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The Children’s Inn Thanks Gold Sponsor General Dynamics IT

The Children’s Inn Thanks Gold Sponsor General Dynamics IT

We have employees from GDIT who are here to help some of the children do an art project. Being a part of the communities that we live, work, and play in is absolutely core to our culture and our values. You know that the kids who come here and the families who come here for the dinners, for example they’ve gone to a whole day of therapy and probably a whole week of therapy and just to be able to go to get home-cooked food. You can only imagine what that means. For the first time we actually had the kids and families of The Inn come to the bowling event And I remember these kids, you know, small kids just running all around the bowling alley and just having a blast. We are future-focused, trying to drive new technology to help our customers solve some of their significant problems. And NIH is doing the same thing for these families, those kinds of investment, they just give back for so long.

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