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The Facebook Ad tactic for Wedding Photographers

The Facebook Ad tactic for Wedding Photographers

– Hey, it’s Andrew Hellmich
here from PHOTOBIZX If you are a wedding photographer
I’ve got a great idea I wanna share with you on how
you can generate more bookings is to do with Facebook ads,
I’m going to show you exactly what I know is working
for me and a bunch of other photographers
right around the world. If you are a portrait
photographer you can use this same strategy but better
not to listen to this video ’cause I’m going to be
specifically talking to wedding photographers although
I’ll make a separate video for you with a variation
on this exact strategy. One of the biggest things I
hear from wedding photographers around the world is they want
to generate more bookings and when I asked that, “What
is the one thing that happens “before a couple usually books you?” Usually it’s when they’ve
had the meeting with a couple and they’ve been able to get across and share their personality. So once the couple gets to
know you as the photographer they can see that you’re
passionate, you’ve got great work, they love that you’re so
excited about their wedding day, that’s when you make the connection, that’s when they connect with you and that’s generally when you get the booking. So we’re going to take
things a step further back and we’re gonna try and
make that meeting instead of being at your studio or at a cafe, instead of that we’re
gonna be trying to book an engagement shoot with that couple and the engagement shoot
is going to be free. Now you might be thinking,
“Well hang on a second Andrew, “I charge for my engagement shoots, “I make good money out of them.” My kinda argument is if
you’re looking to generate more bookings would you, would you trade an engagement session
for a wedding booking if you knew you’re gonna
get the wedding booking? From the photographer’s that
I know most of them say yes to that and the beauty of
generating the booking via the engagement shoot is
you still get a good chance to make a sale plus
that is the perfect time to build up your rapport, for
the couple to get to know you for you to get to know
the couple and generally if you deliver a great experience, you take some great photos,
the couple has a great time at the shoot they will be
booking you for their session and you still have the
potential to make a great sale whether or not they book
you but that is really the secondary consideration
if you’re looking to generate the wedding booking. So how do you do that? The easiest way is with Facebook ads and there’s a structure
that we’ve been using, myself and other
photographers inside PHOTOBIZX and it’s very very simple,
it’s very very targeted, it’s a very specific kind of
ad that works amazingly well. What you need to do first
up is be very very clear with your headline. So you want to say exactly
who you’re looking for, so in this case, it’s gonna
be, “Wanted engaged couples.” But you want to take it further than that, you want to say exactly what kind of engaged
couple you’re looking for. Are you looking for
someone that’s adventurous, someone who’s, or a couple
that are happy to you know, get wet stand in the
ocean, climb into a river, if you ask them to or
are you after someone that’s more subdued and relaxed,
if that’s your personality maybe that’s the kind of
person you want to attract or the kind of a couple. So you can be as specific
as you possibly can with your headline. So you’re looking for
engaged couples and then take that a bit further and explain exactly who you’re looking for, what you’re trying to do here is attract your
perfect couple and push away the couples that don’t fit
who you’re looking for. So that’s the first step. The second step is to have a reason that you’re looking to
attract these couples, so why do you want these
couples to respond to your ad? It could be because you want
to try some new locations maybe you want to build your portfolio maybe you’re changing your
style, maybe you want to shoot all in black and white whatever it is just be honest, be truthful and say why you’re giving away
these free sessions. The next couple of things you want to add are some hooks in your ad
and a hook it can be scarcity so you might just have a
limited number of shoots that you’re offering, the
other hook that you want to add is an incentive for the person
or the couple to take action. So your incentive might be
that these shoots are free and you’ll even include a small print or a small enlargement to
say thanks for your time. So you can see how this
ad is coming together you’re talking to your
perfect target client and you’re making them a great offer, you’ve got some scarcity,
you’ve got a good incentive for them, a good reason
for them to take action and then you need to
have a call to action, you need to tell people what to do next, whether that’s you know,
to click through to a questionnaire that
you have on your website so that will be a landing
page with a questionnaire where you would ask things like, do you have a wedding photographer booked? Do you have a wedding
date booked, if so, when? Because you don’t want to
be giving away free shoots to people that already
have a wedding booked on a date that you’re booked or to someone that already has a photographer booked, unless you’re purely going for the sale. So be very clear with your call-to-action it could be as simple as leave a comment that you’re interested
below, feel free to include a photo of you two, you
just need to be very clear and have one, one action
one most wanted action that someone or a couple has to do to get involved with this shoot, okay. So, comment below, click on
the link, send me an email, be specific and only one
thing, we only want them to do one thing, so we want to make it as easy as possible for
them to get involved. The last thing you want
to include on your ad, is reminding people to share and tag with their engaged
friends because the beauty of the very very specific
headline that you have means that if I see the ad
and I’m already married, I know this ad doesn’t
appeal to me but I have a younger brother, I’ve got
friends that are engaged, what I’ll do then is
tag or share that post, that ad with those people. So what happens naturally in
Facebook is I see that ad, I know it doesn’t appeal
or apply to me but it will to my younger brother, it
will to maybe one of my sons, maybe to some friends of mine,
so what I’ll do naturally is tag or share the post which is your ad with those people because
I want them to see it and the way Facebook works
is, I look like the nice guy because I’m sharing your
post to my engaged friends, it’s making me look good so I’m happy to tag them or share the idea with them. So I hope all that makes
sense, the whole idea of this is to generate a bunch of leads,
this works amazingly well. You have to try this to believe it. I’ve shared a fair bit in this
video but there’s plenty here for you to actually implement
this and take action, one thing I will say that
the easiest or the best way to do this is to create
your ad as a Facebook post on your business page
timeline and then from there, you’re going to ads
manager and create an ad from the post and you’ll be
targeting engaged couples in your local area or the
area that you’re targeting that have been engaged for three months. So, only those engaged
couples will see your ad. I hope you give it a try and
if you found this video helpful I’d love it if you share it
with your photographer friends. All right, catch you later.

4 thoughts on “The Facebook Ad tactic for Wedding Photographers

  1. Hi there Andrew! Thank you for the video, I'm definitely going to give this a try! A quick question if you don't mind—if I do position it as say, I select 5 people, and let the ad run for 1-2 weeks to generate urgency (saying they need to sign up by x date), what would be a good strategy for running it again afterward?

    I would like to continuously run an add to generate leads, but don't want people to skip clicking for lack of urgency, or ignore it as they realize I've run the same contest a few times in a row lol.

    Thank you again!

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