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The Biggest Mistake Business Owners Make With Facebook Ads

The Biggest Mistake Business Owners Make With Facebook Ads

Hello hello hello and good morning. Thank
you for joining me for this very short training session which is of course part
of my Algorithm Buster workshop that is next Tuesday online if you’d like more
information about that you can follow the link which I’ll also post under the
video when we finish recording today. As part of that workshop we’re going to
look at Facebook Ads, we’re going to look at the Facebook pixel but today I just
thought we’d look at simple ways that you can create Facebook ads that work. We’re going to look at the biggest thing that business owners do wrong when
they run Facebook ads. Thank you for joining me let’s have a look at that now.
So what is that big problem? What is that big thing that Facebook business owners
do wrong when they run Facebook ads?Well they target a cold audience, that’s the
biggest problem and it’s very easy to do, it’s something I used to do because we
know when we go onto Facebook there’s lots of options within our advertising
that show us lots of information about people so we can get down in the Nitty
Gritty, we can target exactly the right people with the right interests with our
ads. The problem is if we target those people with a sales ad we’re not
going to get results. The reason we’re not going to get results is
because they don’t know us, and why would they buy from us if they never heard
from us? Before can they trust us? That’s the question we need to ask ourselves so
I’m going to introduce you to two types of audiences that are warm. Two warm
audiences that you can target with your ads on Facebook that should get you
better results than just that audience targeting options and the first one of
those is a video views audience and this is my favorite type because I know if I
go and work with a client and they haven’t got the pixel installed on their
website yet if they haven’t got any website audience if they haven’t got any
mailing list, where do we start? I love it if
they’ve got a video we can put it out there, we can advertise it for a few
pence just a couple of euros to get some views on that video and we can retarget
the people who watch that video. But is that worth it? I mean people don’t really
watch much video on Facebook do they? Do they? Well according to a study that
Nielsen did with Facebook in fairness, so slightly bias, they did a study to see
you know do people remember your brand after they watched a video? Do people
remember the ads that you put out there? Do they remember the message that you
put out there when they watch some of your video? And the results were really
interesting because according to that study, even after a three-second video
view people would have a higher ad recall and they’d have a higher brand
awareness of you once you’d put that ad out. So the important thing is if you’re
putting an ad together to make sure that it is branded, to make sure people
can see the brand. So it might be your face which in many cases it’s my face. It
might be your brand colours. But when you put it out there make sure you’ve got it
so within that first three seconds people remember you. But of course when
you’re creating an audience the longer they watch the better. So let’s switch
over to ads manager and I’ll show you how you can create an audience of video
viewers. I’ve gone into my ads manager, for privacy reasons I couldn’t show you
before this point but this is my dormant account so I haven’t created any ads for
this yet and let me just get that up on my screen so I can see it. To get there
within your Facebook account you’ll have your, within your regular account, you’ll
have your name there. You’ll have a little arrow with a drop-down menu and
you want to go in there and either click on ‘manage ads’ or ‘create ads’ and when you
get into that, this little, what we call a hamburger menu at the top. If you click
on that, all tools, you’ll see audiences here and once you click on that
interface you get into where you can create custom audiences. And a video
views audience is a custom audience. Remember these are, this
is creating an audience of people who are already interested, already ready
aware of your brand. We’ll talk about how to get people to watch your videos and
the videos you should create in part one of the Algorithm Buster workshop. So if
I click on create a custom audience here and the one I’m looking for is
engagement and if I go into Facebook page here. I’ve clicked the wrong thing,
there you go, we are live! If I click into custom audience, you think I didn’t, its
engagement that I’m looking for and we’re looking for video, obviously right!
Video, so firstly you can choose a content type and you can create an
audience of people who watch you video for 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 25
percent, 50 percent, 75 percent or 95 percent of your video. I generally
create a number of these videos because obviously the longer they watch the more
likely they are, or the warmer an audience they are. But we’ll go for 3
seconds now, and then you get to choose your videos and you can choose more than
one video so let me just go to my page here and it’s just taking a little while
to load. Now you can select as many videos as you want from here but here’s
the one from last week, the algorithm busting video I did from last week, so I
can choose that video and then in the past… now 365 days is a long time so
somebody who watched your video a year ago probably isn’t going to remember you
very much, particularly if they only watch 3 seconds of your video. Now this
video I only created last week so let’s make it 30 days anyway, within 30 days if
they watched a bit of the video they’re likely to remember and then you can give
it a name so I would say three-second video audience and you can give it a
description as well if you want to add a bit more information. If you’re going to
create a lot of these audiences it really helps. And then you just click
create audience and it will take a little while to populate it but you’ll
come back with the number of people that watched
it. Now obviously, if that’s only like 50 people that’s still not a really good
audience to target. The larger your audience size the better so you may want
to spend a bit of your budget boosting your video posts in the newsfeed and
again that’s something we’ll talk about on the full workshop. So that’s the first
sort of audience that you want to create. The second sort of quick audience, quick
warm audience you can create is a Facebook engagement audience, and let me
just switch so you can see my PowerPoint, because I made this beautiful slide for
you, and the Facebook engagement audience targets, you can target all the people
who’ve engaged with your Facebook page at all, so that includes likes and
comments and clicks and anyone that’s engaged with your Facebook post at all
at the moment you can’t narrow that down like you can with your video audience on
a post by post basis but it is a really strong audience to target so let me show
how to show you how you create that in that’s manager as well. And let me show
myself that. Okay, so again we click on ‘create a custom audience’ and this time
will go where I went the first time where I wasn’t supposed to go the first
time we go into engagement and we go into Facebook page and you can see here
I can target everyone who’s engaged with my page in the last 365 days. I can
narrow that down by people who’ve visited, engage with a post any post or
ad. Again I can’t narrow that down to a specific one at the moment, people who
saved your page, people sent a message to your page, people who click the
call-to-action button. And the same as with your video audience, you don’t want
to target people for the last year because that means you’re going to be
targeting people who don’t really remember you. You want to be targeting
people who know who you are because again they’re more likely to buy, or
they’re more likely to click on a link. So again I’m going to go for 30 days. if
you follow what I’m showing you in part 1 of the Algorithm Buster workshop you
should be able to get a decent size group of people out of that as well so
that’s it. I would give it the the name. I would call that Facebook engaged 30
days and I would click create audience. Again it takes a little while to
populate so if you’ve created these audiences and you find that people
they’re very very small so you may have only say 50 people who’ve watched a
video for 10 seconds or three seconds you may only have 50 people 100 people
150 people who’d engage with your page in the last 30 days
don’t worry because that’s a really good source for what we call a look-alike
audience and a look-alike audience is one that Facebook will match up people
similar to those people so if we know they’re interested in our page if
they’ve engaged if they’ve watched a video we know that they’re a good source
for a look-alike audience. We’ll talk about look-alike audiences we’ll talk
about more about videos and the sort of videos you can put out there to build an
audience. We’ll talk about getting more page engagement on the Algorithm Buster
workshop which of course you will find at spiderworking.com/algorithmbuster. It’s a two-hour paid workshop where we’ll be going into more
detail about this and what you can do organically on Facebook to keep your
post performing. Thank you for joining me today and hopefully I’ll see you next

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