybe there's something to Freud's theory of trauma during infancy leading to people getting stuck in that oral stage or whatever although I do kind of feel like Freud was a bit of a quack with an oedipus complex but still

  9. The marketing of the appetite suppressants is so messed up, like I’d fight someone that told my baby sister she’s not thin enough. The last time that happened she came to me crying in the middle of the night because she was suicidal. I can’t stand all that, she was so unhappy and so sick.

  10. I love when I am Scientology watching from ex members and the ‘Church " of Scientology pays for advertising during said show. You better believe I let those entire ads play so ex members get the money

  11. I agree, I can't even wrap my head around her mother literally doing nothing and filming with her as her skeleton daughter keeps disappearing like no man.

  12. As a teenager I remember being really affected by the ads and media I saw about losing weight. I'd starve myself to be pretty. Heck I still struggle eatting or feeling the need to eat. Its a lot more prevalent now for younger generations and I worry for some of the kids. I really appreciated this video. I appreciated the discussion in this video about media and self image. I'm really going to try to remember your point about ads making you feel bad about yourself as I'm trying to improve my self image. I saw a video by the way I thought might interest you. Jaiden animations did a video about "being the best/worst" that was about self expectations, have you seen it? Do you have any opinion?

  13. Wow that's terrible to market directly toward that group! I can tell you the only ads I get on your videos are the ones with the Amazon boxes with creepy smiles singing, but that's SO messed up. I also didn't know about the bars giving out free drinks for AA coins. So dishonorable 🙁

  14. Hey Chris! I'm new to your channel and have been loving your videos. I am in addiction recovery and have been sober for 27 days from cannabis. People say it isn't addictive but oh boy if you are using it to try and sweep your issues under the rug, it definitely is. I have been doing a lot of thinking about why I might have been using and I looked back to when I started using and realized it began 5 years ago when I was betrayed by my group of friends (specifically one member, who convinced the rest I was crazy and lying). I love the channel EdwinsGeneration and thought it could be neat if you did a video on betrayal using the Edwin/Dasha/Mina/Cyr situation. It isn't extremely recent, but it is ongoing. Love your videos, keep 'em coming! It has really been helpful to watch you when I start feeling depressed.

  15. Wow ive never heard of that whole bar taking your chip thing. Thats nuts im going to ask some of my bar tender friends if their bar does this..

  16. I got a new phone , I was under Sarah smith , but I lost everything when I broke my phone but I am in recovery and I love rewired soul

  17. And I always preach to people that alcohol is pushed harder then anything in the media and advertising and then market to men especially , like if your a real man you drink beer . sickening

  18. She had a seizure talking about how much she hates that people love fat guys. That's hate dude she's not what you say she is. Enablers hurt people's mental health.

  19. I'm a freshman in high school, and every single one of my female friends has struggled with disordered eating with the exception of 1. I didn't realize how many of us had this issue until I opened up about my unhealthy eating patterns and almost everyone was going through or had went through the same thing. Even friends that I had never heard complain about their weight before. It's honestly terrifying.

  20. https://youtu.be/TwsU5DN6de0 this q&a is great for people with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and borderline personality disorder.

  21. I've gotten a lot of pseudoscience, "essential oils", and conspiracy ads on videos from Jeff Holiday- who hates all of those things and talks about it hurts a lot of people (and also makes fun of them for a laugh)

  22. I don't even know most of these people until you bring it up but you explain them and their situation so clearly it is still very interesting


  24. I’m shook he liked my comment . Shoooook , I hope it’s really you , and that is disgusting the bar thing , they will prolly get sued

  25. Thank you so much for talking about advertisements with false expectations, especially making the point that they are designed to make me feel bad about myself. So so true, yet I forget this at times and find myself beating myself up for not looking like them. So thanks so much for this message, it’ll help a lot of people 🙂

  26. Body shaming is HUGE in South Korea. Someone with curvy body will get the worst insult. Hey, I saw it. I saw it on TV. That's the reality. Because they said they're worried about people like them, but I think they just love to insult them. But nowadays, they are tired of doing that and embrace curvy body more. I think it's because one of the K-Pop idols who suicide because of body shaming and needs to be perfect on his job. So yeah. Thank you so much for making a great video, Chris.

  27. This reminded me of hearing about modeling agencies that would wait around clinics for people with eating disorders, so they could approach the girls who came out. Such a sick world we live in :/

  28. I saw what you wrote about onision and him being brutal. I lost mind my onision's latest video on her and photo shopped images to make her look healthy. It was creepy and I was so mad. I think he needs to leave her alone cuz this could make the girl so much worse and trigger her even more, It's so dangerous. It was really troubling. He needs to do his research and know how eating disorders can effect the brain before he even starts to talks about. She doesn't need that she's struggling enough on her own with her body and keeps losing weight.

  29. There is a fast food restaurant in Las Vegas called Heart Attac Grill, where you can get food for free if you weigh more than 350 lbs.

  30. oh GOOOOSSHHHHH as if those is us in recovery need anymore triggers to work through!! Fucking diet culture triggers are everywhere, I hate it

  31. It’s so frustrating too because I go through a lot of trouble to make sure my social media feeds have NO diet culture talk. I try to have a body positive feed because that helps me to not have to be triggered every second I’m online. But NOW they’re getting sneaky with these ads and that is so FUCKED UP!

  32. Yes! Even when I got to my “goal weight”, it wasn’t enough, I didn’t feel like myself….the high I got from the “you look great, so skinny!” comments only lasted a very short time before I felt like I needed to set a new weight loss goal. It’s a very psychologically damaging cycle.

  33. I'm binge watching your channel now lol.
    I have a huge problem with those muk bang videos. I watched some of Trisha Paytas (or whatever her name is) and it really disturbed me. I saw her crying like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum because Jason Nash told her that she could lose some weight and then I watched another video of her stuffing her face with 15,000 calories… The logic? A lot of these youtubers have some serious issues and YouTube has no morals when it comes to money.

  34. People were talking about these companies before that sponsore Eugenia and send her clothes. Once I send a complaint letter to 'Dolls Kill'. They sponsored her once. And I said how messed up it is that they support ED and that their marketing is horrible. They just responded casual shit like 'thank you for your opinion' and blah blah.. So basically they don't care. As far as they make money, they're ok.. It shows how messed up our society is..

  35. Seeing Eugenia helps me justify my eating disorder. Every time I look at her I think, well at least I’m not as skinny her. Or if she’s made is this far without having many health problem I HAVE to be fine because I’m not nearly as bad as her. Although I am 5’9 and 115 pounds at my heaviest.

  36. Wasted by Marya Hornbacher is a really, really thorough and excellent eating-disorder memoir if you want to learn more about it any time in the future Chris (or anybody else!) ❤️ thank you for speaking about this subject!

  37. On eating disorders..My therapist has recommended me The Food & Feelings Workbook, A Full Course Meal on Emotional Health..i've bought it and its relatively cheap and was intensely helpful for me 🙂

  38. I suffer from binging and I make myself sick as well and severe anxiety depression and epilepsy and I hate my body. So I get what you are saying xx

  39. The pills that help you loose weight are only a short term solution. A doctor reccomended them to me when I wanted to start trying to loose weight and it helps you feel full so that it is easier to start your diet but you can’t keep taking them for let’s say years and see effects as you get easily addicted and it dosnt help you feel good about your body either if anything they make you notice your weight more and that’s not always a good thing. So I wouldn’t recommend them and yes you could look like that girl stuffing her face one day but you need to work on your weight and probably excerise 2 daily everyday for years as it takes time so don’t beat yourself up no one is perfect and everyone looses weight at there own pace and if you don’t feel like your ready to give up the foods you love that’s okay as well and it’s okay to not loose weight just no that your human and people love you and that no matter what people say and think you start to loose weight at your own pace when you feel ready because it is hard xxx

  40. It makes me upset how Eugenia Cooney has triggered KIDS, although she doesn’t mean it. i have struggled with bulimia for years and i would never wish that on someone. im recovering at 5’0 and 77 lbs..

  41. Advertising is peace time propaganda. That's literally what it is. Look up Edward Bernays, particularly his "Torches of Freedom" campaign back in the 1920s using the feminist movement at the time to entice women to smoke cigarettes.

  42. Damn i needed to hear this about the weight loss ads. I am a plus size woman and i constantly see these ads all the time about taking weight supplements and teas and stuff l. I admit i have tried all of them. And all they did was make me sick. Like really sick to the point i went to the hospital. So i stopped taking them. I mean yes i am still plus sized. But i feel alot better. I am still battling with my low self esteem. But everyday i look in the mirror and i tell myself that i am beautiful, i have a fiance who loves me to death, and my life is good. Seeing eugenia cooney and the way she is. It is hard for me cause yes deep down inside i want to be that skinny. I want to be pretty. But yet i know that isnt healthy. So now i eat healthier alot healthier. And i do yoga. I dont need supplements to make me happy. I eat good. And i feel great. Eh eugenia needs to realize she needs help to be honest and i agree ads are horrible. Especially towards people like me with low self esteem problems.

  43. Hi,
    Like your positive attitude and energy about caring for yourself and not just buying into what others are selling. I am about ending suffering and finding more joy in life. Thought Field Therapy is a way to help heal the pains of the past and transform the fears of future into plans for joy. Free, safe, effective, evidenced based tool for those struggling with life. Check it out- http://rlbray.com/services/thought-field-therapy/
    Keep speaking your truth and supporting those doing the work to make our world better.

  44. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like soooo much more people and young people especially are using social media nowadays. SO many celebrities promote weight loss products, facetune is everywhere, cosmetic surgery has become a norm (so many instagram models have a fake butt and a perfectly flat stomach) Companies are always trying to profit off vulnerable and it’s so sad. I’ve cried over the fact that young girls are the main target. So many YouTubers and celebrities use their platform by manipulating people for money and it’s fuckin weird

  45. It would be really interesting if you watched the movie "I feel pretty" on Netflix and did kind of a review video about it and about the main characters mental health (especially her mental breakdown) just a suggestion! 😀

  46. As someone who has had issues with an ED it is difficult for me sometimes when I see some of my favorite youtubers talk about how getting skinny will make everything better that they will finally get the man they want, the social life they have always wanted etc… I would be what you consider “skinny” I suppose but none of these things magically have come true for me. I’m sure it makes them feel hopeful in the moment but it’s a really unhealthy idea that’s being spread around that being skinny somehow makes everything better. Granted being healthy is very important but that also in my opinion does not mean one particular shape or body type. Thanks for the very informative video!

  47. Greys Anatomy played out that “shots for chips” scenario recently and it had me in tears with chills. People that play on others emotions and weaknesses are sick.

  48. Disgusted at the sign at the local pub that after New Years last year said something like: get your resolution out of the way, happy hour at 4.
    Geez, what if an alcoholic's resolution was to quit???!!!

  49. I just want to say that eating disorders are not always visible… I'm 154 lbs and 5'7, perfectly healthy weight. I USED to be 96lbs and you could see my ribs where my breast tissue should have been. I have also been 174lbs and overweight. I STILL restrict, some months I drop 15 lbs and other months I gain 20. Its not the body that's disorded, it's the mindset!

  50. i find mukbangs very toxic ,
    me being going through weight loss, it was really hard trying to watch one.
    it made me disgusted

  51. It's not so much that I think Onision's videos are brutal, it's that he's so clearly interested in her for all the wrong reasons. He has a history of liking teenage girls, as Lainey was at the most, seventeen when he met them, and Shiloh his ex was 16, Billie his "poly" girlfriend was 19, the list goes on. He clearly has a kink for the mall goth aesthetic Eugenia embodies, and he ascribes all these attributes to her that she's never possessed and almost fetishes her, as if there's something romantic about the idea of a beautiful young girl dying way before her time. People have covered Eugenia as a topic for years, and all the channels run by women in recovery from life threatening eating disorders they all say exactly what you're saying and that is that any attention be it positive or negative, is unhealthy for someone with the mindset that Eugenia has. I remember gaining twenty pounds in recovery from opiate addiction when I was 24, as much as I hated it, I realized that it had become dire, and that I had no idea how to live a healthy lifestyle because I'd never planned on surviving past a certain age to begin with. I'm lucky I never expected a short cut, in sober living I was surrounded by women in active ED, and one of my roommates had to go to a psychiatric ward, and get a feeding tube put in, I remember she was wearing two different colors of uggs, and I had been such a mess when I packed her suitcase that I didn't notice, and that girl wasn't even at Eugenia's level of having a very dire need for some form of medical intervention. There is something inherently very unhealthy about Onision's interest in Eugenia, that is made only more apparent, after watching so many other channels talk about it. I one hundred percent have not been shy about disagreeing with you on a lot of topics, one of them being your opinion on Tana Mogeau, but I do agree one hundred percent on the way you've covered Eugenia.

  52. I noticed there was an issue with this too! The other day I looked her up on YouTube and the ad video that came up at the top of the search page (before any of her videos) was one for "incredible weightloss"

  53. That's some twisted shit. It does however explain the recent change in the ads on my main YouTube feed. After seeing one of your videos about Eugenia, I searched for older videos about her and fell into the YouTube rabbit hole for a week and watched a bunch of eating disorder stuff. Now I've got this ridiculous belly fat ad every 4 videos in my main feed. It seemed odd since I have never purchased diet products in my life and my ads are usually like insurance and medication ads … hmmmm…. I'm a true crime addict, come to think of it those kinda makes sense lol… after years of the same thing, the change has honestly been driving me nuts.

    On the other topic, owning your weaknesses. That's some real talk. We're on different paths, but life is just a set of struggles, and my struggle doesn't invalidate yours and vice versa. Lately it feels like just talking about struggles online turns into like the dysfunction Olympics. It's not a competition and all struggles are difficult, in the moment none are "worse". I'm not sure I'm getting my words right, but … yeah.

  54. I have never in my life heard of the turning in of the AA chip for a drink marketing ploy but that's just fucking SICK. I can't imagine how tf that can possibly be humorous in someone's mind dude. I wanna say thank you for covering the range of topics in this video bc you're helping start a conversation dude. Getting and STAYING sober are literally some of thee TOUGHEST things anyone could ever try and do and a non-addict will just NEVER understand that. The fact that huge conglomerates target the "#sober" community terrifies me. I'm not surprised in the slightest but my heart is literally broken. As a current IV heroin user who's been planning to kick the first few weeks of January, it's really fucking discouraging. Being clean is hard enough as it is. For me personally, binge drinking and xanax use while "clean", ( trust me, I know that's not clean and how horrible bars are but in the head of an addict, the rationalization is "well, at least it isn't dope, right?!) is something that I have heavily turned to in the past. I freak the fuck out being "sober" and I literally feel as if I need a substance to make me feel 'right', or 'normal' or 'okay. My entire adult life has mostly been spent as a substance abuser. Breaking out of these routine's is crucial, in every sense of the word. The odd's are literally stacked against and hearing of something like this, just really deflates my confidence. It makes me think 'why even go through the pain of kicking to only end up back in the same position?'. sigh Thank you to anyone who read this, I know it was a ramble, oh well.

  55. Stephanie sooooooo, she used to be overweight lol so she does show her workouts and shit too and eats healthy off camera. She shows her grocery hauls and she eats with her fiance so she doesnt even eat it all.

  56. Ooooh! This reminds me of how Jameela Jamil (amazing actress from The Good Place) is pushing back against those very celebrities that advertise weight loss pills and shakes and stuff! She has been very open about how long it took her to recover from an ED and how she finds it disgusting that those celebrities encourage their fans to act in an unhealthy way just so they can get even more rich. Idk I LOVE HER! She’s iconic ❤️ (and so are you for bringing up all of these topics up and talking about them! Your videos help a lot! Thank you💕)

  57. I want to become a famous cosplayer that shows you can be plus size and healthy. I want to motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle and not just to look like a character.

  58. Instagram has been giving me ads that trigger me SO BADLY and then I realized, Instagram is spying on my shit, and listening to my crisis spiraling, and the ad algorithm responds. Instagram knows my triggers and is putting them in front of me to buy. Instagram is tactically helping me spiral and pushing me closer to the edge. Unpopular Opinion(Fact): Capitalism is the enemy of mental health. I dare you to change my mind.

  59. THANK YOU for this video!!!
    I mean that… It's just BEYOND friggin' time SOMEONE on YouTube finally stood up and treated this diseased ADvertising method like the horrible thing it is. Mostly, YT'ers laugh about it and call it "ironic ad placement" and such. It's laughed off as a joke, like a meme or something…
    These freaks are RUINING everyone's lives! YT'ers don't seem to catch on that "counter-productive" ad's aren't worth LOSING their credibility. AND the ad-sense can't possibly be worth it.
    Scroogle has demonstrably and objectively SEEN to that. Instead of setting up a simple advertiser friendly RATING system (go check out Newgrounds.com to see an example) so viewers AND advertisers alike could "enable" or "disable" the ratings of content they want to help pay for or watch…
    YT gets "Ad-pocalypse"… and Scroogle carefully misappropriates as MUCH money as they can, disabling ad-sense wherever they can "err' on the side of caution for the best interests of all involved"… AND shutting down anyone or anything that might get money for speaking against their corporate monstrosity.
    SURE… Scroogle defensibly arranges ad-sense pages with allowable limitations on the kinds of ads shown over content… AND there are similar pages for advertisers to determine what kinds of content they want to target, along with the general demographic informations… etc…
    BUT for every hour that passes, there's about 100,000 hours of video uploaded??? Who could ever possibly check that for any "standards"???
    Newgrounds has similar issues, far more video uploads than can possibly be fiercely checked out, SO members "rate and review" with a "5-star" system… AND the members get "XP" and "rank" for their reviews as well as "blam" and "save" points to use in the "under judgment" sections where stuff is reviewed before it hits the "regular feeds" with rating scores… During the "under judgment" portion, if someone has "misrepresented" their rating, they can be flagged and the bots will take them down with a "stern warning"… It's effective at getting the point across, regarding "strikes" and membership suspensions and that jazz…
    SO if that works (and I've watched Newgrounds more than a decade… It does work) for Tom Fulp and the gurus over there… What the hell is Scroogle's lame ass excuse?

    I'm guessing "progress" as a term, doesn't necessarily indicate the same "forward" direction for everyone.

    In any case, THANKS for actually stepping up to call out just how sick the twisted marketing systems and algorithms REALLY ARE!!! It's important…
    Hard enough to adult and maintain a half-way level psyche as it is… ;o)

  60. Greys anatomy’s last aired episode showed this happening and I think it’s amazing such a big platform is bringing this issue to light. I think you should watch the clip if you could find it because even though I don’t drink or anything (I’m underage) it’s still heartbreaking and I think it should be seen all the time

  61. I wish you’d become as well known as the beauty gurus that I grew up watching. More people need to hear what you have to say and watch your videos, I’ve struggled with mental health my entire life and your videos are one of the only things that’s ever helped me.

  62. My fiance and I are vegans. We watch a lot of vegan youtubers, the fucked up part is that there will be steak, pork chop, or chicken nugget ads on vegan youtuber vids. It blows our minds, so this makes so much more sense now!

  63. At the bar I worked out we would give out free non-alcoholic drinks/fun mocktails to anyone who shows their AA chip or anyone who is the designated driver. We wanted people who were staying sober to feel included in a social activity without needing a substance. I can’t believe people would do the opposite and try to ruin someone’s life

  64. The media wants to keep you sick.
    No joke – on cable tv, in one commercial break, I watched an advertisement for weight watchers, and IMMEDIATELY after that, was an ad for pizza hut!

  65. I have been struggling with body issues and how terrible my diet is and I always thought that If I could eat right, I would become happy. THIS VIDEO HELPED MY SO MUCH

    happiness comes first

  66. What also disgusts me are the companies sponsoring Eugenia too. Huge companies making a profit off her illness.

  67. You sure think differently than I do. Advertisers aren't causing the anorexia. The anorexics they are targeting already have a disorder. I target them to offer a diet where they can eat a normal amount and still be skinny. Speaking of which…

    I also take issue with you saying some ppl are blessed with a fast metabolism. You can CHANGE it. Those people who eat a lot and are thin … it's BECAUSE they eat a lot … a lot of good food the body wants, therefore the body doesn't think it's starving. It the body doesn't put on "Emergency storage" – fat.
    Try the "CarboRaider diet" and see if you get off fat-storage mode.

  68. There is a lady with a YouTube channel called "Anorexia Restart" and she vlogs some of her life. She is/was severely anorexic and always talks about getting help yet doesn't. She has a pretty big following because of a video she did about Eugenia. I would suggest that you look into her. I would love to see a video about how Eugenia is now (the good and bad) verses this girl Terry's channel and life (her name is Terry). Terry just died recently from phemonia obviously due to ED complications. Eugenia is all about advocating ED sobriety now but yet is still so skinny. Terry is a good example of the TRUTH about EDs..
    Just look into it if you can.
    No one is covering this.. 🙍

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