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The Most Inappropriate Advertisements Ever!

The Most Inappropriate Advertisements Ever!

Here are the most inappropriate advertising
campaigns ever! 9 – White vs Black
Sony has had a couple run ins with controversial ads in the past, but its white vs black PSP
campaign HAS to take the cake. When the PSP was first released in 2004, the
only available color was black. That is, until Sony decided to spice things
up a little bit and release a white version of the PSP. To promote the release of its new colored
PSP, Sony decided to pit the two colors against each other. The images released featured a white female
dressed in all white in some sort of combat with a black female in solid black clothing. Since the white PSP was the new one, the images
depicted the white female triumphing over the black female, with one ad even showing
the white woman grabbing the black woman’s chin as if she were in control of the woman. Now it didn’t take long for certain people
to start clammering and using the word “Racist”, as their reasoning was that it was another
example of white people having more power. Sony quickly removed the ads once the controversy
started to avoid any sort of negative activity. Seriously, who are these people that let something
like this slip past the approval stage?! 8 – Bread for everyone
Henry S. Levy and Sons, popularly known as Levy’s, was a bakery based in Brooklyn, New
York, most famous for its rye bread. But in order to gain more customers, it used
a marketing campaign that wasn’t exactly the greatest in order to get more people to
eat its bread. Well, a campaign spent selling rye bread to
only jewish people would be a campaign squandered in preaching to the converted apparently,
in the ad director’s own words. Their ads were images of various people from
different races and ethnicities eating a sandwich on levy’s rye bread. Above and below the image was text that stated
“you don’t have to be jewish, to love levy’s”. Because of the cultural attitudes at the time,
no one really found it all that [email protected] at the time to imply only Jewish people ate rye
bread. However, if this ad came out today, can you
guys imagine the twitter outrage?! 7 – Oops we didn’t mean that
Heinz Tomato Ketchup actually created even more exposure with its unintentional advertising
ploy. Back in 2015, Heinz printed QR codes on every
bottle of ketchup that linked to the website of Heinz Tomato Ketchup. First of all, who really uses QR codes anyways? But anyways, at least they were trying to
take advantage of modern technology. What Heinz didn’t know was how close their
website was to needing to renewing its domain. The website fell into public domain, and a
very interesting website owner happened to buy the domain back. Towards the end of 2015 the website domain
was owned by a p0rn site and everyone who enjoyed Heinz ketchup and wanted to check
out the code on the bottle, were brought to disturbing images and videos all thanks to
the greatest ketchup company out there. Once Heinz realized what the code actually
linked to, they took the bottles off the shelves and reprinted the bottles to make sure their
ketchup wasn’t that hardcore again. 6 – Maybe not Just do it? Not even Nike is safe from marketing blunders! Nike somehow released a TV commercial that
was a little too gory for a family to see on the Tele. The commercial starred a famous three-time
Olympian runner Suzy Favor-Hamilton. You would think having a famous Olympic runner
to star in a commercial advertising Nike’s running shoes is a sure way to resonate with
consumers, but Nike didn’t exactly do things right. The commercial had Hamilton getting finished
with a bath in a dark spooky house. While brushing her hair, she opens the mirror
cupboard and puts her comb inside. As Hamilton shuts the mirror in a classic
horr0r way, there’s a guy with a Jason mask in overalls standing behind her and she screams. As this dude rushes her with his chainsaw
she’s able to slip out the door and outrun the guy in the mask because to her “New
Nike’s”. Doesn’t sound that bad right? Just a commercial inspired by a classic h0rr0r
movies. Wellll the ad was banned because of the mood
of the commercial. Let’s be honest, anytime a dude with a chainsaw
is trying to k1ll someone, it’s unsettling to anybody. After Hamilton escapes words pop up on the
screen that read “Why sport?, You’ll live longer”. Nike’s classic movie remake was meant to
be a throwback, but all it did was striker fear into most people across the world. 5 – Some really intense business meetings
In case you guys didn’t know, Benetton Group is a global fashion brand, based in Italy. The name comes from the Benetton family who
founded the company in 1965. Why a fashion group has any business in politics
is beyond me but at one point they sure were. Benetton released a series of ads depicting
many high positioned government officials in a strange let’s just say, intimate meeting. By that of course I meant the ads depicted
world leaders in a very intense lip locking session. With shots showing President Barack Obama
kissing his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Abbas embracing Benjamin Netanyahu,
the ads were just really weird. Benetton wanted people to embrace peace all
over the world, but really does anyone want to see world leaders liplocking while wearing
business suits? 4 – Really, who falls for this?! Remember back in the day when pretty much
if you were a guy, you were bombarded with spam emails that promised you you could make
your junk bigger? Well, maybe girls got this too, but I’m
not too sure. Well, let’s took these spam emails to the
big stage! Enzyte is an herbal nutritional supplement
that supposedly promotes quote “natural male enhancement,” which is a euphemism for enhancing
er3ctile function. However, its effectiveness was called into
doubt and the claims of the manufacturer had been under scrutiny from various state and
federal organizations. This campaign failed basically because of
the straight up lies told within the marketing. The object of the ads was to make people think
they could get their pick bigger by taking a wonder pill. Now the ads were actually unintentionally,
or maybe intentionally hilarious, as it showcased a man named bob who’s life got 20 million
times better when he took the pill and featured a ton of d*ck jokes. However, c’mon, we all know that these pills
don’t work. This was proven wrong by many scientist shortly
after the ads released, as increasing blood flow will not increase size in any region
on the male body. 3 – A girl and her blog
Malala Yousafzai is a brave little girl who stood up to the tall as a van and fought for
education. She’s a hero in her country and even many
people not from her country know her story. That’s what makes it so surprising that Kurlon
Mattresses would use Malala’s unfortunate situation to boost sales of their beds. Malala Yousafzai was on her way to school
in her home country of Pakistan, but little did she know, there were some people looking
to pill her her because of her recent blogs about how the tall as a van wasn’t the nicest
group in the country. They boarded her school bus and shot her in
an attempted to k1ll her, but she survived and went on to go write about the [email protected]
even more. She took her injury in the greatest way by
not wanting revenge, but just wanting education for young girls like her in Pakistan. She went on to give a groundbreaking speech
and winning a nobel peace prize. It’s a pretty tough story and touching speech
which makes it even more horrible that the infamous mattress company would use her situation
to sell more beds. The ad depicted Malala being hot by the tall
as a van only to fall down and bounce on one of Kurlon’s mattresses and landing to accept
a nobel peace prize. Some believe it was meant to pay homage to
Malala and her story, but to most it just seemed like the company was trying to profit
off of a dark situation. 2 – Just Kids here
Despite being the pseudonym for the one and only clean imaged Marty Mcfly, Calvin Klein
the company has had it’s fair share of controversial ads. The worst ads that Calvin Klein released were
the underaged looking models they used for old s3x driven ads, with some of the models
actually being actually underaged. Calvin Klein’s main brand would be their
underwear they sell. Some of these commercials and images were
controversial as they would use underaged models to sell underwear. After the initial ads were banned, Calvin
Klein had another run in with inappropriate models. Not learning their lesson the first time,
the differences was the fact that the models weren’t actually underage, they just looked
underage. For example, there was an ad that advertised
bras but they used a model who was actually 18 but looked closer to 12. Insinuating s3xual behavior while using super
young looking models has been a trend Calvin Klein has been doing a long time. 1 – Just a whitening toothpaste
Out of all the entries we have so far, this one is easily the most ridiculous and most
appalling. Darlie toothpaste has been around for a long
time, since 1900. Darlie toothpaste actually used to be called
[email protected] toothpaste if you guys can believe it. I don’t think I need to go into how disrespectful
the former name was. The packaging featured an image of a wide-eyed,
smiling black male wearing a top hat, monocle and bow-tie, an image associated with minstrel
shows. This premise of this toothpaste relies on
the stereotype of black people having dark skin which in turn would make their teeth
look more shiny and noticeable. That was the selling point of Darlie toothpaste. The TV commercials even had a slogan of “make
your smile a [email protected] smile” which was extremely offensive even for those times. In 1990, after Colgate-Palmolive acquired
Hawley & Hazel, the English name of the toothpaste was changed to Darlie, and the image on the
packaging was altered to show a racially ambiguous face in a top hat to avoid racial misunderstanding. However, the Chinese name of the brand actually
remains the same today, and a Chinese advertising campaign was actually deployed to remind customers
that quote “Black Person Toothpaste is still Black Person Toothpaste”. The chinese characters used for the brand
name translates literally to black person toothpaste. It also had the black male refer to the white
male as “boss” in advertising. Darlie toothpaste had a very long life cycle
in the western markets, and wasn’t ever really called out on it’s [email protected] until the
1980’s where it then had to change its branding and got the dazzling new name of Darlie Toothpaste. It then went on store shelves for about 2
more decades before finally deemed [email protected] and taken off the western markets for good. However, Darlie toothpaste is still alive
and well in Asia, as it has a large market share in many of its Asian markets. Here’s what’s next!

14 thoughts on “The Most Inappropriate Advertisements Ever!

  1. The Pakistani schoolgirl should be a world famous model for female rights, but that won't happen as long as feminists remain in their love affair with the Taliban.

  2. On the belt line in Raleigh NC, there's a bill board which has the phase " Black Tuesday – Black TV" and showing ALL BLACK actors. It's about an upcoming 'black tv show'. No one's saying JACK SHIT about being racist or double standard

  3. I found this odd as I tape everything because my remote has a 1 minute fast fwd button so I no longer see ads. It's bliss.

  4. So why is it bordering on criminal to be racist? Aren't we protected by freedom of speech and conscience? why? its offensive? Who gives a rats ass if its offensive. Despite modern takes on these things you are, in no country on earth, protected by the state from being offended. Remember, freedom of speech exists to protect the speech YOU DONT like, un offensive things generally dont need protection. Besides, I do see a clear split between "the countryside" and the city, in the city you have to conform or die, no such conditions exist outside of those cities. There are still ALOT of people that chose freedom of conscience and of speech over the offense of others and thats not going to change. OH, AND you call nudity and sex disgusting on the heinz thing. Its amusing, living outside of america, how you giggle at nudity and treat it like a highschool secret peep hole, ITS JUST NUDITY AND SEX, something just about everyone else on earth respects but acknowleging it is a serious adult activity. Why do americans love violence but act like teenage virgins seeing a boob for the first time when talking about sex? anyone?.

  5. The funniest thing is,… Darling toothpaste, when sold in China/Hong Kong – their Chinese brand name is a direct translation of "black people toothpaste"…. It STILL is. It's 2017. I see it everyday here where I live – Hong Kong.

  6. I lived in Hong Kong when I was a kid and my mom used to tell me that I must brush my teeth so I can have my teeth like black people, because they where know for having very white teeth, pointing on the toothpaste and brand. But we never considered how offensive this was for black people so I understand that the company changed the name and slogan, companies must stop having references to of black people and that will come one day.

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