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The BFA Advertising Program at the School of Visual Arts

The BFA Advertising Program at the School of Visual Arts

– Advertising, as a discipline,
is the hardest thing to truly understand or learn. It’s based on thinking first, form second. You really have to come
up with original ideas. (lively music) Historically, the students
would do lots of ad campaigns, but now, doing 360
advertising, now introducing motion graphics, now
introducing interactive has expanded it. – [Pierre] There’s an
advertising foundation here. We have a class called Visual Language, which focuses on shapes,
color and composition. – One of the things that we
teach is the art of questioning. They find that when you stay in question, ideas simply emerge. – From first week, I was doing ads for like Oreos, Volkswagen. They just want something original, and you just have to keep digging. – All the faculty are
working professionals, most of them very prominent. So the campus is spread all over the city, and ad agencies and design studios, Google, for example, is
like seven classes there. There’s also some at Facebook. – [Pierre] Students and the
teachers sometimes are asked if they want to intern at this company. In second year, sophomores have to take all your projects of the
year and put it in a book. When they apply for
internships or for jobs, people are impressed. – In New York City, you’re
exposed to everything. The school also definitely
pushes you to be not just a college student
but go out and follow your creative endeavors, so to speak, and go get a job. From day one, they expect
you to be professional. – You’ve gotta create a
brand, a look, a feel, a sense for your product, so people simply gravitate toward it. And one could really
learn about the dynamics of culture, of society, by
becoming an advertising major.

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