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Madame Tussauds is home to over 300 the most prestigious wax figures in the world highest caliber stars are there for millions of tourists to observe and photograph however there's one thing missing woody you mean – oh yeah enter woody in climbing today I've got an epic challenge feet here we go here we go I'm gonna be sending you boats down to Madame Tussauds in London to see if we can fool the public into thinking you're both wax figures yeah yeah let's see how well you can stand so I'd go you moved already you did we have a rebrand I do you removed stop lying I'm not being funny right no one in Madame Tussauds is gonna believe that me and woody are wax figures yeah not that they could possibly believe it when it comes to clean either look how pristine his hair is I can't even flick because it's so like ridiculous right ever ban this one this is nice he is right you do come up with some ridiculous challenges so you're both saying there is no chance this will work there's no chance any people are gonna be fooled into thinking the me and woody are wax figures in Madame Tussauds [Applause] ready yeah nothing he's ready it's not moving now hi we're not in Madame Tussaud good Felix doesn't shoot guys you look great however the process is not over there is one more stage left we've gotta get you guys made up as in makeup yeah make up a and say make up cut through the makeup so shoot I'm still feeling cute you happy with your makeup I'm very happy ok guys this all looks good there's one thing missing [Applause] it could be honest your hand and the nerves of science kick in now there's a lot of people around this very busy and I just don't think I want to know so for this listen what if we get made to look like idiots right it is all your fault nice that happens every block you should decide what the challenges are and Brandon they're all gonna say Brandon because they like seeing us get messed up I'm so glad he's now finally playing along you don't actually live at work I actually think we're going to pull yourself actually you look like a real fake yeah I think we've got it I hope we got this in the bag is that I've got me down give me some energy this prettiest little chairman matters we saw oh my there we are dangle I'm over here and among the crew can begin planning pull off at the bat-signal three two one game time let's do it [Applause] is it really [Applause] what is that a brand right on I'm threatened I've gotta say I'm crying Brandon this is possibly one of the best ideas you've ever had no I take everything back Brandon is the best you are the best things but Brandon is the bestest it was neither the remote or poor well you're going to find out oh no I wanted to test it off is he good absolutely hoodie passes in one oh yeah oh thank you so much watching a vlog make sure you like share subscribe and enable those notifications I will see you on the next one funny that's not really good I will pass you twice as oh no really don't walk around you'll feel it in seconds [Laughter]


  1. Teacher: a human has 5 senses, see, hear, feel, taste and smell.
    Me: i can hear pictures!
    Teacher: no you cant.
    Me: 0:11

  2. du bist mega ich gucke alle deine Videos….könntest du villeicht bitte ein spenden Stream für meine 2 wöchige Tochter machen …uns geht es leider nicht gut und du würdest uns sehr helfen ….würde mich freuen wenn du das liest oder jemand anderes der das liest und die Möglichkeit hat …ich kann es leider nicht

  3. I HAVE OFFICIALLY WATCHED EVERY SINGLE WOODY AND KLEINY VLOG ON YOUTUBE!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU MAKE ME LAUGH EVERY SINGLE TIME I WATCH YOU GUYS!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️ Thank you Gabs for editing all of the videos! Thank you Brandon for always filming! Thank you Darrel for the management! Thank you Bailey for being the cutest little child for Woody! AND FINALLY THANK YOU WOODY AND KLEINY FOR ALL OF THE LAUGHS AND FUN TIMES WITH EVERYTHING!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS I WILL ALWAYS BE WATCHING YOUR LATEST VIDEOS!

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