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The difference between Facebook Ads and Boosting a Post | Tip For Tip Episode 37

The difference between Facebook Ads and Boosting a Post | Tip For Tip Episode 37

On today’s episode we are going to talk about the difference between facebook ads and boosting a post (Music Intro) hello and welcome to episode 37 of tip for tip where you ask your marketing question in exchange for a tip in your industry my name is Aaron and my name is Christian and today we have Sheri Bell author of Sanctuary Rises…hey guys guess what my question today for you is about facebook so I have this brand new novel sanctuary rises but i also have this tooth fairy book which has been out for about five years and is doing really well so my question is on facebook should I be using facebook ads or should I be boosting posts which is the better option for me given that I have a limited budget give me some real good dish stuff your guys not superficial stuff give me the goods alright so very simple we’re gonna split these two of then if you want to want a simple way for your page posts to be seen and engage with then boosting opposed is the way to go now if you’re looking for more advanced targeting customization call to actions and sending people to maybe the amazon buy page then facebook advertising it’s definitely the way to go right so when using a a boosted post-its assuming that you’re just sitting out the people in a specific area or your facebook followers with a couple of interest and really that isn’t much detail as far as if it’s a warm audience or not when you get into an actual campaign you can target people who have been to your website you can target people who have been interacting with your video say they watch ninety-five percent of this video we can advertise back to that person very specifically costs less money it is very targeted let’s talk about money yes so money you asked that for a campaign that you feel confident enough to run or just experiment with I would say five dollars per day for an ad for one ad that’s best reasonable if you hire a company to do it’s going to range between three to five hundred dollars to have the managed and in a month yes we’re all talking in a month here besides five dollars a day but then if you did boosting of a post I mean it’s a lot less cost but a lot less it’s not as effective you’ll eventually hit a wall there’s only so many people you can target in a ten-mile radius who are interested in books in mckinney texas so boosting it has a has a purpose but it’s a really low ceiling when you hit it advertising is very dynamic and robust but you will need to get some knowledge whether it’s on your own hiring a company or purchasing a class yourself yep alright so let’s hear your tip for us alright so my tip for today is about self-publishing Aaron mentioned to me that he meets a lot of people who are interested in self-publishing a book to either get some notoriety for their company or to advance the cause or just because they want to write about perhaps their family roots self-publishing takes a lot of effort but you have to start with a good draft and I’ll just put this out here now writing something is only like ten percent of what it takes to do a book because there’s a lot of editing and then a lot of other details if you’d like to know more about self-publishing now I’m happy to answer your questions or to even help you write or edit your book shameless self plug there so I’m I think I completely agree with having a really solid draft in order to go on to the editing and revising of the document everything and I think that’s what I mean some of the stuff that we do as well we need to have those mock-ups we need to have those templates and we need to have some rock solid things in place in order for us to really go into the meat and potatoes the actual work that just editing and doing all the revisions and all that is the actual meat and potatoes of the actual work so yeah that’s just definitely gonna leave it to your expertise on some hiring somebody like you to help because that is a completely it’s out in left field as far as where to even start with that but definitely good to know as far as getting the information out there alright Sheri thank you again for coming on the show you can find out more about her in the description and if you are a business owner looking to grow your business online with facebook advertising for FREE all you need to do is go to BitBranding.co/tipfortip one of us will answer your email…. reach back out to you set up a time to have you on the show there is no catches for you this really is a free show so thank you guys we hope you had a Merry Christmas and we’ll see you next year yes right next year!

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