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The New Warburtons Ad – Pride and Breadjudice Starring Peter Kay

The New Warburtons Ad – Pride and Breadjudice Starring Peter Kay

Mr.. Warburton, there’s a Mr. Kay here to see ya. There he is Mr Bread. Ha. I were just passing. Is it true you’re 141 years old this year? Yes, we started in 1876. Bingo! You’ve given me an idea for one of those steamy period dramas. Strap yourself in Jonny… now listen to this…you’re going to love it… It’s an epic tale of passion, flour and a woman stood on a hill Our heroine, Ellen, dreams of a life dedicated to baking seeded batch loaf. But her father, he has other ideas… Ellen dearest people are talking. You must choose an husband. Earl Arndale of Bolton Abbey… The Count of the Costa del Sol. Lord North of the Wall… Lord North of the Wall… And… Barnaby… What are men to seeds and dough? There’s more to life than baking, Ellen! I play your great-grandfather, Thomas Warburton, a dashing seed salesman from Bolton. Ellen is overcome by Thomas’ intimate knowledge of seeds… and his fancy footwork. Auntie Barbara. Hello, yeah, I’m with him now. Derrick Warburtons lad. Yeah he’s shot up. Aah, do you do garlic bread?! No, they don’t do it. No, he’s not an actor, is he hell. Alright bye-bye. Where were I? Suggestive Kneading Ah! This seedy affair is over. Lads. But, Father Mr Warburton has everything I need; sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, millet seeds and linseeds! You are marrying Mr Ponsworth. He’s got a future. He’s from Leeds Leeds?! Do you Barnaby Lillian Ponsworth take – ELLENNN!! Woooah Kayleigh! When all seems lost Thomas returns to make the ultimate romantic gesture. Oh no, no forget that. I’m not going in there. No… no… no. I’ve done the frilly shirt and the horse, that’s your lot! Come on come on! One word from you will silence me forever Well here’s two, son. AV IT! Miss Ellen Yes, Mr Warburton? Will you start…start a nationwide bakery business with me? Oh Mr Warburton, that would be absolutely banging. Well let’s do it! ‘Ow about it Jonny? Lads. Oh, no come on, what d’ya think? It’s a winner, I’m telling you. Eh you’re squashing me baps! Warburtons Seed Batch, From Our Family to Yours.

46 thoughts on “The New Warburtons Ad – Pride and Breadjudice Starring Peter Kay

  1. So funny! And what a brilliant idea putting together one of the funniest comedians ever with the best tasting bread in the world!

  2. Peter Kay is my idol aha.
    After moving to the US, I've realized just how much I loved Warbies. American bread is awful.

  3. Fantastic. Especially the film and his TV show references. The killer line LEEDS. No one from Lancashire would marry someone from Yorkshire, We dont get a look in eny way ,as there sister/brother get there first.

  4. "Oo maa deeys wot a beltin adveeert tha wer eh" honestly tgat gotta be best of British advertising always thought peter kay was half decent but came into his own there well done nice nice

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