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THE FLASH: SuperHero Kids Classics Compilation!

THE FLASH: SuperHero Kids Classics Compilation!

Make sure to leave a like on this awesome Superhero kids classics compilation! Enjoy the show! He thinks he’s so cool with his superpowers. My gadgets could beat him any day! You know what Hey Speedy Gonzles! Oh hey Batman! Do you want to race? Are you serious? Super, super, duper serious. Okay! Are you sure you want to do this? That was a good try. Huh? How did you do that? I’m kind of the fastest guy in the world! Hmm true but I have a gadget that can beat you! Oh, what is it? Bat trike! Let’s do this! Bat board! Why is it rainbow? I like rainbows! Let’s do this! I will win this time! Bat grappling hook! I have one more idea. This is too easy. Bat Kart! Whoa, this looks cool. I know Let’s race Finally a challenge Oh that was a lot closer than I thought it would be! I should have won! Hmm, I feel bad for Batman. He really wanted to win. Oh I have an idea, I could make him cookies! Batman? I have a bad feeling about this. Do you really think you can beat me Ironman? Good luck! I can’t, but my invention can! Invention? The rocket board! Go! Yes! I win! I need your help. I wanna prank Ironman. Oh, I can help with that. Proximity mine, whoever steps on it gets blown sky high! Huh my shoes are untied Landmine Does not work! The mine did not work! I need something that is not gonna blow up. I think I know a guy. Oh, hey guys, so is that the freeze ray? Yep Thanks, cool Something that’s not gonna blow me up or freeze me. You are not good at this are you? Nothing’s working I’m never gonna beat Iron Man. Yeah, you’re a loser. Instead of doing little traps. Why don’t you do a giant trap? Maybe that’ll work No-no-no You broke it? No, I didn’t. Yes you did I saw you put down that mine. I don’t want to race with you ever again! Last I checked you were the one setting the traps Well, you are a cheater you cheated but You tried to fix that for an hour, but I couldn’t get it. Sorry I got mad at you I am sorry I cheated. Hey you want to see something? It’s my self-driving car You want to take a spin Hey Barry, what’s this some kind of nerd game? Boy can’t reach For it, oh wait Do they This project is dumb from identifying the real scientists, maybe. Dr. Claris can help me Hello Doctor, yeah, yeah Okay, hold this All is yes, yes, it’s a key ingredient to the formula. Oh Cool. What are you making? It’s a chemical to excel machine velocity What it basically makes things go fast What’s wrong I may not be able to finish my experiment What’s that huh Oh That is just something I made to protect myself from the proton waves Oh No, oh no no no no no no. Oh no. No. No, this is not good you you what’s your name Barry? You stay here and watch this. I need to go outside and check on something Oh and if it starts bubbling run Okay, oh Okay, what Oh Laughs lightning struck Whoa What berry he destroyed everything Hey Scarlett Give me my gameboy back Oh Nerd boy wants his dork machine. I’ll give it back if you can take it from me. Have a better idea Let’s race for it. You think you can beat me in a race? You can’t walk two steps without gasping for air Try me First one that gets to the bench. What is the Gameboy got to me? Berry on your mark get set Whoa, what oh, you took your time Hey, where’s the game? Oh you mean this? That’s mine! Well then why don’t you come and get it What oh I am right here help How can he move that fast it defies the laws of physics hmm he can really zoom Make sure to subscribe and leave a comment what your favorite classic superior kids video is then watch a new video either here or here

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