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The Problem With Candace Owens | Coleman Hughes

The Problem With Candace Owens | Coleman Hughes

and you said before that it's important to be kind of careful with language around this what do you make of Candace Owens language around this cuz she's very very polarizing and I said some quite kind of provocative things around race yeah I I think she is very unserious in in the sense that you know I've seen her say things without any evidence of her feeling of burden to back it up with a fact like Richard Spencer is a democratic plant when challenged on Joe Rogan about why she thinks climate change isn't real she doesn't even have a single study to back it up she's not a smart climate skeptic or it's just her gut feeling against the view that she thinks is wrong and when asked to back it up often has nothing the Southern Strategy never happened that's I mean that if you're gonna argue that you better have some you better you better know something that mainstream historians don't but she seems to feel no burden to back those opinions up with evidence which is my first problem my second problem is that she seems to have very little respect for civil discourse and free speech she tweeted that Hillary Muller and Bezos should all be locked up she tweeted that right okay is that someone who's serious about civil discourse or someone who likes seeing their enemies thrown in jail or someone who's performing I know I actually can't tell I'm willing to believe that she is I'm willing to believe that most people are nice people but many nice people are also constitutionally incapable of really charitable civil discourse kind of beliefs and they enjoy bullying and Candace gives me that sense in addition to being someone who is comfortable making factional inaccurate claims and just kind of letting them sit there because there's also this sort of sense that in the in the current kind of expansion of the culture war someone like like her a black conservative is of huge value to one side in that culture war but there's this sort of sense of huge forces pulling people towards more extreme positions I'm sure that the the incentives of social media anything based on an ad model is you're getting paid by the clique so all the incentives are aligned to cater to your outrage to show you things that you either hate or love which is going to show you ever more shallow versions of the opinions you disagree with and ever more moralizing and extreme versions of the opinions you do agree with whether that is that explains candace Owens's candace owens his beliefs is something i can't know and don't particularly care about and i don't really care how she came to her belief that Richard Spencer was a democratic plant I don't care how she came to the belief that women who don't have children have something biochemically wrong with them as she put it the former is a conspiracy theory and the latter is just a bullying thing to say it's just mean and it's not interesting so you know my my critique of her has nothing to do with who she's funded by because again you could be funded by someone and still happen to be right you could be funded by the Koch brothers and have correct opinions just like you can be funded by George Soros and have correct opinions or incorrect opinions so you know my my problem with her is the way she thinks ironically Kanye famously tweeted I love the way Candace oh it stinks but it's precisely the way she thinks that's the problem which is to say there are many things that I agree with her on her general critique of the left on race issues is often spot-on but it's the way she thinks that's the problem because it's not it's often not evidence-based at all which leads her to say these things that are patently false and you know it actually amazes me sometimes I forget how big a platform she has because just when I see a clip of her and how shallow it is I assume that she doesn't have that big of a following but then every once in a while I've I'm reminded of her Twitter followers and I'm surprised every time you're increasingly in a in a really influential position and speaking on some of the kind of the hottest topics how do you make sure that you are keeping your own mind open and being exposed to kind of critiques and being kind of having the kind of intellectual curiosity and intellectual honesty to challenge your own views and perspectives mmm do you think that's a really important thing for you to do and it's well I think one thing I'm very afraid of is if I ever became I guess there's this thing when somehow as the number of Twitter followers you have goes up people's willingness to challenge you on your beliefs in private sometimes goes down which doesn't make sense and is really concerning so I can imagine someone who has a million Twitter followers who is a legend and who surrounds themselves by people who praise them constantly and they lose their edge to the point where when they're confronted by someone who really knows the topic and challenges them they're left completely there their cards are shown and they realize holy crap I've just been surrounded by people who are smelling my farts and not challenging me at all I think that's happened to a lot of people how do you avoid smelling of phones well I don't really have i'm not big enough to have a posse of people who agree with me and that also sounds like horrible that sounds like a nightmare I would much rather have people which I do who disagree with me all the time so I seek out those interactions I have friends who think I'm wrong about like big parts of the way I assess race issues and I talk to those friends so I get that pushback I read opinions I disagree with frequently tried to steal man my opponents all of these things try to stay mentally flexible and mentally healthy understand that you can change your opinion on something and it's not the end of the world you can admit to being wrong and it's not – not the end of the world so yeah I'm not super concerned about it but I do think about it

31 thoughts on “The Problem With Candace Owens | Coleman Hughes

  1. I like Coleman Hughes. A lot. Like his view on most things and even when I disagree I always appreciate his considered position on the issue.

    But that said, this is a bad look. I agree with his view on Candace, but I don't think he should partake in this low level discuss of other public figures in his space.

    It's a bad look 🙁

  2. Her popularity and celebrity grew faster than her knowledge of very nuanced issues was prepared for. In a sense, she was thrust into conversations she wasn’t qualified to speak on but couldn’t back down because of ego.

    This happens when someone is all of a sudden in the spotlight and recorded constantly. Jordan Peterson mentioned he was cognizant to avoid misspeaking during interviews and discussions (a logical, humble approach). Women (not all) aren’t particularly good at balancing humility and ego (emotionally arrogant approach).

    She means well though, she just hit a knowledge ceiling.

  3. I appreciate his attempt to raise level of the political discourse… But progressives already said this: The same could be said of Fox news, Trump, and to a lesser degree MSNBC.

  4. I dont agree with Coleman Hughes on just about anything…except this video. I can appreciate how measured he is in his though process even if we ultimately come to differing conclusions.

  5. Nobody cares about the Negro, but The Most High and His Son (not white, but is the color of the jasper stone of which I have as my profile pic). He came for Us, to show Us about His Kingdom. America is a white-man and woman made kingdom}; but God tells Us, His People, in Luke the Twelfth Chapter, the Twenty Second through the Thirty Second Verse to First Seek His Kingdom and Righteousness {America is not His Kingdom} and all these things that we are struggling and straining so hard to get will come to Us {Listen, He said it would come to Us!!!}. He has a Kingdom for Us to Rule and Reign Supreme with Him and This Is Written…

  6. This Coleman Cruz Hughes is just a silly, half Puerto Rican college student trying to pass himself of as a full Black American! Why would anyone listen to him? He's just a silly college student! He has basically no real life experience to speak of! He's a JOKE!

  7. The entire crop of current conservatives are cringeworthy. Sargon, Owens, Crowder, Milo and co.
    The hysterics of the left renders them rational, but in isolation they are stale, partisan and blinkered

  8. I like Candace Owens, however I like listening to you as well. I think Candace is a very well spoken and informed individual.

  9. Candace Owen's is a lot more tolerable when you realise that she is a brand. I see her lack of compassion as partly a preformance, also using identity politics against the left as she uses that black female conservative intersection for its novelty value. She has mobilised a lot of black minds with this approach and I believe she acts with good intentions regardless. Her interview with Russel Brand brought out another side of her though and I thought she displayed a lot of integrity there. But her brand is what it is, she likes aggressively going after low hanging fruit which for her usually consists of trying to humiliate 20 year old college students and selectively trying to provoke people like AOC onto a debate. She also seems irrationally loyal to Trump, not saying that Trump is bad or that I dont understand Trump voters but Candace kinda goes overboard in the way she is completely bon critical of his character, she just cannot conceive why someone like Ben Shapiro or Sam Harris doesn't like Trumps character.

  10. I like a lot of what this kid says, but since some jealousy of Candice from him. SMDH…a crab in a barrel. He says that Candice has no proof to as a climate denier; well, she should not have to prove anything! Is up to the climate change radicals to prove their case, and they simply have not.

    I like that Candice is one of the few people on the right who is as aggressive towards the left as the left is towards the right! I like that!

    Everyone on the left DAILY spews shit without any proof, nor do they care that it's false! So I don't really care if Candice can back up what she says! I hate the left so much that I just love that Candace says what no other blacks with platforms (except Larry Elder) has the balls to say against the left!

  11. He is fraud trying to call some one else an fraud. They climb up the conservatives rank by puting other conservatives of color down ti rise up.

  12. Both intellectually mislead while tapping dancing for the majority. You would think they both would be aware of how they are used.

  13. How do you avoid smelling your farts?

    Well I close my butt hole as tight as possible everytime I feel one coming on. And if it gets out I sprint away as fast as possible

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