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The Elevator | 2019 Super Bowl Commercial | Hyundai

The Elevator | 2019 Super Bowl Commercial | Hyundai

(lift ringing) – Hello, folks, what floor? – Oh, we’re car shopping. – Ah, you’re going down. Way down. This floor Root Canal. – This is bad. – This stop Jury Duty. Remember, innocent until proven– Well, he did, right? We all agree he did it? Okay, six-hour flight, middle seat. (snorting)
(laughing) Who’s got vitamin C? This floor The Talk. – Your body’s changing, my body changed, even grandma’s body. – Vegan dinner party,
is that even a thing? – We’re having beet
loaf, Sergio’s specialty. – Why, thank you.
– Yay. – Car shopping, off you go. – No, sorry, we’re getting a Hyundai. – Yeah, we used Shopper Assurance. It was really easy. – Hyundai, going up. – [Narrator] Hyundai Shopper Assurance. Transparent pricing, streamlined purchase, a three-day worry-free exchange and test drives that come to you. – Not so fast, Captain Colon, back it up. Thank you. – [Narrator] It’s car
shopping made better.

100 thoughts on “The Elevator | 2019 Super Bowl Commercial | Hyundai

  1. the best Commercial I saw this year and previous, I see that someone decided to learn from mistakes blizzard d4 and gillette (intentionally small letters)

  2. 0:17 Had they had a black guy on trial and the elevator guy say "He's clearly guilty", heads would be rolling down the corridors of Hyundai's headquarters.

  3. This is how a good ad should look like,not like the usual why they try to shove it down your throat "its good its great but it".Hope there will be more ads like this.

  4. that took as long to get to the point as a hyundai.
    is it me or does bateman's hair dye just keep getting better and better?

  5. I loathe commercials!!!! LOATHE!!!!! As soon as one comes on i'm flipping through the channels.
    But this one is funny. bateman makes this add. What would be funnier if Gob was on the elevator.
    (if you don't know the reference Gob… Watch arrested development. the original 1st 4 episodes… hilarious!)

  6. I was told to watch this because I'm vegan, but that purple casserole loaf looked gross! I rather give in to the stereotype and eat grass than that crap.

  7. was viewing your instagram to look at the various cars available since im in the market, saw a comment disparaging this ad, came to watch it. love it

  8. This ad was brilliantly marketed towards the sjw smooth brain types. I'm impressed. I'm not even joking. Right when they get to the floor of the SUV…

  9. Sooo lovely… that they play "The Flower" duet from the opera "Lakme" during the final Hyundai ARRIVAL scene…… Lakme really dosen't get performed much any more… kind of a "dated" work… STILL, I LOVE it… the "other" popular work from it is "The Bell Song" which you kind of have to be a chipmunk on helium to sing… WONDERFUL commercial Hyundai… we need to laugh more! "Not so fast Captain Collen, back it up"

  10. Brilliant job Hyundai! So funny, and we all have stopped on most of these daunting 'floors' at least once in our lives…

  11. Thanks, Mr. Bateman for all the work you do. No one can deliver such simple lines of speech with the eloquence that you do. Thank you for showing up for work and thank you for your passion and what you bring to the exploratory craft of acting.

  12. Great job Hyundai, I don't know how much money you paid, but it's worth every penny! And no objectified woman in sight!

  13. oh it must be make so much fun too make jokes about ppl who want to change the world too a better place. and ofc your monster truck you want to sell is asbelutly disaster, do you guys heared anything about clima change ?

  14. Really enjoyed this commercial!! I love when they make commercials that people actually want to watch. Would like to be apart of this industry.

  15. does all the raw Materials come from korea? metal/ plastic ? in the factories around the world like india and usa ?? plants

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