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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Trailer | Netflix

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Trailer | Netflix

Thra…at its center, the Crystal of Truth.The source of all life.The Skekis have corrupted it…and now our world is at risk
from The Darkening.
What is The Darkening?Behold.I saw something…a vision.You read too many stories. No, this was real!Everything the Skekis ever told us
was a lie…
and now everyone
and everything is at risk.
Join me… so we may finally unite
as one against our true foe…the Skekis.We are eternal.A resistance is forming.Are you sure about this?No…but I have hope.Yeah! Behold the power of The Darkening. No!Hope is fragile…precious.Hope catches the light…splitting the darkness…revealing your destiny.I don’t think anything
will ever be like it was again.
No, it will be better.

100 thoughts on “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Trailer | Netflix

  1. I want to know why Frank Oz wasn't involved in this!!! I can't find any information, and I won't stop dropping comments, until I know know why! Someone must know!!

  2. Too bad the show has gay characters in it which makes it inappropriate for kids. It'll have to wait until they're older. The show would've been perfect if they could've resisted the urge to cram that in there.

  3. Just finished the entire thing, it surpassed my expectations, this series belongs in the Olympus of Netflix original series and it's the best I've seen so far this year.

  4. Me and a friend binged this over the course of two sessions. It's stayed in my mind since, I can't believe how good this was. Technically it's an absolute marvel, probably the most beautiful and impressive show I've ever seen. Especially concidering how most of it is done with puppets and props. But the story is really solid too. It's so much more realistic and brutal than you'd think (I still think the 7 year age rating is a bit too low, but whatever).

  5. Почему то напомнило Хроники Шаннары. Прям очень похоже, особенно начало


    The ending is so ridiculous. Seriously. When all the clans show up, is it not the perfect time to slaughter the skeksis? I honestly don't understand. They had an opportunity to destroy the evil that was afflicting their world . . . and they allowed them to retreat back to the castle? Dumb. Unforgivably dumb. Ruined the show.

  7. I have a thearory I think deet is Kira’s mom the same love of animals they have and Bc she had a vision of it and Bc they both keep going no matter what like Kira and maybe Rian is the father

  8. From all the fans of the original movie THANK YOU for doing this and thank you for doing it right. The look & feel of this is just perfect. This is my absolute favorite original that Netflix has produced.

  9. This is basically the best show I've seen for years, period. Am I the only one getting freaking obsessed by these puppets now? 😀

  10. Do you know what Netflix needs. A place I can leave a written review so I can give feedback over this show. Because it was good. Really good. But it needs a few things to be corrected hopefully by season two. So on that note, let me give my two cents.

    I get the show is female centered. That is okay enough, though I'm no fan of identity politics. But it doesn't really detract and it adds some cool characters and concepts. Great! The government is ruled by females. Only females can fly. The cast is nearly ninety percent female if we remove the Skeksis. All things I could get passed, and some even made sense in the world building. But you really don't have to lessen Rian to make me root for Deet.

    The lead guy manages to run from nearly every fight. Not to mention he looses his sword constantly. And to put salt to the wound, you make his arc about gaining a magic sword, which you promptly break after its single use… do you see the problems here? Perhaps focusing on more compitent males would help, or giving Rian something he can do besides watch Deet stop the Darkening single handedly while the sisters rule the remaining gelflings.

    I just want a better male character, or for the one you made to step up and contribute. Deet can still be the heroine. The sisters can still hold power and influence, even though Seledon deserves to be put in a cell for treason and attempted genocide. You can keep the feminist mindset if you can't live without it, just remember that the original goal of feminism was equality. So equally make Rian cool too!

  11. just came here to say that I'm fucking sick of this trailer appearing whenever I watch youtube, that "Together we may unite as one" line is so fucking annoying. Fuck you.

  12. An Epically Incredible Fantasy Show Every scene Every Set was made with High Skilful Detail
    Do not hesitate to watch this
    Netflix Gives us More PLEASE

  13. अबे एक मूवी हलाला पर भी बना दें जो नेटफ्लिक्स बेंचोद

  14. This is the best damn show I have ever watched after Breaking Bad. It brings back so many amazing and fond childhood memories. The story is nothing short of inspiring, the characters and voice acting is legendary, and the puppet and CG mix is master level. I love the world and the soundtrack takes me to Thrah and immerses me in this universe. This is the golden age of story telling and provides a beacon for coming shows as to what can be done with unbridled imagination. May Thrah bless your hearts and may you find a Gelfling to dreamfast with so you too, may experience this magical and wonderous world.

  15. Dear Netflix,
    THANK YOU from the bottom of my little 80s kid heart for doing right by the awesome original with your "prequel". This has exceeded every one of my expectations and hopes! ❤❤❤
    An old person

  16. I like fantasy; it's my favourite genre but this does not appeal to me. I'm glad people are enjoying this but I can't get into this

  17. Yeah, yeah. Democrat "Resist" B.S. Evil man is destroying the environment. They're called Republicans. B O R I N G !! I'm out.

  18. Bruh. I hate this goddam thing. Every time I click a video all I see are these ugly ass muppets. I hope the bad guys win and just enslave or eat them idk. It’s just getting on my nerves that I have to constantly hear and see this main character saying” wE wIlL mAkE oUr StAnD.” Like bruh stfu

  19. This show gives me the same giddy feeling as I did when I first watched GoT if not more. This show is VERY rewatchable! Outstanding dialogue, different and complex relations between characters. It doesn't shy away from being disgusting and I appreciate how confident this show is. A TRUE MASTERPIECE!! I AWAIT FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR A SECOND SEASON

  20. A gem of my childhood – I can't wait to show this to my kid, when he is a bit older. But do not make any mistakes: it's not (only) for kids, nope! After Game of Thrones, this will be the next series for my I am really looking forward to seeing! Hope this is a successs!

  21. a work that deserves a lot of respect filmed with wax dolls instead of choosing the ease way with the digital images the characters are incredible is very original ,the voices of the actors are perfectly well chosen it's amazing I love the evil skeses frightening and funny at the same time one of the best series that I have seen this year do not forget Skesis Are ImmortaLLLLL

  22. Loved this show so much!!!!! I think I’m going to watch it again 😂❤️!! Best show I’ve watched in a long time guys! I Fell in Love with this world!

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