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The Best Way to Do Instagram Marketing

The Best Way to Do Instagram Marketing

(Gary) If i was “nobody”, which 99% of people now i don’t have a million followers, i’m trying to grow i’m trying to build my dreams and aspirations i’m literally doing what i just showed you for 10 hours a day the reason we’re sitting here today , is i decided from 2007 to 2011 to spend 4 to 8 hours a day replying to people on Twitter that weren’t even talking to me you could type in the name of that town and then go in Instagram and then go to places, click it and see every photo that’s been posted in your town, in that town you could then go look at the photo, could be her out of good will saying: “Huge score”.You could reply and say: “Good shit. 7 to 150 on a f*cking stapler? Go girl!”
(Guy 1) Right (Gary) Now all of a sudden she’s just a normal human,she only gets 6 comments to begin with she’s like: “Who’s this man?” She clicks, she goes your bio is I sell homes, she’s like cool nice guy. I hope he’s not weird and she’s out
(Guy 1) Right (Gary) but the 97th person that does that goes: “He seems nice.” Goes in the funnel you put out a good piece of content like imma DM him, i’m thinking about selling my home What people don’t understand is how much work i put to even begin the process of being who i am today 2007-2011 is a long time ago for a lot of people. That year i decided to go on Twitter Search and anybody that talked about wine, i jumped in and talked to them. How did i get here? Hand to hand combat. Give me your phone let me show you something.
(Guy 1) Oh, here you go
(Gary) So you go to columbia maryland you go to places.So i’m in Instagram search this is gonna work for all of you if you want to build You just go to columbia maryland and right now, it’s gonna show you all the top photos and all the recent photos What i did but on Twitter with the word Pinot Noir
is i literally and look Instagram is a little bit of a different place
The first photo is like a dude who’s looking real f*cking diesel and sh!t and so like
(People laugh) (Gary) i mean you could you could, i’m not joking i would literally go in here and be like: “Swole”
Post (Girl 1) right right (Gary) i did it (Crowd laughs) (Girl 1) He’s like: “i don’t know who did that” (Gary) but this is look. There’s a couple good things going for you
1) your name is realtor Brian like the fact—
this is how i think,right? I think (Guy 1) i was gonna ask you about that too,is it really good?
(Gary) right? i think
it is good and again look, what’s gonna be unpopular attractive people, so as a guy it’s a pretty girl. You don’t want to come across creepy. You gotta be thoughtful, you don’t have to go to every post but you go to these posts right? and like this is happening, these posts are happening in this town, right? like for example here’s something about Wegmans, right? literally you’re like: “Love that” and i’m doing that right for you, right now because i don’t think people get it “Love that place” right? So….. i want you to become the mayor of the town i did what i just showed you for 4 hours,5 hours,6 hours a day on Twitter If i was “nobody” which is 99% of people now i don’t have a million followers, i’m trying to grow i’m trying to build my dreams and aspirations i’m literally doing what i just showed you for 10 hours, 6 hours a day.
(Guy 2) This is your $1.80,right? (Gary) It’s my $1.80
(Guy 2) Yeah,cool
(Gary) right? leaving your “0.2 cents” 90 times a day $1.80
When you’re local (phew) you’re set you have to understand. Most people don’t get 4000 comments like i do. they get 7 and they’re pumped when they get a new one,right? i can see by all your body languages. I know what the masses are living so now you’re getting attention
Now notice what i did i didn’t just say: “COOL” or a

100 thoughts on “The Best Way to Do Instagram Marketing

  1. I live in Hawaii, most people in the locations are tourists. How can you build a page with local people when you live in a tourist driven state

  2. Hi Gary, wow this is an awesome strategy it makes so much sense. I am brand new to Instagram and of course wanting to grow my followers/audience. Question, what if the picture that is sitting in the top 9 and the last comment on that photo is really old comments like 23wks, or 38wks, is it worth still leaving a comment on a photo so old I guess?

  3. This is great! On FB marketplace, I commented on someone's post. They tried to advertise their services in that space. I gave them simple advice, suggesting they pay for advertising to reach an audience that actually wants their services, rather than blare your message. I told them that most people are going to scroll right past. I messaged them and said that I would give them feedback on how to improve their FB, no upsells…just advice. He messaged me back right away. I gave him my advice and he listened but I don't think he's going to take it. My point here, is that the advice I posted on FB suggesting that he pay for advertising, I feel, that other's might reach out to me for advice as well. I'm glad that I did it, regardless, because it felt good, and I felt it was good practice for me. Thanks so much for the content of this video. I greatly appreciate it!

  4. Going in and giving this a try, currently at 2,006 Followers on IG. When someone comments for an update I'll give you my current following and see if it improved.

  5. Great video! Having a good social media presence is so important, especially for small businesses. One really helpful tool I use to make video ads for social media is Promo. Definitely check it out: http://visit.promo/video

  6. @GaryVee what if my customers are not in my town? I mean I live in Turkey, and they don't even know English

  7. For real social media stuff just like; real instagram Followers & likes are just @ the distance of IGROCKET D O T C O M

  8. So are you just commenting on different things that don’t have anything to do with your particular business but just to get attention?

  9. I asked this question in many other places but havent gotten a reply. Maybe ill get one here, i like the $1.80 and im willing to put in the 10hours a day. But wouldn't instagram ban me? if im commenting on 90 post every hour or something?

  10. So happy to have found this video! Probably the best growth strategy we’ve found for our Instagram. It is very time consuming, but that doesn’t matter if you want results…same day results! We started applying it 2 days ago and almost grew our audience by 50 followers (which is astronomical for)! Haha! Thank you for this.

  11. Gary, this is so simple but SO true. I did this as a musician to writers when I was trying to get reviewed. I would go on a music blog, find a cool article, and complement the writing style of the author and tell them why I liked the article I read of theirs. Guess what? I built relationships, got reviews out of it, and eventually started doing publicity for other artists because I built so many relationships. This is a great, genuine way of connecting with real people. I am 100 percent going to start implementing this on social media now.

  12. This is a awesome way to meet people on social media. My handles are @Imonentllc @BlackCorey205 on Instagram & Twitter

  13. My buddy told me to do this stuff every 2-4 hours & I find myself getting lost, looking for the most recent posts under my relevant hashtags! It's so great to connect with people in this way! #ourtwistedkitchen

  14. "I know it's true just by looking at your body language" lol I love this! Thank you Mr. Vee!

  15. I started making Youtube videos but I'm just beginning to realize the power of comments. As a new Youtuber, I appreciate every comment and ALWAYS click into their channel and might even subscribe if I like what I see!

  16. This is everything you need! N don’t need to buy an Instagram course! This is literally all you need to watch… but please be sincere and thoughtful if you use this strategy. Nobody appreciates spammers

  17. FUCK the idea of commenting others people out in my town without that stupid spam shit is GORGEOUS

    I'm gonna try it and buy your book you are genius

  18. What really works for me is 3rd party Instagram services. ZenPromo's my favorite, I've been promoting several accounts with it: https://zen-promotion.com/ It's cheap, it has a huge variety of features and it works. I don't know how they do it, but that might be the only service working properly.

  19. No matter what you’re doing, you have to work at it. Some kind of grind is always involved. Gary makes so much sense.

  20. Wow! Thank you! It’s so simple but not easy, that’s why it will be worth it. Who would have that you need to be social in social media…lol

  21. I could be wrong but won't frequent commenting on other people's post would trigger Instagram suspiciously and you can get shadowbanned?

  22. 6 hours a day will not suit everyone. Certain people need to spend time on other things that will build their business.

    For example if you're an artist and you spent 6 to 10 hours a day replying to people on Instagram… When the hell are you going to make art to post on Instagram?

  23. Great advice. #watchmenaenae lol watch me grow this year and become the best in the next few years. #theillumibuddycompany #royborrego #bakedpandaattire #illumivisionmedia #dabapaloozaent

  24. Amazing content, Gary, you're advice is always spot on. I followed your instagram advice and started using Igrocket com to boost my followers and likes and wow I have nearly doubled my leads to my etsy page. Thanks for the advice Gary <3

  25. Gary: Leave a genuine comment
    Everyone: Gary that was an amazing content. I never knew this. 1.80$ is the best. You are it! Aaaa☺️🤷🏻‍♂️

    Gary: OH MY GAWD! What did i just say!!

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