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The COMPLETE Facebook Ads & Google Adwords REMARKETING Guide

The COMPLETE Facebook Ads & Google Adwords REMARKETING Guide

welcome to the video guys today we’re talking about how to 10x your ad ROI and I’m gonna give you my ultimate guide to advertising all right guys welcome to the video so today we’re gonna talk about 10x in your ad ROI and I’m gonna go through multiple different examples they can do my ultimate guide to advertising here now I’m excited about this this is gonna be there’s me so much value in this I’m literally me view every model that I’m using so about 3 to 4 models that we’re gonna talk about respect trust and rapport which are crucial when you’re running ads or selling anything online now what most people do and this isn’t just relevant for you know dropshippers where people that are you know selling online or e-commerce in any form or fashion this is relevant across the board so if you’re selling anything this is pertaining to you so if you want to run ads what do people typically do now this is something I’ve talked about before I’m gonna add this and I’m gonna start building an ad place I’ve been building a lot of different tab you know ads lately and one thing that one one thing that people do when they make mistake is they think that they’re just gonna turn on an ad and it’s gonna start selling right away guys ads are built they aren’t created so what do I mean by that ads our bill well you might run an ad initially and it might not work but the information that you get from that allows you to tweak and hang down so I’m gonna give you examples if you’re if you it’s a little bit over your head I dare you to stay till the end and tell me that you’re not blown away so these are some ad strategies that I’ve been playing around with lately and are really in my opinion some of the best online so what do most people do let’s use drop shipping as an example here in this video but specifically this could go across the board in any you know former fashion or any niche or any business model so most people what they do is they’re gonna run an ad and what are they gonna do they’re gonna run that to their audience we’ll just draw a couple people here that’s gonna be the audience tell off my drawing skills are legit here so why does this not work people were on this and they run their ad to the audience to a random audience and they used interest targeting you know they try to pick the right demographics and then they might even go back and hold in those that information and pick the better demographics and interests arching targeting that doesn’t work anymore so what would I implore you to do this does not work anymore don’t just run an ad to an audience and try to hone in your demographic instead what you’re going to do this is one of the the strategies that I’ve basically seen works in a number of fields and businesses and niches but especially will work for dropshipping so what you’re going to do right is you don’t even need a website to do well you don’t even need to like a specific pixel in our website to set up we’re giving it the pixels and actually you know more advanced strategies here in a second I’m gonna give you a bunch of them but first specifically if you just started dropshipping this is what you should do and this isn’t just drop shipping like I said even though I said that a million times so what you’re going to do is you’re going to set up a post and it’s gonna go viral okay so you’re gonna try to keep keep sending out viral post this is obviously dealing with your your store’s Instagram page or your face stores Facebook page or whatever and you’re gonna try to get people to engage with a post you’re not going to run any advertising to that now once you get a post that goes viral what are you gonna do you’re gonna look for the engagement on that post so you’re gonna get engagement on that post right and once you get an ad the kosumi viral for you and you get engagement on the post then that’s when you finally take your ad and you target the people that engage with your ads from your Sam account why does this work better well you’re gonna have the respect you’re gonna have the trust and you’re gonna have to report these people know who you are put simply they have the trust because they’ve engaged with your content before and if they see in your store they’ve and they understand what you’re selling and they’ve seen your page before they’ve engaged with a piece of your content they’re gonna be much more you know inclined to potentially to purchase from you and trust you and respect what that that you’re a legitimate business now this goes a little bit more in-depth this is a very basic strategy but you can 10x your a bar I just doing this now if you take this and you mold it to when I’m on the races here in a second but if you take this and mold the other strategies I’m about to give you to this once you drive people to engage and you send them to you send them with your ad which I’m gonna tell you in here a second you can literally take this and just scale to the ceiling all right guys now building on that last ad tragedy that showed you here obviously we talked about this is not what you want to do you don’t want to just take an ad and target random audiences and kind of that’s that’s basically a metaphor for throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks not gonna work you’re gonna be wasting a lot of your money so take that first method it works great and you can literally 10x your ad ROI overnight if you do that thing now you’re also gonna 20x a scale to the ceiling if you combine the second strategy with that first strategy so I’m gonna give you another strategy here in a second and it’s really going to blow your mind so the second strategy is you’re going to pay an influencer well not I need that looks pretty nice and I didn’t s set up so you’re gonna pay an influencer to run an ad to a landing page but not an influencer or an ad like you’re thinking a lot of people will be like oh and influence or I’ve seen this before I’m gonna pay an influencer you know run an ad for 50% off of drop shipping store X no that doesn’t work anymore either what instead you want to do is you want to run pain influencer you know not huge influencer but somebody just to basically run and offer a promotion or to generate buzz and get people to your store if you’re running a job shipping store we’re just going to put landing page here because you can be selling anything online but if you’re a dropship if you’re drop shipping store maybe running a 75% off store to just get people to your site now you’re you’re obviously if you can make the sale here that’s great but you’re not you’re your actual goal here isn’t to make the sale so maybe you want to give away a free offer maybe you want to give away you know a free article maybe you want to give away you know the the ten-time let’s say your drop shipping pet products maybe you’re giving away a free article or you know just just generating buzz to a landing page that gives away a download link or you know an article that says the top ten things you know that that you don’t know that’s hurting your pet or something your your overall strategy here and tailor this to whatever you’re doing is to get people to your landing page because once you get people to your landing page you are going to have a pixel this is something that we’re talking about before set up for your landing page and then you know that if let’s hypothetically roll with the same drop shipping example here and this can be tailored like I said a million times to anything use your brain you know that the people that come to this landing page from your influencer had are interested in what you’re selling and you’ve collected their data then you’re going to take a new ad your ad and target the pixel people that come to your landing page why does this work better why will this 10x your ad ROI because you’re not just throwing shit at a wall at a random audience these people that have better on a pixel that a visit of your landing page you know that they are more inclined to like your product they’re interested in this case pet supplies or sell you don’t be pet products or that specific niche they’re more inclined to buy from you for that reason that they Fanny to your website they know who you are you built the report usually hopefully you hopefully have their trust and if not you will gain their trust over you know targeting them continuously and they obviously respect the fact that you’re selling stuff that they like and and that you seem to be a brand that they can believe in so it’s a little beyond the scope of this video but it’s important to keep in mind you know all your ad copy and all you know building customer relations you always want to build respect trust and rapport you can be the worst salesman in the world but if you have those three things you’re golden you can tell have a terrible sales pitch but that’s why I have a lot of people you’ll see online if they have a YouTube channel or something and they sell directly linking in their videos there’s nothing wrong with that but if they have your respect their truck you’re trusting their and your rapport then and and report you have rapport with them then you’re more kind of back on them even through a simple link in their video when they’re kind of just saying oh by the way purchase through this link because they don’t really need a sales pitch they have all those things so why am I trying to tell you this when these people hit your landing page you know they’re more I’m fine like we talked about before you know that they’re interested in that and they know who you are because they’ve been to your website that’s its will drop your ad spend 10x and thus increase your overall profit margins and you’ll be able to spend more on ads get more return on your investment and scale more now we’re gonna talk about another way here in a second and I’m going to be a fourth way and all three of these are all four of these methods if you use them and combine them you will literally start to see that your ads are gonna work more profitably but if they’re not gonna work overnight guys it’s about building a an ad campaign and then once you have this even if you break even here which that that’s actually good because if you break even you have all the information you have all the data you have all the potential customers information now and you can target them in the future of future products so the whole goal here is you’re building a customer base you’re getting the information and if you can make money great if you break even great even if you lose a little bit of money and you’re really trying to scale and build businesses here we’re not talking about beginner stuff here necessarily it’s great because you’re building a customer base you understand who your future customers are that you can target and you’re getting information about the potential you know your audience members that are gonna potentially purchase your products in future so we’re gonna move on to a third one and then I’ll show you a fourth one that’s also going to blow your minds all right guys now we’re gonna talk about number three now I’m gonna race this really fast because we already talked about this before so you’re not obviously gonna run an ad blindly to an audience anymore gonna race this because I feel like I’ve driven that home we’re talking about other ad strategies here they’re gonna increase your profit margin and 10x your ROI so we know to avoid that now in the future this third strategy is really just through that write on my computer there’s this third strategy wrote right here is really you know one of the things that I love to do and it’s really what I’m doing right now so you’re not just gonna run blind advertising but you are gonna run an ad your whole goal with his first ad here is to build your customer base not necessarily to make money initially but that’s great if you can make money I’m gonna show you how you can’t make money using this in the future so you’re gonna run an ad for a free offer and I’m doing this a lot right now so me specifically maybe a lot of you you know if you’ve watched my youtube channel if you you know engage with my website and any means necessary you might get hit with an ad on YouTube you might get hit with an ad on Facebook you might get hit with an ad on Instagram and what I’m doing is I’m giving away my free drop shipping courses for free I’m set free the reason behind that is I’m trying to build an audience of people that are potentially interested in what a you know obviously respect trust summer have I never poor with that who know who I am so that I can potentially marketing products in the future that might be you that might be somebody else that might be somebody else it doesn’t really matter just trying to build the audience right now because if I run ads and I gave away my free course I know that I give those people enough value and I continue to you know help them make money eventually it’s inevitable they’re gonna want to buy products from me they’re gonna want to buy something it’s the law reciprocity so they’ll have the respect to hunt their trust and wrap their all have their rapport so I’m all about giving the value first and so that’s why I have no problem giving away any course first however that being said what I’m gonna do when I call it when I when these people for my ad come to this free landing page the landing page for the free offer I’m gonna have a pixel set up on that landing page something that we’ve talked about before and if you haven’t sure if you have much my tricks with my pixel video videos excuse me I’ll drop them like I said I’m putting this an entire playlist and I’m gonna be adding the word to this place in the future but if you haven’t checked out my pixel video I’ll drop that as a card up above my head in the right-hand corner right now I’ll also put that in the description if you want to check that out it’s a great great video there’s a lot of great insight in that however so I’m gonna click the people with a pixel that way I can start to come back on YouTube I can target them back on you Instagram I Margar those people back on Facebook or any of the Google Display Network so that you know across the board and I’m also going to collect their email they’re gonna give me their email exchange for the course now I’m not necessarily trying to sell these people right away I’m just giving them value I’m telling here’s the course here’s some other supplemental material but what I’m doing is I’m building their trust I’m giving them value and the law of reciprocity eventually it’s it’s human nature if I give them enough value and I help them make enough money they’ll think oh this guy’s pretty cool he’s helping me make money you know he’s giving me value he cares about me obviously so I’m obviously more inclined to pay for his stuff or buy his stuff in the future then I am from somebody over here Joe Schmo that I don’t know he’s just running targeted ads to me on Facebook I don’t necessarily know them haven’t given me any value I haven’t built a relationship with them I haven’t built the trust their truth the trust the respect or the rapport with them and so what I’m trying to do is I’m building all those things slowly by targeting these people giving them value and giving them free something free you can take this and mold this to your business but you’re gonna collect their email in their information you’re also going to collect them on your pixel and then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna do two things you’re also gonna take an ad write your real ad this is so ad that’s gonna make you the money so this is ad McCall this ad number two I’ll call this ad number one at number two is where you’re really gonna see the money so ad number two you’re and it’s Harvey the pixel people just like we talked about previously also a great method it’s gonna give you a good 10x ROI you’re gonna have less ad spend with more return on your investments because these people know you you’ve obviously given them something free you build the relationship with a pump with them and they trust you now so you’re also going to set up an email sequence here so it’s an auto responding we’re just gonna abbreviate this Auto press can’t stop grass email sequence that’s what that says so you’re gonna set up an auto responding email sequence to these people when you collect their emails so I’ll take you through the funnel what happens here is this is probably my favorite funnel here the ED or especially because number four what I’m about to show you after this so what you do is run up an ad that ad is not necessarily to make money but it could make you money because all these people that come through your ad initially might have a chance to either get hit with your ad to be sold later or hit with your email sequence and be sold later but really what you’re doing is you’re giving them value first and you’re building the respect the trust and the rapport I can’t hammer this home enough this is important stuff so you’re targeting those people with the app you’re giving them something free when they get this something free from you they’re giving you their email they’re also collecting their information on the pixels so you can follow them all around the internet then you’re gonna take your ad number to your real ABS gonna earn you money you’re gonna target the people that came to your website through your pixel and really make your ad really make your roi on this pad not miss out these are leads these are sales okay so these are these are leads these are sales and then finally your autos response sequence is something gonna set up initially ahead of time so that when you collect their email you have a chance to sell them in the ad you also have a chance to sell them on the email and you’re now following them all around the internet this is my favorite way my favorite pony right now and in my opinion the best way to 10x your ad ROI and really start building a customer base and kind of increasing your sec trust and rapport with a majority and vast number of people across the internet this is a great way now we’re gonna jump into number four on top of this and it’s really really simple all right guys now building off that last strategy right here I erase the last board so we just take you to that funnel again obviously you use been ad the targeted landing page correct and then with that landing page you collect with those people on a pixel on top of the other stuff you also get the email collection and then you retarget your second hat to the pixel people now you might be asking yourself okay that’s great but maybe I only have five thousand people in my pixel and I can’t really afford necessarily a lot of times to really scale my first lead ad that much right now to really increase the amount of people in my pixel thus limiting how many people I can target so I can’t really figure out I can’t scale that to the max and spend you know 10 grand over here to potentially figure out a bigger customer base of who my target customer is who my target demographic is and where they actually are on the internet that is okay because you can use Google Adwords and you can use Facebook Ads to your advantage they are the two biggest ad platforms in the world they know literally everything about you they know everything about me they know everything about everyone and you can use that to your advantage so what you’re going to do with AD number 3 now is already ran out number one for leads you already ran that number two for sales to your pixel and that is limited but what you can do with at number three is you can then use your pixel to figure out look-alike audiences look-alike audiences and what that’s gonna do is that might be that’s usually a lot more now this is not unlimited but it might be anywhere from like a hundred thousand people all the way up to like five million people and that’s that basically what this is telling you is Adwords and Facebook the two companies that know the most about the online activities and who the the you know who’s more clients who want the the type of stuff from your customer base basically with what Adwords and Facebook are telling you is these 100 thousand five million potential people are just very very very similar have similar target demographics has similar are similar similar demographic as similar interests have similar you know potential purchase history how similar you know they’re basically a lot a lot a lot alike to the people that that you’ve determined are your customer base in your target customer so what then you’re gonna do is you’re gonna run another ad to a local like audience and that’s how you’re gonna scale up to the ceilings so this stuff is great down here from from number three and that’s phenomenal but you might only be able to make if you’re really scaling it up you might make you know a couple hundred thousand you might make you know 500 grand whatever but if you really want to scale to the ceiling you’re gonna have to start running look like audiences because there’s so much of value in it this is where you’re gonna really find you know kind of scale and really get a broad spectrum of your overall customer and really really scale so I hope you like this this guy’s I put a lot of information and a lot of thought into this video if you do please hit that like button not only lets me know there mullen right track but also helps the channel a lot and lets me know that you guys appreciate videos like this so I can make more in the future but if you have a question pertaining to any one of these models or any strategy that I’ve just gone over drop it in the comment section down below I’d love to answer it for you

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