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The Children’s Inn Thanks Gold Sponsor Leidos

The Children’s Inn Thanks Gold Sponsor Leidos

We’re here today supporting the National Institutes of Health Children’s Inn, with DC United as a sports team that we also sponsor. We love partnering with organizations like The Children’s Inn, because they really bring it all into focus and they show us really the humanity of what we do. We have about 6,800 people in our health organization, so the more that they understand that the good work that they do makes a difference in people’s lives, and then they can come here and see it for themselves, what a difference it makes to our employees to know that they’re making a difference in someone’s life. It brings back some energy and passion to remind you every day of what you’re doing and how it helps the children around here Seeing all the joy that The Inn can bring families and kids and let them be sort of their normal selves outside, you know all their protocols and daily procedures they go through, I think is so important Everybody should consider donating some of their time, talent, and treasure to an organization like this.

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