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The Family Man – Official Trailer | Raj & DK | Manoj Bajpayee | Amazon Original | 20 Sept 2019

The Family Man – Official Trailer | Raj & DK | Manoj Bajpayee | Amazon Original | 20 Sept 2019

Hey, mo– What did you just say?! Nothing! Nothing! I didn’t say anything. Why are you so scared, Pa? Let me yell at him! Hey, you butter – lover! What did you say?! What did that Liliput say?! How can you be so insensitive, Sri? Dhriti has been suspended from school! The principal was talking to you… And you?! This is not a light matter that
we are discussing, Mr. Srikant. Why am I the only one spending time with the kids? Come on, you know the nature of my job! Sir, any update on the home loan? Pa, why do you do this boring job? Because you don’t have to do
much in a government job! Moosa! I’m leaving the gun outside… I’m trusting you, and coming inside. Please don’t shoot me by mistake! Welcome to Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell. We predict attacks before they happen. Keep running, you ass! Let me see how far you can run. And this is senior analyst Srikant Tiwari. When do you plan to pick up the kids from school? I am right here. Dhriti!
I can see the kids coming out! I’ve already picked up Dhriti and Atharv. What good is this job where you forget you have a family? Somebody has to step up and do this job! When the country is safe… Our families are safe. We all are safe. The time has come for Pakistan
to show the world its might! A sleeper agent from Balochistan has tipped us off… …that something big is going down! This mission is called… Zulfiqar! They need to win only once… But we need to win every single time. Engage all targets! Fire! The foiled terror strike on
Delhi was way bigger than 26/11. Couldn’t these morons have stopped 26/11?? Were they playing with themselves then? All crap-talk of stopping terror attacks!

100 thoughts on “The Family Man – Official Trailer | Raj & DK | Manoj Bajpayee | Amazon Original | 20 Sept 2019

  1. Is it me or does anyone get the vibe of True lies by Arnold Schwarzenegger? I'm not saying It's a copy but you can notice the similarities … Those who saw the movie will know.

  2. Abay kya Behnchod her film main pakistan ko ghusa diye ho, tm bollywood walon ko aur koi country nahin milta kya, Story, topics tm logon ko paas khatam hogaye hain shayad.. MC

  3. Manoj sir ko bollywood ne aage nahi badhne diya nhi to Oscar bhi apna hota manoj sir ki filmon ko jyada screens hi nhi milti

  4. Bus tum India Walae movies mein hi spying Kia karo…. Pakistani real life mein tum indian raw ki thukai kark ajatae Hain

  5. Feel kind of bad for Indian media since can’t beat Pakistan in field so they make patriotic movies & shows. Send him over here for more Tea….

  6. Plagiarism at its best, Copycat indians once again producing the indian version of hollywood movie spy next door. Hahaha the only place where paranoid delusional indians can enjoy their spying wet dreams…. in bollywood hahaha…

  7. A child abusing madar****… Is this creativity or child abuse..Just a thought.. Now don't start abusing me..A healthy discussion is welcome …

  8. These shows are getting more abusive and s3xual day by day.
    Netflix, Amazon and Altbalaji to alag hi level pe hai.
    New generation to barbaad hai. Gaaliya degi casually.

  9. Tumhari maa ki chut. Saari duniya mein sirf Pakistan hi hai jo hamesha chudane lage ho. Kuch to naya karo.
    GST pe, unemployment pe demonetisation pe movie nikalo. Kab tak public ki hindu muslims, India Pakistan kar ke baatoge.
    Chaliae pudicherry ko vanakkam 👃

  10. Kabhi kabhi to mujhe aise lagta hai bahenchod k puri duniya me India aur Pakistan ye do hi country hai news dekho Bharat ne Pakistan k kar diye tukde tukde film dekho phir Wahi maaa ka lavda
    Abe madarchod randi k aage badho bhosdiko

  11. The is lit🔥🔥….but the music soundtrack used in this trailer is driving me more crazier. Any link to it, where i can find the song? Plz anyone find me what song it is !!

  12. Aur zaher gholo logon ki zindagion mein, India Pakistan, Hindu muslims. Masjid mandir.
    Haath mein naukri nahi, parle G kharidne ki halat nahi ab bhi Hindu muslims. India Pakistan.
    Pehle mob lynching khatam karo, rape kar ke rallies nikalna kam karo. Schools mein mid day meals scam khatam karo, godi media khatam karo baad mein aise movies banao.

  13. Why endians are so obsessed wth Pakistanis…days starte frm pakistan and end on Pakistan…

    Koie kam dhandha nai ha aur ?
    Duckin assehole nation …

  14. Prime is outdated please don’t waste ur money and suffer like us

    The collection of movies is so pathetic
    Instead of wasting ur money u can watch the movies in YouTube itself

  15. This from 'Amazon', was never expected. Such reputed and potential brand could steep down to this extent? Wow!

    How could some resort to tarnish or worsen the image of 'whole community' for business?

  16. Trailer seemed promising until I heard the word "Pakistan".
    Stop this nonsense guys.
    Now a days your everysingle production is based on Pakistan.
    Sham on the makers.
    Stop spreading this MODI-SM.

  17. Pakistan se inki itni phat rhi hai k ab saare shows aur movies mai Pakistan mai hi apna mission dikha rhe hain, chahe imran hashmi ki netflix series ho, sacred games ho, ali bhatt ki raazi ho.. etc sastay angraiz ban rhe hain jese angraiz 80's mai cold war k time russia se lar rhey they to sari movies mai russians ko villain dikhate they phir early 2000's mai ussama se lar rhe they to sari movies mai arabs ko villain dikhate they apni awaam ko chu**ya banaane k liye. ab ye kaalay angraiz apni pehle se ch**ya awaam ko mazeed ch**ya bana rhe hain

  18. Sandeep kishan sir bhi hai es main ek like to banta hai sk sir ke liye en ki bhut si film dhekhi hai ham sabne south ke superhit film dete hai bhai

  19. Is film ko dekhna h to mutton or chawal banao or mobile lekar anand se khao or film ke maze lo manoj sir ki film or meat chawal 👏👏👏 kya baat h

  20. And here we go again with a story agaisnt Pakistan again , it feels like Pakistan has nothing else to do except with to comes up with plan to destroy india lmao

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