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The importance of real engagement on your Facebook ads

The importance of real engagement on your Facebook ads

– Hey, what’s up Challengers? Another week, I’ve been
gone for four weeks, I’ve been gone all July. I had a great time with
my family in Spain. Today I want to talk about Facebook, Facebook is ever changing and the algorithms of Facebook
is especially changing around these days. And I noticed a trend I
think is super important for you to know about. The engagement rate and the
social proof of your ads is so important these days. It used to have some impact on your ads but these days it has a
significant impact on your ads. So, I’m talking about you need to have likes, comments, shares on your ads to be able to make them
as profitable as possible. What I would suggest is that
you organically post content or you advertise to a warm audience who already knows who you are
and what you stand for first before you take that content and put it out to a cold audience. Because if you have, for example, a lot of likes on your posts, your ads will get bigger reach, the conversion cost will go down and it’ll be a lot cheaper
to get the conversions that you really want. So, my message for your today is basically pay attention to how much social proof and how much engagement
you get on your ads. Make sure that if you have
a lot of different ad sets that it’s the same post that you’re, the same post ID that you
use on every of those ad sets so you collect the most
engagements you can. And, ideally, show your
content to a warm audience who already likes you and responds to you before you go onto a cold audience. So, I’m Thomas, hope
you found this valuable. Give it a thumbs up if you like this video and have a great week, bye.

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