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The Fastest Way to Waste Your Marketing Money | DailyVee 502

The Fastest Way to Waste Your Marketing Money | DailyVee 502

– I wanna remind this very smart room that the number one advertiser on Google during the five to seven golden years of it being massively
underpriced attention, was a company called Amazon. When you strike, when you have the best hand, you win. (bass music) – Yeah! – [Gary] You got your perspective. (car revving) (crowd cheering) I just wanna be happy. (car honking) (ambient hip-hop music) Yeah, I mean, I don’t get that, you know? In 1996, my dad had a
liquor store in New Jersey that’s as traditional as you get. That was 22 years ago and I put my dad’s store online and I did email marketing,
and I did Google, and I did content and then, a couple of months after YouTube came out, I started a YouTube show in 2006, which is now 12 years ago. I have no respect, or normally I deploy a lot of empathy. I struggle deploying empathy, I struggle deploying compassion. If you are a business operator, in 2018, we’re recording this is October. 2019, which is when the majority of the people are gonna listen to this. And your excuse is well, I’m a pub, or I make tomato juice, or
I have three restaurants. Digital is oxygen. The real world feels secondary. – Yeah.
– Like to not be a communicator, content producer, part of the conversation. It’s gone from cute and
naive to grossly negligent. – Yeah. – And, I just think it’s unacceptable to be a business in 2019, in the same way that it would be to pay
people not minimum wage. Like I literally believe
it’s grossly unacceptable. To me, it’s like to quantify
digital versus traditional, it’s just marketing. Like, really? You think sending direct
mail print is a better thing to do than advertising on
Instagram as a restaurant? Like really, sit down with me. You’re telling me right
now, that it’s a better deal to spend all that money making a flyer and sending it direct mail?
– Yeah. – Or running a radio ad, or buying a small little
ad in a newspaper. Like this what you’re telling me? It is 2019.
– Yeah. – I felt bad in 2002. It was early, the Internet was new. I had compassion, it was cute. In 2007 it was like, mm, it was kind of like hey, annoying, kinda like, mm, but still kind of. In 2012, it’s like you’re not smart. In 2019, like you deserve to die. (bass music) Look, I want people to
be healthy and happy. I just don’t think that
we should demonize people that love their work.
– Yeah. – And we’ve gone the other way. I love working. I’m sad when I’m not working. So, shouldn’t I work? Who’s to tell me what time I should spend. Work-life balance? I will never have the audacity to tell somebody how to parent. I will have my points of view, I will share them just like others, but nobody talks about quality. – [Woman] Yeah. – Everybody’s talking about quantity. I think that’s very nice that mom and dad are home at 5:00 p.m., but if they’re both still
working on the phone, are they actually spending
time with the kids? People need to be healthy, and so if you’re working
yourself into depression, I think people don’t
understand that most people have bad work-life balance,
because they buy dumb shit, because they wanna look cool
in front of other people, ’cause they’re insecure. This is not a work-life
balance conversation, this is a Keeping Up with
the Joneses conversation. Maybe if you didn’t buy that home that has six extra rooms
that you never use, maybe you wouldn’t have to
stress at work because maybe, this is a far more complex
conversation than I talk about hustle, I talk
about hustle, here’s why. If I looked at all of us right now, and everybody behind these
cameras or reading this article and said get smarter, more talented, I want you to get more talented. That’s very tricky. That’s unbelievably ideological advice. If I said look, two extra hours of work, actually has an impact on your success, if that’s what you’re trying to achieve, that’s practical.
– Yeah. – You don’t have to,
but it’s controllable. Work ethic is controllable. Being born with talent is not. So a lot of my friends in Silicon Valley, who make 50 million bucks
because they have ridiculous DNA, and unbelievable platforms of
entitlement and advantages, and all these other things
that after they make their 50 million bucks,
they look down on everybody and say have better work-life balance, that’s very sweet, but that’s audacious. On the flip side, the 95% of people who are not happy with what’s going on? If they work on their side
hustle after they work and after four years, they’re
selling more strawberry jam on the internet than
the money they’re making being an account executive
at Grey or at Vayner, and now they’re happy,
that makes me happy. – [Woman] Yeah. – So, I think it’s a much more
complex conversation than, hey, people, meditate for an
hour a day and you’ll be happy. That is Band-Aids. Why do you need to meditate? What are you up to? And what are you doing with your life? And why are you working? (bass music) First in Line, what’s
up, I’m here in London I got a Facebook Messenger
hoodie that’s pretty fuckin’ rad and so I’m Facebook Messaging you and I’m gonna sign it right now, and then Andy and DRock,
are about to hide it. You’re about to watch them
hide it and then one of you are gonna find it. We’re having fun on First In Line, London. We’re havin’ fun. A little signature… Andy, DRock? Hide it. (bass music) Wonderful products I place there that allow us to shoot
completely different things. I think we have a very
weak creative conversation around the new channels. I am fascinated that people
even have this debate. How many people here have
bought something on Wish, the shopping app? Raise your hands. Raise it high. Own it, don’t be scared. (audience laughs) Cool, how many people here
have never heard, it’s cool, I need the honesty here and
everyone here’s very fuckin’ like this, how many people
here have never heard of Wish, the shopping app? Raise your hands. This is the best moment of my life. One more time, you have not
heard of Wish, the shopping app, raise your hands, high. Okay, this is the best,
thank you very much. Wish, depending on who you listen to, ’cause it’s a private kinda thing company, is doing anywhere between
three to six billion dollars in revenue, which is
probably the closest thing to any kind of conceivable
threat to Amazon in the world. Wish is doing three to six
billion dollars in sales. They’re spending 98% of their
money outside of a Lakers, Los Angeles Lakers patch on the jersey, and the McGregor-Mayweather
fight, they bought the corner. Outside of those two activations, they are spending 98% of
their money on Facebook ads. Wish’s founders are engineers from Google that worked on the Google Adwords product. Wish is doing three to six
billion dollars in sales and more than half of
this room, this room, not some fuckin’ random 100
people on the street in London, this room, more than half of the people, don’t even know what it is. That, is the punch line. Thank you. (audience laughs) I think why it’s the punch line for me, is I’ve empathy to why that is. One of the biggest
mistakes that people make is they make decisions
in a focus group of one. I have never made a
business decision in my life based on my own behavior. That is laughable, stupid,
and just naive at best, and ideologically kind of
like it’s not a good idea. And so, I’m fascinated by how many people go into rooms and say, “Gary, you’re right! “My 14-year-old daughter uses Instagram.” Great, Jon, you know. (audience laughs) This is not about you,
or your three friends, or your 17-year-old niece, or like what your grandma did yesterday. This is fuckin’ data at scale. This has, black and white, happened. This is not happening, this isn’t coming. 90 plus percent of the
Fortune 500 CPG brands are declining in market share. In their marketing
behavior, 80% of their spend is either on television
or programmatic digital, which is digital 2006. This is not confusing. Meanwhile, Gymshark, and
Fashion Nova, and Lola, and MVMT watches, are
going from zero to 25, 50, 100, $500 million in sales on 100% spend on Influencer, Facebook, and Instagram. This is not subjective debate,
like if a video is funny. This is what’s happening
in the business world. Now, just as an observation,
’cause it’s funny to say, Facebook has done an unbelievably poor job in showcasing the people that
use the platform properly in chasing the BMWs and McDonalds, and Porsches, and GEs of the world. Companies that blindly work on things that have nothing to do, back
to the prior presentation, with actual business. But, this entire industry
that I have come to love, trades on either subjective ego opinions, or complete horse shit metrics. (audience laughs) Included in horse shit metrics,
are things like data logic. The way that I sold Facebook
finally to corporate America, ’cause they finally found
a report that they liked, even though the ROAS on
every report of Datalogix is so phenomenal, yet the
business did not grow. Datalogix is Facebook’s version of Nielsons and Millward Brown, and internal MMS that don’t
take inputs from Facebook, and all the other currency
that people are trading on, that has nothing to do
with the actual business. I’m fascinated by this because
it is not very difficult to do an A/B Test, that
does a hold out cluster that can prove to Nestle’s
if their ads on Facebook versus their ads on
television are driving sales at Tesco or Sainsbury’s or Walmart. You can do it, if you
actually cared to do it. This is a remarkably interesting time. I wanna remind this very smart room that the number one advertiser on Google during the five to seven golden years of it being massively
underpriced attention, was a company called Amazon. When you strike, when you have the best hand, you win. (bass music) Cheers, thank you. Thank you so much.
– Thank you. – Thank you, take care. I think that, for the biggest advertisers, I have empathy for many other behaviors, but it is the analogy
and needs the context so it’s not hyperbolized, that when something is
grossly underpriced. I’ll give you an analogy. If every English Premiere League team reached out to RBS Bank
right now, and said, You know what? Even though we’ve been getting $15 million a year
sponsorships for our stadiums, we like you and we all wanna
offer you eight year deals at one million a year. I think it’s probably a good
idea for RBS to buy them all. That’s where my mind goes with Facebook. I don’t think people
understand the arbitrage. It’s not the television and
outdoor and direct mail, is zero or dead. Not at all. It’s that most of those
things are overpriced. This other thing is underpriced. That means it needs its proper allocation. In today’s world, if you
are a massive company in the UK market, between
Instagram and Facebook, you are getting to a
shocking amount of people at a very low cost. But meanwhile, they wanna deck out a double-decker bus for
awareness, you know? So, I would say this. Nobody is allocating the
appropriate amount of money to Facebook and Instagram,
given how underpriced it is. Do I believe that Pepsi and
Puma, in the UK or in Europe should spend 50, 60% of their money just on Facebook and Instagram? The answer is yes. Should they do a lot of
the other things they do? Yup, but they should cut the
budgets on all those things, so that they can afford the 50 to 60% on Facebook and Instagram. I believe that. (bass music)

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