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The IKEA Ad That Double as a Pregnancy Test

The IKEA Ad That Double as a Pregnancy Test

The place to buy baby stuff is what? Ikea.
I love I, no? Alright. The furniture giant recently
revealed a creative new way for their pregnant customers
to get a discount. Peeing on their ad, you guys,
I’m not making this up. Trust me,
I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. You heard me correctly, the ad for a crib can actually detect
if a woman is pregnant, kind of like a pregnancy test, and it will
reveal a discounted price for the crib. Now, once the woman pees on the ad, all she has to do is actually
hand it to the cashier.>>In plastic? Like
>>I don’t know them kind, I don’t know. I know, that’s the weird part. Ladies, do you think this
ad is creative or crass?>>I mean its, if I’m working at
Ikea I’m wearing gloves now, alright. [Applause]
>>That’s what I’m saying.>>Because you have to hand it to them and
say, hey look, I’m pregnant.>>Yeah.
>>And then they know that you just peed on it.>>Yeah, but… Guys, anything for a discount! This is got it creative as hell! I want a discount!>>Well, it’s good for the [CROSSTALK]
>>Yeah, but what about the cashier?>>Okay, I wanna know, do you put it down? How do you do it?>>No, there’s a little thing that drops, so you pee in a cup
>>A cup at home, I guess a random cup and
then you get this little thing. You squeeze out the pee.>>A dropper?>>A dropper. Then you put it on this
little area on the ad and if you’re pregnant, it’ll tell you
the price of the crib discounted.>>So, you’re telling me it’s also
a pregnancy test that reveals if you’re pregnant? You’re getting a two for
one and a discount?>>Yes.
Hell yes. Yes!>>Now, do you know how many men
are going to be holding up ads saying, come on and go and pee on this right here. Go on,
let me see if you’re really pregnant.>>Yeah.
That’s weird.>>That’s amazing though.>>That’s weird.>>I don’t know, man.>>I didn’t think about that way. That’s a free pregnancy test.>>Psssh!
No, not really. Go to the doctor if you think
you are pregnant, okay?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>How do you know.>>Get your discount, get your discount. If it’s not-
>>How do you know how accurate it is, too?>>Exactly.
>>Get the discount, and worry about it later.>>See, if you’re not that pregnant,
you don’t get that good of a discount.>>That pregnant? My goodness.>>[LAUGH]
>>My gosh.>>My God.
>>[LAUGH]>>You know what I mean, if you’re not pregnant,
then the discount won’t be as good, I’m assuming.>>Wait.
>>No?>>They should tell them at least to put it in a ziplock bag.
Because it’s unsanitary not only for the cashier but for other people
that have to work with the cashier, that’s all I’m saying.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>You’re just out here walking around with pee pee paper?
>>Exaclty.>>And how do you tell your parents and stuff you’re pregnant,
by just holding up the ad? Look mom and dad, I’m pregnant.
>>By the way, I’m pregnant.>>If it’s really that awkward for you to do, you can always give a little
access service, if you’re pregnant, pee on the paper for your friend so your friend can get the discount.
[INAUDIBLE] But why would they want?
>>Okay.>>Well it’s just a crib,
so it’s not anything else.>>Yeah.
>>Yeah you can’t get a discount on everything in
the store it’s just the crib.>>[CROSSTALK] And
what if you don’t even like crib?>>It’s not a futon.>>Now fix your face now.>>Well you could get the discount on
the crib, then you can put it up on eBay, say it was signed by Jeannie Mai,
get a bigger price from it and boom. Back for more things with it.>>Signed by [CROSSTALK]
>>Always, that’s too much work.

100 thoughts on “The IKEA Ad That Double as a Pregnancy Test

  1. Why are they acting like if you use this as a pregnancy test, you can't go to the doctor after or already did go to the doctor or did an EPT? I'm sure anybody that does this already knew she was pregnant. They were hating for no reason. Why are y'all complaining about a creative discount?

  2. This is so disrespectful if IKEA wanna give a discount they should Stop discriminating against those whom nature has refused them getting pregnant

  3. Dang, y'all coming for Adrienne but she does have a point. Medically speaking, to be considered pregnant, you have to have certain levels of the hormone HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. If you have below 5 mIU/mL but above 0, it could be a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or a blighted ovum, which means that someone was somewhat pregnant.
    I know it sounds weird, but it's true. Pregnancy is hard out here y'all in these streets. Or for some not at all…

  4. But why would you pay more for a crib that’s signed by someone who didn’t want a baby???…..k I’m done. Bring on the hate 😂

  5. Adrienne I caught that lol was agreeing with Jeannie discount tactics until Loni & Tamera was like nah it don’t work like that then she jumped on in correcting Jeannie 😂😂

  6. Really so this show is down to a nimrod, thot, airhead and babysitter for them all. Jissh Loni should get a rasie this is NOT FAIR OR AT LEAST GIVE HER AN EXPENSE ACCT FOR LIQOUR.

  7. Every single video comes with a bunch of comments talking about who yall dont like on the show anymore… yall switch up faster than bruce’s transition to Caitlyn. Shut up, enjoy the video or heres a concept.. dont watch it

  8. Now thats the Jeannie I love… She aint backing down from all the negativity from the other ladies. Stay positive girl, Get ur discount. Hmm a man might come in a discount or for free soon….okruuuu

  9. Y'all crazy if you don't think the ad is creative the only thing I would say is it shouldn't be that you have to give it to the cashier it should reveal an online discount code.

  10. That's not fair for non-biological caregivers of babies. What about mothers to be that have a surrogate? Or parents wanting to adopt an infant?

  11. They probably should've done more research before slamming this ad. You did not have to bring the urine-soaked ad into the store. The paper just reveals the price of the crib that's discounted with their Family discount.

  12. Heck No! I work in a pharmacy and I've worked in a return center. Customers are already disgusting. I've had returned pregnancy test and returned ovulation kits. People are always taking pregnancy test in our bathroom. I'm really so sick of gross people. There are a lot of better ways to get discounts. And ikea shame shame. Have some respect for your workers. I will not be indulging in those delicious meatballs if this is how workers are treated.

  13. It's not that u no I know it's a business their not gunna have their cashiers touchin pissy papers they got a way to not touch pee .

  14. my word yall guys just took this way too serious … i think its a creative special idea for people who know they are pregnant … literally the first clip i disagree with what yall have to say .. never thought this would happen … but anywho someone who most def kept it real in this clip is Jeannie … i thought its obvious that the store thought about a clean safe way to handle pregnancy tests for the cashiers and other customers who dont want a discount.

  15. No thank you. I can work for my babies crib without that discount, thank you. That's so disgusting.

  16. No Jeanie, that is creep, ratchet and plain wrong, that is also tasteless and classless, what woman wants a random stranger that works for ikea to know their business, just for a bloodly discount that really isn’t a discount when you total up your ikea shopping, as a man I found this quite this disturbing, and any pregnant woman who does this without at least consulting her baby daddy or a doctor is crass and crazy, that type of discount is not worth the paper is printed on. And Jeanie why would you think this is a great idea, you don’t even want to have any children, so your opinion is quite unnecessary on this topic. Am just saying. As far as I am concerned in the word of Tamar Ikea you tried it.

  17. for one, if you are pregnant, you are going to want to know soon and what it to be accurate. who is going to have an ikea thing laying around exactly when they need it. this is just dumb as f

  18. I mean, putting it in a bag should go without saying.🤦‍♂️Honestly I think this marketing is smart af.

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