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The new Volvo V60 – TV ad

The new Volvo V60 – TV ad

Family It’s made in promises in pairs and more than a few back seats it goes it alone but makes no excuses it stays together through it all it’s family you call best friends and best friends you call family all families are different

8 thoughts on “The new Volvo V60 – TV ad

  1. Absolutely in love with this voice!!!
    Who is this scandinavian voiceover artist? Please 🙂
    P.S. nice cars too 😀

  2. No one except euro fags and freaks like this "proggressive" crap. Most people want to see the nuclear family being promoted. They don't want this Marxist culture destroying propaganda. Lol, and you people wonder why the far right are on the rise. Keep doing what your doing.

  3. LOL volvo have just alienated 90% of their core market. who wants to buy a brand promoting miscegenation and same sex families.

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