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THE FINAL TEST! Cessation Episode 3 – ad

THE FINAL TEST! Cessation Episode 3 – ad

I’ve decided to take my best friend Josh on
a journey round the country to help him quit smoking. He’s seen a laser acupuncture specialist,
tested his response to stress with a helicopter ride, been hypnotized, and now we’re traveling
north to his best friend’s house to test his response, his resolve and his control under
the influence of alcohol. You’ve never seen my hometown have you? Nope. Are you nervous about the party? Yeah. A little bit. Well, dunno. Do you think I need to get drunk with you? Absolutely. Whoa, whoa. Sorry guys. I didn’t see that hill coming! Oh, very rainy outside, Joshy. You’re not gonna be smoking very much today. Yes. cause that’s how that works. Yeah, it’s cold. It’s cold, wet. Would you not smoke less when it’s cold. No. Really? Right. Okay. I really don’t understand then. I didn’t know anything. You never do, Luke. No, I know. I know. Joshy je suis arrivé. Don’t mind me, just parking my house. I am impressed, mate! That is a good little bit of parking there. You alright buddy? Yeah, not bad. It’s good to see you. [inaudible] Hang on, I gotta do this, one
sec! No-one will believe me otherwise! Shall we get some booze from the car? Yeah! one of the guys doing it it’s using LSD to
quit. [laughter] So we got here about half an hour ago and
Josh has just done a big speech to all his friends, basically saying: No, I haven’t smoked
since Monday night. Uh, I’m pretty sure I smoke so it’s fine. It’s not like he’s smoking, but if I do smoke,
just… I think he’s setting himself up to be disappointed
in himself, which is pretty sad. Um, I really… I don’t want him to feel like he’s letting
me down. I don’t care for me. Um, which I know he’ll feel like he has, and
he was talking about having a cigar and like, doing, Oh I can do that! And when I said, no you can’t, he was like,
you can’t tell me what to do. Well I can tell you what I don’t want you
to do. And if you do it, that’s fine. You can vote the rule. But that’s sort of the point of why we’re
here. But… I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I reckon he’ll… no, I don’t want to say,
I reckon he’ll break. Ah, I reckon he’ll break cause he reckons
he’ll break and that’s not a good place to start . To the queen! Never above. Never below. Always equal. Nine-nine! [laughter] are you smoking at the moment? Maybe. F*ck. so the therapist today, the hypnotherapist,
was like: What do you think is going to trigger your later? And I said booze and James Cumbers [laughter] I say that I am not smoking and then I come
up here and I don’t give a shit. As the only other smoker at the party, James
Cumbers was going to be my last hope to try and understand why Josh smokes and also to try and test the effectiveness of the treatments. You’re the only guy who smokes here? I am the only person who smokes here, yeah. I’m not sure… I’m torn between wanting you to try and break
Josh and not like, I don’t want to interfere. Like I want to be one of those nature documentaries:
You don’t save the Penguin if it’s dying. But I’m going to. You’re going to, right. Because this is the thing in life he will
have people offering him cigarettes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He had a thing just now where he dropped his
vape, right. And it was underneath my chair, and he grabbed
my chair by the leg and shoved out of the way like this… force took over him and was
like, [roar]. And he admitted it. He was like, I’m getting really tetchy. I’m sorry. Oh my god. I was standing in between him and his nicotine
and I was the barrier. And he just went, not literally, but you know. Well I think it’s Kinda like with me and Josh,
like whenever we see each other we always have such a good time and I think that kind
of like is almost like a barrier in a way. We always catch up over a cigarette and it’s
that link there, isn’t it so hard to, to break. It’s not ever really about the cigarette. It’s all like… What’s associated with it. And like, I’ve tried to quit like numerous
times. I’ve actually got a vape in my jacket tonight. Um, but yeah, it’s, it’s bad. We shouldn’t have started like either of us
but, you know, peer pressure at all that and you know. I started in Ibeza actually and um, I said,
to everyone that was out there, I was like: Oh, I’m just going to have a couple of smokes
out here. It’s not going to be serious. And as soon as I got back to the UK, the first
thing I did was went into the nearest news agents and bought a packet of 20 Marlboros
and I’ve been smoking for like ten years , so it’s really hard to break. You’re holding out well! You can do it. Oh I broke it. S*it. No! I literally just snapped it. Well that’s dead. [inaudible] I can feel myself panicking. It’s horrible. F*ck. Wow, we are assholes! To be fair, James has gone and I… James
rolled earlier and that was so hard, not smoking when James was rolling. There’s no charger? I can see.. it’s there! That yellow cable is an android charger. Oh, so you’re an addict? Do you know? How f*cking lovey is it that I’ve got a bunch
of 20 year old somethings in a room that care about me not smoking. That’s adorable. Do you know what? How much would you make me suffer? If it was the other way round, what would
you do? Would I, would I let you smoke? You said I couldn’t ride my motorbike, so
to speak? If you had a kid, I’d tell you to sell your
motorbike and buy a… Josh you’re being stupid. Oh yeah. But… in life if you said can you come round
on Friday night and say Jay can’t ride his motorbike, would it not be..? But your motorbike could kill you in the same
way that a car can. Right. But what you do could kill you… Definitely, definitely Pretty much… Eventually definitely. Yeah. So..? If you, if you were having a kid, I’d ask
you to stop riding a bike. Yeah. Why does it take… I know kids are kids but… surely before
the fact… you should already think that is important. Well I obviously don’t. Why would you do anything that makes you live
less? I just don’t get when you think: This literally
gives me nothing. It costs me money. It’s making me unwell or could eventually
Yeah. It makes me smell. That’s the same as Luke. That’s what Luke’s been really struggling
with cause he can’t understand the need for it. And not to get philosophical, but life is
so precious. Why would you do anything that makes you live
a less amount of time? Like I understand that you’ve got to overcome
the addiction. You’ve got to get rid of that, and I don’t
know what battle you’re going through to get past that but… Because at the time you want to, you want
to and you want to have that cigarette, you want to have a cigarette, you want to have
that release. You wouldn’t have that release from stress. And now it’s so hard and all I want to do
is not smoke and I can’t because I’ve already passed that point. And so like that’s why I try and say to him
is that like, you know, I wish I hadn’t, I wish I hadn’t. It’s a stupid reason. It was to impress a girl. It’s to do this, to do that the other and
it is ridiculous. But at the end of the day, it’s your own choice,
no one can force you to do it. It’s down to you. You do whatever you do. I might talking s*it, but it’s up to you. End of the day, no one can force you to do
what you want to do. At the end of the day it’s down to you. That’s all I’m saying. F*cking hell, man. F*ckers the lot of you. Genuinely, do what you want to do, it’s your
choice. Yeah. Thank you. I appreciate it. I love you. I love you too. I don’t know who this is. He really doesn’t he never has. What’s happened. I had an e-cigarette. Yes. That was getting me through the night. Um, and it broke. Yes, I heard, yeah. And it made me really want a cigarette. Yeah. And then Jay, who is the most surprising person
ever, just put it into perspective. Yeah. And I just… I don’t want a cigarette any more. Good. I think we might have fixed him. At least for one night. And it’s like one night… Every day is a day and if you get through
each day, then you’re through all the days. Aren’t you? Yeah. Good. That’s my deep thought for the evening. What fascinates me is I’ve been trying to
get Josh to stop smoking for five or six years and I don’t think I’ve had a single night
where he’s gone: He’s convinced me. And you’ve done it in one night and I don’t
understand how you’ve done it, but well done. No, do you know want you are? You are a true friend that tried to… You’ve gotta find something that is deeply
exciting… Or, you find your own thing. I found my own thing. I love motorbikes, so I love the speed of
a motor bike. I love the smell of petrol. It’s just my thing. But yes, it will kill me if I go too fast
and I hit something to something too hard. It’s not difinitive, though. Yeah. Every day you can find something in your life… You can get out of bed the wrong way. You’ll trip over something and you’ll die. You could hit the socket, you could hit this,
you could hit that, you could trip over a cat. You could hit the headboard. Yeah. But at the end of the day everyone finds something
that that is their excitement. What is it worth to you? What is life worth? Are you willing to trade it all that one moment
of ecstasy? That’s it! Is the ecstasy of a cigarette worth your life? Is it worth it? A thrill. A bike? A cigarette. What are you willing to trade it for? Country. Country! That good. Heart. Pride. Can I say now I’d trade everything to be in
this room with you lot at this exact moment in time. Awwww. When it really comes down to it what you willing
to trade? You tell me Josh. You’re here with this cigarette, you know,
what is your life worth? Yeah, I think it’s, it’s um… What are you willing to sacrifice? Recently it’s been hard, especially considering,
you know, I get signed off from work with, you know, depression. I don’t value my own life and, and I’m…
working on that. Um, I’m trying to get into a place where I
am Better mentally and, um, appreciate things more, but I’m struggling with that. And um, it changes all the time. Every day it’s different. But the only thing I can say with absolute
certainty is like… Right now, in this moment, what I’m feeling
right now is that, well, I called Luke up and said, I’m shooting this documentary. It’s about me quitting smoking. Um… One of the tests, one of the triggers is going
to be me drinking. And there’s this many people sat around a
table. For you! Exactly. And still here. Still here. And still going at whatever time it is right
now and that, that’s crazy. Sometimes you have to be reminded about the
amount of people that care about you to actually give a shit about yourself. Hello, Joshy. Hey, how’s it going? I’m good. How are you? I’m good. I’m good. I’m sad now, my tea’s run out and I didn’t
think to, to fill it up. Have you replaced smoking with tea? Yes. Lots of tea. Lots of tea and coffee. Okay. So the main thing, I need you know, is: it’s
been a week. Yes. Have you smoked? Yes. Oh, of course you have. Okay. Well tell me, tell me why and tell me when,
and tell me how you feel about it? I smoked on and night out. Um, I was with a big group of smokers. So just, you know, not just like James at
Luke’s house, that was kind of just James and one other person that was smoking. It was a big group of smokers. And I think I wanted to smoke, right? I really didn’t want to smoke at Luke’s party. And I think a lot of what was done really
depends on wanting to not smoke, really wanting to quit and give up and, and James was very
much like, come on mate, come for a cigarette. This is silly. We haven’t caught up in ages. Let’s go for a cigarette and, and catch up
sort of thing. Cause that’s like how me and James just, you
know, catch up and… do that sort of thing. But outside of that: day to day life, stress
situations, and there’s been a few in the past week, I know it’s only been a week. But it’s been pretty stressful. I absolutely haven’t felt even the slightest
twinge of wanting to smoke. So that sounds to me, and I don’t know whether
this is true, but it sounds to me like we may have been successful in breaking your
addiction to smoking, but the you just like smoking sometimes. Yes, absolutely. And that’s one thing… The biggest thing I got from Dr Chris was
his positivity, his belief that I could do it. And it was the fact that I was trying to do
something, but my point of saying someone has cured me wouldn’t be that I don’t smoke
when I’ve had a drink because the whole point of it is to remap my brain and as soon as
I have alcohol, I’m remapping my brain again like I’m not functioning. As real you? Does that make sense? As real me. And I’m able to hold off til the fifth, sixth,
seventh pint until then when I’m that drunk, I might sleep with someone I don’t want to
sleep with. I do things that aren’t an addiction at that
point that I would never normally do that I’m not addicted to. I’d make stupid choices that aren’t an addiction
when I’m that drunk. So to then not smoke is just impossible. So in your… In your normal, sober, right minded life,
you feel like your addiction has gone? Absolutely gone. I really don’t need one at all. Or my vape, or patches, or gum or anything
like that. The last thing I wanted to ask about was…
at the end… You haven’t seen the documentary yet. I’ve been editing it all week and at the end
of the documentary you say sometimes you have to realize how many people care about you
in order to care about yourself. Wow. Yeah. I don’t remember that. How drunk was I? Probably very drunk, yeah. What I felt I got from that was a realization
that a big part of why you do this to yourself is because sometimes you struggle to care
for yourself and struggle to love yourself and that you realized being around all these
people that so many people love you. And so maybe even if it’s just for them, you
should love yourself and look after yourself because they care about you. Yeah. It’s hard to ignore it when, when everyone’s
just going… We love you, stop killing yourself. We care. Stop smoking. Like just, just f*ucking do it. Josh, you absolute twazzock. Am I ending the documentary on that line? Probably not. Probably won’t get signed off. I think we should. I think that’s the final message. That’s the final message from Josh.

41 thoughts on “THE FINAL TEST! Cessation Episode 3 – ad

  1. Although I dont personally believe in these types of treatments (if you do then I say go for it)but I do believe the strongest method to stop something like smoking is as soon in this video, people being honest and making you realise the perspective of it

  2. Never stop stopping it worked on my 40th time (at least) and nearly 16 years ago the nHS quit came to the work place! And they had 'group therapy' as part of i the patches really helped but the group journey really worked. Everyone is different it takes time to find the right way for you.

  3. I love this your entire friendship and compassion towards each other is brilliant, how it's done in a respectful manner and not just pushing and anger when giving in xx what a great journey, video, friendship and documentary xx good job Luke and Josh xx

  4. i quit smoking in May 2019 nd had some relapses in the beginning (found a half done pack, decided to finish it, ended up buying another etc.) but in general now have largely kicked the habit! havent smoked at all since July.

    Its definitely a hard path, but like in this video its very much a brain remap that needs to happen. You need to understand why you do it, what it does for you, and whether thats worth the downsides. And then you make a decision, whether to continue or not, but it needs to be yours and it needs to be enthusiastic and determined. Only then will it be possible for you to go through the withdrawal and relapses but still ultimately end up tobacco free (or at lwast addiction free). Also don't give up if you relapse!! It's part of the process xx

  5. This is such a beautiful series and thanks you so much it made me reflect on my own appreciation of life! Much love as always 💙

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    A small constructive note would be that that guitar background music was a bit loud but hopefully when some production company snatches you up – and they better BC you’re great at what you do- that’ll be the sound-guys problem!

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  12. Jay is me when I'm drunk. Telling my friends I love them and I want them to look after themselves, grand sweeping summarisations of the meaning of their life, and talking about motorbikes

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  15. the best way to help someone quit smoking is to be an understanding friend and not "test" them. understand what their triggers are and try to reduce them until their nicotine levels go low enough that they don't feel the urge to smoke. if they say drinking makes them want to smoke then maybe say "ok well if you're not having a beer then I might get a soda too" but don't throw them under the bus then say how dissapointed you are that they can't control themselves

  16. "Every day is a day and if you get through each day then you're through all the days"
    That's some deep shit right there

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