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The booming CBD craze, explained

The booming CBD craze, explained

These are two drinks from the same store. They’re the same in almost every way. But this one costs $3 extra. All it took was a few drops of this stuff
— CBD. It’s a cannabis compound you can buy in oils,
chocolates, bath bombs, face masks, gummies, coffee, lotions, even dog treats. It’s everywhere. And its proponents claim that it can help
with a lot of things: CBD exists right at the intersection of three
huge consumer trends: The 49 billion-dollar herbal supplement industry,
the growing anxiety economy, and the almost overnight rise of a legal cannabis marketplace. There’s still a lot we don’t know about
CBD. But people are buying it. This is how much consumer CBD sales have grown
in the past four years. And this is how much they’re expected to
grow. For a product this popular, CBD is barely
regulated and people tend to misunderstand its effects. So what do we know about it? CBD — or cannabidiol — is one of over
110 chemical constituents in cannabis called cannabinoids. THC — or tetrahydrocannabinol — is a different
cannabis chemical that causes the high associated with consuming marijuana. But by itself, CBD won’t get you high. You can inhale it as a vapor, or apply it
to your skin, but a popular intake method is edible
oil — since CBD is naturally soluble in fat. That easy-to-consume format is behind the
explosion of many new products we’re seeing today. But it’s also led to a lot of misconceptions. For starters, people say CBD can treat everything
from inflammation, to acne — even cancer. But there’s no proof that consumer CBD products
can treat all those ailments. We don’t have that
much data related to the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol. CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
properties that have been shown to help treat psychosis, anxiety, movement disorders, multiple
sclerosis, and epilepsy and seizures. And the FDA recently approved Epidiolex, a
CBD-based epilepsy drug. But there isn’t enough research for CBD
to be prescribed as medicine for all of those other conditions. Right now, we don’t know a ton about how
CBD affects the brain, or which doses or delivery methods work most effectively. And people who take CBD sometimes do it at
risk to their own health, foregoing medically approved treatments or failing to investigate
its interactions with other drugs. And the CBD that has trickled down to retail
markets? It’s largely unregulated. Because of that, consumers often have no idea
what they’re buying — and CBD products often don’t contain what they say they do. A) They might not even have the cannabidiol that is claimed on the label — but more importantly,
B) is that some of them actually have THC in it. In 2016, the FDA issued warnings to 8 CBD
oil companies after finding that some contained either no or barely any CBD, and some contained
illegal amounts of psychoactive THC. And a 2017 study of 84 CBD products purchased
online found that almost 70 percent were mislabeled. But even when consumer CBD products are accurately
labeled, the doses tend to be very low. When you get a few drops of CBD oil in a drink,
you’re probably getting about 5-10 milligrams of CBD. You’d need 30 times that to reach the amount
of CBD that current research has found to have stress-relieving results. So even though CBD has a ton of medical promise,
the dose in the average CBD coffee is pretty negligible. But even at those levels, CBD products other
than Epidiolex are still technically illegal. When you go down the street and you buy your latte with cannabidiol, that is still considered “federally illegal. At the state level it might not be, depending on which state you’re in, but federally speaking, it is still illegal. The DEA maintains that CBD is federally illegal
— but it won’t bother going after anyone possessing or using it. And because the DEA won’t prosecute, anybody
from any state can walk into a store or go online and buy CBD products. Attitudes in health care are shifting: in
December 2017, the World Health Organization concluded that CBD is not harmful. In January 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency
removed it from its prohibited substances list. And, if passed as it stands, the 2018 farm
bill would legalize CBD and industrial hemp nationwide. CBD isn’t bullsh*t. It’s a substance with a lot of potential. But the quantity and quality in today’s
consumer products is often more of a scam than a reliable wellness supplement. What’s next for CBD depends on research. But right now, its popularity is proof that
the absence of data doesn’t prevent people from selling products. Instead, when you can claim everything — you
can sell anything.

100 thoughts on “The booming CBD craze, explained

  1. The CBD industry was valued at $350 million in 2017. By 2020 it could top $1 billion. But there's one problem: nobody can say for sure how CBD even works.

    Read more on vox.com: http://bit.ly/2FNSExL

  2. Make sure the mg on the bottle specify if it's by volume or dosage. Bought a 2oz bottle 500 mg. Come to find out it was by volume, so I would have been better off purchasing the 1oz bottle that was 500 mg per volume. Idk anymore. I'm back to smoking bud tho😒

  3. I run a payments company. It is an order of magnitude harder to get a credit card merchant account for CBD than it is for Cannabis! The three BIG players all left the business last month…. Leaving a supply shock… Hundreds of shops can't take credit cards now and are going under.

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  5. maybe its just because they cannot buy the real stuff since illegal? sorry but doesn't do much to me, but THC does

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  7. Pretty sure the average dosage is around 10mg to 20mg for effects and benifits. 300mg that's insane pretty sure your hurting yourself at that point

  8. I put CBD on plates and leave them for the mice that invade our home. Now they walk around wearing sombreros with little guitars like Slo Poke Rodriguez.

  9. LMFAO VOX i was interested in this video then i saw that the reference is an ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. Be more credible. Get a doctor or researcher not someone at the level of a TA at Columbia.

  10. lmao oral cbd bioavailability is like 3% so even if you dumped a whole tincture bottle in ur coffee (say 300mg) of cbd, you'd only be getting 9mg absorbed into your bloodstream, which is extremely negligible. given that a decent bottle the size of 300mg will cost you $30-50+, it's better to just grow your own cbd flower and vape it

  11. I take CBD oil. I've never smoked. I sleep so much better now and my anxiety is very low if not unnoticeable when I take my oil.
    That 5% CBD oil they say… I don't know what's else is included.

  12. Superior CBD Oil, the best prices for full spectrum 1500mg CBD Oil – $79.95 – Free Shipping

  13. So grateful to live in a state with great dispensaries where I could find the right cbd product for my complex regional pain syndrome

  14. There is FAR more research and knowledge of CBD and Cannabis than Ibuprofen, Tylenol etc…. it's also much safer than oxy and other prescription drugs, the USA holds a patent on cannabinoids. CBD and Cannabis products are the future of medicine. The fact that a herbal medicine is more promising than chemical drugs is amazing, it's the only thing that fixes my muscular pain and it's the best product for my anxiety too.

  15. This video is sponsered by the America medicinal industry. 🙂 IT helps me with anxierty and ADD. I got anxierty and other bad sideeffects from ADD medicin.

  16. Let me get this straight, you're claiming that a plant chemical that helps people get off medications also has adverse side effects with those medications that they are helping them lean off of? Interesting.

  17. 2:15 – pure CBD is just as proven to be completely harmless as any of the 'FDA Approved' drugs available, and you failed to mention WHY there is "no substantial scientific data" on any cannabis products! As long as the govt refuses to allow the all-mighty "federal scientific studies" to take place, that's not possible, but it hasn't stopped millions of free-thinking people from conducting their own 'human trials & studies'! It's been documented & proven to treat, & even in some cases cure, many ailments previously only slapped with a temporary bandaid of Rx drugs, all with their own horrible & sometimes deadly side effects! There is documented evidence of cannabinoids killing cancer cells, clearing skin cancer right up, etc.

  18. A 5 minute empty video with no conclusion or any depth at all. Here's a summary of the video: We don't know what CBD is accurate, and the government doesnt care yet. Done.

  19. I love hearing how there’s not enough information about CBD and THC. Like science hasn’t been experimenting with marijuana for decades. Like marijuana is a new plant discovered on earth. I’m calling BS now and you can join me.
    This scapegoat of not knowing enough information is a bigger lie than Donald Trump’s many lies.

  20. Something is better than nothing and short of legalization and appropriate research the only thing that's really funding cannabinoid studies are the people financially invested in the industry. so yeah what we have isn't great and things need to change but don't dissuade people from what we've got going on now because it's basically the only thing getting anything done.

  21. Yall are Hilarious!!!! Best comedy video I've ever seen!!

    My dog has seizures and I give her CBD and it stops EVERY time, with in 60 seconds she is able to sit up. I have fibromyalgia and extreme anxiety, I've been taking CBD everyday since I was 16 for it. Saying we have no proof is ignorant.

  22. I've tried CBD from InfluxCBD…. It was pretty good, I am not sure if i need a higher dosage than 5% but first experience was good.

  23. Fact: before rec weed a lbs of weed was sold for 2000+ dollars by the grower, no tax . Now the same thing is sold for less than 400 dollars , plus they pay tax . So they made CBD, a magic potion to get that 1600 dollars back . That is the only reason you see these products show up directly marketed for the desperate in pain, or people with incurable illness hoping that the placebo effect will kick in before they get exposed. As an ex grower myself I had to tell the truth because it is morally wrong to fool people with that "snake oil".

  24. remember this when you buy CBD oil make sure it does not say hemp oil because CBD oil is not hemp oil CBD oil has cannabinoids make sure in the back or in a side that it says it has cannabinoids and if you can get CBD oil with 450 mg CBD oil like I have in my hand right now that's all good that's what you want but the hemp oil don't get it get the CBD oil and watch out some of them will say CBD oil or even pure CBD oil but when you look in a small print it'll say hemp oil that's false advertising do not buy that always look in the back and make sure it says cannabinoids not hemp oil I told you how to buy it if you do that you'll get the real deal and it'll take care of your pain you're sleeping all that and it won't get you high or any of that

  25. Here's the trick go by what I say and you won't get burned make sure it says CBD oil and make sure it says over 450 mg mg of cannabinoids CBD rich I have the one that's from cannabis flowers yes you several times that in the day or whole body wellness I don't use a lot of it but I use it every night before they go to bed in the morning when I get up it does not get you high or anything like that

  26. Like the Western military system, the medical system is about fight and killing cancer. Clearly there is another option in both arenas: communication. CBD assists cellular communication, as such it is good for almost all ailments as it would be in the international arena.

  27. You really want to listen to the “claims” of nonprofessionals trying to sell you something that hasn’t been studied. It could be less effectual on the body as pure water as far as we know. But, apparently it has whatever effect on the body that’ll make it sell.

  28. I was just looking for this. I am very satisfied with this presentation. Thanks for this great informative video.

  29. Just cause something is illegal doesn't make it wrong , just cause something is legal doesn't make it right.

  30. I have to agree with what they said about the doses. I get CBD oil and it says "high potency" etc. Like "whoa be careful with this its really strong" but in reality you have to take 10 times the recommended dose to feel anything and the cost is just way too expensive. CBD works but at the moment the price is too high and generally the doses too small to do much. Although a small dose of CBD combined with THC can have strong effects as the THC tends to increase the effectiveness of the CBD and the CBD somewhat lower the psychoactive properties of THC so you get more of a mild relaxed happy feeling and less of a drunk intoxicated feeling.

  31. Hi, I work for a lender company and we fund start – ups and cannabis businesses, if you guys are serious in starting a business in the cannabis world, I can help out! Only in USA. Thank you & Have a nice day!

  32. (This is a TMI comment about periods so if you don't want to read about that just skip this) Does anyone know if CBD messes up one's period cycle? I have been using CBD for almost 2 months now and my period has been off. I don't know if its because my schedule changed or if its because of CBD. I don't want to stop using it because its been helping me with anxiety but if its messing up my ovaries then I will have no choice but to stop using it…

  33. I want to buy CBD oil, I just don't know which one to get! and with a 70% mislabeled products, I will probably end up with a $100 a month placebo. Wich products passed the test?

  34. It's deemed safe, too bad this video paints it in a negative manner. Things have changed in quality control on the positive side since this video was made. It has helped A LOT of people. Give it a try.

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  36. If you don’t know then put the work into it. My goodness get on with the studies. That’s all I know to say….

  37. Doctors have claimed is has been seen to slows and occasionally stops the growth of cancer cells this is obviously not a cure but Iv never heard anyone before this video claim it so 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

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