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The Least Relatable Video On The Internet Is Trending (123 Go!)

The Least Relatable Video On The Internet Is Trending (123 Go!)

What’s up bitches. I’m back on my bullshit. [Both laughing] You canceled. Hi, I’m Jarvis. Today, we are talking about a channel [Jarvis sighs] That’s correct, yeah Technically it is a channel. It’s a channel that is called 123 Go! It’s been on trending a lot recently and it’s also gotten 1.6 million subscribers since February Yes. 123 Go! is as far as I can tell the 5 Minute Crafts people trying to impersonate Troom Troom so it’s basically like 5 Minute Crafts is is bad weird life hacks and then Troom Troom is like weird life hacks and pranks but with characters Yep. And with voice over. I’m going to leave my computer for a while I’ll take my mouse with me. and they’ve put those two things together Which just makes for the strangest YouTube channel I’ve ever seen. The most pointless YouTube channel I’ve ever seen also. Don’t forget to dust off that keyboard Hellie. Those always get super dirty Whoa My lip gloss! Cookies! Mr. Meowington? Today we are in an apartment that I don’t own and I’m joined by my friends Jordan. Oh. I didn’t see you there. Thanks for walking in. Check out my podcast. All right, we’ve got Sarah. Heyyy Sarah, Yes? I- No- I- You were blurry before. I’m blurry. Sorry. Okay, great intro. Um, and Jessica. Fan favorite. Call me Krabby patty. [Jarvis] Or don’t. And I am your host, Jimmy Neutron Boy- [Jordan] Big money, strong arms Johnson. [Jarvis] That’s me. Today, we’re talking about a channel called 123 Go!, which is the most relatable channel on YouTube. It was number one on trending yesterday with a video that was called Relatable situations anybody can recognize . And, it happened to be the most Unrelatable video I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ll give you not even a video. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, so so bizarre that I think this constitutes at least a war crime So I thought- I thought it would be great to have some friends here -a panel if you will- who’ve all lived Human lives that one might relate to. Am I sounding like an alien? Absolutely. Wait do you work for this channel? ‘Cause normally I, you know, I feel like looking at some of this content I’m like am I crazy? And now I have three people to tell me Absolutely. Yeah [Sarah] 100% So we’ll be talking about a bunch of their garbage today, but the first video is called relatable sitch- Situations anyone can recognize Whether it’s a piping mishap at home, Sorry pause already. [All laughing] I hate to slow down the momentum. [Jarvis] No. but… like a motif with these videos, right, is that nothing is quite right. It’s the uncanny valley of language Yeah, I think nothing fits quite the way it’s supposed to but it’s close enough to make you uncomfortable. [Jarvis] Yes A piping mishap? I have thankfully not struggled with a lot of Piping related issues in my life. I would certainly not refer it to as a piping mishap. No a piping mishap. It’s like when you’ve clogged your toilets ‘Mishap’ is so incompatible with that. It’s like, well, you know, I was climbing inside of my sewer, as I often do, And I drop my phone. A classic piping mishap! An awkward moment at work. Or something as small as a broken nail. Life is full of moments we’d rather not remember. So get your cringes and headshakes ready- [Jessica] My headshake [Jarvis] Alright. Everybody, Cringes everybody. Give me a cringe one, two, three Now head shake. Now I think we’re ready to get into the video. [Jordan] Ah yeah. Stop- my nose is- my nose started dripping. Is that a piping mishap? What can I cross off my to-do list Laundry? Done. When have you ever been sitting on a couch and thought like, what else could I be doing? Grocery shopping? aaAh! Oh my Gooood. Where did I put that bug spray? Yes! Also, get a good look at this face she’s making for that bug spray. [Jordan] It looks like she’s gonna try and kill the bug spray with the spider. [All laughing] [Jarvis] When did you ever seen a spider and your first reaction was to get- get bug spray? [Jordan] Bug spray seems very strange. Yeah, I know that many definitions they are bugs They feel like one tier above. That’s like using a fly swat for like a goat. [Jarvis] Also, I would call the fire department- [All laughing] -If I saw a spider that was as big as my face Oh no. Where’d it go? Spider? I guess I won’t be sleeping for a few days. Alright, I’m off to the hotel down the street I’m not looking for any eight-legged roommates today. [Sarah] So she… went upstairs Got her suitcase, got her clothes, came back down to the -what’d you call it- the crime scene [Jordan] Let me come down and open something a spider could climb into, and take it with me. [Jarvis] That’s the only place in her entire house she’s seen a spider, and she’s like ‘here’s a great place to put my suitcase’. [Jordan] She brought her clothes With her to pack it not in the place where the suitcase was. [Jarvis] She may has well have just like laid on the couch and opened her mouth. The weird thing about this is that clearly they’re going for the “Oh, yeah, you know you see a bug and then you don’t even want to be in your house anymore”. It’s like, wouldn’t it be funny if you like, packed your bags and left, but then it keeps going I don’t know how long I’ll be gone. Two, three days? I wonder how long it’ll take for that hideous thing to die Well, it looks like Olivia can’t get out of her place fast enough. [Jarvis] Where does she live? This is like the nicest apartment I’ve ever seen in my life. [Jordan] With, let’s not forget, one room. A couch. With no kitchen Aw man! Who left all those dirty dishes in there? I don’t mind washing the mug, but all this? [Jarvis] So, Don’t wash all the other dishes. She walks in and she’s like, “ugh, there’s all these dirty dishes [Jordan] Sure. [Jarvis] Now I have to wash them all.” Which is not true. [Jordan] How long has it been since she ate or drank anything? Because this is all new to her. [Jarvis] Yeah. [Jordan] This is several days old. [Jarvis] She- she hasn’t seen the sink in weeks. All right. Here goes nothing Man, dude. Roommates owe me this time All right, first dish done. That wasn’t so bad! [Jarvis] Sorry Pepe. She’s wasting so much water. [Jordan] That was messed up, yeah. Also that’s a different dish. Two down, thousand dishes to go. Time to wash the spoooon. Noooooo My eye…! [Jordan] Just so long. [Sarah] She was indulging in that moment far longer than she needed to Once you realized that the water had hit her face. [Jarvis] It was very suggestive. If there’s a point where both her hands are in frame, and the water is still spraying at her. [Jordan] One holding the spoon [Jarvis] I think what happened here is that she summoned a water demon. [Jordan] That can happen, yeah. [Jarvis] And then that sort of, you know, spewing water [Jessica] The true piping problem. [Jordan, laughing] A true piping mishap. [Jarvis] Now that, is a piping problem. How did all that come off a little spoon like this? [Jordan] The spoon did not produce the water. Am I going mad, or does the tense keep changing. Like sometimes the voice IS her, Sometimes the voice is speaking to her. [Jarvis] Oh, the voice of God in these videos does not make any sense whatsoever. There isn’t anything better than a fresh set of nails, right Vicky? To your point about the narrator, does this narrator just want to be friends? [Jordan] I picture the narrator face up against the window. [Jarvis] Yeah yeah yeah. And it’s like: another wonderful Wednesday, Vicky! She’s a- a demon of no corporeal form [Jessica] Yeah. [Jordan] No the reverse shot of this a Victoria ghost. Nothing better than a fresh set of nails, Vicky! [All laughing] Five, six Hey! Ugh. This day! Hey, get over here! [Jessica] It’s so hard. [Sarah] We… kind of like grab like this. [Jessica ]Or like you take your two hands, you try to scoop and lift. I don’t know. It’s true. It’s relatable. [Jarvis] All right. Well you’re hurting my case. So I’m cutting you out of the video Hey, get over here! I can’t pick- [Jarvis] I feel like she has it No, she- she clearly keeps picking it up and putting it down. All I want is a stupid coffee. Guess this soda will do. Ahugh! (Person in video dreams in the background also) [Jessica] You wouldn’t go with the nail you do the side move. [Jarvis] Yeah! I was like you wouldn’t- [Jordan] I wouldn’t go with the nail. [Jarvis] Has she never had nails before? Cuz like those are clearly false nails, right? [Jessica] Right. Absolutely. [Jarvis] Why would she do such a high force activity with her nails? [Jessica] You know Jarvis these are videos for children. [Jarvis] Are they though? [Jordan] You know when a child goes to the grocery store and just wants to get a coffee. [Jarvis] That- like- yeah! For example. Or, you know, you know when a child skips town? [Jordan, laughing] Yeah, you’re right Grabs their adult sized suitcase to flee a bug. [Jarvis] In their apartment that they live at alone. All right, I have a quick half hour to take up all my groceries before I head to work. Woah! Looks like I got more stuff than I could carry. Do you think Olivia can do this all in one trip? [Jordan] The change of tense again! It’s making me nauseous. [Jarvis] Who is she talking to? [Jordan] Yeah. It’s like “Huh. I got more than I thought I could, didn’t she.” [Jarvis] I got more than I thought I could, didn’t she. Do YOU think I did? Do YOU think I could carry all these groceries up? It turned into Dora the Explorer. Well, there’s only one thing left to do. Time to warm up those muscles. It’s push-up time And one. [Sarah] What? [Video] Two. Uhh… Three! [Jarvis] So she’s warming up her muscles That’s the premise of this. [Jordan] Is this the relatable part? [Jarvis] Good question- [Jordan] Because it’s not groceries in the morning. [Jarvis] Cuz I’ll tell you what, I forgot what video we were watching. Also, Enterprise rental car. [Jordan] I get one every single morning. In order to go and get groceries. All right. I think I’m ready for my journey. (inserted sound file for cheering) Geez, Olivia. How much shopping did you do this morning? [Jarvis] They just did it again I’m ready for my journey [All] Geez, Olivia. Phew! I actually made it! Okay… now who’s gonna put all this stuff away for me? [Jarvis] I’ve never been more convinced that they’re on a sound stage than this frame where The background is completely white Okay, admit it. These little scenarios were way more relatable than you thought they’d be, right? [Jarvis] We’ve reached the end of the video. It literally… that’s just it. What was that, like five weird problems that we’ve kind of had? [Jordan] Five weird problems that cascade into problems that no human is ever experienced. [Jarvis] Right right right [Jessica] I think the nails were relatable. In the part where, remember how, there’s a sink full of dirty dishes and you also have a dish in scene [All agreeing] (Also Jarvis bleeped out the first stuff but not this?) So the next video that I want to show you guys is the other stuff that’s on this channel which is mostly pranks and DIY Because again, this is just a copy of Troom Troom. So now we were watching “seven funny DIY school pranks” and they know how to play the game in terms of some would say keyword stuffing, you know Like what’s against the rules? For example other video is called “seven funny DIY school pranks easy pranks for back to school” Stuck sitting through another boring lecture? Okay, if you’re looking for some fun pranks to spice things up in the classroom We’ve got you covered. Remember these from back in grade school? Take a small wad of play-doh and cut it into a square with an exacto knife like this one. [Jarvis] Okay. Could I please again raise the question of who are these for? [Jessica] Answer: kids with box cutters. [Jordan] What if the prank is that she cuts it up- she cuts it up into accessible pieces, eats them, and then stabs a kid. I’m gonna still have fun with this c- this candy. [Jarvis] That’s the last time you cross me Vicky Once you have a perfect square drop it into an empty gum wrapper like this one here. What you got there, Amy? Um, hey care to share the welfare? Why of course! How rude of me! [Jarvis] Uh, let me just break down why this would never work. Um… Gum has wrapping paper on it. [Jordan] That is a crazy thing to know. I just want to take a moment to take a surgical look at the details in the background because first- [Jarvis] Oh yes. [Jordan] They’re at 123 Go! school, which includes the topics math, geography, chemistry, ICT, and botany. This next school prank involves three of my favorite things: coke, soy sauce, and sprite [Jarvis] What. Three of your favorite things? You’re at an interview, you know just for the… Just- just for… to get to know you a little better [Jordan] You’ve nailed the interview so far, let’s have a little fun. [Jarvis] Yeah. What are your… what are some of your favorite things? [Jordan] I mean, that’s easy. I love long walks in the park, Uh… love hanging out with my dog, haha, #relatable [Jarvis] Of course. Of course, yeah. And you know, I’m really into soup. How about you? [Jarvis] Um… well, I for one am into podcasts, And I can’t get enough of coffee Uh… and also soy sauce Go ahead and pour the sprite into an empty glass. But only fill it about just over halfway. Next, pour in some soy sauce Yep. You heard that right. Once it turns into that dark color, go ahead and stop. [Jarvis and Jordan] That dark color. [Jarvis] That was like, the equivalent of when, um, they say ‘urban’ on the news. [Jordan] I saw a man looking around my house. He was that dark color. [Jarvis] If the instructions are to be believed, we pour to halfway. [Jessica] I think it’s gonna work y’all It’s making a gloopy noise I wasn’t expecting [Jarvis] I mean- [Jordan] You know what? [Sarah] It’s getting to that nice dark color. [Jordan] God that… just smells like death [Jessica] I can’t smell it from here though [Jarvis] Oh it smells awful. What if you’re at like a bar and you’re like barkeep (clicks tongue). [Jordan] The second you ask about nine and one. They’re like what are you gonna say to me. Hey Mia, what’s shakin? Just gonna take out my ice cold coke here. Oooh. That seriously looks so good right now. [Jessica] At the end of this, it’s just gonna be a big PSA on sugar addiction and like the teenage obesity epidemic and we’re all gonna feel really bad. [Jarvis] This is- this is the only drink that can give you diabetes and hypertension. [Jordan] The ultimate prank! Hey, is it cool if I snag a swig? Of course! Oh, yeah. Come to mama. Oh boy. [Jordan] Would have smelled it. Just… [Jarvis] Yeah, no way it makes it this far. Like I’m a foot away from this and it is rank as all hell. [Jordan] I think if you entered this apartment building, you would know that was not coca-cola. [Jarvis] A mile away some guy went “Oh, something horrible has happened” [Jordan] Yeah. When she opened the screw on that coke, there should be out an exterior shot of birds flying away You know how when a can is like sealed and then you open it, you get the “cshhhh”. A can of this would open and go “ugh!” [Jordan (in a deep voice)] No! [Jarvis] Stop! [Jessica] Olivia! Oooh. We definitely saw this one coming. Ohhh. That looks pretty bad man. [Jarvis] Look at her face. Look at the space. She’s like I did nothing wrong OohhHh All right. I’m gonna try this. [Jessica] No! No, you’re really not though. [Jarvis] I feel like I’m going to have soy sauce breath for the rest of my life. [Jordan] Yep. That’s it, you’re done. [Jarvis] On one sip, because you know what? You don’t drink soy sauce Ah, man, all that studying has really worked up an appetite, huh Mia. Mmm. This lunch is divine. And check it out. Chocolates. Yes! Oh man. That was the last one [Jarvis] This is like around time for me to mention the question that we should continue asking ourselves, which is how old are these people [Jordan] Yeah. Uh. Brrr. Transcended age. [Jarvis] Yeah, I think the only thing that makes sense is they were like 4000 year old white walker. [Jordan] We criticize them, but have you ever been to a school lunch hall that has a wooden pepper grinder? It’s a bit too, like, ornate. [Jarvis] It’s like, if I have my square pizza here… [Jordan] Well I’ve got my nuggies and my yogurt, okay. [Jarvis] Uh, and I’ve got my milk carton, and I’ve got my freshly ground pepper. [Jordan] And I’ve got my slightly rotten banana and hmm… Garçon? The pinot I think. [Jarvis] Why yes. [Jordan] Blanket over arm. [Jarvis] He’s like, “well what do you think. The 2015 or- or the 2009”. Major bummer Nothing like a bag of carrots to cheer a girl up. [Jarvis] It looks like the guy in the background is reading a manual for microwaves. [Jordan] Wha- Again, what age could this might be? And social strategy. [Jarvis] The social strategy? Oh what’s that? The Communist Manifesto huh? [Jordan] How to kill a ghost! [Jarvis] Again! Geez! Is this banana from 2015? How old is this thing? [Jarvis] It’s like a banana at like peak ripe. [Jordan] Yeah that’s ripe. That’s a completely fine banana. [Jarvis] That’s like, “is this banana from like 2015?” Comical age in the past. [Jordan] Is this from the same year as my pinot noir? [Jarvis] But you know, like, the reason that they said 2015 like that is because they’re in the year 60,000. Time is relative. And it’s why they’re eating the future’s chocolate snack, know as Zeffo. [Jordan] That’s also the name of the one true leader. [Jarvis] Zeffo. Um… In his uh… his seminal work the social strategy. Wait. I have a brilliant idea! I’m going to stuff these boring carrots in this empty chocolate box. Oh, don’t forget about that banana! Seal that sucker up, and wait for someone to take the bait I wonder who the sucker will be today? [Jordan] Hot cut to nightfall. Please somebody take my box of empty- [Jarvis] Who will the sucker be today? Any moment now. May I leave? Garçon, no you will stay here until someone eats my box of garbage. [Jordan] Please my lord… [Jarvis] Would you like a fresh cracked pepper on this box of Zeffo? And that boy in the background’s like “all right time to pack up my six books I’m reading at once”. [Jordan] All finished! [Jarvis] After all, it was a 30 minute lunch break! Ohh! Hey there Vicky! What’s cooking? [Jarvis] Finally! [Jordan] Long beard. All right, let’s see what’s for lunch today. I’m guessing sushi or a wrap. Oh! Apple slices and a sandwich. [Jarvis] She’s so far off Um, sushi, a wrap, no sorry. It’s a hamburger bun. Say Mia, what would you say about swapping grub today? Well, I guess that could work. Sure. [Jarvis] Okay, let’s think about this Your friend… [Jordan] Arguably. Great point. The only person you know. All you know what your friend offered you is a box of Zeffos Clearly not a balanced meal. Also the second she puts her hands on that box, she’s gonna know it’s not filled with equally distributed cakes. [Jordan] When it shakes one time. Um… this old banana looks nothing like chocolate And, what’s this? Carrots? [Jordan] These are forbidden by Zeffo! [Jarvis] What’s this? She looks back at Amy or whatever the fuck her name is and she’s like [whispering] “it’s our ticket out of here”. “It’s how we leave”. And then they unfold the box… [Jordan] And it’s a blueprint of the school. You’ve gotta be kidding me. I’m starving man. [Jarvis] Uh, well class if you’ll look at the art, you’ve got what seems to be a ladybug and also a man… Sailing? Question mark? [Jordan] A man in the outside, which does not exist! [Jarvis] These are artists renderings and nothing more [Jordan] And in a fictional place beyond Zeffo. [Jarvis] You’ve seen what happens when the door opens, it is only white. [Jordan] No eating carrots. [Jarvis] There is no outside. You can never escape the spider Well, that’s the last time I’m having lunch with Mia. That’s for sure. I’m gonna get that broad back if it’s the last thing I do. [Jordan] It’s your depression-era detective. I’m gonna get that broad back, see? Nobody tells detective Dick Dickinson how to live his life [Jarvis] I’m not gonna be tricked by a floozy. If you love learning about pranks- [Jarvis] Learning about pranks? [Sarah] She’s been possessed by Zeffo. [Jarvis] That is what Zeffo possession looks like. Garçon is like “Madam would you like a- oh dear”. He’s like a warg in Game of Thrones. Her eyes roll the back of her head. The three eyes. Her three eyes Normal eyes and then there’s Zeffo. At this moment we see that the student reading six books in the background Is 49 years old. [Sarah] Microwave man. [Jarvis] That is the CEO of 5 minute crafts. I think now is like a good place to end. [Jordan] Yeah, it’s been really fun hanging out with you only [Jarvis] Yeah, I know. This has been a good thing for for the both of us. [Jordan] A fun one-on-one experience [Jarvis] Yeah, and it’s like because a lot of people don’t get it, you know like Um Don’t follow. [Jordan] I’d even say relate. [Jarvis] I was gonna say yeah, they don’t relate but they just don’t follow the same, you know belief system. [Jordan] Sure. [Jarvis] Right [Jordan] They… not to be mean The heretics, you know. I got heated when I talked about the chosen one And the people that do not believe in his way [Jarvis] Yeah, no, it’s okay. I mean get it, okay [Eerie music starts] [Jordan] They don’t listen to the ways when they do not imbibe the good dark drink. The cruel the cruel dark experience [Jarvis] That soy sauce. Thanks to ponnyyooo for seeing me message on Instagram. I have no idea if I’m saying right. If you want me to butcher your name, well uh, do the things you know. Like. Take a banana from 2015, a big bag of carrots, and place them in a box for pastries. I drank soy sauce and I’ll see you next time

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