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The EASIEST Money To Make Shopify Dropshipping – Facebook Retargeting Ads

The EASIEST Money To Make Shopify Dropshipping – Facebook Retargeting Ads

this is probably the easiest money you’ll make on Shopify what’s popping people it’s your boy the Beast of ECOM back with another video dropping nothing but you already know value bombs if this is the first time ever watch on one of my videos then hello it’s nice to see you if you get some value from this video please do like comment and of course smash that subscribe button and be sure to hit that notification about as well so you stay up to date with all of my latest content why because you do not want to miss out on any of my upcoming videos we have finally hit 10,000 subscribers so thank you very much for everyone if you are one of those 10,000 then thank you I fully appreciate it if you ain’t then join the team and make sure you hit that subscribe button but putting that aside for one second in this video I wanted to talk about retargeting how to use retargeting now I get questions on a daily basis asking about how to retarget where to retarget even what to read target so I thought it’d be fantastic to drop a video just on retargeting 1 I want what you should target and breaking those things down and explaining it info retargeting is probably the easiest money you’ll make on Shopify and 95% of the time there will be your highest ROI ass campaigns so if you ain’t retargeting you’re basically leaving so much money on the table it’s unreal so it make sure you stay to the end watch all of the video consume it all and most importantly learn and then go ahead and implement and start banking so let’s quickly talk in jump straight into the computer and let’s start learning ok so let’s crack straight on with this one no fluff no BS just straight value Facebook retargeting 101 like a boss back with another presentation of course with the WYSIWYG little little pointer ok now I absolutely love this meme I had to put it in here ok if you haven’t watched the film taken this is from the film taken I don’t know who you are it’s a famous scene if for those people who don’t know what this film is you may not get it but for those who have seen the film may understand it and may find it funny I found it funny but this is basically what retargeting retargeting is I don’t know who you are but you visited my website once so now will find you again so now we really target you again and again and again okay I like this meme found it funny I hope you laughed as well if you didn’t then oh well okay so first and foremost what I want to do you just want to show you some some results of retargeting now this is just some results I couldn’t even select all of the retargeting ad sets because this ad accounts got over 5000 and Facebook kept timing out okay but I just want to show you how powerful retargeting actually is like I mentioned they will always be your highest robust campaigns you can see down here some of these robots is you know at 17 X 17 X so spending hundred and seventy pounds to generate 3000 okay and can see down here 10 X 6 X 5 X close to 5 X and close to 5 X again so you can see you know how powerful retargeting is and like I said if you’re not retargeting you’re leaving so much money on the table it’s so powerful okay these are manual ad sets these are not our DP these are not even my DPA campaigns these are just a few manual targeting menu retargeting which I’m going to talk about in a second but let’s jump back onto the presentation a moment so why are we target I want to break things down okay why you need to read target well there are many reasons why people don’t buy or why they banned in their car and I’ve mentioned that in some of other videos such as you know they’re not happy with the shipping price something caused crops up you know they just don’t like the the field they don’t feel secure on the website there’s no trust badges no guarantees all these sorts of things as you know many many many reasons why people don’t convert at the point of when they first click on to the product page now on average a person needs to see and add 7 times before making a purchase that’s kind of old-school now and a personally probably wouldn’t agree with it now of course because with Facebook ads and social media and how it is a lot of people are imposed impulse buyers so as I’ve mentioned obviously take that with a grain of salt so you know it is on average you know but it’s most of the time big companies who advertising on billboards and all those sorts of things but it still stands true where by you know even though they see the product straight away it doesn’t mean necessarily that they’re gonna buy it but the more chance the more times you put that product in front of that person it just reaffirms them in the back of their head and gives us that subconscious feeling to then click on to buy if they didn’t buy a straightaway okay now retargeting will 98 percent be your highest ROI ask campaigns and as you’ve just previously seen they will you know when done correctly of course not set at the time there will always be the campaigns that generate the highest ROI ask campaigns you know pretty much I’ve always found that all of my retargeting any of the marketer that are out there that is doing retargeting as well will find that retargeting campaigns are the highest ROI ask campaigns and not retargeting is basically leaving money on the table as I’ve mentioned you know if you’re not retargeting okay you’re leaving so much money on the table and you know I’ve made the mistake before of not setting up DPA ads you know because at that point I just didn’t know how to do it I’ll be honest you know at that point I didn’t know how to do it was too complicated you know and at that point you had to install the pixel manually you know and it was very hard but things were a lot easier now so if you’re not retargeting you’ll basically just leaving money on the table and your average order value so you’re a RV on retargeting purchases can be higher if done correctly and I’m gonna show you in the later slides why that can be true so what to retarget what is it you want to retarget well retarget every goddamn thing okay that’s the whole point of retargeting you want to retarget every single thing you want to be building as many custom audiences as you possibly can okay to then enable you to be able to retarget give you more audiences to retarget and more chances to put your product back in front of the customers eyes to to then encourage them to purchase okay now you want to use content IDs to generate these here and I’ll show you what content are these are if people don’t understand what they actually are but these are some of the content IDs that you can use to generate these custom audiences so view content did not add to cart’ so people who viewed the product but they didn’t add to cart’ so they clicked on there they see in the product page but they didn’t add to cart’ for whatever it may be it may be that the price is too high they don’t like the price the description didn’t you know convince them to buy all sorts of different reasons but essentially that’s an audience another audience add to cart’ but did not purchase so they viewed the product okay they then added it to their cart okay but they did not then go ahead and purchase again for whatever reason it may be shipping too high you know whatever it may be but you can build that audience initiate your checkout but did not purchase so they added to the car and from add to cart to initiate checkout is a is still a stage because people can add something to their car then start looking at other products and not actually then start initiating the checkout where they put in their details so I’m initiating checkout and then did not purchase again that is another custom audience and of course by products product buyers and niche buyers for people who actually then purchased the product and a Content ID really quickly just to show you is if you just look on this website if you get google if you get if you do a quick Google search you can find something called Facebook pixel helpers just a Chrome extension you can then go onto any website and it will show you if your pixels working and how you pixel set up so we can see here content IDs and this is what we’d be using in facebook okay we’d be taking that ID there putting it into Facebook as a custom audience people who view content and did not add to cart’ and then building those customer audiences so that is what we’d be using let’s clip back onto this so 95 percent viewed and no VC so people who viewed 95 percent of the video if you using a video out of course but didn’t click through to view the product so they watched order in a video but did not click through to the video for whatever reason they may not be convincing enough again for whatever reason it may be but you can build that custom audience paid engages and no VC so people who engaged with the page that you’re advertising from whether you’ve got a niche paging you know cooking or tools or whatever it may be but they haven’t clicked through and seen that actual product that you’re advertising the list can literally go on but I’m not going to spend all day here listen out all of the custom audiences that you can build so where to retarget make sure you pixel is set up correctly okay using app is very easy to do nowadays an app for this can be pixel perfect that is one I like to use and you can run manual retargeting within the campaign for example set up the ad sets yourself which is what you were just viewing earlier those ones was at DPA they were just manual retargeting within the ad set so say for example you’re selling a cat toy you’ve got all your ad sets targeting cats pets whatever it may be you can then just set up your ad sets in there one for person who what a custom audience then for people who seen the cat toy but didn’t add it to their car people who added the cat toy to their cart but didn’t purchase okay so there the ad sets that you can set up within the campaign DPA is the most effective way to be target if done correctly and will not yet be your rehires robots campaigns DPA is dynamic product ads to set it up you need just get an app called flex if I alternatively pixel-perfect have very good instructions on how to set up the Facebook catalog and stuff like that for DPA and like I says you need to set up a Facebook catalog do this but to do this pixel-perfect is an app it’s got a it’s got instructions on how to do it and again or you could just use an app called flexor five which generates your Facebook catalogue link you don’t just go through the process for your Facebook to actually set that up multi-platform marketing is key to retargeting utilize Instagram and different placements not just Facebook feeds this is highly I couldn’t recommend this anymore anymore okay don’t just we target on Facebook if you’re selling on Facebook utilize the Instagram platform as well even the marketplace and other places and other placements where you can actually advertise and retarget because remember people flick from Facebook then flick through onto Instagram and remember that’s where you want to be put in the product more places you can put that product back in front of the customers eyeballs the better chance you have of converting okay how many times have you done it before you’ve been onto a website you know you’re looking at something next thing you know you scroll down on Facebook you see the products there then you head over to the Instagram to go and like your favorite celebrities photos or whatever it may be and then you see the exact same products on Facebook that you were previously looking at okay so that is key major key that one is like DJ card says major key multi-platform marketing is key okay and if you can do Google Ads of course even better so how to retarget well you can get very complex and intricate with retargeting but basically targeting it still works so create those custom audiences which I mentioned in the previous slides one hundred percent right away okay I personally like to wait a few days to get a few sales five or ten at least before doing up some my new retargeting okay because you don’t want to spend money on retargeting on a product which isn’t even bringing in sales it makes no sense whatsoever so you only want to be retargeting on products which are you know getting you in sales essentially doing your manual retargeting your DPA will constantly be working anyway okay so once you’ve got dynamic product and setup you know they will be working like work over and over and over again now offer a discount based on where they are in the funnel again a major key this is offer a discount based on where they are in the funnel now if they view the product but didn’t add to their cart it’s probably due to the price okay they viewed it all again your description just isn’t good okay so what you want to do is offer a discount whatever discount it may be work it out based on your margins five to five percent ten percent whatever it may be work it out and offer a discount on that one for people who viewed the product didn’t add to car if they added to the car but didn’t purchase try offering free shipping if you charge it again so if you are adding so if they are adding to the car okay and initiating checkout but they’re getting to that point where they don’t actually finish the purchase it may be that you just charging too much shipping they don’t like ship him okay offer free shipping or a larger discount you know if you refer in fucks and here offer 10% here just work it out based on your margins now if they viewed 95 percent of the video but didn’t view content you can offer a discount or just say stock is running low just to try and get them to view the product and and get them across just pushing them as far down the funnel as you possibly can and again if they’ve purchased is another one if they’ve purchased this is a major key actually this one is a little bit of a value bomb not many people actually do this one so if you can pull out all of the content IDs of people who have actually purchased a product again referring back to the cap toy you could you can pull up a create a custom audience of everyone who has purchased that cap toy what you can do of course is say thank you and show them another related product with a discount code okay they’re gonna be a hot audience okay as hot as they can get because they’ve purchased already purchased from your website already purchased something that is related to niche all you’ve got to then do is just thank them for buying it and show them a different products and again off from a discount code as well and these the all of these don’t have to be high budgets okay these can just be very low budgets and just run on on clockwork so usual nothing but value bombs as usual I hope you got some value if you did like comment and of course smash that subscribe button hit the notification about as well see stay up to date with all of my latest videos join a team and become a part of the notification gang we’re at 10,000 with growing every single day so don’t miss out I hope you can see how powerful retargeting is so if you aren’t retargeting right now make sure you get your retargeting campaign set up a.s.a.p I’ve got a link to my free facebook mastermind group the link is down below I’m in other marketers are in they’re all helping each other out with Facebook as shopify ecommerce and all of that good stuff I’m in there and other marketers are in there all helping each other out we’re currently add about over 3,000 members so make sure you join the group hit me up on Instagram drop me a line drop me at the em drop me off follow and we can connect on there that is it for this video and I’ll be back with a new videos up and listening but you already know value bombs peace and love take care

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