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The EPIC Ad Formula for Facebook Ads

The EPIC Ad Formula for Facebook Ads

hey everyone Chris Rocheleau here I want
to show you our proprietary formula that we use with our Facebook ads that
increases our results 2-5x over everything else we’ve done, doing exactly
what we’re not taught to do, what we’re told NOT to do by others with other
stuff that passes for ‘so-called Facebook ad training’ out there and after
a couple million in ad spend overseeing all of that ad spend just in 2018 alone
running our agency working with some very high-profile names… I can tell you
that most training out there is actually hurting your results, which is why most
people have ads that burn out every few days, okay? So I’m gonna talk a little
bit about why that is here and expose some of the major myths that are
perpetuated throughout the industry… and yet we’ve been doing this in spades very well with lots of proof that it works even better. So let me break this down
for you and explain why this works so much better. So first off the first big
myths: Most people you know, the “standards in the industry”
right? They talk about you need to ‘keep your headlines short and sweet’, and the
funny thing is I don’t think anyone’s ever challenged that, because how can you
right? It seems like a good idea, it seems intuitive, to keep your headline short
and sweet right? So that people will read it for fear that people are not going to
read your whole headline. Well when we tested it, turns out that ‘short and sweet
headlines actually worked against us us and using medium sized headlines that
‘set the proper context’ actually made a lot more sense and had much higher
click rates and help us get a much better qualified person looking at
our ad. So we were working with the algorithm to find the best people based
on what we gave them ok so short sweet headlines …
what they do ultimately is they give you unqualified leads because usually what short and sweet headlines do is they say something like
“Are you a business owner”? you know or they do
you know, “Do you suffer from this”? You know? We’re taught to call out
this avatar right? And something you want to keep in mind is you know although
that may be a direct way to reach somebody what you’re doing is you’re
being invasive and ‘too direct’ because people are gonna start marking it as
spam… hiding the post and saying they don’t want to see ads like this because
you’re being invasive by being super direct in the newsfeed. Now it will work
for a time but the problem is it’s not a sustainable way because you have more
people, and this is the big point of it right? You have more people having a
negative experience about it even if the headline works well. More people have a
negative experience about it. Which then Facebook scores as ‘not a very good ad’
because they value the user experience over everything else even your money.
ok? They got plenty of it right? And plenty of advertisers so what happens is
if you don’t set the right context and you have something that’s not that
specific then you’re not going to have your ads shown to specific people ok?
And so when you’re TOO direct when you’re asking a direct question, then a lot
of people just gonna mark it you know “don’t want to see this” and
that’s a lot of why your ad burns out because there’s more of a negative
experience going on than a positive according to Facebook’s algorithm ok?
And so what happens is you’ve got a lot of people who are unqualified just by
the avatar right? Just by trying to call out you know, the the certain type of
person like a business owner or “Are you a Chiropractor? Things like that like
first off… you look like everybody else on Facebook so stop doing what everybody
else does because it’s a bunch of noise ok? But the second thing is is you’ve
got unqualified leads, unqualified people being shown the ad because very few are
clicking ok? And an average CTR (All) on Facebook is is like 2 to 3 percent and
usually we don’t settle for anything less than 5 to 10 percent and sometimes
we get upwards as you know 12 13 14 15 percent which indicates and a lot of
you’re like “What’s a CTR (All) have to do with it? I’m worried about the link click”
well the CTR (All) is an indicator of how specific your ad
is and how well it’s gonna optimize and be shown to the right people and how
relevant it is ok? So it’s something that is a metric that a lot of people miss,
and what they do is they actually pay attention to to ‘cost per click’ rather
than either cost per impression or CTR (All)’s like they should be paying
attention to, because it’s not like we don’t pay attention to ‘CTR Link’ but we
look at the ratio between the CTR (All) and the CTR Link and that tells us more
about our ad than anything. Ok, so measuring cost per click is a secondary
metric this is a very traditional direct response way that people like to go
about this and it’s not applicable for Facebook the metrics you should actually be going for instead are CPMs, you want to be
paying attention to those and like I said click ratios. Okay? So click ratios
is just the ratio from the CTR all to CTR links so it might be 2:1, 3:1 4:1 whatever the case is right? So this is this is exactly what you don’t want to
do. You don’t want to measure by that because the problem is Facebook’s
algorithm is gonna optimize giving you a really qualified lead for what you’re
asking for and sometimes that cost is a little more expensive which in
traditional direct response marketing would tell you that’s a bad thing, when
in fact you’re just competing and bidding for the best prospects that are
more qualified that are going to convert at a higher rate and make you more money
even if that cost per click is a little higher so we don’t even really look at
it we look at other metrics including our CPM and click ratios because that
tells us what the algorithm is thinking what the algorithm is doing. So even
if your headline is not as ‘hard-hitting’ with a direct call out to get one out of
a hundred people to pay attention to it how about setting context with one that
gives you 2 to 5 percent CTR (All)? so that’s another thing ok and to circle
back around… “leading with direct questions” [Don’t do This]
you see Facebook is “the party” so all of this marketing training
“that passes for marketing training” right now that people have applied to Facebook
was usually tested and proven on other platforms now all of a sudden people are
trying to use this methodology on Facebook when it’s not the way Facebook
was designed. Facebook is a social platform it’s like you’re at a party or
a barbecue or a social gathering where you’re talking to a group of people so
when you ask a direct question people are like “whoa” you know? It’s like
if you walk up to somebody to party “Are you a business owner”? You know instead of
like “whoa what do you want” why? yeah why? you know and they got their guard up
already. The point is to make your ads so people don’t have their guard up already
make it not look like an ad okay? So you don’t want to lead with any direct
questions because that’s too invasive So the difference is this… let’s say you’ve got a very broad ad that just calls out like business owner
well all business owners have different Pain Points, different major Aspirations
and Benefits and things they want to accomplish. They all have different
Challenges now yes, they can boil down to a few major challenges but you want to
talk about those okay so you can get your specific avatar. So don’t lead
with a direct question. You want to set context with having the right pain
points benefits challenges and everything in your headline.
When you do that here’s the difference because you see like down here at a
traditional way of doing ads you’re gonna have about 1% drop through and
read through your ad and click okay and the problem is they’re usually not that
qualified because everyone wants to make very short ads that are only a paragraph
or a couple lines or a couple paragraphs okay which is not smart either okay
because that does not work with the algorithm giving a good user experience
and there’s less time spent on the ad which is a big indicator to Facebook
that this is a good ad let’s keep showing it to people but people are so
afraid and so worried that their ad isn’t gonna get the click that they keep
shortening their ad therefore sabotaging their actual results and
potential of results they could have okay so here’s the difference
so let’s let’s take instead a very contextual ad that’s much more long copy
okay and let’s let’s go ahead and show the ads specifically to the right
people so you get 2x-5X more click rates for the specific type of person
you want rather than an unqualified person here… that may just be a
‘business owner’ or a chiropractor or you know a dentist or a doctor or whoever
you’re trying to call out. So if you’re specific with all of your elements which we’ll talk about then the thing that happens is that
Facebook is now gonna start showing it to the specific people who are clicking
the “see more to read it showing interest. So it’s less wasted ad
spend showing it to unqualified people like right here so they see who it is…
and they start going to these people much faster. And remember Facebook knows everything… they have four hundred thousand different data points and
attributions for every Facebook profile so they know everything you’re doing
they know what you’re interested in they know the times you’re more likely to buy
something and not like they know all of that right so when they see the people
that are clicking on a very specific context heavy ad, then you’re getting a
very qualified person that drops down the funnel at a 2X – 5X rate. So we
oftentimes experience CTR links of 2 to 5% which effectively if it’s the same if
you just spent the same ad spend you’re just 2 X – 5 X – your your
results okay? And what it does is because you have more converting and clicking
they’re better pre-qualified because it’s longer ad that actually does a lot
of the psychological stuff that needs to be done. And then they convert more on
your funnel they go through and opt-in at a higher rate they buy at a higher
rate they engage at a higher rate and because of that Facebook rewards you
with more impressions they keep showing your ad rather than it burning out and
ultimately optimizes better for more efficient ad spend so you can scale long-term okay? We have ads has been running for six seven eight months we did this with DigitalMarketer for about seven months in 2018
as a transition agency when they had some shuffling going on and we came in
and revamped it added a couple hundred thousand the bottom line did all kinds
of cool stuff got the at the the ad account going into
the right direction and then turned it over to an internal agency that was
being trained. So we did this for Digital Marketer, we’ve done this for some of our
high-profile clients like Chris Greenwood at “Smart Music Business who was
featured by Facebook as a success story and so we have many others as well that
we’ve helped do this. So let me walk you through what this actually looks like
okay so our ad formula alright is all about ‘Context and Pre-Qualification’ I’m gonna get into what all of
this actually is and like I said doing exactly what “we’re taught not
to do” which is you know, the short and sweet headlines and keep your ad short
and sweet that that’s why you hear things like “Oh long copy works better”
and you’re like “Yeah but how do I do it”? Well, here’s how you do that. So
we call it our EPIC Ad okay it’s an acronym for E.P.I.C. “E” is ‘Engage’
“P” is ‘Present’ “I” is ‘Illustrate’ and “C” naturally is ‘Convert’ so this
four-part process we’ve used in videos in ad formulas we’re using it here in
this video to show you how this works okay so our framework is such where we
‘Engage with proper context’ so we get very specific so instead of a you
know a business owner that says you know like “Are you a business owner”? which is a direct question, bad to do instead you say you know “Here’s how we help business owners fix their issues, scale their business, here’s how we Help business scale. Place their marketing. Here’s how we… you know things like that “here’s how a business owner can
accomplish X without these challenges so you start to talk about more about
what’s important to them rather than trying to directly call them out which
puts their guard up okay so that’s the ‘Engage’ part the present part is when
you present the problems and challenges and you walk them through a scenario
problems and challenges and what you’re really doing is you’re empathizing okay
and so this which what I did in mind as I’m walking you through this right as
I’m doing this as an example to what I just presented in the myths that’s the
‘Presenting the Problems and Challenges’ and empathizing and explaining why it’s
a problem okay so I was like here’s here’s here’s why this is a problem and
here’s what happens when you do this okay so then the illustrate is when we
get into illustrate the solution okay so illustrate solution and that’s basically
walking them through your solution which in this point I’m walking you through my
epic ADD formula which is our proprietary copyrighted formula that
we’ve used in our agency and being able to use it over seen over to Leah and ad
spend and just 2018 alone and we’ve ran our agency for a few years so there’s
actually a lot more I’ve been marketing on Facebook for eight or nine years now
so since ever since before with Nicki to run ads okay it’s a fundamentally
different way of writing copy and marketing than it is for banner ads
emails other places from other marketing platforms from other modes of traffic
generation this is it’s fundamentally different and no one really put this
together because it was just more of generally accepted practices from other
platforms that people tried to fit a square peg into a round hole with here
on Facebook and it doesn’t work perfectly yes sure it worked but it
doesn’t work as well and it’s actually why most people’s ads burn out most of
the time and don’t continue to get impressions or the costs go way up okay
so this is how to avoid that this is how to make sure that your ads still works
because now you’re going to illustrate the solution
walk them through a process or teach something right education based
marketing or value like I’m doing here I’m teaching you okay so then that part
you know that’s self-explanatory in a way cuz I’m giving you my framework I’m
giving you this and then you know call to action which you’ve just got to do
the right things in a call to action like you know justify the value of what
you have why it’s important and also you know reverse the risk you know and give
your offer be transparent you know that type of thing so what this does is this
maintains trust throughout the ad and obviously as I’ve shown you this makes
sense to you right what this does is this can be anywhere from like four
hundred to eight hundred words in an ad and it works so much better than a short
ad I know it’s very counterintuitive and the biggest thing I get from people is I
can’t believe you know anyone will read this but they do okay so it’s the same
concept as I have a video running it’s a 20-minute video in the newsfeed right
you may have seen it and people say well you know no one’s gonna watch that long
well what we notice is that people who have 15-second videos there’s about a
three to five and a two to four percent really sometimes three to five two to
four percent rate of people who watch the whole video well funny enough in my
twenty minute video I have a two to four percent it’s actually about four percent
right now in terms of people who watch all twenty minutes you see you don’t
have to worry about all the other 96% that aren’t you worried about the four
that watch just like the four that that they’re the more qualified ones that you
want to talk to okay so keep that in mind it’s the same thing with with with
the longer more engaged ads okay and you can do this in a video like I’m doing or
in long copy and you guys will see some examples of that eventually if you pick
this up okay so call to action is the last part so here’s what I have for you
guys today we’ve been able to do this and create you know go to go to front
ends we’ve done this with digital products ecommerce local businesses this
epic ad formula is works for everything because it’s an ax
jewelle psychological formula that brings people to a point of conclusion
okay and so what this looks like on the other side is our full framework where
it helps you to set context right so helps you set context and it helps you
to to identify the right elements so we’ve got this epic add cheat sheet that
we that we use okay and this cheat sheet is something you fill out and I’ve done
this small mini course called the epic add formula alright
and I’ve even gone through and shown examples of very high converting as we
did with some of our clients like digital marketer and others and walked
through the full framework and then I actually did live some online working
with a client filling out a cheat sheet live and recorded it with you guys and
did it with them and then those add results as well are amazing and so what
you get here with the epic add formula is simply this okay so epic add formula
one you get the the framework in the slides right the the actual process
framework the epic process okay and also after the epic process you get the cheat
sheet okay so you get the epic process and the cheat sheet okay which you get
to fill out ask the perfect questions that you need to be able to make it work
for you and your market okay so cheat sheet then you get the
example I’ve got a few examples here a lead generation example it generates
leads okay the example generates leads very effective okay the example for
webinar to get webinar registrants and add the has a webinar invite so webinar
registrants and then even a direct to sales message where we go direct to
sales message and make a profit on the front end even with a ninety five dollar
offer okay then I’ve even got a template in here
for you the direct a cart template okay so the template is a fill in the blank
template to go direct a cart okay and make sales for front-end products that
are under a hundred dollars or so and you can use it for more but it works
really well okay so that’s the directed cart and then on top of all that so
you’ve got all that you can I’ve you’ve created you know an ad from that we have
people in our group that are freaking out about how cool they’ve been able to
create this and use this cheat sheet to create ads and having amazing results uh
somebody just got a 15% CTR all five percent CTR link just just in the group
you’ll see that if you get in there so I’ve got a couple bonuses also what I
want to sweeten the pot with like I told you before is one I’ve got a creating
prospects out of thin air workshop okay it’s a couple hours and it finds its
helps you find prospects that were not prospects before and warm them up to
become prospects for your solution okay and it’s about two hours it’s an
on-demand workshop okay so you can register for it and watch it right away
alright and then on top of that I’ve got a live walkthrough well it’s not live
it’s recorded now I did it live walkthrough
of a subscription product going to a fitness membership site subscription
we’re using the epic cheat sheet with one of my clients and also then the next
one I did selling a physical product walkthrough okay
another walkthrough with a client of ours and it’s for a physical product so
you get to see how we create these ads alright now we usually sell this on our
site at $99 and you know by itself that the value of these things is insane
right it’s about five hours of content and what we’re doing if you get it from
this link that you see here we’re gonna knock it down for you not even a 67 okay
that’s where it could really still sell for we have but we’re actually gonna do
from this link 37 dollars so go pick that up this is gonna help you
understand the exact framework how to create them you can use the cheat sheet
you can look at the examples to see exactly what they look like the webinar
the sales message generate leads you can use the direct a cart template if you
like okay we even got the bonuses for creating prospects out of thin air to
hours of content there – and some change and then walk throughs literally
creating from A to Z going through the cheat sheet and filling in every section
so you know exactly what to put in your ad so with that thank you for your time
thank you for watching this video click that link below we’ll see you on the

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