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The Fallacy Project Examples of fallacies from advertising, politics, and popular culture

The Fallacy Project  Examples of fallacies from advertising, politics, and popular culture

“music playing” hands-free driving cars that park themselves an automated car driven by a search
engine company we’ve seen that movie. It ends with
robots harvesting our bodies for energy I’m Barack Obama and I approve this
message maybe you’re struggling just to pay the mortgage on your home but recently John McCain said the
fundamentals of our economy a strong then again that same day when asked how
many houses he owns McCain lost track he couldn’t remember
well its 7; 7 houses and here’s one house America can’t afford to let John McCain
move into and I’ll be brutal the reason she’s
a US Senator the reason she’s a candidate for president the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around that’s how she got to be senator for New
York we keep forgetting it. She didn’t win on merit she won because everybody felt my god this women stood up under
humiliation. Right? that’s what happened that’s how it happened Ernie… oh hi Bert. Do you still have that banana in your ear? What? I said you still have that banana in your ear. yeah Bert I know you know? Ernie why is that banana still in your ear? listen Bert I use this banana to keep the alligators away alligators? Ernie there are no alligators on Sesame Street right doing a good
job isn’t it Bert okay all right now are we all here? okay because Obama’s address starts in five minutes. Are we really doing this? yes, yes we are now, you see the president
has been glossing over the facts of his health care plan all summer, and this live address is our
chance to make our dissent heard, now we have the text of
the address right here okay? now you look with here lets see right somewhere in the middle, here it is
OK he’s gonna say this the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. Okay now when he says that, all of us, all at once together, are gonna yell you lied! that will send a message… Yeah, Senator Roberts question? I’m just worried that this may come off as a major breach of congressional
decorum. Okay, now normally I would agree I mean if only one guy yelled “you lied” I imagine they would call him out on it. But all of us? Remember school, if we all do it we can’t get in trouble. Its been a long time for some of us, right? Harold Ford looks nice isn’t that enough? Terrorist need their privacy when I die Harold Ford will let me pay taxes again. Fords right
I do you have too many guns I met Harold at the Playboy party. I’d love to pay
higher marriage Taxes. Canada can take care of north korea
they’re not busy so we took money from porn movie producers I mean who hasn’t I the Republican National Committee is
responsible for the continent is advertising Harold call me and I know that psychiatry is sutio science I sometimes think that the Liberals always so angry because they believe the
grandiose promises of the liberation movements they’re
disappointed because most women do not wish to be
liberated from their essential natures as women

9 thoughts on “The Fallacy Project Examples of fallacies from advertising, politics, and popular culture

  1. Dave, We're all added on our Google page. This is great stuff.   Do you get feedback from your students on it?

  2. This was a great video – but if you have a version that states the name of the fallacy AFTER the clip, it would allow for my students to GUESS which fallacy is being portrayed.

  3. Good video. I like the examples you give to illustrate the logical fallacies. But I agree with Catherine Heller that, in the case I use this in my class, it would be nicer if the students could guess the fallacy.

  4. I thought authority fallacy was where you use your authority (as someone with a certain occupation or degree in study) as a means of persuasion.
    Instead of "Climate change is a big deal because (lists scientific facts they learned in study)"
    they say "Climate change is a big deal, trust me I'm an environmentalist."
    Basically, they use the fact that they've practiced the subject to automatically rule that they're right. It's basically the opposite of ad hominem fallacy

    or am I wrong?

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