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The Gracie UFC Conspiracy

The Gracie UFC Conspiracy

– Is it straight? – Oh, now, yeah! – Do you need to fix the part? – Okay, got it.
– Okay right. – What’s up? I’m Jesse from KARATEbyJesse.com,
aka The Karate Nerd, and today I am joined by the one and only Sensei Bill “Superfoot” Wallace. Thank you so much Sensei for joining us today.
– Thank you sir, my pleasure. – So, what many people
might not know is that you were actually the commentator
of the very first UFC fightl. – Yes Could you take us there,
bring us behind the scenes and tell us what actually went
on in the early beginnings of the UFC. – What happened is Rorion
Gracie, the father, calls me up and he says, “Bill, we would
like you to commentate at “our first, you know,
fighting championships.” – Yeah. – And I went, “Whoa, well, yeah
I could do that, no problem. “I don’t think it’s gonna go well, “because the martial artists are not in, “they like the kickboxing part of it, “but they didn’t like
the grappling part of it, “and so sure, I’ll do that, “’cause you’re paying me a lot of money.” – Okay, yeah. – So, I go and I show
up, I’m with Jim Brown, the American Football
player, and Kathy Long, who was also a lady kickboxer. – Yeah. – So, we’re sittin’ there,
we’re going over it, now, there’s no pre runs
or anything, we’re just, I get there on Friday and the
thing happens on Saturday. So they have the meeting
and there are no rules, the two rules were: you
can’t stick your fingers in a guys’ eye and you
can’t kick him in the groin. – Right. – That’s the two rules. I went, okay. – Interesting.
– Yup yup. And, the participants
could not wear hand wraps. – No. – Could not wear leg wraps,
and just like it was. They had to wear a mouthpiece ’cause– – Okay. – It protects the teeth. – Groin cup? – Yeah.
– Okay. – And when the fights happened,
I’d have a guy sitting beside me, from the Gracie
Jiu-jitsu, telling me what to say about the Gracie’s. – Oh right. – So it’s to push the Gracie’s. So basically I’m thinking oh, something doesn’t sound right here. Seems to me like it’s a
two hour advertisement for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, which
is what it turned out to be. I mean, Royce did a fantastic
job, don’t get me wrong, He didn’t punch anybody,
– No. – He didn’t kick anybody,
– No. – He just got ’em down,
took ’em down with a double every time was a double leg
takedown, and he choked ’em out. – No one barged, choked all of ’em out. And the first time I said, “Okay,” and I think it was Royce’s second
match against Ken Shamrock. – Yeah. – They’re fighting and
Ken Shamrock jumped in for a double leg takedown.
– Yeah. – And Royce reaches under his
belt and grabs his own belt. – Right.
– And chokes Ken Shamrock out. – Okay.
– Ken Shamrock chokes. – Yeah, yeah.
– Taps out. They get up, “You can’t do
that, you can’t do that!” and finding out was Ken
Shamrock accused him, which is rightfully so,
– Yeah. – That you can’t reach
under, grab the belt, – Okay.
– And choke me out with your own belt.
– Yeah. – Well yes you can because, as we know in martial arts training,
– Yeah. – Our uniform is also a weapon. – Right, so that was allowed
according to the rules? – Yeah, Ken Shamrock wasn’t
for it, he was upset. – Right.
– But he lost. – Right. – And then, you know, then
Royce just went through their belts, choking everybody out. – Right.
– Behind him, choke out. – Yeah. – But just, you know, choking out. – Exactly. So are you saying they kind
of organized this thing? I don’t want to say it’s
a conspiracy theory but– – No it wasn’t, it just– – Was it like a marketing stunt, almost? – I guess you could say that. – For the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu system? – Oh sure.
– Yeah. – ‘Cause they pick the fighters. – Oh really? – Rorion Gracie picked the fighters. – So they probably picked
fighters that would look good against Brazilian.
– Of course they would. – Because you’ve got the
stand-up, the hands are here. – Right.
– How easy now is it for you to drop down into your double leg takedown?
– Double, yeah. – ‘Cause they’ve never seen it before. – They had never seen
that takedown before. – They’re stand-up fighters.
– Exactly. – So they have no idea
how to even react to it. The boxer didn’t even throw a punch. (Jesse laughs) The boxer never threw a punch. – They’re just shooting
for the double leg. – (mumbles) Took him down and that was it. And what I don’t understand too is that they had a big sumo wrestler.
– Oh yeah, right. – Excuse me. (Jesse laughs) What’s the job of a sumo wrestler? To push you out of a
circle about this size. – Right.
– I push you out, I win. He doesn’t know how to strike. – No.
– He doesn’t know how to kick. – No.
– He doesn’t know how to choke or arm bar, he just
pushed you out of a ring. It’s a closed ring, you
can’t get out of there. – Right.
– So what are you gonna do, push him against a wall until
he suffocates or something? (Jesse laughs) And I’m sure that’s what he
wanted to do, get him down, lay on top of him.
– Yeah, yeah. – So what happens is this
kid from the Netherlands. – Yeah.
– Just nails him. He comes in (mumbles) the
guy drops down to his knees. – Yeah.
– And the guy from the Netherlands, I can’t
remember his name, just nails him right in the face with a roundhouse kick. – Right.
– And a tooth goes flying over my head.
– Oh! – I went (mumbles) then he steps down and the kid’s still sitting there. Punches him right in the mouth. Now, the kid from the
Netherlands broke his foot, – Really?
– And then broke his hand on the kid’s face.
– Oh! – But they stopped the match.
– Yeah. – Now, I don’t know why
because he wasn’t hurt, bleeding a little bit, but he wasn’t hurt. The guy was 350 or should
be 400 and something pounds. Hell, this guy is like a log! (Jesse chuckles) So he wasn’t hurt, he said,
“Why are you stopping the fight? “Why are you stopping?” Only because he knocked a tooth out. But he was okay.
– Yeah. – So there’s another conspiracy. – Right.
– Because now you’re saying, just a minute.
– Right. – If this guy can hit this
guy with his best shot, two best shots, and nothing
happened, what happened? How’s Royce gonna take him down? – Oh!
– Royce is gonna get dropped down for the double leg.
– Yeah. – Or he just fans out on his back. (choking noises) Now he, Royce is on his
stomach flattened out, this guy is going.
– Yeah. (choking noises) – So they wanted him out?
– Sure. – Yeah. – And then one of the guys
who was a really good boxer, really good puncher, asked
him not to use the smoke because he had asthma.
– Okay. – So they used the smoke anyway. We’re coming out there, ’bout
halfway through the match (heaving noises) – Oh, so like smoke machines?
– Sure. They go, now hold on just a minute. (Jesse laughs) What the hell’s going on here? (stutters) So there’s eight guys, which
means there’s seven fights. – Yeah.
– Right. Four, two, then one right?
– Right. – And you go, okay what
the heck’s going on here? But I never thought it would
be as popular as it was. – No?
– No, I never did. – How come? – Because the first time
I saw it I didn’t like it. – No?
– The first time I saw it I said, “What, that’s bull!” Because, number one,
Royce never threw a kick. He threw one kick to keep
the guy away from him. Never threw a punch, just
standing there like this. Drops down, and Gracie was
the only one, the only one that was allowed to wear a uniform. The other guys couldn’t
even wrap their hands, but he was allowed to go in the uniform. – So when they couldn’t wrap
their hands, they can barely punch full contact?
– Exactly. And you got guys that, because you’re, “Oh I want to wrap my knees.” “No you can’t wrap your knees.” But Royce is allowed to
wear all that stuff, yes. So, you go, hold on, what,
I don’t understand this. And I think the reason
I wasn’t invited back, one of the reasons because
there are several– – Oh, so you were not invited back? – No. I asked too many questions. (Jesse laughs) I said: “Why don’t you have
a regular wrestler there?” A wrestler that knows
how to defend against– – Oh, there was no wrestler? – Nope. There was six strikers, strikers, Royce and the sumo wrestler. – So it sounds to me like
it was basically set up for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. – Yeah, I mean don’t get me wrong, they all had their chance to win. – Sure. – But Royce knows how to defend that. But this is 1993. – And they didn’t know how to defend that. – They didn’t know how to
defend against a takedown. Even though you say, “Well I’ve
practiced,” no you haven’t. Not against a guy that knows
how to do the takedown. – Yeah, exactly. – So, Royce was the reason,
the first one he won, the second one he won,
the third one where they changed the rules a little
bit because the time, it was taking too long. – Ah, I see. – And on the third one he
had the Grand Championship Master between Ken Shamrock and
Royce, rematch it might say. Shamrock shot him with a
punch right here, split him wide open, but it didn’t do anything, all it did was cut him and so
they finally called it a draw because it was … – But that’s how Brazilian
Jiu-Jitsu became so famous! Because it looked so effective. – Well, they keep saying most
fights end up on the ground. – Yeah, I hear that all the time. – Well all fights start standing up. – That’s true. – All fights start standing,
so if I stand up and I’m from me to her, she’s gotta
come close to me before she can do anything,
before she can punch me, before she can kick me, before
she can do a takedown, right? – Exactly. – That gives me the chance to counter. Well, they’re not used to that because if I’m standing right here
and I do this, you’ve got to put your hands up and I drop
ready for the double leg. That’s what they do and the
stand-up fighters, naive, that they are, they
say, “Well when he stops “then I’ll just punch him in the mouth.” No you won’t, because I’ll do this first. You put your hands up
and then I’ll drop down. – Yeah, exactly. Well it worked very well
because now Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the world’s largest,
most popular martial arts. – But what did they have to do? They had to learn to strike. Because remember, we learned
how to defend against it. – Exactly. – So they had to learn how
to strike to get in there. – Especially against a wrestler who knows the double leg takedown,
who knows the defense. – In wrestling the double leg is the first takedown you’re taught. It’s also the first takedown
you learn to defend. – Imagine if a wrestler had
been invited to the first UFC. – Imagine that, imagine. – And if that wrestler knew
a little bit of striking so he could do ground
and pound, for example. – Imagine that. – Maybe the whole martial arts
world would look different. – Imagine that. (Jesse laughs) – Wow. – They’re in the process now of even trying to get rid of
wrestling in the Olympics. – Oh is that so?
– Yeah. It was the very first one, it was in the very first Olympics
back in somebody AD. So think about this. If they want to get rid of
wrestling, then how many people will not be using wrestling techniques but the Gracie’s still will. – Exactly. So you could say they have
something of an unfair advantage. – Well, no, they know what they’re doing. They know how to work the
chokes, they know how to work the arm bars, they know how
to work, most of them now have learnt the striking aspect of it. – Yeah, exactly.
– The speed aspect of it. – And they manage to combine that. – And they don’t mind you
taking them down because now even though you’re on top
I’m in the on guard position to where I’ve got my legs wrapped
around you and pretty soon you get frustrated, you
reach, I get the arm. You reach, I get the neck. (background shouting) (Jesse chuckles) So what happens is UFC now. – Exactly. So what do you think,
looking at the first UFC to all the way, looking
at the evolution of it, comparing that to today. – Oh it’s 100% different. – It is?
– Sure. Because the rules have changed. Now there are rules, before
there were none, remember? Now, it’s a funny thing,
that if I’m on the ground I can kick you in the face
but you can’t kick me at all. – Exactly. (chuckles) – You can’t punch me in
the back of the head. Why? – One might argue that those rules favor a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. – Shame on you Jesse!
(Jesse laughs) You shouldn’t talk like
that, but again it’s the, and I hate to use the term
sport of it, you know. I mean, it’s like two
gladiators out there fighting. Except this time, hopefully,
the loser doesn’t die. – Exactly, yeah. – I don’t like to watch it because I hate that term ground and pound. Think about it, ground and
pound, what does that say to you? You get a guy on the ground, you beat him until he says: “I quit.” Well, that doesn’t even
happen out on the street. There’s gonna be somebody
who’s gonna pull you off. I don’t know, just me,
I like to kick people. (laughter) – All right, thank you so much Sensei. – Thank you. – For sharing that amazing…

100 thoughts on “The Gracie UFC Conspiracy

  1. Thanks for everyone’s comments! 😄 The purpose of this video is simply to share an incredible piece of history (from someone who was actually there). 🥋 We all know grappling is essential to become a well-rounded martial artist. 👍 I actually practiced BJJ as a kid and I’ve been to Brazil 3 times. Heck, my little brother won his Bellator debut with a RNC. 💪 But that has nothing to do with the brilliant marketing strategy for BJJ in UFC 1. 👊 Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! 😄

  2. sport fighting … rules.. it simply will go the way who fights with the rules.. simple.. real combat.. not a chance ! get taken to the ground..smash their eyes.. rip their ears.. slam their larynx.. see who can breath then..

  3. The Gracies will do anything to win in there favor. Smart people can see through there facade. The Gracies were so afraid of some Japanese Judo practitioners that they added extra thick floor padding so they won't get hurt. Cowards.

  4. luke skywalker interviews human yoda 🙂

    all jokes aside, I admire how he respects his elder and his (Wallace's) humility as well..
    refreshing thing to see in the west…

  5. The sumo had hand wraps so the validity of this guy's comments are already funny. And i know all the first fights very well and none them had jock straps/cups so hmmmm?
    Conspiracy maybe but on this guys end probably not gracies. Just sayin

  6. Bottom line is that no one respected the ground game. Wrestlers didn't even understand it fully. The ufc was a turning point in how people viewed ground fighting. Made it what it is today. Stand up didn't bring about that evolution bill, gracie jiujitsu did 💯

  7. Makes sense…fighting sports are full of corruption. Mike Tyson was always put in with guys they knew would lose except for a few and usually he was beat by good boxers. Tyson was used as a huge money making attractions Spinks and Berbick were paid to take a fall and probably Larry Holmes as well.

  8. It took over 25 years before this was finally said by someone who actually knew what really went on! I've been barking about this since Royce used his belt to choke out Shamrock (who was not allowed to wear his wrestling shoes). I can remember watching it when it came out, not knowing what the hell it was, but afterwards thinking, was that an info-mercial about Helio Gracie. They had this rigged tournament laid out just the way they wanted it, and had put meticulous thought into making absolutely sure that Royce (or any Gracie for that matter) was going to win. I'm so surprised that it took this long for someone to finally say something!

  9. Royce Gracie was a good enough representative of BJJ. I would have expected to have an okinawan or japanise karate man, or a current world champion. Looks like they only got black belts from local dojos.

  10. And let's not forget that he got caught and suspended for 2 years after Sakuraba 2. Who knows maybe he was using since the old days

  11. A long time before UFC the Gracies where beating karate and kung fu nerds in US and Brazil. They all said that very same thing, no one could defeat them.

  12. Then all i can say is well played by the Gracie's, they went in with a business model and succeeded. That has to be respected if you look at the popularity of bjj worldwide.

  13. Much respect to Wallace but he's a little off here… When wrestlers had no idea what jiu jitsu was, they would easily fall into a submission by leaving themselves exposed. It's not until more competitors understood what Jits was that they could defend against it. There is a learning curve, and hitting in back of the head and kicks are all rulings of the Unified Federation of MMA established by various athletic commissions and had nothing to do with favoring grappling.

  14. I've done BJJ and Judo for over 8 years and while I do love them, the fact that soccer kicks and strikes to the back of the head arent allowed in the UFC paint a false picture of their true effectiveness. Fights are drastically different when the grappler has his shot stuffed then receives a shin to the head while they are trying to get back into position.

    Having said that, the effectiveness of good throws and take downs is also under represented in the UFC as many of those throws when performed on dirt, rocks, or cement could result in literal death and much more broken bones and fractures as opposed to a canvas that drastically reduces impact.

  15. looks like they put a curse on poor Bill so he end up lookin like Helios Gracie, everytime he looks in the mirror he sees Helio 🤣🤣

  16. WRAPPING YOUR HANDS TURNS YOUR FISTS INTO HARD ROCKS, SLAPPING BECOMES IRON PALMS AND IRON CLAW. JU JITSU DOES NOT WORK…AS WELL AS..WHEN ON A SMOOTH STIFF MAT, THE game changes in the field of combat like when you are wearing a wide heel running shoes is a detriment with many Ju Jitsu techniques, or if you are under a 300lb man in your guard but your back is pressed in a bowl of jagged rocks that keep you stuck to the ground…then I would strike pressure points…and vital ;.points.The uniform is protection and when you wrap your arm around a man's head the sleeve becomes a strong rope around your neck. FROM THE BEGINNING PRESSURE POINT FIGHTERS WERE OUT-LAWED because Ju Jitsu makes it more possible to activate/attack pressure points, neural KO's, nervous systems kill shots, delayed death touch were pain is shot from a strike of a point and pain rushes down to strike the nerve organ-tissue junction…synapse…destroying tissue leading to organ falilure and death or pain…

  17. The biggest change in UFC to me, is no GI is worn anymore. In my opinion, that would be the single most important thing for a Jiu Jitsu person to have on, or their opponent to be wearing some sort of clothing. It makes it way easier. Now people just grease themselves up, so you can't get a hold of anything 🙂 I honestly don't think a wrestler could do anything with Royce though. Granted, they would do much better than a boxer though.

  18. Now we know why the Gracie's' called out Joe Lewis but never Muhammad Ali! Joe Lewis was a base fighter with quick hard accurate punching power where Muhammad Ali was a supreme boxer with quick hands, movement,endurance and wits to match. Ali has wins over wrestlers and a Japanese judo master. Mr. Bill "superfoot" Wallace is right! All fights start standing! If you know how to strike the only thing going to the ground is your opponent.

  19. Now let me tell you something that you don't know about the Gracie's. Date Rose Royce Gracie it was the weakest and smallest amongst the family. If they wanted to choose their best that would have been Rickson Gracie. They wanted to prove a point and they did just that. I actually think it's disrespectful by saying martial artists like the stand up when Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art. I had to learn this the hard way I started kickboxing when I was 8 years old I am 34 years old currently and just received my black belt in Jiu-Jitsu 3 years ago under Grandmaster Flavio by a ring out of Sao Paulo Brazil and a student of Helio Gracie. It took me 12 years. Stand-up Fighters often just like the grappling cuz they don't understand it and they can get extremely ravished and thrown around and submitted in forced to tap within seconds like my early days. A martial artist is one that tries to fill all the holes and weaknesses in the entire combat Spectrum. Anyone who says otherwise is just a weekend martial artist not a complete martial artist. So I actually find this understanding that you have a bit disrespectful and I'm knowledgeable about martial arts. But that's my opinion and coming from somebody who actually does combat any professional mixed martial artist

  20. Royce would have lost to Oleg Taktarov . They made sure they were never pitted against each other back in the day. Royce has no striking skills and Oleg is pretty damn hard to beat by straight submission.

  21. This is nonsense. It's not like that today in the UFC. and everyone's wearing the same thing when they enter the after gone and Brazilian jiu jitsu is still effective. There's even Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil where everyone's wearing a karate uniform. unless the fighters was told by Grace he's not to wear karate uniform fair is fair

  22. One of my friends went to a Gracie seminar. He got one of them off to the side and said so what do you do against a knife? Gracie said oh no we don't do that. So much for self defense. Ring art only.

  23. "…but it's just me…I like to kick people…" -Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace ladies and gentlemen! He had a phenomenal kicking game!

  24. Most of the early UFC fights were rigged. I tried out and was banned from the octagon because I hit to hard in the tryout. What these guys do today is exceptional, but the Gracies never gave real martial artist a chance.they just banned us.

  25. Bill saying the sumo was not hurt? Full round house to the face and a punch….. The best thing that ref did was to stop that fight. Bill Wallace seems a little jealous.

  26. The Most important element to my System is: Paying attention to…. The Deception that others use against others, Paying attention to the Deception that others use against you (or Try to use on you) and also…recognizing the Deception that YOU will need to use against others!

  27. The martial arts world would not look different, if wrestling were involved in UFC 1. No one knew how to defend against BJJ. Let’s not kid ourselves.

  28. Guess he forgot about Dan Severn who was a wrestler and in the second UFC I think. The wrestler taking them down is just what they wanted.

  29. Wasn't there wrestling in 1993?? Lots of guys knew how to defend a double take down then!!! I did because I wrestled in school!!!

  30. Awesome video, we do have OneFC with different rules if you like kneeing and kicking on the ground to the head. every fight is determined by rules and habit of style.

  31. Some of his facts are really incorrect. Ken Shamrock was a experienced in mma and grappling from pancrase and the in the videos you can clearly see knee wraps on shamrock, hand wraps on tuli. Art jimmerson the boxer was allowed to wear a boxing glove and hand wrap.

  32. Don't forget he used to grab his sleeve when he lost the locked arms. It was crazy being allowed to wear them gi and there was no 5 min rounds or bell they could just lie there forever. So glad the rules changed bjj so much better now.

  33. I disagree that the current ruleset favours bjj because first of all, you are not allowed to hit the back of the head even in a boxing match which has nothing to do with bjj. Secondly, a person on the ground can't generate enough power with his kicks as a person standing up, so it's a fair rule in my opinion. I agree that early UFC could have been a very sketchy organisation but I'd say right now they are in a very good place with the proper regulations and everything. I still think that some fighters have found ways to mask their use of steroids though because some of the fighters don't look natural.

  34. I fought an exhibition with Bill in 1988. I literally blinked and he hook kicked me between the eyes during that blink. I only saw the kick moving away as my head snapped back. lol My only thought was "Damn, that was fast!" I more than held my own. But, Bill was my hero and he shoved me over a bunch of spectators and tried to stomp my head into the floor. I barely moved out of the way in time. His footpad grazed my ear. We talked and became good friends afterwards and hung out for a week while I assisted him with his seminars at Nashville area schools. Then, we drove to Memphis to a tournament in a car Elvis gave him. Bill is the coolest guy ever. MMA is a joke compared to some of the tournaments back in the day with concrete floors, groin kicks were allowed and you could continue fighting and grappling on the floor for thirty seconds, and you could stomp the guys head with one foot (a rule often broken.) I heard that Bill said the first UFC event was about as real as WWF aka WWE wrestling. WWF was pretty hardcore back in the day actually despite being prearranged. But, I think the whole idea of UFC was to highlight the grappling aspect of martial arts and create a real sport version of pro-wrestling. It was a brilliant ploy to promote BJJ. I remember seeing some Jiu Jit Su martial artists try to fight in a Karate tournament back in the day and they were slaughtered because they could not defend against striking and never got close enough to take anyone down. If the Gracie's were so great why weren't they the Jiu Jit Su world champions? I told my fellow Tang Soo Do black belts back in 1976 when I was side training with the number two U.S. Judo heavyweight that they needed to learn to defend against Judo chokes and take downs. Although we had a lot of Judo throws and sweeps and leg takedowns in Tang Soo Do. We didn't practice many defenses for certain types of chokes. I am personally disappointed in MMA. If they can't take the guy out on the floor after a couple minutes they should stand them up again. Otherwise, it is too boring and stupid. 90% of what theytout as realistic is totally negated in a real fight because biting is allowed on the street. There are a few exceptional fighters with real martial arts technique like Cung Le and Loyota Machida and Steven Wonderboy Thompson. But, for the most part they are steroid boys. They are conditioned athletes. But, generally with very little finesse. Most are only combining two systems which are BJJ and Muay Thai. Muay Thai kicks are devastatingly powerful. But, as Bruce Lee said are like John L. Sullivan boxing which is very telegraphic and lacking in finesse. If better strikers and fighters who know how to use blocks to set up opponents ever start competing and dominating they will simply change the rules again to promote their agenda. Olympic Tae Kwon Do did the same thing to shut out Tang Soo Do stylists who were dominating. And, they made the rules so convoluted so they can control who wins for the most part. Politics can only be eliminated through KO's and submissions.

  35. The only problem here is through Gracie Jiu Jitsu has striking It has knife defense It’s just Carlos Gracie side of jujitsu took that out All the self-defense aspect of BJJ has been taken out of the true GJJ y’all need to understand the difference and that’s what Bill Wallace doesn’t understand

  36. You could use your own eyes and brain to figure it out. You rarely see sport grappling in real life fights. And why are strikers expected to be good at grappling anyway?

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