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The Liquid Lounge 14 : Ian Manot is helping make cannabis connections

The Liquid Lounge 14 : Ian Manot is helping make cannabis connections

hello happy 4/20 Eve! I’m Aaron Silverman
your host of the liquid lounge I am joined today by Ian Monat founder
of CaliWeedJobs thanks for being here thanks for having me I want to give a
quick shout-out to our sponsor OMG Farms thanks a lot for all these
great products these tinctures lotions and vape pens and balms
we love you OMGFarms.com if you want to learn more about them and their
products so anyway without further ado again happy 4/20 Eve I’m excited to have
you on the show – It’s like Christmas Eve for stoners it’s exactly what it is
Christmas Eve for stoners and we’ll see if this Bud’s for you tomorrow right
okay sorry I had to do that anyway I’m glad you’re on the show we’ve had some
cool conversations lately appreciate the Bourbon too and then the liquid lounge
we always keep the conversation fluid so thank you very much and Cheers that’s
great on a Friday so oh that almost wasn’t
so CaliWeedJobs let’s talk about what does CaliWeedJobs how did you
get that started and why did you get it started sure CaliWeedJobs is a job board
for the cannabis industry in California I’m a California native I’ve been a
cannabis enthusiast for most of my life and I’ve always enjoyed referring people
to jobs like at my at my own job I would always try to bring people in that I
knew get them hired I’m a connector and so and I’ve always been into the web as
well and so when California you know legalized recreational marijuana I
thought it was an opportunity to combine all those things to combine my wanting
to connect people cannabis and the web and that’s kind of the thought process
behind out CaliWeedJobs was born ya know that’s smart considering you know
what California not only has to offer you know to the cannabis industry on its
own but you know also the amount of opportunity we have to just offer to the
workforce especially as the industry is growing at the rate with which it is
more and more companies more and more businesses more and more jobs and with
all of that there’s also attrition more jobs that need to be filled right so
absolutely obviously there’s going to be need for jobs and qualified people in
order for these businesses to be able to do well and become successful – yeah a
third of all cannabis jobs are in California so the stats are crazy – wow
that’s great so what about CaliWeedJob so there’s
obviously some competition in the space you know I like to say that there it’s
still too early to have competition you know bad business as our competition is
you know as cannabis entrepreneurs but but you know in that space you know there’s
a company you know Vangst for example you know we all know Vangst great companies
smart you know smart play what makes you different from Vangst yeah
banks has done a great job in the space and even though we’re all competing in
the job space the job space is one where there’s a ton of collaboration too and
there’s a company that could be your competitor but it’s also your
collaborator and so Vangst is is doing great things they have a nice product
for for for temporary work I’m called Gigs but I think what CaliWeedJobs does
a little bit different is the partnerships we have a number of really
great partnerships and affiliates so let’s just talk about talk about those
partnerships themselves and I want to jump back to talk about the CaliWeedJobs experience but Norml now as a partner of yours right absolutely as of
as a 4:20 tomorrow California Norml is gonna roll out a brand new website and
they’re gonna have a jobs page on it which which they’ve never had before and
it’s gonna be powered by CaliWeedJobs that’s great good for you man Congrats
that’s great that’s an awesome partnership yeah there’s so much
information for the industry on the norml site in terms of you know
legislative info and whatnot and it just it just makes sense for them to have a
California jobs page so let’s let’s start there then so I wake up tomorrow
morning and I say you know what I hate my job I want something new , i want a total
change whatever it might be or I just graduated college I’m gonna screw around
for a couple weeks but I can’t wait to get to work and I want to do in the
Cannabis space mm-hmm so I’m gonna jump on CaliWeedJobs.com
now take me through the experience how do I go from jumping on
your website wanting to work in the industry to finding a job and working in
the industry and having probably the coolest job I’m ever gonna have – that’s
right so CaliWeedJobs is a traditional job board but the the source of the jobs
is is not so traditional I’m bringing in jobs from four different sources so it’s
like an aggregation or a mash-up of jobs so so it’s really it’s it it should be a
one-stop shop in that sense and so we’re bringing jobs from zip recruiter
monster.com oh well um couple other websites and
then of course as an employer you can also place a job you can place a basic
job listing for free or you can place a featured job for a pretty low price I
think of just $20 – so that’s pretty awesome I mean you know here you are you
know a young business in a you know an emerging industry like cannabis and yet
you’re already dealing with some of the big boys like the monsters and the zip
recruiters and that’s pretty awesome I don’t know that a lot of folks realize
that you know what we’re doing in our industry is cool and exciting but also
smart enough to warrant you know in command their attention on some level to
be able to develop partnerships with them yeah absolutely the the cannabis
jobs sector is growing so fast that that the the big established players that
like the ziprecruiter and monster and indeed are umm you know really trying
to jump in and and forge these partnerships so we’re happy to leverage
you know the amount of jobs they have and the great thing about as a job
seeker going to CaliWeedJobs is you don’t have to wade through the rest of
the zip recruiter jobs or the monster jobs you know that every job on category
jobs is as in California and is in cannabis – okay – so is it too early to ask
if you have any plans on going outside of California or is 33% of the job
market good enough for you – so I would say that I’m fine-tuning the CaliWeedJobs business model as it is and trying to make the site better every
day make the user experience better every day
and then once I feel like I’m to you know to that point then then I’ll
consider you know expanding that footprint a little bit okay great
so tomorrow the norml site goes up it’s on 4/20 a lot of things happening
tomorrow so with all the things happening
tomorrow are you gonna be enjoying anything by way of product or brand or
any sort of special special way you have to celebrate 4/20? – yeah yeah I’ll
celebrate 4/20 I’m kind of a kind of an old-school smoker so you know like your
your joints your blunts your bongs your pipes
haven’t really dabbled in dabs too much um waiting for someone to show me the
ropes on that – so you gonna roll some Jaybirds tomorrow? – yeah –
all right what uh favorite strain favorite strain? so so I’m kind of
kind of a nerd and I’m a big Star Wars geek so so my favorite strain is
obviously little Skywalker OG – Skywalker OG alright, but there’s also some Death Star OG – yeah yeah I love it, i’m waiting for
like the Han Solo OG to come out – alright that’s a challenge for anyone out there
don’t! don’t come out with it so whats next for Cali weed jobs other than optimizing
the website – [GONG] – improving the overall performance sounds like it’s 4:20 it is 4:20
that means its 4:20 here and we’re celebrating something especially on the eve of 4/20 so oh
looks like we got a deal signed here at MediaJEL and every every Friday at
4:20 we ring the gong for that -cheers to that – so yeah well toast to that and we’ll
congratulate our VP of advertising – Dash Rothberg on getting our IO sign this
week thank you very much Dash-[cheers]- now we can afford to keep these lights on and these
cameras rolling yeah so let’s just keep talking now we’d have to cut this short
all right so what what are some of like your favorite brands I know you said
you’re an old-school stoner but I’m talking on nowadays you know things are
a little bit you know more polished a little bit more professionalized you know we
have brands now – sure great packaging and you know some
really really cool businesses that have been you know been built in cannabis in
the last few years yeah so what are some of the brands and businesses that you
seem to be a fan of or you like or you think are doing a great job at you know
helping the cannabis industry you know look better as far as mainstream goes
sure sure so obviously all the brands that list their jobs on CaliWeedJobs are
my favorite yeah aside from that I really like what brands like Canndescent
are doing in terms of their messaging and in branding the the strains not not
just with like a strain name but you know like ‘awake’ and ‘sleepy’ – branding
experiences or your expectations almost exactly it’s you know for for a new
recreational user that type of messaging is really important I think when you’re
walking through dispensary and you know got sensory overload you’re you’re gonna
want something that that makes sense to you and those type of descriptors I
think will resonate in a marketplace especially for the recreational user
like a long time medical user that might not mean as much sure yeah and sometimes
I feel like you know there’s a whole conversation or argument whatever you
want to call it to be had about recreational versus medical you know
ever not sure the plant really cares why it’s being used but I certainly respect
the adult use level of you know measurement as to who should be using
and who shouldn’t mm-hmm but but that’s a whole nother
conversation so what how many how many jobs do you have available right now on
CaliWeedJobs? – sure today there’s about 350 jobs on CaliWeedJobs
and a couple things that we do that are interesting about the jobs one is none
of the jobs are over 30 days old so everything is fresh. We keep it fresh on
caliweedjobs – haha i like that – we get we get new jobs on the site every day at can you guess what
time? – 420 – at 4:20, everyday at 4:20 new jobs on CaliWeedJobs you’re looking for jobs and
you don’t see anything that’s that’s the right fit for you you know just check
back tomorrow – awesome – and so in terms of like the composition of the jobs we’re
seeing a lot of sales jobs brand ambassador delivery driver but but in
terms of the scale the jobs you know we we have VP and C-level positions as
well as entry level budtender jobs great and obviously they’re covered all
throughout California yeah absolutely absolutely we’re we’re pretty heavily
weighted in LA and Southern California but we got a ton of jobs in
the Bay Area lots of tech like you know cannabis tech jobs developer jobs in the bay area – oh cool –
yeah yeah – does it cost anything to get on the site and look for a job or
register for one or anything like that no it’s it’s free to register as a
candidate and it’s free to apply to unlimited amount of jobs if you are a
candidate and you want to get your your your name out there we do offer a
product called Featured Candidate in which you you upload your information
and have a short chat on the phone and then we we feature you in our weekly
email newsletter which is called Work In Weed Wednesdays and so so you know
we give you a little platform to say you know hey I got these skills and I want
to pivot into the cannabis industry and we’ll provide your contact information
and so it’s it’s a nice value with just 20 bucks so 20 bucks and that’s 20 bucks
flat fee or 20 bucks a month 20 bucks flat fee to feature yourself as a
candidate and we’ll do an Instagram story on you okay and we’ve got a great
you know audience that’s that’s you know it’s all cannabis enthusiasts and
they’re all in California and so it’s a it’s a nice targeted way to get your name
out there perfect awesome well I really appreciate you being on
the show today this was great to have this conversation with you again happy
4/20 in advance enjoy your joint tomorrow hopefully you
get a hold of some Skywalker OG I’m gonna go for some straight OG
myself no that’s the way I like to get down but anyway
happy Friday happy 420 CaliWeedJobs.com cheers brother and good luck thank you

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