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The Hispanic Market and Online Advertising-Atlanta SEO Services

The Hispanic Market and Online Advertising-Atlanta SEO Services

Hello I am Jenifer Dunphy with Vayu Media
welcome this week to internet Marketing Minute It is no secret that the Hispanic market in
the United States is expanding significantly. The 2010 Census showed that there are over
50 million Hispanics in the US and by 2020 this population is expected to increase to
over 70 million. The U.S. Hispanic market is without a doubt
among the largest Spanish speaking population that spends a great deal of time on the internet
both for leisure and for business. The internet has become an increasingly important
tool to penetrate this rapidly growing market segment, and there is only upside growth potential
for businesses that tap into this opportunity with Spanish language target online campaigns. Over 60% of Hispanics have easy access to
the Internet either from home, work, mobile devices or Ipads. Internet caffes are also widely used by the
Hispanic population. For businesses that are ready to jump into
Hispanic online marketing strategies, it’s critical to First understand their online
behavior and how the are using the web. For instance, Hispanics are more likely to
use the search engines and online forums to both rearch and buy a large variety of products
and services , ranging from travel accomodations, to cars and electronics, but prior to making
the final purchase, they will consult with their family for the final stamp of approval. With the Hispanic market, it is important
to make the online experiece a family afair vs. a singular approach. Many of you may be wondering How your business
can tap into the Hispanic market online? The First thing that you Will want to do is
make sure that your message is culturally relevant and is properlly translated. You will need to Promote your business in,
their native language becuase most Hispanics search in Spanish and not English. Recent Studies show that 70% of Hispanics
would prefer advertising and marketing to be in their native tongue, yet the majority
of bussinesses market to them in English. –
Would not you want your message to resonat with an additional 50 million people? I know I would. Thanks for joing me today and stay tuned for
next weeks internet markeitng minute.

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