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'The Five' compares US and UK media treatment of Trump

'The Five' compares US and UK media treatment of Trump

33 thoughts on “'The Five' compares US and UK media treatment of Trump

  1. Let's just make it clear Trump is doing a great job more people are going to vote for him again and he will win so it doesn't matter what the media says it just makes them look like a bunch of idiots and people who really hate the US so everybody knows CNN is crap shows like the view are crap it's just a bunch of crap and we all see through it so it doesn't really matter

  2. Whether you agree with Trump or not, he does seem to like and care about the UK and the relationship between America and the UK. Strange how so many Brits hate on him when he's never done anything to hurt them. Maybe after Brexit they would prefer if we are no longer allies?

    Juan – Trump has no reason to hate Megan Markle just because of that old comment, she's not an enemy. The other women Trump attacks are his political enemies who have done far worse things over the years, and they are all treated the same. Hillary was just the worst of them for obvious reasons. As for Rosie and Omorosa, come on, they are disgusting women. No one likes them, you really want to defend that? LOL.

  3. He is the President of the United States and carrying the position for the world to see, head held high. As a representative of a nation, be proud of your nation.

  4. O.M.G., this is why I “HATE” the left! 😧😟 W.T.F. Is wrong with these jackass liberals and [email protected]$$ democrats? Seriously. 🧐🤔🤨 The way they (the far left fake news media) have treated (and is still treating) this President, is the main reason why I will NEVER vote Democrat “EVER” again! Come 2020, it’s Trumpville for me all-the-way! 👍🏾

  5. The UK loves Donald Trump but the media has been getting more and more Americanized and liberal. There were 3 people chanting 'trump go home', there were 15000 chanting they loved him. The only Royal that doesmt like Trump is a Californian!

  6. Trump's talk of a border wall between Ireland and North Ireland was beyond cringy.
    And Juan mentioned both Trump's ignorance abouth Brittish health care system, and that he tried to walk back from calling Megan nasty- when calling women nasty is a habit of his. Also bringing his whole family when they weren't invited, and therefore not planned for, was another cringy thing. But then again he IS a cringy man, and here in europe most people see Trump as a weirdo, although a dangerous weirdo.
    This is a fact american Trumpers cant really understand.

  7. 🦊 Fox your intelligent folks so please get rid of Juan. He is Destroying entire chemistry of show!!! Seriously, look at SAR TRACKING comment right below mine. Your ratings will positively go Increase.

  8. Mr Trump and his beautiful wife conducted themselves with great dignity through out.Even his first tweet was actually true and millions of Brits were delighted by it!We are sick of the partisan media here,too.The stupid embarrassing balloon got burst in more ways than one.

  9. It is obvious to me as a British citizen that the media here is controlled by the same cabal as the USA media. There is the same Trump Hate syndrome promoted in the news media with the same lies and biased coverage as in the USA. Perhaps slightly toned down by the ignorance of the presenters in that they are virtually reading from a script which they don't believe themselves. Certainly the politcal elite like John Berk, speaker of the house of commons. are entirely familiar with the script and repeat it at every opportunity. Berko, obviously being of the Rothschild Zionist cabal faction.

  10. Fox News is a true joke British was extremely upset… The prince did not take one picture not one picture with the president because of what he say about his wife… why do Fox News try to make Donald Trump look so good when he's just a horrible person you do not talk to women like that everybody go listen to the tape.. forget about what fox say, go listen… you guys need to know how much they lie to you in this interview go listen to the tape of what Donald Trump said.

  11. Mr Trump is more than welcome here in the U.K. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸 the mainstream media here don't speak for the British people cause 85% of us like and respect the POTUS

  12. The UK media is a mess; one giant CNN propaganda lying industry run by white middle class liberal left wing bigots. One big turn off, especially if you want actual news. They were the same with Brexit.

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