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The Gold Rush of Facebook and Instagram Ads is Right NOW | 2018 Philadelphia Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote

The Gold Rush of Facebook and Instagram Ads is Right NOW | 2018 Philadelphia Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote

– Welcome Gary Vaynerchuk! (audience cheers) – Thank you.
– Yeah, man. (audience cheers) – Thank you, Philly, sit, let’s do this. (audience murmurs) What up, what up? What up? (audience cheers) Good to see you, Philly. First of all, before we get this started, the amount of gratitude
that I have for this city for beating the fucking
Patriots in the Super Bowl. (audience cheers wildly) Let’s fucking go! Thank you for that. Man, I hate those fuckers. Today’s an extremely special day for me because today is my mother’s birthday. (audience cheers) And I thought I would
use that as a framework of the opening dialogue, giving a sense of who’s speaking today. I won’t go too much into
mindset and motivation and those kind of things
’cause I think we have a lot of people covering it,
I’m actually going to go pretty practical on the back half of this about why I think most of you
are massively missing the mark and I include myself in that. That we’re missing the mark
in this enormous gold rush of Facebook ads and Instagram
ads, LinkedIn, YouTube. No matter how much content
you’re producing for whatever you’re trying to achieve,
whether that’s to raise money for the PTA or sell sneakers
or build your real estate firm, whatever you do, the one
thing, for all the people here in the front and all those
homies that I love so much in the back–
(audience cheers) Man, it takes a while for
noise to get the fuck up here. Shit is crazy.
(audience laughs) The one thing I know
for fact that connects every person here, that
cameraman right there, myself, you, all of you, is
that attention is the asset. That before you can tell
me how great you are, why I should buy your thing,
why I should do the thing that you want me to do,
vote for me, buy my thing, do this, help that, that attention is the asset
and I have spent the last 20 years of my business
career becoming a practitioner in what I call under-priced attention. Whether it’s email, or
websites, or Google AdWords, or YouTube, or Facebook, or Twitter, the reason I have the great
luxury of standing up here, at least for the merit of what
I’ve been able to accomplish in my professional career,
is I’ve been able to execute within real estate that has
been under-priced by the market, I’ve been able to storytell
and execute in there and that has led to the
results that I have. As I got older, I got
smarter and started investing in the platforms that became
the most important real estate and those are the
foundations of the things, and when I buy the New York
Jets and win by Super Bowls… (audience cheers) It will, 100%, be on the back of the things that I’m
going to talk to you on the second half which is
how all of you need to start buying and creating on these platforms and why so many of you have failed. How many people here by show
of hands have run Facebook or Instagram ads and it hasn’t worked? ‘Cause I think it’s a lot
of people, raise them high. There’s a very specific reason. It’s because it’s not that
easy, it’s not just, you know, it’s like me saying I’m going
to put a ball in the hoop. That’s great, but it
doesn’t mean I’m going to be a professional basketball player. It takes a skill set,
and I’ll get into that, and that’s the thing, if you
want to ask me what I’m trying to accomplish here today,
every person in here is under-spending and
under-creating on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube,
Twitter, podcasting, email, everybody, me too. And I have 22 full time people,
I’m spending three to four million dollars a year
between advertising dollars and people and I’m under-doing it. So, I really need to deliver
that, that’s part two. Part one is a little bit
more interesting to me. Over the last year, it’s become
obvious to me that optimism is actually a strategy. That I’m fascinated by what I was gifted. I was gifted, through my
mom’s DNA and by the way that she parented me, to
be fundamentally in a place where I just am incapable
of seeing the negative. I don’t really, it’s
not that I’m delusional. Basically, my life for the last 27 years has been pretty basic. If I wake up and me and
the seven or eight people that I love the most didn’t
die, I’m fucking pumped. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) Now I really, really need you
to understand what I’m saying. I mean it, it’s super basic. I have a happy life not
because of my success. Seeing my dear high school
friend, Jess, right there, one, two, three, in the fifth row… It was super fun, I ran into
her in the hotel last night and I was there with
her husband and friend and it was fun for me,
it was emotional for me because she’s one of a very,
you know, we only went to a high school of 254 kids, I
know it’s 254 in our class now. I don’t know how many of
you follow me on Instagram but the happiest day I’ve
had in the last month was when I posted my
report card a month ago because I was ranked 243 out
of 254 in my high school. (audience laughs) But there’s not a lot of people,
because I was very insular, what she can tell you is
that for the first three and seven eighths year
of my high school career, because I worked in my dad’s liquor store and because I worked after school, I didn’t do after school sports, I didn’t hang out, I didn’t
have much of a social life, I sold baseball cards in
the malls of New Jersey and I worked at my dad’s
store, I was in my own shit. And so, for me, it’s fun
to see her right here because you could say,
you know, I have empathy. One could say, well, you’re
happy ’cause you’ve made it. I was fucking super happy
when I wasn’t making it and doing the shit that
nobody wanted to do. You know, a lot of
people are very confused with my narrative, when
people want to troll me, they’re like, easy for
you, you were handed three million dollars or
this, that, the other thing. I spent the first 12 years
of my career, 15 hours a day, paying myself less than
$100,000 a year, every year, building my family liquor
store business for my parents. I left at 34 years old with
zero equity in Wine Library, no money to my name,
and no equity on paper. I basically started over seven years ago. But I checked, thanks Dad, but I checked– (audience laughs) But I checked a very important box for me. I don’t know how many
of you are immigrants, or the children of immigrants,
or how many of you, in the same way that I am
(audience cheers) that have the great, great
fortune to have their parents be their heroes, but there’s
no greater feeling in life than feeling that you’ve settled
the score with your parents and gave them as much as they gave you. And that feels incredible
for me of what I did in the first part of my
career but here’s what I will tell you on my mom’s birthday. My mom did some crazy ass parenting on me. First of all, the number one
thing that my mom did for me and the number one issue for
the far majority of this room, and I’m just lucky of
good parenting and DNA, I don’t think I’m better than
you, I’m just telling you because I see it every day
and because I’ve read a lot of tweets in the last 24
hours of people that are in this audience, and I
look at not just the tweet that you said you’re excited
to see me, I look at all the shit you post ’cause
I’m trying to get a sense of you fuckers.
(audience laughs) The number one gift my mom gave
me is a lack of entitlement. If you want to talk–
(audience applauds) For all the good shit
that’s going on with me, I literally think I mean nothing. I’m being dead serious with you. I think I’m the greatest of all time, with my confidence, bravado,
and ego, and excitement, and the things I see are
happening, but I equally know that if I disappeared tomorrow, cool, I’d have a good social media day and then, everybody would move, I’m telling you, when Prince and David Bowie
died in that little window, and I watched those icons of
culture get about 24 hours of love and then everybody
forgot, I was like, fuck. Right, I mean it. I mean it, and so,
what’s really empowering and what’s holding so many
people back here is entitlement. You feel like somebody owes
you something because something went wrong somewhere
along the way and I don’t. I actually thing whatever
went wrong for you is the best shit that ever happened to you because adversity is absolutely
the foundation of success. (audience applauds) The other thing I know is I have bad news, nobody gives a fuck about your problems. (audience laughs) And this is super important to understand, the second you actually
understand that nobody actually gives a shit, the only people
that listen to you complaining are your loser fucking friends. (audience laughs) If you like complaining,
just take a step back, look around the next time
you’re complaining about the government, or racial, or feminine. I had a guy sit in front of
me the other day crying that his life was bad ’cause
he was a white male. (audience murmurs) Rich, white male. I was like, oh shit,
we’ve gone everywhere now. (audience laughs) You’re either on the offense or defense. I just want you to know
something, one of the things that’s been really on my mind
is I think a lot of people think they’re in the middle,
they’re like at trans. You’re only on the offense or the defense. And I’ve realized that
I’ve been on the offense my whole life because I never
felt entitled to anything. An incredible thing
happens when you’re born with very little. I was born in the Soviet
Union, we come to America, I live in a studio apartment in Queens. My parents bought me six
toys in my entire life kind of thing, we took
one, one family vacation in my entire life, right. When I wanted a Nintendo, my
mom looked me dead in the face and said, good, go buy it. And that was huge, on the
flip side, what she also did was she instilled… Let me rephrase, she reinforced
things that came natural to me and made them the
most important things. While I was getting D’s
and F’s and every other immigrant parent was making
their kids get A’s and B’s ’cause they thought that’s what mattered, my mom was accelerating
and going out of her mind any time that I showed compassion, any time that I showed empathy, any time that I showed gratitude. I once opened a door for a
woman, this is an amazingly interesting story to me. I remember after losing a
little league baseball game, which I’m extremely competitive,
so basically, if I lost at anything, from the ages of five to 13, I cried on the spot. Like some straight
fucking real tears shit. So we had a devastating
loss in the little league baseball game that we lost,
I mean, I remember we lost to the cougars, three
to two, those fucking– (hisses)
Anyway. We went to McDonald’s ’cause,
my mom didn’t like buying shit but she knew I was super sad,
so she was going to buy me a fucking Big Mac, so
we went to McDonald’s. We got there and I will
remember this for the rest of my life, I open, I was eight,
I opened a door for a woman. You know, just walking, just
opened the door for a woman. You would’ve thought that
I won a Nobel Peace Prize. My mom made such a big deal about that. You know, there’s a
legendary story for my mom when, on my 10th birthday,
we went to Toys “R” Us and because Cabbage Patch
Kids were so hard to get they had them, so I took all
my money and bought my sister the Cabbage Patch on my birthday. And that was a good one,
that’s better than the door, but still, you have to
understand what she did, and honestly, for all
of you that watch me, it’s what I’m doing for my
community with my content. We, my friends, more than ever now, we need to focus on the truth. Here’s the truth, this second that we’re sitting here is the greatest second
in the history of mankind for human beings.
(audience cheers) This is math. No matter what you have going on, your grandparents had it worse. We are so good at blaming other things and dwelling and complaining on shit without looking at the
reality of the situation. No matter how bad you have
it, millions, billions, have it worse and so, for me,
the mindset that I’ve rolled in this whole game is, nobody cares. Nobody cares and not that they don’t care, people have compassion but they can’t. Think about how much you
can care even for the people you love the most, it’s
just a human thing. And more importantly, we
have it ridiculously good. This internet thing, this internet thing, is the most important
invention in the history of the human being. All the things that you worry
about of the man stopping you or something stopping you, all
these things that we envision that are the reasons why you
haven’t’ been successful, this internet thing is
taking away, the internet. The internet is the middle man. It’s true, you have to
understand how ridiculous this thing is. The ability for you to create
content, pictures, videos, and written words on
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, beyond and going
direct to the audience eliminates any excuse you come up with. I could literally spend
the next month, one-by-one, systematically going through this big room and no matter what
excuse you come up with, the answer is going to be: And? Guys, we have to eliminate
complaining and dwelling. We have to. It’s just everything and
that’s what she did for me. She instilled the right
positive things and most of all, she eliminated fucking excuses. She eliminated entitlement. And most of all, how many
people are parents in here? (audience cheers) She did one other thing
that’s super important to me. This whole fifth place trophies bullshit. (audience laughs) I have two kids, I get it. You love your kids so much, I get it. But what we’ve manifested into,
we are such pieces of shit, what we have manifested into,
in overprotecting our kids and manipulating adversity,
and creating a world where there isn’t winning
and losing, is the reason. I hate, I hate when I
hang out with like a 48 or 57 year old homie and he’ll be like, “Gary, these fucking millennials.” I’m like, “You fucking raised
the millennial, you dick.” (audience laughs) Like all the 40, 50 year
olds, all of us 38, 40, every one of us, 50 year
olds and up, we love shitting on these kids, they’re
soft, they’re entitled. We made them entitled. Like, we have to get back
to winning and losing. You have to stop coddling your kids. Of course, of course they are struggling. When you actually thought
until the age of 14 that you won everything when
you lost, you’re fucked. (audience laughs) Fuck! The Patriots lost. (audience cheers) I knew that would work. I think, I genuinely believe, look, I’m going to get very real with you. If you decided to spend money
to come here for this lineup, entitlement is a big problem
you have in some shape or form, I’m being dead fucking serious. Not everybody, I don’t know
all of you, but I’m telling you right now, that 80 to 90% of
you, I’m being very, very frank and I’m coming, I’m not
razzing, I’m coming from an incredibly important place right now. Please, eliminate entitlement. Nobody, nothing, nothing,
nobody, owes you shit. Nobody gives a fuck that
your parents were alcoholics. Nobody fucking cares that you
were born into a tough family. And here’s the truth, if
you actually live that, if you actually live that,
whether it’s true or not, you can then finally navigate. All of you are looking
backwards and people are fucking passing you by. Yesterday is fucking over. And I’m telling your
right now, that, to me, over the last decade,
has been stunning to me. People’s ability to dwell
and think about circumstances that they had no control
over that are now dictating how they go forward is fucking cancer. And if I can fucking strangle
it out of your fucking body here right now, Philadelphia, I would. Because there’s no tactic
that I’m going to teach you, there’s nothing motivational
me, or Les, or fucking Tony are going to say to you that’s
going to do dick for you if you’re still dwelling that fucking aunt stole $800 from you. (audience laughs) Right? Like people just, this woman’s
laughing, I’m laughing too. Like, fucking, people
email me like, Gary V, like I’d totally be crushing
it but my girlfriend cheated on me in 1985; I’m like,
you’re a fucking loser, dick! (audience laughs) Like what, while you
guys were watching MTV, what the fuck’s the matter with you? People complain that
Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm changed and they’re
getting as many likes. (audience laughs) It’s free. I get 1,000 emails and
DM’s a day from people who say to me, Gary V, Zucks fucked me. (audience laughs) Instagram, what the
fuck is Instagram doing, they’re killing me, they
changed the algorithm, YouTube too, and Google
before that in 2003. These are fucking free platforms. And you’re literally complaining
about the algorithm change. Let me tell you why
you’re getting less likes or getting hurt by the algorithm change. ‘Cause your content’s not good enough. Because you joined engagement groups and you each like each other’s
shit, you fucking hacking piece of shit.
(audience laughs) Oh, there we go. Oh, you’re made at Instagram
because you and fucking bunch of Pakistani hackers
decided to get into a group and like each other’s shit
and now you’re not getting as much engagement. Do you think fucking Zucks is and idiot? My friends, the lack of
patience in the system right now is extraordinary. We have 22 year old life
coaches on Instagram. (audience laughs) (chuckles dryly) I don’t want to get
side-railed ’cause this can get real fucking ugly, Philly. When I was 28 years old,
six years out of school, a lot of Jess and I’s friends
first started getting Facebook ’cause that’s the time
it started coming out. I, because I worked every fucking minute, what she can tell you
is, literally, basically, we threw our caps in
the air for graduation and I disappeared of the
face of the fucking earth ’cause I worked every fucking minute. This was first time I’d
be connected with a bunch of my friends ’cause here’s
Facebook and it was awesome. It was like digital class
reunion shit, it was amazing for a lot of us who were
part of that generation. As I connected with it,
it was really interesting. In a very nice way, ’cause we
came from a very nice place, most of my high school
friends, basically, basically, in some shape of form,
10 or 12 of them said, “Oh, you still work at
your dad’s liquor store.” And I remember that era super well because I’m really desperately trying to put patience on a pedestal as a good thing because it is a good thing. Because the game is long and so many people here are walking around with insecurities and all their
behavior of what they want is to just prove to somebody
else that they’ve made it. Literally, people buy dumb
shit like Supreme bags so that they could look cool
in front of their people. Literally, people buy seven bedroom homes, seven bedroom, guys, nobody uses their seven bedroom home. We live in four rooms but it’s status. They fucking lease cars to look the part. They wear clothes to look the part. They buy home to look the part. All, all because they live
their lives on defense. You live your life on defense because you worry about other
people’s points of view. The end. Back, ’cause Jess is here and just so fun ’cause I get to use stories that I’ve… Freshman year of high school, pretty interesting year, right? ‘Cause you’ve gotta kind
of reestablish your brand. Shit gets really gnarly
freshman year of high school. (audience laughs) While Jess was being super
popular her freshman year of high school, let me
tell what I was doing. I was walking around the
lunch room trying to sell baseball cards to everybody
sitting at a table. Not necessarily the move to
make yourself the most popular person in a world where
that’s what matters. I’m telling you that story for one reason, because of great parenting,
on my mom’s birthday, she put me in a place very
early on that there was only on voice in my game: My own. As a matter of fact, it’s
so scary to me how singular my own voice is. It doesn’t mean that I
don’t listen to feedback, it doesn’t mean that I’m
delusional and I think I can get away with bad shit and it’s all okay, it just means that I am incapable
of valuing anybody else’s opinion including my mom’s,
my wife’s, and my children’s opinion about me over my own. (audience applauds) It’s super important, if you really listen to where I’m going with this talk, if you realized how much
of the actions you do is to show your mom, or
your dad, or your sibling, or your spouse, or
somebody, show somebody else that you made it or you did it, it is remarkably scary how
many people are dictated by somebody else’s opinion. When you lay your patience
into it, it’s go to have a chip in your shoulder; I’ve got a lot. But patience. Too many people struggle with being booed
in the third quarter. Too many people; how many people under 30? You guys are still playing
the fucking national anthem. Too many people rushing, taking
shortcuts, doing dumb shit because they want to win
in the first quarter. This is a long game my
friends; sure, you can get hit by a bus. Great, I understand. For the far majority of
us, this is a long game and with the way medicine is going now. How many people here between
40 and 60, raise your hands. This is where it gets
real interesting for us. We’re just going to live a
lot longer than we thought. I mean it. How many people are 40,
40 to 50, real quick. Do you remember how old
you thought 40 to 50 was when you were 26?
(audience laughs) When I first entered
my dad’s liquor store, my cousin, Bobby, was 30, I was 22, I thought he was old as shit. (audience laughs) Now, sitting up here at 42,
when I look at this little man right here; how old are you, my man? Nine, I feel nine too. Like, literally, that’s the crazy shit that they don’t tell us. For all the 20 to 30 year olds in here, what they don’t tell you,
you’re going to feel basically the same in 20 years. You’re going to have just as
much fire and there’s plenty of 60 year olds in here
who have just as much fire. It actually doesn’t change
as much as you think. Especially not here, right? Maybe you’re a little slower, the back, maybe some of that shit, but not here. Not here and the quicker
you understand that, the quicker you won’t
look for a fast buck. Do you know how many of
my friends, my community, that when I post on Instagram,
I mean, this is what, the hypocrisy, the fucking hypocrisy. Do you know how many times I
watch shit, for all my talking, I’m a listener. I watch shit. Don’t leave a comment on my Instagram and think I’m not watching. I posted something about
patience a year ago. Everybody comes in, a lot of
keyboard warriors out there these days.
(audience laughs) Everybody loves to look
the part on social media but what are your fucking actions
is what I’m interested in. So I post something about
patience and comments will come in like yeah, Gary V,
patience, this and that. Literally, it hit me because
somebody had a funny username and then that email had
it, I have a great memory and I kind of look back. A kid who wrote a fucking
manifesto of how I changed his life on imposing patience, right. How it was the greatest
thing that I taught him and I’m the father he never
had which kinda pissed me off ’cause I’m not that old but–
(audience laughs) Is the same kid that, nine
months later, after that post sent me an email crying,
asking me for help, asking to borrow money,
which didn’t bother me, but it speaks to the desperation
’cause I don’t know him, because he maxed all his
credit cards out to buy Bitcoin and Bitcoin when down. People are chasing. Do you know how many of my
homies that I grew up with that were social media
experts now say in their bio that they’re crypto currency experts? Who are also real estate experts? People are fucking experts. People are chasing. The collective answers to this room are: Way more patience. Take your entitlement and leave
it in the fucking garbage, nobody gives a fuck. Period. And, the fundamental
thing that really matters, nobody you’ve ever met has
succeeded in building anything without working their fucking face off. (audience applauds) I literally throw up in my fucking mouth every time I hear the word
passive fucking income. (audience laughs) It’s my truth. There’s nothing fucking passive
about income, my friends. There’s no fucking system. You’re not going to be
fucking smoking weed in a fucking island in
Jamaica while other idiots are working for you, you fucking idiot. (audience laughs) And so, I highly recommend, as
you sit in your fucking chair right now that you start
getting real with yourself. Every excuse that you have,
it’s your fucking fault. Don’t lend your aunt money, asshole. (audience laughs) Alright, that’s my framework. It’s work, it’s patience,
it’s a long game, you’ve got to put in the
effort every, single day. I highly recommend finding
something that comes natural or you like. Too many people do shit they
don’t like for the money to buy shit that doesn’t matter. It’s the most basic shit on earth. How many of you are so
miserable right now, but if you made $30,000
less, if you could afford it, and all you have to do is sell your home and go live in an apartment? Like it’s crazy to me
the traps that people are putting themselves
into for buying shit. By the way, buying shit
to impress other people, you’re playing for an outside game. Now, let me tell you
how I think you’d do it. That’s the framework,
let’s get the details. Content, content. A video, a written word, or a picture. Content is the gateway
drug to every single thing in our society. Anything that you want to happen,
you want to sell sneakers, you want people to buy your
course, you want to sell homes, I don’t give a shit, no matter
what you do in this room, content is the gateway
drug to your success. If you are not producing pictures,
videos, and written words for Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium,
if you are not doing that, you are fundamentally
irrelevant in society. I don’t give a shit that
you didn’t grow up with it. I don’t give a shit that you
hate going to a restaurant and seeing two people on
the phone and it’s sad. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t give a fuck if you’re
judging your grandkids, they’re so introverted
now, they don’t know how to communicate, they
don’t look in your eye. Fuck you, grandpa, this is the new game. (audience laughs) You can be sad all you want,
you’re the same asshole that said you’d never get a cell phone and now you have one, Barry! (audience laughs) Technology doesn’t give a
fuck about how we grew up, technology is going to do it’s thing. Technology doesn’t care
what your opinion is. Too many people here have
an opinion about society and then, use that to dictate
their business careers. That is the most insane shit of all time. Your romantic point of
view on how it should be is the reason that
you’re not moving forward in your business career. You, in one side of your
mouth, think that Facebook is ruining our democracy
and in the other side don’t think it works
to sell your dumb shit. We have to take a collective
step back here right now, Philly, and understand one thing, this is the remote control of our lives. Let me say something very simple, I’m going to demonstrate
it to you and if you really understand what I’m saying right now, it’s going to really matter. Facebook and Instagram,
our screens, right. There’s only so much real estate. Facebook’s and Instagram’s
only asset in society is your attention. The reason the algorithm
is the way that it is is ’cause if they keep
showing you dumb shit and you don’t like, you’re going to leave. How many people here have
been on email for 15 years or longer, raise your hand. Great, remember how we used
to read email 15 years ago? We read it. (chuckles) For all the youngsters in
here, I had an email newsletter in 1996 that had 91% open rates. Everybody read it, everybody acted on it, I sold a lot of wine. But we just kept sending email
and so did everybody else and you started to tune it out. You know why the algorithm’s not showing your content as much? ‘Cause the people that
do see it, aren’t showing that they like it, thus,
it doesn’t want to show it to other people. The algorithm is saving
ourselves from ourselves. The algorithm works,
it’s why it’s working. But here’s the problem with the algorithm, there’s only so many pictures and videos. Right now, we’re just
competing amongst ourselves. I’m the alpha, I’m the biggest invested, it’s why I’m growing the fastest. Others in here are doing
solid, decent or nothing at all and that is a direct
correlation to your success and, more importantly, your future success. Here’s the problem, my friends. Coca-Cola, and BMW, and
Comcast, and the Eagles, and GE, and the biggest
companies in the world haven’t invested properly
into the feed yet. The feed is just one feed. Right now, it costs eight or nine dollars to get in front of 1,000 people. Soon, it’s going to cost
50, and 90, and 200, and you’re going to sit and
cry that you weren’t doing more of this, just like I
cried that I didn’t spend more money on Google
AdWords from 2001 to 2004 when they were grossly under-priced. Let me show you why I know this. Philly, please do me a real honor
and stand up right now if… Jesus fucking Christ. (audience laughs) Please stand up right now
if, besides live sports, you basically mainly now
watch Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, or anything that’s OTT. If you’re mainly watching
Netflix, stand up. This is fucking crazy. (man yells)
Thank you, bro. I want everybody to look
around, stand, keep staying up. I want everybody keep staying
up, look at this room. We can all agree these
are 13 year old kids, this is now a good wide range
of individuals and ages. We have switched to OTT. You can sit, thank you. 85% of this audience consumes this many television commercials. Nobody here watches
television commercials. Super Bowl, the best, we all watch it. Every other commercial, the worst. Now, let me give you data: 80,
let me say it nice and slow. Eighty billion dollars
in spent in the making and distributing of TV
commercials in America a year. And all of it’s going directly
in the fucking garbage. When Pepsi, and Kellogg’s,
and Kraft, and BMW, finally feel the pain of
them throwing money directly in the trash, which is
coming, they will switch it. And it will come into this
nice little place on Facebook and Instagram and everything else. And right now, while you’re
sitting on your hands and not spending every
dollar you can afford to on running ads, not organic, not you posting on your organic page, no running a $100 worth of
ads on a one mile radius of your office or to
people that buy T-shirts, or whatever it may be, while
you’re sitting on your hands, you’re watching the single
greatest marketing opportunity walk right by you, and
everybody in this room including myself will regret
for not spending more. If I can leave here with anything, if I can leave here with
anything, it would be to get you to understand how much of a
gold rush the under-priced attention on Facebook and Instagram is and get you to finally
get off you fucking ass and Google how to run, I
love when people are like, well, Gary, how do I run ads on Facebook? Google it, dick! (audience laughs) How do I run ads on Facebook, enter. I didn’t grow up with it. Neither did I. You didn’t grow up driving,
you figured it out. The fact that you’re willing
to not put in the five to 10 hours to understand it
for something that brings you so much value is mind-boggling to me. And then, if you understand
it, the fact that you’re not doing it and still
debating, boggles my mind. This is my, listen to what
I’m doing, this is platform that goes up in price if
more people are on it. It is the single platform
behind the foundation of all my success and I’m
trying to get you to go into it at my own expense ’cause
I’m competing with you for that same real estate
because it is that good and I’m just putting it
on the record so I can run this exact video in eight
years and when I’m talking about something new, it’s
going to say remember in 2018 when yo were in Philly and
you didn’t listen to me, you fucked up.
(audience laughs) Don’t make that same mistake
with augmented reality, or virtual reality, or Ai,
or whatever the fuck else I’m going to be believing in nine years. This is going to go away. The same way that Google
AdWords did and the same way that email went away, it’s
not that it goes away. TV’s not away, radio is not away, it’s just not a great deal anymore. Attention is the asset. Everything works but what about the price? I can run a lot of television
and people would know about me but that would cost millions
instead of tens of thousands for the same thing. We, as a collective, have not quantified how remarkable this is. How many people here sell
something like vitamins, or T-shirts, or sneakers,
or wine, raise your hand. Every one of you needs to
figure out influencer marketing. You should leave this
fucking conference right now, go home and start DM-ing people
on Instagram and asking them how much money it costs
for them to post a picture holding up your shit. How many people here
have consumed my content for a year or longer? Thank you, you know this is the same shit. I got one fucking pitch.
(audience laughs) I’m being serious. My pitch is simple: Stop buying dumb shit, and start doing the right thing. And here’s the right
thing, it’s very basic. Make pictures, videos, and
content for the social networks and the platforms that
people pay attention to. How many people here listen
to podcast, raise your hand. (audience cheers) How many people since
listening to my podcast, now, have started watching
a little less video because you’re listening on
the podcast, raise your hand. This is so interesting to me. Everybody here, if you
have a business of any sort or ambition needs to figure
out how to start a podcast. Audio is passive. You can listen while you’re driving, you can listen while you’re traveling, you can listen while you’re working out, you can listen while
you’re walking the dog. It doesn’t make you do this. You just got those nice
little fucking ear pods, the ones that you said
you would never wear. (audience laughs) In your ears. My friends, something I
figured out about myself a very long time ago, I’m very good at knowing
what you’re going to do while you’re telling me
you’re not going to do it. A lot of people here said
that they would never have a Facebook account, that they
would never be on Snapchat, a lot of people here said
they would never be on internet dating, a lot of
people here said, yeah, a lot of people here–
(audience laughs) A lot of people here said they would never have a cell phone. You’re going to do everything,
do you understand why? Technology’s more powerful
than your opinion. (audience murmurs) It’s true and I have good
news for you or bad news, depending on if you’re
optimist or pessimist. Most people are people are pessimists. It’s just starting. The robots are going to kill us. (audience laughs) I’m not joking. So, since they’re going
to fucking kill us, wouldn’t it be a good
idea to do the right thing while we’re here? This is just starting. Bookstores came first. Then, people that owned limo companies. Everybody’s on the record. The internet’s coming and
it’s going to take everything. All of it. There’s the internet then
there’s the companies that are the first layer
above the I internet. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and the all of our jobs
is to be the next layer on top of that. And the level of disrespect
that so many of you have for these platforms and their capabilities is the vulnerability of your upside, if you are not a practitioner. You know how many people
here have opinions on Facebook ads work
but have never run one? If you are not a
practitioner on producing, not you hired your 24 year
old niece ’cause she’s young and she gets this shit. You, if you are not a practitioner of these six or seven
platforms on this phone, 54% of time on one report
is spent on social networks on all time spent on a cell phone. Everybody’s a cell phone,
every minute, always. Watch your behavior. Everybody makes excuses,
well, my customer’s not on it. Or not yet, or it’s coming. This is here. If you are not here, you do not exist. Please, stop judging it. Please, stop being romantic. And, most of all, start
being honest with yourself, the reason you have those
excuses is you don’t want to put in the work. You do not want to put in
the work or even worse, you have a big ego and
you don’t like the feeling of starting with 19 followers
or fans on Instagram because you’re worried about
what other people think about you not having
a big following ’cause you’re a big shot in
another world and you fuck, fucking pisses me off, your
fucking ego pisses me off! (audience laughs) (snickers) It’s, your ego, it’s your detriment. You have ego because you think somebody gives a fuck about you. You know… In really, summing this up
for me, it’s super simple. It’s so easy and it’s so hard. It’s so hard because
judgment and all these things have been so drilled into your
mind, it was your framework, it was how you were
parented, the environment, it’s your core. But at some point, you’ve
just got to realize that there’s only one game. It’s an inside game and
there’s only one move, it’s called work. And just the lack of execution. The enormous amount of ego, just all these things are
wrapping up into one concoction that isn’t working. If you have not had sustained
growth, it’s because normally, you’re impatient and you’re
trying to move too fast. And here’s another thing
and let me tell you why I have a lot of passion for this moment, this, to me, since Google
AdWords, is the greatest, and early television ads, early cable, early cable, CNN, MTV, ESPN, they took advantage of early
cable that’s why you know them still, they moved fast,
it’s all the same game. Attention is the framework. Here’s what scares me/excited me the most. It’s so great right now. How many people here are
under 30, stand up, do it. So let me tell you a couple
things about you, for me. One, I’m so pissed at all these
old fuckers razzing on you. – Yeah.
– Thank you! – You’re welcome.
(audience laughs) But here’s another thing I
know about you, and honestly, I genuinely believe this
is the best generation that ever was, when I look
at the actions, all the– (audience cheers)
I really mean it. I mean it. Here’s the one problem
for everybody standing up. You haven’t been punched
in the fucking mouth yet. (audience laughs) I need you to understand
while you stand here, you’ve run your professional
career, over the last eight to 10 years, during
only economic growth. All us other old fuckers that
are sitting down right now, we’ve been punched in the mouth, we lived professionally
through 2007 and eight, we lived through 2001 and ’97 and ’96. Of course business is good
and you can make money posting a detox tea on your Instagram. Or you’ve got a fucking brand
’cause your printed some words on a fucking T-shirt, you dick. Of course, of course, when the economy is wining. My friends, and you can sit, thank you. My friends who are 30 and under, please, be prepared for
the punch in the mouth. Please, be prepared with
the biggest, let me tell you what happens when the fucking
assholes on Wall Street are cheating and the economy collapses. Big brands stop spending money. Nobody’s reaching out to you
anymore, offering you 500 bucks for a picture. You don’t get the leads,
nobody’s returning you calls. People go into a shell,
emotionally, not just financially. And then, you have to have something. Nobody wants to give you
money for your fucking, we’re the Uber of dry cleaners. And every other fucking
stupid ideal running through everybody’s fucking head right now. (audience laughs) I mean this, I mean it. Everybody’s building apps
and thinks it’s worth four million dollars and
they’re going to raise a million dollars from
fucking venture capital, they’re going to be fucking Instagram. My friends, for every one Instagram, there’s eight trillion Insta-shits. (audience laughs) Please, understand that we
are living right this day, May 3, 2018 the best fucking
opportunity for entrepreneurs in people ever. Stop listening to the bullshit propaganda. Stop listening to the bullshit
propaganda of negativity that’s sold to you every fucking day because they’re trying to make money. Fear sells, don’t get caught into it. Optimism is the gateway
drug to happiness, period. You either choose to see it
or you don’t, that’s on you, knock yourself out, it’s
the facts, it’s the data. We’re healthier, better, everything. We’ve got nothing put problems,
you know what’s happened because of this internet
thing, we’ve been exposed. You know why it’s so, you
know how much I love fucking MeToo and all this stuff, it’s the best, ’cause we fucking deserve
it, we’re being exposed. Big media hid it, this is exposing it. This is it. This is our moment. You will regret if you don’t go hard. Please, stop being lazy, and
egotistical, or undereducated, or entitled, go learn how
to make pictures, audio, video for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Get the fuck out of this
conference hall right now, run home and do shit! Thank you so much. (audience cheers) Thank you. Thank you. The back, the back! (audience applauds) (upbeat electronic music)

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