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The Most Genius Food Packaging Designs Ever Created

The Most Genius Food Packaging Designs Ever Created

– [Man] Sometimes all it takes to make a meal great is presentation, so much so that you can even
forget how crappy the food is because of how impeccable
it’s been packaged. With that in mind, here are perhaps the most genius food packaging designs ever created. – [Animated Person] Amazing! – [Man] Pizza is the
ultimate take-out food. There’s no doubt about it and this pizza box right
here does you one better by not having you clean
some dishes afterwards. You see, this pie box
was specifically made with sections you can
tear and use as a plate. Now, that’s convenience right there. To promote the legendary
anime and monga franchise, Dragon Ball Z, convenience store chain Mini Stop came up with the box that
makes their french fries look like Son Goku’s spiky,
yellow, super saiyan hair. Just imagine, you get to eat the hair of an extraterrestrial warrior
that has superhuman strength. No matter how big or tough
your local school bully is, I’m pretty sure that
unloved, suicidal asshole is not immune to diarrhea. These sandwich bags are especially made with some rather realistic
prints of mold on it to make it deter anyone from
trying to steal your lunch. Sushi is great, but you can’t deny that it’s such a hassle when you have to eat it with chopsticks. Well, forget about that
because the Sushi Popper allows you to gobble up
as much sushi as you like, push-pop style. Plus, the additional convenience of not having to use a plate makes the Sushi Popper even
better if you’re on the go. Sometimes, simplicity is the key, and the peanut duplex bag
has exactly that in spades. Just by adding a single piece of paper inside an ordinary bag of
peanuts to serve as a partition, the guys who made this were able to solve the age-old problem of having to deal with those messy shells. It’s a mystery how most
butter manufacturers haven’t adopted this design yet, which makes butter as portable as it gets. Using the lid as a scoop, the Butter Spoon allows
anyone to have their very own smooth spread wherever they are. Additionally, thinking
about how this reduces the amount of plastic we need makes it environment-friendly as well. Pizza Hut upped the ante on their box game by presenting the world
with their showtime box, which allows that boring old carton to turn into a projector. You see, they added a magnifying
lens on one side of the box where you can slide your phone in to watch movies while you eat your pizza. Of all the items you’ll see here, this is probably the
most eco-friendly one. By replacing the material
used for egg cartons with hay, this particular design
makes for a great fertilizer once you’re done with it. Not to mention that it
reduces our need for paper, compared to the usual egg
carton we see in stores. Who says you can’t add more quirkiness to the whole fortune cookie shtick? This packaging actually
does justice to those little baked shells by replacing those boring old plastic wrappers
they usually come with. As such, this one’s a perfect example of creativity and work. I’m guessing that this
is McDonald’s answer to all those naysayers who keep saying, “They just want you to get fat.” Because in this case, the red and yellow clown
urges you to peddle your way to one of their restaurants
and have a Big Mac on the go in this handlebar-friendly box, that conveniently unravels when
you’re ready to grab a bite. There are times when food becomes better with the way you eat it,
instead of the food itself. And this is one of those instances. These ice cream cup bobble heads, aside from looking extremely cute, give you that unique
experience of being able to eat the brains of these
cute, little cartoon animals. You can always trust
Starbucks with coming up with some of the most creative
ways to give you diabetes. These baked straws are coated
with chocolate on the inside to prevent them from
crumbling as you suck on whatever ridiculously-named
beverage you bought. After that, you can go on and just bite the whole thing
down as an added treat. It’s all about style when it comes to this skyscraper pasta holder. I mean, who ever thought
that uncooked wheat could double as a replica of
the Empire State Building? Well, these guys did and the whole world is
all the better for it. This Molocow’s milk bottle design just revels in that old
aliens abducting cows theme by having its cap shaped
like a flying saucer. Meanwhile, the shape of the
bottle, along with the milk, makes it look like a tractor beam. Hey, this just goes to
show that science fiction and dairy products go well together. Apart from being perfect
for the aviation theme, given that Air Asia is an airline company, the red wing shirt is also designed to have the wings on its sides double as a hanger for the shirt. What makes this stand out
is the way that it combines form with function, which
is very clever indeed. Instead of using materials
like wood, paper, or metal, this box of honey is
made entirely of beeswax, which means that you can turn it into a wonderful scented candle block by simply adding a wick to it. And that’s because
nothing else says all in like having your packaging
made from something related to your product. Tea has a reputation for
being a calming beverage and these flowering tea
bags just adds to that. You see, these wonderful
little bags of dried leaves are topped with paper
flowers that slowly bloom when you dip the bag in hot water. All I can say is, that’s elegant. These cups are exactly as advertised. They’re edible containers
that you can bite down on once you’re done with whatever’s in them. Now, it might look structurally unsound, given that cookies tend to
crumble when they get wet, but that’s all solved by having their inner wall slathered with chocolate. The coffee caddy is a simple, yet convenient innovation on coffee cups with it’s lid-containing holders for your packets of sugar and creamer. That way, there won’t be a need for you to fumble all over your tray
looking for those condiments. You don’t really need to come
up with something extravagant to revolutionize something. Case in point, this french fry box with a built-in ketchup holder. By simply adding about
three flaps of paper to the box’s face, the whole world can say goodbye to the problem of where to put your dip. In one of those rare instances where food and technology
combine McDonald’s goal, fries allows you to turn
your box of fried potatoes into a mobile football
game by downloading an app and pointing your phone’s camera at it, which then turns that seemingly meager box into a virtual goalpost. This little tin tube that holds cookies turns into a wonderful
bowl when you unravel it, which means you’ll have one fewer bowl to worry about after eating it. Plus, that same bowl can be recycled as a posh, little flowerpot right after you’re done with your cookies. So it’s versatile as well. As far as cookie packaging goes, the unraveling cookie
box is pretty unique, in that it doesn’t offer lids or box tops. Instead, you can just unravel
it much like a scroll, and have your baked
goodies presented to you in a neatly arranged manner. When McDonald’s had their
luxury burger promotion, which had them selling sandwiches
with pricey ingredients like truffle sauce and such, they made damn sure they
won’t serve it to you in a paper wrapper like a peasant. As such, the restaurant
put their burgers in boxes made of hard carton, complete with a shiny
print of the golden arches. This clever little design
does away with all those bulky Parmesan shakers you see in stores by molding the cheese into a pencil, which you simply have to
shave off using a sharpener and onto your pasta. Aside from being a total space saver, this ads a whole new dimension to the way you apply seasoning. What’s one of the main
problems when you cook pasta? Why, the amount per serving of course. That’s why this box of pasta that divides its contents per
serving is nearly invaluable, as it allows you to cook just
the right amount for any meal. Not so fun fact. It’s considered unwomanly
for Japanese ladies to open their mouths in public. As a way to solve this
particularly sexist problem, Freshness Burger, a famous
fast food chain in Japan, came up with the liberation wrappers, which is a burger wrapper
with a print of a lady with a closed mouth on it. When you mix tea time with craftwork, you get these goldfish tea bags that make your cup look
infinitely more interesting. Granted, you don’t let it into your head that you’re drinking goldfish pee. In any case, why go for
a boring, square tea bag when you can make it look
like a gorgeous pet fish? Any alcoholic would weep in
joy with this wine bottle which has the cap in the
shape of a glass cup. As such, you don’t have to
look like the wino you are whenever you take a swig. After all, if you’re gonna
develop a substance problem, you might as well do it with some class. This clever wooden wine box turns into a quaint, little birdhouse
complete with birch once you’re done getting sloshed. Yes, it’s environment and animal-friendly. Although I have to ask, how can you take care of birds
when you’re drunk on wine? Fast food chain, Togo Burger, came up with this
versatile paper packaging for their takeout meals. For one, it can hold everything right from your soda down to your straw. The best part though, is it actually keeps your food in place so that you won’t have
to worry about spillage. You might know this already, but tea bags could be used multiple times. With that in mind, these tea bag hanger come in very handy in literally hanging
your used tea bags to dry after you use them, which is way better than
just letting them sit sopping wet in a saucer. Pizza, as awesome as it
is, has one glaring flaw. They’re greasy as all hell. With the paper towel pizza mat however, that won’t be a problem at all. Each section of the mat is
the size of a single slice, which you can just tear off without getting your hands all oily. This smart design allows you
to turn your yogurt cup’s lid into a disposable scoop just
by following a few easy steps. Once you’re done doing
the necessary folds, you can enjoy your snack without having to worry
about washing spoons after. This sushi box’s design
improves on the usual paper box on a couple of important points. First, by having the
chopsticks serve as its handle, you get a sturdier hold on it as opposed to ones made of paper. Second, it just ties
the whole thing together to make one economical design. Which design was your favorite? Do you also wonder why we don’t see some of these designs about? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to subscribe, clicking that bill icon to stay updated. Thanks for watching.

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