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The New Trend In Dropshipping 2019: GOOGLE ADS

The New Trend In Dropshipping 2019: GOOGLE ADS

( Google Ads 2019) Hey, what is up guys this video we’re gonna talk about the next trend in dropshipping Google Ads I’ve been talking about Google ads for a while all the way back to like October 2018 and People are loving my Google Apps videos So I decided let’s make a breakdown on why Google Ads of work for dropshipping and why they’re the next trend what everybody is talking? About them and before we start I want to say thank you so much for 4,000 subs Let’s get the shadow’ to 5,000 as soon as possible alright So four main topics to discuss Why Google Ads is better than any other ads platform and why a lot of my students see a lot of success on Google as opposed to Facebook or Instagram and why I teach Google specifically to how to know if Google is the right strategy for you because for some niches some products some businesses Google ads isn’t really the right strategy. It’s only Facebook or Instagram so you want to know if Google is the right way for you and a right way to just focus and put attention on and then the exact step-by-step who will add strategy you need to follow in 2019 2020 and beyond and exactly how to scale it to 2,000 per day on Google ads on my students do it how I do it and the exact types of campaigns how to scale them And how to structure your whole strategy so you can get to 2,000 a day in profit per day with Google ads So why Google is a better ad platform than a lot of platforms out there, right? The first is it takes advantage of active buyer intent on Facebook For example your advertising to people that are interested in things similar to your product They’re not necessarily interested in buying that product They’re just interested in that niche for that industry or things that are similar to that on Google you take advantage of like that active fire intent Which is people actively searching for that specific product that they want to buy They’re searching for that on Google live because they want to buy it. So you’re taking advantage of that intent of that like buyer Mindset that these people are in and you’re essentially selling them the product that they specifically told Google that they want Now many dropshippers are using it resulting in less competition than Facebook There’s really few dropshippers doing Google out of high volume And that’s why we’ve had so much success with and specific products that people saturate on Google They work on fit on saturate on Facebook. They work on Google for that specific reason. They’re saturated on Facebook So now they’re saturated on Facebook people are interested in them and looking for them and then they go finding on Google That’s how we’re beating a lot of competitors on Google which is because they’re saturating those products on Facebook giving up of them We’re selling them on Google because people are actively searching for them and they have that active buyer mindset that I just talked about right And then the third thing is you can test multiple products for a whole store with just one campaign on face Or you can’t really do that. You can’t really test a whole store You can test a collection, but you can’t really test your entire store with just one campaign Whereas with Google if you create a shopping campaign, I’m gonna go a little bit more in-depth into that You create a shopping campaign You can test your entire store with one campaign instead of testing each product individually The next thing how did Google I don’t know what Google is the right strategy for you, right? you sell products that people search for it scientists impulse bias natural products that are like five dollars ten dollars its products that people Actively search for and they want and they have that buyer mindset to buy those products then it’s the right Strategy for you on the right platform for you The second thing is you sell products that are not dominated by a particular Multinational brand what I mean by this is if you sell let’s say like a water bottle for example right here This is dominated by a lot of big brands So when people search for water bottle on Google They’re gonna find ads for huge huge brands and you’re just gonna compete against all those big dots So if you’re trying to compete against massive guys and massive companies, then it’s gonna be really hard for you so you have to essentially either take their products and narrow them down a little bit and each them down into something less competitive or just sell products that aren’t Dominated by big big brands. Let’s say you sell like icicles It’s really hard to sell it just divisive because there’s a lot of big brands advertising bicycles on Facebook like multinational corporate brands And they tend to advertise heavily on Google. So it’s hard to compete against them so you kind of have to either take your product and put a specific twist to it or niche it down or Essentially change it in a way where it has that wow factor or that Differentiating factor from everybody else and the third thing you sell products that people do a lot of research on before buying sides It’s a product that’s like an impulse buy people buy it. Oh five dollars booty. They buy that product No, it’s a product that people search online for they look at blog posts They look for either like a youtube video explaining the review of the product. These products are great. That’s why high ticket works So well on Google is because people actively search for these products to understand them better and then go and buy it So the next thing the exact Google Ads strategies I’m going to show you right now on my computer is Google Shopping standard and smart Campaigns at ten to twenty five dollars a day if you have no idea what this is you go on your Google Ads manager and you can create a new campaign on Adwords and You choose sales right here so you create a new campaign choose a sales campaign and you choose a shopping campaign now that you choose a shopping campaign you pick your account and Now you have smart shopping and standard shopping smart shopping essentially through Shopify You can connect it very easily through the Google Shopping feed on Shopify and a lot of students They see better results with a smart shopping campaign The problem with smart shopping is that it’s not as easily customizable on standard shopping. You can pick specific products They want to advertise on smart shopping. You kind of have to pick the whole store So you can’t really scale that well and smart shopping That’s why I recommend running them both running a smart shopping campaign and then a standard shopping campaign both of which you can create through Adwords and then scaling with the standard shopping which I’m gonna explain right now, so Specific product in pace you can do them through standard shopping So what you’ll do is you take that standard shopping campaign And then as soon as you create the campaign a whole campaign, you can essentially choose specific products that you’ll want to advertise So you click continue here and we’re selling to the United States Picking that continuum and now we’re gonna pick the type of product So let’s say demo campaign number one and I’m gonna go a little bit more in detail as to the type of campaign so what I recommend for your first campaign on Google is to choose maximize clicks just because you Really want to set a too low of a bid because you’re just testing it around, right? You’re just learning the platform slowly slowly you want to choose maximize clicks and your maximum CPC limit I recommend to be $1 Which is what I tell my students and they have a lot of success with that You can set this up for like 15 dollars all the way up to 25 dollars depending on your budget the campaign priority you want to set it to high and Then you want to take out the search Network You only want to do Google not like a bunch of random websites around you choose United States You save and continue’ and then you choose product shopping right here. You create a new campaign product shopping add a group number warning You say that and then in the specific product section What you can do here is add a subdivision on a standard shopping campaign. You can’t do this on a smart one That’s why I recommend running both so you run a smart one because they typically perform a lot better They’re more optimized and AdWords or Google Ads They do a lot of effort in optimizing some more campaigns but on the standard one You can essentially create a subdivision for a specific product by putting in the product ID and then choosing the product ID That is for your specific product. So let’s say you only want to sell like specific sweatshirt Then you choose sweatshirt on there and it’s only going to show that sweatshirt So it’s a specific product campaign to do a standard shopping, right? You’ll have specific product campaigns You’ll also have general Standard and smart shopping – prints that is essentially the things that you test with if you have a product that’s selling really well on Facebook you want to test it alone on? on Google Ads with a standard campaign For that specific product if you just have a store and you want to just test products a lot You can just do a smart shopping and see which products send us on board on Google The third thing is you scale with Google search. So essentially going back and creating a whole new campaign You create a new campaign for search traffic. So all you do is you do website traffic and then you do a search campaign So essentially for the specific type of product that you want to sell the specific type of niche that you’re selling it It’s harder to sell on Search and it’s really hard to compete against the big guys in search so that’s why I recommend it just for when you’re profitable and making a lot of sales and Want to scale you can do that there search traffic and then obviously they’ll be targeting on Google which is pretty easy to just create A display ad so what you do is you create a display and then choose standard display Then you want to continue here and pick your audience and I’m gonna show you how to do that right now You pick your audience down here. You set everything up and Then the audience what you want to do is do all visitors to your website from Adwords So you essentially click that and in this case, it’s two point Duque in the past like 30 days so you will choose the audience that is all visitors to your website and Retarget them with a display ad you’ve probably seen these a lot where you go to a web site and a day later or two Nights later you see a little ad on the side of a blog post or on the side of a Google search Without connecting visited that it is a retargeting display campaign, and that is how we scale That is how we essentially take the shopping campaigns and then scale them up to that 2k a day level And now the exact scaling strategy so you scale by countries. Remember? I just created a campaign for us I want to create one for US Canada UK Australia and Europe. That is how we scale Using countries or going international bidding strategies, which is what I showed you you essentially take that That smart shopping campaign. The shopping combined that we created take shopping select account country United States And now let’s do standard and then bidding strategies is what we talked about before manual CPC Enhanced CPC target rollouts and maximize clicks. We usually test all those four to scale So we started maximize clicks and if it’s getting really good results If we’re profitable with those sales then we start new duplicate campaigns with different one of those beginning strategies so we can essentially scale that way better and Then you can do buy campaign types as well So like I just talked about display search and shopping you can essentially scale that way and have multiple duplicates of the same campaign and also obviously Products you create a standard shopping to pain with one specific product you do it for everything Of your winning products and then we target traffic using your display ads Which is what I just showed you you’re creating on retargeting campaign and essentially just retargeting Everybody that goes to your website and the third thing you scale collections and heavily search products with Google search ads So what you can do is essentially create a Google search campaign Like I just showed you to a collection that you get a lot of sales from so let’s say you start Some google campaigns on shopping or standard shopping smart shopping. You start getting sales Then you create a Google search campaign and you send them to the collection of those products Not just the product you set up to a collection so that people can essentially choose From that collection of what product they like the most that is essentially how we scale on a collection base Essentially on a collection strategy is using Google search ads to a collection a product collection not just product page But that’s essentially it guys that is how you scale to 2,000 per day in the types of campaigns that you need to use obviously as soon as you get some sales and are profitable with the standard and smart shopping and business that I told you about you first start with standard and Smart shopping at like 10 to 25 a day you get sales there Then you start duplicating and scaling by products by countries by everything just like on Facebook you get some sales on that $25 CBO you then scale? So Google is pretty much the same way. So what to do now create your first school ad campaign I suggest doing one smart shopping and one standard shopping. Just you compare the both run multiple products to see which one gets the most clicks and sales on that’s more chopping and pain so you can then essentially create A standard shopping specific to that product check out the step by step google secrets 2019 tutorial I created back in December So if you want to check that out It’s gonna appear here on the bottom left as soon as this video is over and then it’s gonna pop up on the little I icon if you Click that you can check that tutorial out and then we’ll last thing schedule a free one on one call with me to save your the right thing for my mentoring program and to mentor you one-on-one to Get to that level of 10,000 a month a hundred thousand a month Whatever you want to get to I can help you get there and have students that have gotten to that level with Facebook with Google With Instagram pretty much using these strategies Combined using Google and Facebook combined to get to the hundred thousand a month level You can schedule a free one or a call It will figure out the best strategy for you and then we’ll get it rolling from there Thank you so much for watching this video guys. We’re at 4,000 subs So please subscribe to this channel if you like this video so we can get to 5,000 Thanks for watching like the video if you liked it share with a friend that wants to learn Google and doesn’t know how to do It thank you for watching again. I will see you guys in the next one

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