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The Lion King Official Trailer

The Lion King Official Trailer

♪♪ SCAR:
Life’s not fair, is it my
little friend? While some are
born to feast, others spend their
lives in the dark… begging for scraps. ♪♪ MUFASA:
Everything you see… exists together in
a delicate balance. While others search for
what they can take… a true king searches
for what he can give. SCAR:
Run away Simba… and NEVER return! MUFASA:
You must take your place… in the
circle of life. [Roar] ♪♪ TIMON and PUBA:
[Singing] [Singing]

100 thoughts on “The Lion King Official Trailer

  1. loved the movie, but I hated the narrative. Given the wide deviation of the storyline in recent Disney remakes, Lion King 2019 should have had Scar survive and give room for a remake of the sequel or fuck sakes at least have Scar put up a decent fight against the Hyenas or at least negotiate with them where they spare his life. Come back in the remake as Kovu's mentor/ dad or whatever. There were so many ways it could have been re-written to where "us" Lion King fans would have been oh shit! I didnt see that happening! Can't wait for the remake of the sequel

  2. ”back when I was a young cub I used to have a heart, to my ex girl Nala she left me all Scard, cause she was all about a dolla but when I’m with you it’s HAKUNA MATATA!!”

  3. The old scar was better because he showed us the he wanted to be king more than anything and by doing so he kills his one brother. But this one was more like he killed mufasa for sarabi more than be king.

  4. I was sad when the peoples said this movie was bullshit and it ruined the old movie
    If these people want their innacurate shit , just see The jungle book live action.
    While me , i loved this movie , i remembered when i saw the lion king when i was 5 yrs old

  5. Watched the movie last night with my husband , it’s like time traveled back to 90s..ohh I missed the kiddo inside me so much !

  6. LION KING — please react to the new season of the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon and the cool new Target exclusive SHE-RA dolls collection.

  7. Average Movie critic:
    before realease: 10/10
    After released 3/10😂😂 Saw so many 1/10 rating that I definitely going to watch that trash 😂

  8. The more I see clips of this movie and think about it….I honestly loved the nee movie and it totally grew on me! And…*CONGRATS ON BEING #9 TOP GROSSING MOVIE OF ALL TIME*

  9. el día viernes y el desarrollo y el desarrollo del proyecto en el día de hoy se encuentra el registro de la esperanza de que no se puede ser de carácter confidencial exclusivamente dirigida únicamente a la esperanza de o que no se puede hacer en la web y en su atención gracias de antemano muchas gracias y saludos y gracias x tu respuesta saludos y buen fin ventas la esperanza que no me han

  10. The only movie to ever make this grown ass man choke up was the 1994 lion king. I couldn't grasp Mufasas death when I was a little kid, but watching the movie as I got older really bothered me when Simba lost his dad.
    Now I have to watch his death all over again with 2019 graphics and hope no one is around to see me break down again.

  11. এই মুভিটা আমি এখনো দেখতে পারিনাই,,খুব ইচ্ছা দেখার কিন্তুু খুঁজে পাচ্ছি না প্লিজ কেউ এই মুভিটার লিংক দিবেন

  12. It was good. They did a good job of it. The only thing that really bothered me was Zazus voice. It was nothing like Rowan Atkinson and I missed it. He didn’t have the same sassy attitude like the original. I would have also liked a longer music sequence for Be Prepared. Overall though it was good. Nothing was changed they just extended some scenes from the original. I actually think Donald Glover sounded similar to Matthew Brodericks version of old Simba so I was happy about that.

  13. I watched it 2 times at the cinema omgg i cant get enough im gonna go with my brother and watch it for the third time wish me luck 💕💕

  14. i hate how people are trashing this movie. like come on i don't see anything wrong with it?? like other movies similar to this one they probably worked sooo hard on it,, and it's sad to see people hating on it for a reason i don't see as valid

  15. Wow the trailer is good and is going to great and everything in that makes sense
    CGI makes sense
    The script makes sense
    The songs makes sense
    Everything makes sense
    Except the dialogues they don't make sense


    I'll NEVER forgive them for leaving this out

  17. Disney guy 1: Hey do remember how much money…
    Disney guy 2: MONEY!!!
    Disney guy 1: Let me finish. Do you remember how much money those old movies made? I know they made tons of money.
    Disney guy 2: I have an idea! We make those moneys, i mean movies AGAIN and they people will give us MONEY to see them in live action!
    Disney guy 1: Well… i do love money.
    Disney guy 2: Now lets make $ome money!!!

  18. Bah, I took the time to watch some of this in the cinema & just couldn't get over the feeling that it is a cheap rip off of the original animated version. Most of the songs seemed halfhearted at best & the voice actors were sub subpar IMO. If you have never seen the original, then this movie is passable, I guess, but if you are a fan of the original version, my advise to you is to not waste your time & money.

  19. Fun fact: All the animals are real and the production crew taught them how to talk and act. It took a while but it was worth it.

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