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The Japanese Formula For Happiness – Ikigai

The Japanese Formula For Happiness – Ikigai

improvement pill here. we all want to be
happy but the majority of us have no idea what to do. should we focus on
making more money? should we focus on pursuing our passions? should we give up
all of our material possessions and become a monk in the mountains? everyone
seems to have a different take on it so in today’s video I’m gonna give you a
definite answer by showing you guys a proven formula that has actually been
around for hundreds and hundreds of years of formula for happiness see the
Japanese have a concept called iki guy which roughly translates into a reason
for being and in order for you to be happy you need to spend your time doing
something with iki guy you need to have a purpose for being here but this is
easier said than done because there are four components that you need to check
off in order to achieve iki guy and without all four you will never truly be
happy the first component is that it needs to be something that you love we
all have things that make us feel good things that make us stop thinking for
short periods of time to just be present and aware of what’s happening right now
in front of us the more technical people will call this flow state but the
majority of us call it love that’s why so many of us enjoy the arts drawing
dancing singing reading because it takes us into the state of bliss where we feel
good and are focused on the task in front of us that’s why some of us fall
in love with one another because being with that person allows us to forget
about all the other problems in our lives at least momentarily I don’t need
to get into too much detail about this component because we know in our gut
when we truly love to do something it’s a feeling that we humans all share the
second component for iki guy is a little bit more tricky it needs to be something
that the world needs see we’ve been hardwired to feel good when we know that
we’re needed in a community back in the day when we were hunters and gatherers
this was easy everyone played an important part the cook was just as
important as the hunter the Builder was just as important as the caretaker back
then whenever you put in work you could see the immediate positive effects your
efforts had on others but this isn’t the case nowadays most of us work in offices
being given small roles in a massive company where even if we work our butts
off it’s hard to see the positive effects our work has on the rest of the
world it feels like our work isn’t really helping anyone it feels like if
we quit our job one day no one would even care because to be honest nothing
would change you need to find something that the world
something that you can do that will create a visible positive effect on
those around you the third component for Iggy guy is that it needs to be
something that you can get paid well for now I know I know right out the gate
some of you are automatically going to say something like Oh improvement pill
you don’t need money in order to be happy but let’s be real money is what
puts a roof over your head food in your mouth and clothes on your body without
enough of it you’re gonna spend the majority of your time stressed out of
your mind wondering how you’re going to get by and it’s not enough to just be
making some money you need to be getting paid well enough to live a comfortable
life so it really depends on where you live for example you could live like a
king off of 30,000 USD a year in some countries but in a place like New York
City that would barely be enough to cover your rent if you’re not making
enough money to live without stress then you will never achieve happiness the
fourth and final component you need to have in order to achieve a key guy is
that it needs to be something that you’re good at now this doesn’t mean
that you need to be born with talent this actually means that you’re able to
put in the time and effort in order to get better at the skill let’s say for
example you want to become a motivational speaker when you first get
started you’re terrible you have stage fright you should stand or a lot you
forget what you’re supposed to say but over time as you practice more and more
you start to overcome these obstacles you start getting applause from the
audience that’s what it means to be good at something not to be good from the
get-go but to be able to overcome obstacles and improve at this skill this
overcoming of obstacles creates a very fulfilling feeling inside of you which
is why it’s such a crucial component of a key guy now the interesting thing
about this Japanese formula is that you can tell where you are in life and what
you need to work on by looking at the components you have so far if all you
have is something that you love and are good at then you have what’s called a
passion people who fall into this category are all the aspiring singers
and aspiring artists the main thing stopping you from being happy is the
fact that you aren’t getting paid enough for your skills nobody seems to notice
your talent if you find yourself in this category then you need to focus on
marketing yourself so that you can start getting paid well on the other hand if
you have something that you love and you can see how the world needs it then you
have what’s called a mission a lot of people who fall into this category are
the amateur bloggers and activists who talk about things like saving the planet
or going vegan these are people who want to see positive change in the world but
unfortunately they aren’t good enough at pub
speaking persuasion or writing to actually be able to convince people to
join their cause if you’re in this category then you need to focus on
getting better at your craft figuring out how to convince people instead of
just stating your opinion loudly now if you’re someone who has something you get
paid well for and are good at then you have what most people in the world have
which is a profession that boring nine-to-five job that pays the bills
what’s stopping you from happiness is the fact that you don’t love your work
or see how any of this can actually make a difference in the world if you find
yourself in this category then you need to try out new things and figure out
what it is that you truly love doing and finally if you get paid well and it’s
something that you know can help the world then you have what’s called a
vocation a good example of a vocation are professors they get paid decently
well and their job does have a positive effect on the world right they’re
raising the future generation but they often fall into the bad habit of
teaching the same things every single year which stalls their improvement if
you find yourself in this category the main thing you need to make sure you
have is that you are constantly getting better at your job constantly
challenging yourself to improve remember guys in order to be truly happy with
your life you need to achieve a key guy you need to be spending your time doing
something that you love that you can get better at that pays well and that the
world needs without all four you will always feel like you’re missing
something inside of you one of the best resources out there that you can use to
achieve eg guy is Skillshare comm Skillshare has over 25,000 courses
teaching you about a wide variety of topics covering things like photography
drawing productivity business and much much more it’s the perfect place for you
to go if you’re someone who is trying to figure out what they love or if you’re
someone who is trying to get good at their craft personally I’ve been
spending a decent amount of time on their writing videos one of the things
I’m trying to improve this year is my writing being able to create more
emotionally powerful pieces that will have more of an impact for you guys and
being able to learn from people who are considered to be expert writers in their
fields has given me a lot of new ideas and remember constantly trying to
improve one skills is a crucial component for achieving happiness so for
those of you that are trying to achieve you guy I highly recommend that you try
out skill share the first 300 people to click on the link in the description box
below you’ll receive two months of skill share for absol
be free after that it’s only $10 per month to remain a member
besides that guys stay tuned

100 thoughts on “The Japanese Formula For Happiness – Ikigai

  1. The last thing in the world that i would try to be happy is a japanese method…seeing that they have one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

  2. Hey I just wanted to say this; I'm a student and I'm constantly trying to improve. I used to love studying. But something seems off about it. I think I fall into the Profession category. So all I need is something I love doing. But due to the pressure of studies I can't seem to love what I like. Could you give some advice on this?

  3. Yea… No. Stopped at 0:30 the same pepple that bring ikigai are into tentacle hentai and more importantly hikikomori. Soooo, if it starts with "tHe JaPaNeSe" i will just place with the rest of the garbage.

  4. Было бы сложней понять без зарисовок.
    I wish to reach the Ikigai for everyone

  5. Iam not bragging but I've learned about it at the age of 23, I didn't know that the Japanese had patented it. Does this mean I've achieved the level where people preach stuff???

  6. Can you give an example of an achieved Ikigai like the way you gave an example to each components and their combinations?

  7. I don't mean this in a rude way, but statistically speaking Japan has a higher suicide rate than the US, and both of them are very high up on the list.
    Edit: Just saw a comment that already states this. Still true.

  8. i don’t really understand but guess it says i shld stick to being an environmentalist or study politics

  9. I know how I'll achieve happiness.
    (Epic music starts play in the background) I will be the ultimate hero of justice.

    Secretly extremely insecured

  10. The reason I disagree with the third one is because I’ve seen peaple including myself who aren’t rich and yes struggles but greatfully for what they have, and not everyone has opertunities to get successful jobs or even go to a college or schooling, but alout of times their still happy, because they have friends and family to support and help them through hard times money doesn’t buy happess or success, success doesn’t have to be being a million or billion air or living comfy chouch life’s it can be haveing a family and haveing a job you enjoy even if you don’t make alout of money.

  11. I'm Releasing A New Habit Building Program (Sign up here to get on the waiting list!!!)


  12. Technically, I could be a killer. It includes everything except for maybe impact on the world.

  13. Wait this doesn't work for everyone. Who is going to clean the toilets and work in McDonalds?

  14. I think my life is completely fucked guys, i tried my best, but It seems everything will fall. Others are starting to look better than me at everything and i am becoming more stressed everyday.
    Somehow, knowing that this comments will always be here brings me some peace.
    Well, It was fun.

  15. Very interesting comparison and well said.. you are so right there are so many of us depressed, unhappy and suffer depression.. Recently a young man jumped from 16 floor killed himself due depression.. This incident had huge impact on my soul I thought i had to do something to help those are unhappy or suffering so after intensive research I came up with 50 ways to happines and started posting them on YouTube.. I truly appreciate this type of work because 1 million commit suicide according to world health organization every year.. keep it up.

  16. This is one of the best videoes I have watched in months! It just make so much sense! Thank you for another job well done Improvement Pill! More Power!

  17. Great advice! The more I listen to Improvement Pill the more a realize and real and great his advice is! Awesome Content!

  18. In japan there's a ticket for standing passanger for bus. and none of them sit in the bus even when the seat is empty. My colleague offered to give his train ticket to OB in his office because he will emigrate, and his OB politely refused. Strange society that don't take advantages of others

  19. I disagree that the thing has to pay you well, or even at all. You just have to have enough money from any source, even a boring job, and then you spend your free time on the thing that brings you happiness. That's vastly more practical than getting all four traits in the same activity.

  20. Being in a relationship is stressful, talking to people is annoying, going out is waste of time so I decided to be alone and concentrate on my job to pay the bills

  21. That point about professors is total bull IMO. Sure some are terrible and some hate doing it, but they are the exception rather than the norm.
    In fact that whole "vocation" part of the diagram seems kinda wonky. If we talk about ancient tribes, then something they all needed and would pay for would be carrying water or any other kind of hauling: it doesn't need any skill and nobody likes doing it. But can you really call it a vocation, though?

  22. Of course suicide is high in Japan. Just because someone is Japanese doesn't mean they have achieved Ikigai. Japanese culture is heavily focused on duty, not dream-chasing.

  23. I don’t need Ikigai to live. Actually, 生きがい makes Japanese people stressed through SNS cuz people becomes showy to be “happy”

  24. So in easy word is finding a thing that you're passionate about it and sharpen skill to be great at it , getting high paid from it. Finally , finding the way to return happiness back from that thing. Right?

  25. Nuce concept. But difficult to realize. If you have a passion, great, getting better at it and even outstanding, great, but without the right connections and oportunities or if the world doesn't have a need for you doing this, it is exactly that: passion. Who can really pay his bills with that? (Or are we talking about finding the 4 components in different areas?)

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